David B Submitted: 2018.11.15

Just letting you know that the speaker cables have arrived (SP4s with 2 day burn in).

I installed them last night and had a quick listen.

I know it¹s early stages yet, but I certainly agree with the vast majority of descriptions from your happy customers. Detail, imaging, and musicality are all very impressive. The cables have made quite a substantial positive change to my system.

I¹m very happy with the SP4s; and I am looking forward to the MA4s arriving too.

I will send you a more detailed feedback/review once all the cables have settled into my system.

All the best and thanks for making a great product.

I would highly recommend these cables to anyone.

Kind regards,

David B

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Rishi T Submitted: 2018.11.05

Hope you're doing well, here's my review of the SP3 Speaker wires.

To be honest I've tried some local high grade cables and an import too, however I've never heard anything like the SP3, they are absolutely a class apart. I would always get a sharp and muddy sound from the speaker mids from the other cables and since I have some high end speakers always wondered why, well this was taken care of as I installed the SP3. It sends out the perfect balance of sound, the way it was meant to be, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get reference grade speaker wires. Thanks once again..You're Brilliant.

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Mike B Submitted: 2018.10.29

Mike , I just received my SP5 speaker cables today . They are absolutely fabulous! I recently replaced my Anti-Cables Level 3 Interconnects with Morrow MA5’s . Even with a 13 day burn in period they required an additional 150 hours before they began to blossom . So in order to complete my system, I replaced my Anti-Cable Level 3 speaker cables with the New Production SP5’s . So with 10 Days of burn in , I installed them today and started to listen . They are worlds above of the Anti-Cables. The depth of imaging has increased substantially. Clarity and detail has improved across the entire frequency range . Also it has been a pleasant surprise that they are extremely liquid and exhibit this much smoothness so early . If they didn’t improve, I would be satisfied. But I know that they are going be be substantially better . And for that , I am truly excited . I’m a satisfied returning customer . Respectfully, Mike B.

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Antonio Submitted: 2018.10.18

Dear Mike, I'm really enjoying my new SP6 cables. Thay are really better then the old ones. SP6 are more complete, more and controlled bass, more and sweet hights, more body and mainly a quite bettersoundstage. I'm very happy with them. I have got several Morrow cables, SP6 speaker, MA7 interconnect, PH7 phono and MAP4 power cord. I will go on with other of your cables to complete the set on my audio equipment. I can say, again congratulation for your great job and passion!

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Mark H Submitted: 2018.09.17

Mike, The SP5 speaker cables are superb in my system. At 200 hrs breakin the sound is 3D, clear and tight from top to bottom. The music completely captures me, and the imaging is breathtaking. Keep up the good work.

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Norm Submitted: 2018.09.04

I have installed the improved version of the Elite speaker cables and I immediately noticed an improvement vs. my reference cables which were better than the original Elite cables. I will be keeping them. The highs are clearer and crisper and I’m clearly hearing things like triangles that I only heard distantly before. The sound stage is larger and higher than before and the bass is solid. The midranges are now in my room and the detail of guitar and vocals is a beautiful thing. I am now using the improved Elite cables from the DAC to my preamp and amp and on to my speakers. The sound is wonderful and captivating especially with the lights out. Thanks for the upgrade!


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Thein Lwin Submitted: 2018.08.30

NEW DESIGN REVIEW: Per your kind favor and generosity, I received the new cable design and I am truly amazed by the improvements it make to my sound system. I use new design SP-5 and reference jumper cable for central speaker only, but the improvement in clarity, detail and musicality is astounding to say the least. I am now a die-hard fan for morrow cables. Best regards! Thein Lwin

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Edward M Submitted: 2018.08.30

NEW DESIGN REVIEW: The following is my review of your new cables.

Interconnects: 1. First I want to say that your new cable is replacing a Transparent Revernce XL V. This cable was very expensive at $10,000/meter. They have a very balanced sound with bass detail that I had never experienced before.

After the first recordings I listened to; I knew that the Transparents were no longer required. The Morrow cables surpassed them in every way with much greater transparency (no pun intended). Details from top to bottom where much greater and easy to recognize. Vocals in particular seemed to have greater annunciation. Song lyrics were significantly more understandable and soulful. Dynamics overall were greater and faster. If I were to guess the sound floor was lower, thus eliciting this "effect".

