Cable Owners Manual: View / Print Out Here

Breakin Service:
We offer 2, 5 and 10 day breakin service, selectable in the shopping cart through a drop down box for most of our cables. We use the Hagerman Frydaddy breakin machine. The FryDaddy is a high-powered cable burn-in generator and conditioner. The sophisticated electronic waveform – a combination of wideband noise and variable frequency amplitude modulation – was developed to provide a maximum combination of both low and high frequency content without being repetitious in any way. Burn-in operates on magnetic and electrical properties of conductors and insulators. FryDaddy is part of the FryKleanerTM series of professional cable burn-in generators.

We take the signal from the Frydaddy and amplify it to a level of 40 Watts, feeding the signal to our breakin panel. All the cables on the panel are hooked in series, which allows the full strength of the signal to pass through each cable.

Each hour on our breakin machine equals one hour of normal listening in your system. Selecting our 10 day breakin service is equal to 240 hours.

Breaking In Your Own Cables: Please refer to the Cable Owners Manual link above for full details on how to break-in your own cables.

Cable Breakin & Shipping Department