The cable upgrade path can be a little daunting. We have created this page to take the mystery out of the upgrade path, pointing you in the best direction that will yield the greatest improvements as you upgrade your cables.

How do you define a "Pair" of cables?

Buying a "pair" of cables is not the same as buying a "pair" of pants. With the pants, you get one pants. With cables, a "pair" gets you two cables. For example, if you buy a pair of interconnects, you will receive one complete left channel cable and one complete right channel cable. To purchase, select the "ADD A PAIR" shopping cart icon. Now, if you only need one cable, like for a center channel, select the "ADD SINGLE CABLE" shopping cart icon. You will then receive one complete cable.

Where Can I Find Your Owners Manual for Information Like Hook Up, Break-in, Etc?

You can find the owners manual here.

What Cable Level or Model Should I Get?

With our cables, the higher you go in the line, the more runs of wire are in the cable structure. This provides higher and higher resolution as you move up the line. We recommend going as high up in the line as you can afford.

Where Is the Sweet Spot in Your Line of Cables?

The series 4 cables, IE, MA4 interconnects, SP4 speaker cables, etc are what we would call the "sweet spot" in the line. This level will provide a great experience and flexability concerning amplifier power for most systems.

Phono Cables - Where Do I Put Them in My system?

Use our PH series phono cables from your turntable to SUT (step up transformer if you have one), and from the SUT to the input side of your phono preamp. From the output side of your phono preamp and onward in your system, use our MA series interconnects.

What power cords would you recommend for my equipment?

Our full line of power cables will work for any component in a system. Just like our other cables, as you move up the line, we introduce more runs of wire in the cable structure. The Elite and Anniversary level adds the very nice Furutech AC plug and IEC.

Our general recommendation is as follows:

Power Conditioners: MAP3 - Anniversary, MAP2 for those on a limited budget.
Source Components: MAP1 - MAP3
Integrated Amplifiers & Receivers: MAP2 - MAP4, MAP1 for lower power units.
Power Amplifiers: MAP3 - Anniversary, MAP1 - MAP2 for lower power units.

What Speaker Cable Should I Get For My Amplifier Power?

Keep in mind that even though you might have a high powered amplifier, if you have efficient speakers, you are only using a small portion of that wattage to acheive a normal listening level. As an example, if you have speakers with a 98db efficiency rating, you will only be using 1 to 10 watts of amplifier power to reach normal listening levels.

The following is a general guide for the maximun power on specific speaker cable models...

SP1 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 50 Watts per Channel.
SP2 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 75 Watts Per Channel.
SP3 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 100 Watts Per Channel.
SP4 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 150 Watts Per Channel.
SP5 models and up Speaker Cables: Any Wattage.

What Cables Should I Upgrade First?

We recommend starting with the source components, working your way to the speakers. After that, start upgrading the power cords. As a detailed example, start first by replacing a source cable, like from a CD player to preamplifier. Next replace the cables from the preamp to power amp. Ideally, if finances allow, replace these two together to have our cables in your system from source to power amplifier. Next replace the speaker cables, then start upgrading the power cords, starting again with the source components. Replacing your cables in this order will realize the greatest sonic improvements and enjoyment as you complete each step.

This upgrade path is recommended for interconnects and speaker cables:

Sources to preamp or integrated amp > Preamp to power amp > Power amp to speakers

This upgrade path is recommended for power cords...

From wall plug to conditioner > source components > preamp or integrated > power amplifiers or powered speakers

I have a limited budget, what would you recommend?

We recommend for those on a limited budget, to put the largest part of your overall budget into the speaker cables. When customers with a limited budget call us, we usually recommend the SP4 speaker cables combined with the MA2 or MA3 interconnects. If this cannot be done, then we recommend a lower speaker cable model combined with lower model interconnects.

Here are some examples:

SP6 speaker cables with MA3 or MA4 interconnects.

SP4 speaker cables with MA2 interconnects.

SP2 or SP3 speaker cables with MA1 interconnects.

MA1 interconnects on the source components, MA2 interconnects between the preamp and power amps, SP3 or SP4 speaker cables.

I have a home theater system, what cables should I upgrade?

The most important cables to upgrade in a home theater are the front left, right and center channels. Upgrade all the interconnects and speaker cables related to those channels. The rear and surround channels are not as critical. You can use our lower models in those locations. Follow the same path for upgrading your power cords.

What is the total overall wire gauge in your interconnect and speaker cables?

Please see that information HERE

What is the capacitance of your phono cables?

Please see that information HERE