Speaker Cables: 2. My reference cables were the excellent Ridgestrret "Alethias". These are large gauge flat ribbons of silver. They have proven to be a well-rounded sounding cable with tremendous bass extension. They are very stiff and unyielding which makes them difficult to deal with. Thankfully because I use VTL mono blocks; the length is only 4 ft. With the amps close to the Acoustats 2 Speakers.

After installing the much smaller Morrow cables, I started listening to lots of different program material ( I only listen to vinyl).

At first the new cables were disappointing, particularly in the bass frequencies. They were muddy and occasionally made strange sounding flatulent sounds. I kept on, knowing that new cables require breaking in and the bass is most typically what suffers most. Approximately 60 hours later, I settled in for a session and I noticed that everything was different. It was as though a switch had been thrown. The bass details were there as well as a sweeter sounding top end treble. Leading edge instrument annunciation was there and with lots of depth and detail.

In conclusion I find the Morrow Audio cables to be my new reference. They are well made and easy to install. The connectors are all high quality and are quite attractive. The sound is relaxed but detailed, sweet but not syrupy. Impactful and dynamic. I’m not sure how I can improve upon them. Edward M

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Tom C Submitted: 2018.08.30

NEW DESIGN REVIEW: I have been involved in the stereo hobby for many years. My go-to music is 50s and 60s era Jazz but I have a large, diverse record collection. As such, much gear and many cables have come through my various systems.

I really thought that I was set for cables for the rest of my time in the hobby until the new design Morrow Anniversary Cables were installed. My upgrade consisted of a 10 foot set of speaker cables terminated in banana connectors and two sets of one meter interconnects. The interconnects have been used between my phono pre-amp and my integrated amp and between my CD player and my integrated amp.

I have used other fine cables and many of Morrow’s cables through the years. Because of this experience, I believed that I knew what to expect from Mike’s latest design creation, which is usually better sound-staging and more dynamics as you move up his line. I received those additions, but, I was mistaken to think that this was all I would get. I am very happy to have been wrong. Let me tell you about the finest cables I have heard.

I installed the cables as described above replacing expensive silver cables from a competitor. The first thing I noticed was that as in the past some break-in is required. All of Mike’s cables from his MA-1 to this Anniversary require a break-in period. However, the Anniversary break-in period was much shorter than with Mike’s past cables (more on break-in below). Or, at this point (60 hours), the music has just gotten so good that I think they are broken in and they are going to continue to improve (bonus). In any event, if they do not improve further, they are the best I have had in my system.

From the first song on the first record, there was an added clarity. My friend, an avid music lover and system owner, was over at the time and we both noticed that words were much easier to understand.

For instance, Ricki Lee Jones is one of my favorite singer/song writers. But, even the most loyal Ricki fan must admit that she can be hard to understand at times. Now, Ricki comes through clearly. With this new-found clarity comes a wealth of musical cues that just weren’t there before. For example, when Van Morrison plucks and holds a guitar note in "I’ll be your man" you hear the pitch waver as the note resolves into the atmosphere. So naturally, all the acoustic singer/songwriters had to be pulled from the shelves to hear all that I had been missing and there was a lot.

Another improvement is very real but difficult to describe. The music seemed faster. Of course, it was not faster as the speed on the turntable is a constant 33/3. I believe it is the feeling of the pace, it’s snappier and gets your toe tapping now. This must be attributable to the microdynamic of the leading edge of notes. These cables do a better job of bringing this quality to the fore and are most noticeable with the upright bass. Plucked notes seem faster and bass notes are more rhythmic with bounce and life. It has been like getting a speaker upgrade. Cables alone cannot alter the laws of physics, but I believe they can let your speakers perform to their peak capabilities. As such, any set of speakers should reveal this improvement.

In addition, I received a bonus that was unexpected. My turntable system uses a Soundsmith Denon Gold cartridge with a step-up transformer with old microphone transformers that sound very tonally rich, but there are only 2 load settings. In the past, one setting had always seemed dull and the other setting too bright (true with several good cartridges). I had chosen to live with the bright setting. Also, my phono pre-amp is adjustable for many loading and gain settings. So, if I gave up the SUT, I could set my phono pre-amp at 80 ohms and have good, but less colorful sound. I was set to live with this situation.

Then came the Anniversary cables. I do not know how or why, but the top end sizzle was eliminated yet all of the color remains. For example, a cymbal still sounds like a cymbal, but there is no longer a sizzle to it, just the cymbal strike and its resolution. This more natural quality has the extra bonus of making the cymbal stand out even more when intuitively you might think that it should sound diminished without the sizzle calling attention to it. Using these cables seems like replacing the phono pre-amp with a far more expensive all tube model.

