William B Submitted: 2017.03.13

Just wanted to let you know that I am hearing an unexpectedly large improvement from installing the SP2 speaker cables and SUB2 interconnects in my "back room" system.

The signal path in this system runs from a NAD C516 BEE CD player to a Harman Kardon HK 730 receiver's preamp to a Marchand XM9 active crossover. The high side goes back to the HK 730's power amp and out to a Audioplex PT4 and from there to one pair of Canton GLE40 and one pair of Canton GLE50 bookshelf speakers. The low side goes from the Marchand crossover to a Canton AS22 SC powered sub. The HK 730 is rated at 40 watts but usually considered to put out more like 50-60 watts RMS.

The back room system started out as the place for the stuff that was no longer used in the living room system, with the cables being anything that was handy. Between the HK 730's power amp and the Audioplex PT4, I was using a couple of 18-inch pieces of Kimber Kable TC4. They were too short to allow me to move the receiver very far, even to look at the back side, and that was why I ordered the SP2 cables. I wasn't expecting a big change in sound.

Between the Marchand XM9 low side output and the Canton subwoofer I was using one-meter MA2 interconnects, connected to cheapo extension cables that dated back to the early 1970s, when I played in a band. These were obviously a candidate for replacement by two-meter SUB2 cables, but again I was not expecting a big improvement. All they were doing was feeding a powered sub, right?

Well, the improvement is immediately noticeable. Transparency and detail best describe it. Example: "Northern Skies" on the Safe Trip Home album by Dido. As often as I have listened to that track, I have never before noticed that she is humming along with an instrument, probably a synthesizer, playing toward the end. That is common--noticing stuff I had never heard before. Also, the bass is much cleaner, including the mid-bass coming from the main speakers.

The circa-1979 Harman Kardon 730 is noted for its excellent separation due to its use of separate transformers for each channel. The Canton speakers are known for their transparency and lack of coloration. These cables build on those concepts very well.

William B. Geneseo, New York

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Bob VanDeWater


The cable for the REL is excellent. Bass is deeper and more defined. Performance exceeds my expectations! Thanks.

Bob VanDeWater

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John Rynex

"I just want to let you know that this SUB2 cable kick's ass. I think I had the top of the line Circuit City Monster Cable hooked up previously...thought it sounded good....but your cable is just tremendous sounding on my Mirage 2x8" subwoofer. I can hardly turn up the sub due to the new undistorted sounds being released. This cable also improved & changed the overall sonics. Unbelievable!" John Rynex

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Marco V

"About a year ago I started replacing all of my ''old'' audio equipment after switching from Windows based computers to Apple Macintosh only. I set myself the goal of getting the best possible sound for wireless playback & via iPod using the digital signal and the AIFF format. This alone would disqualify me as an audiophile (which obviously I am not) but let me tell you folks: I''ve not only succeeded achieving my goal, I have exceeded it.

A big part in this is to Mike''s brilliant interconnects. Every time I replaced a couple of my older cables with Mike''s products, the improvements were quite obvious (you can fill in the usual audiophile verbiage here). I've never heard anything so good in my less than optimum living room... ever! All my cables are now from Morrow Audio and I love them. Add to this that Mike's a great person to deal with, you can''t go wrong. Best bang for the buck in my book." Marco V

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