Please see our Return Policies, as well as the required return form below...

Legacy, Jolida, Kirmus Audio, Pro-Ject & Other Brand Products
These products are not eligible for a return. All sales are final.

Cable Returns:
60 day full refund returns on brand new cables purchased outright and not through our cable tradeup programs (please see below for those details). Receive 100% of your money back, less shipping! The 60 day return period begins the day you receive the cables.

Cables Purchased Through the Trade-Up to Morrow Program:
This is where you trade in another brand cable for a Morrow cable. 60 day full refund return applies to cables obtained through this program. Receive 100% of your money back, less shipping! The 60 day return period begins the day you receive the Morrow cables.

Cables Purchased Through the Morrow to Morrow Trade-up Program (effective after 11/22/2018):
This is where you trade in your existing Morrow cable for another Morrow cable. Cables obtained through our Morrow to Morrow Trade-Up Program are eligible for a 60 day Store Credit return. Refunds will not be issued for Morrow to Morrow trade up's. A Store credit will be issued which can be used on any of our products. Products purchased however with the store credit will not be eligible for a return or refund.

Custom Cables:
Custom cables are defined as any cable built in a configuration or length that is not offered on the website. These are not returnable for a refund. If we have to create a way for you to purchase a special cable, or if it cannot be purchased through the site by normal means, it is not returnable for a refund.

Demo & Used Cables:
Demo and used cables are not returnable for a refund. They can however participate in our trade-up program.

Order Cancellations:
If you must cancel your order before actually receiving it, please understand that there are cost that we incur as well as time and materials spent on your order. Because of these loses due to your cancelling the order, a 10% to 15% order cancellation fee might be charged.

Cable Return Form:
Read the return policy below and submit the form. We will review your request and send you an email with return instructions.

Ship your approved return cables to:

Morrow Audio
6608 Dixie Highway
Florence, KY 41042

60 Day Return Policy for Qualifying Morrow Audio Cables
Cables must be in like new condition for your return to be accepted. We will not accept returns on cables that have been marked, tape applied, bent connectors, or any other signs of damage other than normal wear. Any promotional or free items received with your purchase must also be returned.

Returns can only be requested by and honored to the original buyer of the product who placed their order through Morrow Audio. Refunds will only be given back to the same credit card type and number or PayPal account that was used for the original purchase.

1. You have a 60 day return window to make a return. This return window begins the day you receive the cables as attested to the tracking number. If you make a return, it must be shipped out and postmarked within the 60 day period.

2. Fill out and submit the Cable Return Form below. We will review your return request and send you an approval email with instructions.

3. After receiving this approval, ship us the cables to the address found above.

4. When we receive the product, the refund will be given to the credit card or Pay Pal account through which your payment was made. We will send you an email that this has been completed.

5. You will receive a full refund less shipping. If you received free shipping when you placed your order during a special promotion, we will refund the full amount less the normal shipping cost.

6. If you used our Easy Pay system, we will refund the full amount that has so far been paid. We will then stop any future Easy Pay payments.

7. If you have other orders with us that have an Easy Pay balance on them, any refund will be applied to those balances (Store Credit returns do not apply here).

8. In the case of international shipments back to us, if your shipment causes us to be charged taxes and duties for your returned cables, your will be charged for said taxes and duties.

9. If you used one of our cable trade up programs, at the moment you ship us your trade in cables, any time remaining on your 60 day return expires and your trade in cables become the property of Morrow Audio.