Last, a few words about macro-dynamics and sound staging. Excellent on both counts. The more of these qualities that are on the record, the greater will be the effect. I recently listened to a Pink Floyd compilation called "Echo’s." I have always felt lukewarm about this series because it has sounded flat to me on many of the songs.

Last night, I had a completely new experience with these records. On "The Division Bell", the striking of the bell was strong and piercing and the difference between the low-level singing and when the band storms in was thundering. Based on past experience, this was totally unexpected. As a result, I have no choice but to listen to all four records again. These cables have forced me to re-evaluate many of the records in my collection that I thought were mediocre.

If there was a weakness, it was at the start, without break-in, the bass was not at its best. The bass was a little looser than I was used to hearing. Volume was as plentiful as ever, but it was harder to differentiate an e-flat from an f. Also, there seemed to be overhang and some bloat.

Thankfully, those characteristics are only memories now and the bass is as described above.

In conclusion, I ask is anything perfect? No. But these cables are as close as I have come to that goal. Get them, allow for the break-in, and you will have your last set of cables. Tom C

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Len P Submitted: 2018.04.09

Hello Mike,

I think I am finally there, the cables are finally broken in. I was beginning to have my doubts and was missing the sound of my older SP5’s. This past week has been a noticeable almost step change in overall sound. Everything evened out and the "sound stage" opened up dramatically. I am now going back and listening to my favorite CD’s and hearing things I never heard before. The break in did take longer than I thought it would. I am wondering if it is because my Zu speakers are supper efficient and the cables are not carrying much current/power.

Anyway, bottom line is I am VERY pleased with my Elite Grand Reference Speaker Cables. I never would have imagined that cable would make that much of a difference and that my system would sound this great. Thanks again for you fantastic products. Worth every penny!

Len P

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Michael G Submitted: 2018.03.19

I recently upgraded my interconnect cable to the phono preamp and also the speaker cables.

Changing the balanced old audiquest cable to the Morrow MA-5 balanced cable made some refinement in the sound quality. But the biggest surprise was the very noticeable improvement upgrading from the SP-5 to the SP-7 speaker cables to my Spatial M-1 speakers. The sound opened up further, soundstage more precise, bass is tighter, and most of all there is more presence to the sound. Just sounds more real! It seems the analog sound is just as much subject to the "smearing effect" that has been known in digital conversion. Much like the improvement many have noticed between "CD quality" and "MQA" when streaming Tidal music, I heard much of the same effect with the speaker cable upgrade. I suspect much of the improvement is from reducing the "timing errors" in the music reproduction. I found a link from Jim Smith's website (Get Better Sound book) to a recent series of articles from a Belden cable engineering explaining how cables affect the time smear of music reproduction and how our hearing is more sensitive to this then frequency response along.

Although the SP-7 cables without discounts retail close to the cost of my speakers, the upgrade in sound was similar to a significant upgrade in the speakers. Your discount program makes the upgrade affordable and worth the risk. I also like the unobtrusive appearance and flexibility of your cables. Thank you.

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Jim R Submitted: 2018.03.16

I love the SP1 bi-wire cables and MA1 interconnects to put it mildly. Sorry I did not tell you sooner.

I received them the last week in December and I would estimate I have about 400 hours on them. I couldn't be more pleased with them. My system is fairly modest...FLAC files ->Schiit Modi2 Uber -> MA1 interconnects -> Rogue Sphinx integrated amp -> SP1 cables -> qAcoustics 3500 speakers. The frequency extremes and the overall soundstage improved dramatically over the bi-wire Blue Jeans cable that I previously used. BTW, they were great out of the box.

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Greg Submitted: 2018.02.19

Amazing! (Elite Grand Reference speaker cables) Astounding detail and slippery-ness. 3D spatiality in spades. Very nice controlled low end. They exceed their reputation in my system. Superb product and thank you! Greg

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Joseph B Submitted: 2018.01.22

Hello Mike,

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm sending my SP2 cables via USPS Priority mail today to fulfill my trade-up obligations for my SP4s. All I can say is…wow. The sound is so natural and engaging. At the moment I'm listening to a Jane Monheit recording. I can't recall ever being so drawn into her vocals. Thanks again for exceeding my expectations.

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Milos D Submitted: 2017.12.28

Not long ago I had two two friends and the three of us conducted real blind test on modest Dynaudio Excite 38 speakers (both speakers next to each other, and both connected to the same, right audio channel on A/B setup), comparing my SP5 against my friend's AudioQuest Type 8. Wow! We played 10 songs we are very familiar with and use for testing, and 3 out of 3 votes on 9 out of 10 songs was immediate and clear winner in SP5 (split opinions on 1 out of 10 songs). Remind you, it was a true blind test. Mids and highs simply did not compare, and the clarity and high definition was a different class. Talking about definition... most interesting was Allison Kraus' Down to the River to Pray, section with male choir very very subtly in the background, they were noticeable on AudiQuests but switching to SP5s you actually recognize words they are singing!! It was surreal. One of these days I will send you our observations on all ten songs if interested.

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Richard P Submitted: 2017.12.11

I recently bought your Elite speaker cables which replaced my Analysis One cables in my Legacy Aeris based system. I just had to write to tell you how much they have changed the sound for the better. Good work!

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Tom I Submitted: 2017.11.23

Hi Mike I have had my stereo running for 7 straight days now with the new cables! each time I sit down to listen I am in awe - it seems like a veil has been lifted! every instrument is there and nicely balanced in the big sound stage bass is taught and deeper - mids, highs and details just fantastic! Nope, these cables are staying with me! (SP6 Speaker Cables)

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Donald P Submitted: 2017.10.20

HI MIKE OMG!!!! THE cables aren’t even broken in but it sounds like I got a new subwoofer, new speakers and a new amp. It also sounds like there are no cables at all. I cant imagine what they will sound like when broken in because they are already amazing.


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Jon M Submitted: 2017.10.20


The difference - already - with the SP6 speaker cable is remarkable! My best regards, Jon M

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Andrew S Submitted: 2017.09.11

Hello Mike. Thank you for your inquiry about my satisfaction with the audio cables I've purchased from Morrow Audio. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the cable construction as well as the enhanced performance of my audio system since installing both the interconnects and the speaker cables. I was confident enough with the improvements that when my friend needed two pairs of interconnects, I recommended that he use the Morrow cables instead of the Kimber Kable interconnects that he has been using in the past. His financial situation has deteriorated in the last few years and the ability to use the time payment plan added to the choice to switch. I know that he is also very pleased that the sound quality did not suffer in the slightest as I had suggested to him.

I have many contacts who rely on my experience and knowledge of high end audio components and I will continue to suggest/encourage them to explore the quality available in the Morrow Audio cables.

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Charles F Submitted: 2017.08.30

Hello Mike,

I have to thank you again for the cables I ordered and am now enjoying very much!

There was definitely a rough spot a short time after the main cables were received in which I thought "oh no, what have I just spent all this money on?" (The sound was strained, tinny, lacking fullness and just basically unpleasant). So, I read and re-read the literature you provided with the cables and at your website. I recalled others had mentioned the break-in period. I kept faith it would somehow all work out. The good news is I can easily tell you that I am now past that rough point and it feels like clear sailing! There’s total enjoyment now accompanied by a sense of wonder and awe each time I listen!

Others have written on the break-in transformation, and I wondered how much of it was hype. I also read articles by skeptical authors that tried to dispel the "myth" of a break in period, saying there was little science behind it to justify it, etc. One article went so far as to suggest it was the effect of the anticipation of a wonderful new sound from new cables that eventually would be met with the limited mechanical aspect of reproduced sound that left the listener disappointed from the psychological build up and anticipation!

Well, I can now say without doubt that there is a real difference now having gotten past the break in period, a wonderful and most welcome difference! Others have mentioned a more open sound stage becomes revealed. Indeed, this is the most noticeable difference with the new cables. Elegant nuances in sound are apparent. The new openness of the soundstage feels like a fine mist was removed or a sheer gauzy curtain was lifted allowing the sound to breath effortlessly. Sound is less a reproduction experience and instead a much more live and present enjoyment. My overall impression of the enhanced listening experience I feel can be best compared to what happens when one takes a well cut diamond (which shines nicely on its own usually) but then uses an ultrasonic cleaner to bring out the true fire and hidden sparkle in the gem. This is what has happened to my sound system here!

Thank you for advising me earlier on the correct connections, etc. The service was excellent, the reward being the most enjoyment I’ve ever had with my a/v system!

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Jon F Submitted: 2017.08.07

Your Elite loudspeaker cables have been in my system now for over a month. Their sound - my sound is very relaxed, detailed and open with natural tonality. The soundstage has an unwavering 3D quality and players can be positioned precisely; front to back and left to right. Clearly (pun intended) the best sound I have had to date. The Elites have given me a window into how great my NOLA Metro Golds really are.

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David D Submitted: 2017.06.27

Mr. Morrow,

After many years of using DIY cables I decided to try something new and different. I am very picky and focused on what I buy and tend to do a ton of research before I make a choice and then do even more research to ensure I am pleased with what I buy, I only buy American made products and always support small businesses.

I am NASA certified in PCB (printed circuit board) repair and master certified in soldering and felt my home made cables were far superior to what you can find in big box stores. Enter Morrow Audio, upon unboxing the cables I could see that these were expertly made and the technician signed sleeve set it over the top.

I purchased the SP1 and the hookup was easy and provided for a more secure fit than my DIY cables. I immediately fired up Diana Krall's greatest hits and was completely astonished at how different it had become. The bass pounded and was not muddy and rolled off with ease, the mid range felt more warm and enveloping, the highs are now brighter with no harshness to accompany the music. Next I fired up Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and guitar riffs immediately came to life, I could actually hear the pick strum the string which I have never heard before. The sound stage actually came to life and I felt as if I was right there with the band.

Our family is big on movies as well and these cables fell nothing short of being exceptional. Bass was more tight and controlled and voice dialogue became more focused and transparent. The movie sound tracks have also come alive and my children now enjoy the older movies which have become new again.

Over all I am very pleased and now recommend these cables to all of my friends. I have not noticed anything different as far as break time goes but I think that is because I have less than 100hours logged with these cables. Thank you for an outstanding product and my only regret was not buying the next higher cable, the SP2.


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Greg Erickson Submitted: 2017.05.22

Hi Mike,

Hope all is going well with your move to the new building. Always lots of details...

And detail is what I am getting with those wonderful MA-6 20 foot XLR interconnects and SP6 speaker cables I got from you last November. In addition to the detail I gained just a slight touch of warmth, a drop of honey if you will, to the overall sound. My preamp is a Bel Canto Pre6 which is as neutral as it gets and my speakers, VMPS RM30 Series 2, are ribbon mids and tweets and run very clean. Bryston 28 bsst2 are mono blocks (they also add a drop of honey). So a slight sweetening is desirable. It sounds very, very nice. Another session last night ran into the wee hours. These replaced Blue Jeans XLR terminated ICs that I felt did a credible job. But the cable change was a significant upgrade. No noise at all with your MA-6.

The rest of the system is Well Tempered Amadeus TT, Grado Reference Master MI cart and Hagerman Cornet2 Phono that i built and use Amperex NOS 12AX7/12AU7 tubes.

WOW! Thank you so much for making it happen for me.

And some day in the not too distant future I want to move up to the PH-6 and the MA-6 from phono pre to the Bel Canto. I have your 4 series cables there now.

Greg Erickson

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Michael B Submitted: 2017.05.19

I’ve just received a new pair of your SP4 speaker cables; I’m surprised and very impressed.

When I first read about your product I was interested and skeptical. In a previous life I designed specialty interconnects and cables and the fact that you use small gauge solid core wire is what first got my attention. I first tried your SP2 cables and MA2 interconnects. I didn’t expect much, maybe a slight change. I was impressed with the interconnects, so I bought another pair of the MA4 interconnects, then another pair. Now I've replaced my SP2 cables with SP4’s. After so many years of reading marketing BS I finally found an audio cable product that matches the marketing. Your product is the best sounding cable I’ve encountered. I’ve had many brands of cables; yours truly provide a dramatic, positive difference to my hobby.

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Scott Rose Submitted: 2017.05.01


Just upgraded from the SP2 to the SP5...omg what a difference! Great cables!



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Mike O Submitted: 2017.03.15

Hi Mike

I love both my SP5 and MA4 Balanced cables. I’m tempted to upgrade the SP5 at some future point to SP6 having just purchased a new pair of Harbeth 30.1’s :) Just not sure I can justify the trade-up right now, even with the great promo you’re currently running.

I’ve tried numerous speaker cables in the past, including some esoteric Linn as well as making my own home based braided cables, but I can safely say the Morrow cables top them all, especially given their great price. With my SP-5 speaker cable I get a clearer top end and way better bass control than my previous cables. I can’t wait to try the next step up!

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Janet V Submitted: 2017.01.04

Recently we had our living room redecorated, unfortunately we had quite a long last minute unexpected delay as the decorator had to reschedule some work.This meant that unfortunately our Hi Fi system was boxed up for much longer than we had planned, we've missed it! It is back in action now and we are delighted with the improvement that the new SP1 speaker cables have created !!! We are experiencing all the benefits that other people have reported in your reviews, amazing and excellent.

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Jon F Submitted: 2017.01.03

Hi Mike, It has been nearly two months since I purchased your SP 7s and balanced A7 interconnects. Rather than experience them separately, I opted to install both pairs immediately into my reference system and assess them 'as a team' during and after the lengthy break-in period. I could tell immediately that you had followed thru with your promise of 'cooking' and extended run-in time but I also knew from experience that they still had a ways to go before they would perform at their peak level. I believe they are now at or near that level.

I know this because I have been revisiting many of my favourite CDs and SACDs: music I have played literally hundreds of times. Conclusion: While the SP 7s in combination with the A7s do not sound radically different than the silver-plated copper speaker wire I was using previously, there is a further refinement that exposes itself in a more relaxed presentation that 'seems' to afford greater space in the sound-stage, both laterally and in depth of field. Treble extension is very natural as is the attack and decay. Sibilance is also well controlled without being truncated. Bass extension is as good as with any loudspeaker cable I have employed.

In short, I am pleased and feel my money was well spent. My system has been fine-tuned. I can and do listen for 6-8 hours at a go without the slightest signs of fatigue or irritability.

Thank you. You have a Morrow Audio supporter.

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Alan Weiss Submitted: 2016.11.22

As a testimonial to the new Anniversary Speaker Cables, let me just say the it took me about 30 seconds to hear the difference compared to the Elite cables. The level of micro detail in new cables is outstanding. I hear deeper into the music. Individual instruments have more of a sense of their own space. Bass lines have more power. I get a stronger sense of individual strings of a bass being plucked. As well, I can say the piano is more realistic. I hear each piano key being struck more clearly.

As you may recall, I have been a beta tester for PS Audio for several years. This includes their BHK Preamp and BHK Mono blocks. Currently, I am beta testing their new device, the (Model left out here), that should be on the market next month. Your Anniversary Speaker Cables, as well as the upgraded Anniversary Balanced Interconnects allows me to easily discern the differences between this unit and their older model, the Perfect Wave. There is no question that your anniversary cables places my system at another level, getting ever closer to the sound of live music in my listening room.

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Randy F Submitted: 2016.09.30

Well, I'll tell you and the rest of the audiophile world that I'm so glad and thankful that I somehow bumped into Morrow Audio. I remember received my sp 7 cables which replaced mit The difference was amazing. It truly was like taking a blanket off my speakers. Keep that motto " best ever?" Why yes, yes they are, and also with such a generous repair program when mine got damaged from a move!!! I love Morrow Audio!!

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John S Submitted: 2016.09.19

I am enjoying my SP5 reference speaker wire very much! I have noticed cleaner and louder sound on movies and music on lower volume on my receiver which is over 10 years old. (Sony DA777ES) I cant imagine how its going to sound once I upgrade my receiver which will hopefully be a Cambridge.. My cousin also just recently ordered the same speaker I got from you after I told him about my experience with your speaker wire. I would like to thank you for the great customer service I have experienced with your company.

Thank you again! John Sanchez

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Thomas J Submitted: 2016.08.09

Hello Mike, the SP4's speaker wire are doing great. They made my system sound a little fuller and it seems like the volume has increased. They do bring out every note in the music. they sound good. I feel I made a good choice. I am very happy with these. Thank you for working with me on getting the right cables for my system. thank you !!

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Chad Iwasaki Submitted: 2016.07.25

Wow! Only 15 hour break in so far, but right off the bat it made a huge difference in my system! System is Sherwood Newcastle SD-871 SACD Player, NAD C352 Integrated Amp, and Martin Logan Aerius loudspeakers. I have been an audiophile for almost 30 years and owned many high end systems and cables. These by far are impressive for the price. I look forward upgrading in the future, Great job man!

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Charlie Hatch Submitted: 2016.05.09

Hi Mike,

I've had the new Elite speaker cables in my system for a week now. Given the 10-day break in before shipment and my use, I estimate there are around 300 hours on the cables. I found that they seemed to break in more quickly than the SP7s, and the Elites are more resistant to handling disturbance. Now, they seem quite stable and have not noticeably changed in many days.

I had wondered if I would be able to hear the difference between the SP7s and the Elites. My 67 year old hearing ain't the best and doesn't do all that well above 4 kHz. I was amazed to find that I could hear a significant improvement!

The biggest difference between the SP7s and the Elites is in the highs; they are more open and sweeter. Brass high notes are more cleanly rendered (all brass for that matter), and high flute and piccolo notes are amazingly pure. Violins are also much sweeter in the highs. The whole sound is more musical, transparent, and listenable. Imaging is absolutely spot on and rock steady, and there is a greater sense of depth. I think, the subtleties in the recording venue wall reflections are reproduced with more clarity. The whole effect is one of ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION all the way up in frequency and all the way down to very low recorded sound levels.

And I thought the SP7s couldn't be beat. They are very good, but the Elites are better.

During the past week I've had a couple of friends over to listen to the new cables, both of whom have better hearing than mine. One was there when I made the switch from SP7s to Elites. Not a blind test, but he immediately heard the same things I described above. Another friend came a few days later and also described the same sound. This is definitely real, and mere half-deaf mortals can tell the difference!

Now of course, the remaining issue is that I'm still running your MA7 balanced interconnects. I wonder what visions lie beyond that horizon.

In case you're wondering, I have a very simple 2.0 audio system:

Oppo 105D player/preamp Morrow MA7 balanced interconnects Channel Islands Audio E*200S 2-channel amp (200W/channel 8 Ohms, 400W into 4) Morrow Elite speaker cables GoldenEar Triton One loudspeakers

I have no EQ or any other signal processing in the chain. I like to think that simple is best. I have paid very careful attention to speaker placement, orientation and listener placement in the room.

A great product, Mike! You can count me a very pleased customer.

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Gary Lewis Submitted: 2016.05.06


Your RF4 speaker cables are outstanding! Sorry, I don't believe in the excessive break-in for cables. Everything I've read, heard, and experienced does not confirm this need. I did only a few hours burn-in when I would be outside and maybe listened to 10-15 hours within the first two weeks. But, even when I ordered them, I really didn't expect them to make any difference in my system. After the first listening, I knew I was wrong; the RF4's were very good but so were my old cables.

After two weeks, I re-connected my old cables and I was taken back by the difference. My old ones were awful. There must be something to magnetic interaction with non-insulated stranded wire cable that did produce noise or cancellations that I couldn't hear. My first impression was what I wrote earlier-I could hear more depth, especially in the decay of sound, and more pianissimo's as well as the inside instruments in an orchestra.

I've taught music courses in performance, theory, and history in higher education for 50 years and have had a passionate interest in the accurate reproduction of music. I often listen with a score in hand. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible now for me to listen to music without being hyper-critical. It's a curse; background music is just annoying clutter.

Thus, from the few hours that I've listened through you cables, I've done so with a fair amount of critical or objective listening. I was even listening with some unbelieving negativity. It would have been cheaper to return them than to keep-but I couldn't. By far, these cables made a significantly sufficient improvement in my system to justify the expense. In a word, they were outstanding! Thank you for the opportunity to listen through them as well as to allow a little time to overcome my skepticism!

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Steve Mumford Submitted: 2015.11.05


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the SP-7 speaker cables. I installed them, put on one of my favorite CD's (Acoustic Alchemy: Against The Grain), and hit play:

WOW!!!! Within 60 seconds I knew that these were the best speaker cables I have ever owned. The bass slam was the first thing I noticed; it was good on the SP-5 cables, but on the SP-7's it just blew me away. As I listened the increased detail and depth of field became more apparent. Simply magical!

Thank you so much for designing and building what I consider the best speaker cables I have ever heard. Also, kudos on the trade-up program that offers such an easy upgrade path.

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Mario Cavolo Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

It is instantly obvious to me that your cables are all you claim. You are to be congratulated on however you came upon the design. They are minimal and light and as if they simply get out of the way of the sound, revealing everything in perfect detail. Clarity, accuracy, spacing and soundstage are simply remarkable.

I am perfectly hearing detail and space in instruments that I never heard before. My previous IC was a local custom made, he told me had used silver wire. My previous speaker cables were 12 gauge multistrand copper. So my MA2s and SP3s didn’t replace anything esoteric or expensive. That being the case, the difference I hear with your cables is far more than I expected as any reasonable skeptic who spent my hard earned money. I am SO happy. Thank you. There is no hype in a word I write, just the straight simple facts. Enormous thanks to you Mike. As a jazz pianist I care about the music and I am thrilled. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Cheers, Mario

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Ronald C Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

The three pairs of MA-7 interconnects, in conjunction with the SP-7 bi-wired speaker cables, sound stupendous!!!!!

I installed the SP-7s last night and was totally blown away by the ravishing, glorious beauty of the MA-7/SP-7 combination. The MA-7s are installed:

  1. ReVox A77 open reel deck to Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp

  2. MSB Gold D/A to Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp

  3. Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp to Conrad-Johnson Premier 11-A tube power amp

Congratulations on your incomparable engineering and musical genius!

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Tracy Harbur Submitted: 2015.09.18

These cables are replacing what is a well known and extremely good and recommended product found in all the audiophile magazines. But as in many things in life one thing has led to another. Starting out with one set of Elite Reference I.C.'s and hearing what they offered led to more and now the speaker cables.

In using the same 4 familiar (to me) recordings I was able to compare the improvements or losses. Scheherazade showed a wider soundstage which was now pushed forward a bit more. Instruments, of which there are many in this recording had all their proper place and timbre while the instruments in the back of the orchestra were more noticeable and distinct. Violin bows could be felt being placed on the strings and starting their movement. The soft tympani in the right rear. The sound was transparent without being edgy, strident or analytical..... just revealing. The music had opened up.

Ludovico Einaudi's In a Time Lapse was recorded both in a studio and a monastery. The cables enabled me to differentiate between the two. His piano showed a sharper attack and decay and the other instruments separate and distinct. Jazz at the Pawnshop just got better. The opening customer background noise to the sound of the glasses. The recording made in 1976 was just right and showed what the cables could do.

Lastly, Harry Chapin Live displayed even more nuances to this performance. Harry's guitar, the thwack of the drumhead, the acoustic bass, the falsetto on Taxi. This recording became more of a live album.

These cables have only added to the existing Morrow cables. The bass is tighter and defined, midrange not accentuated but natural, the highs not shrill or raspy. In short these cables represent what is in the recording. They showed as such in Keith Jarrett's Koln concert that he had been furnished a piano lacking in low register and it shows.

The Elite Reference cables has shown what my system will do and how each component sounds. They show little or no tonality. Again transparent. I refrain from saying they are a bargain, they are less than some other cables I have heard or auditioned. But that puts them in the "value" class. Beware...... after listening to them I would be hard pressed to come up with something better. Or could afford. Better to stretch and go for the best rather than to wonder what I missed.

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I am so glad we talked about the Elite Reference speaker cable! As you know I was very happy with the sound of my Morrow Audio Grand Reference SP7 speaker cables.

The Elite Reference cables are truly exceptional and a wonderful bargain considering the improvement in the sound of my system (over the SP7's)!

The Elite cables are like going from watching a really high-quality 1080p HD TV to watching an Ultra HD TV. Talking about being immersed into the detail of the music and a rock steady soundstage...the Elites produce a huge 3-D effect for sure. The detail just hangs in the air as if the final layer of vaseline has been removed and the music is moved forward. The bottom-end is noticeably better and the weight of the overall sound is very much improved. My Martin Logan Aerius speakers sound like they are larger in size because of the weight of the overall sound and soundstage. It is interesting that I can turn down the volume and still get a rock-solid soundstage with the instruments clearly placed...very interesting.

From a design standpoint, there are several things that stand out. These cables are heavier than the GR SP7s. The Furutech connectors are first-class. Those babies clearly made a thud as I connected them into the banana posts on both the Arcam and Martin Logans. In theory since the positive and negative speaker cables are totally separate it may be contributing to what I can only say is less distortion.

It is really a joy to deal with you and I want to give kudos to Mike Russell, as well. He has always given me great advice about where he thought I would get a significant bang for the buck. The Elite Reference speaker cables are clearly in that category!

Again, thanks for all you do for those of us who appreciate high-quality sound!

Sincerely, Don


I watched the movie "Tears of the Sun" which I have seen at least 20 times. For the first time I heard the sound of footsteps, the realistic sound of the metal clips when shower curtains are opened and other nuances like individual drops of blood dripping into a container. The Elite speaker cables are the only difference in my A/V system so thank you so much for the realism that these speaker cables provide. Yes, you are totally right about the 3-D effect! Thank you, thank you!

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I have had the Elite Reference speaker cables for many months and they were amazing on my Martin Logan Aerius speakers which were over 20 years old. When I replaced the Aerius with the current Martin Logan Ethos speakers, it made me realize just how much music I had been MISSING!

Clearly the sound from your speaker cables is only limited by the hardware to which they are attached. These cables are clearly a true bargain if one values detail, crescendo, attack, decay, soundstage, and a superb clarity of the highs, mids, and bass...look no further!

As well, the installer really praised the banana connectors on the speaker cables. He thought the furutechs were a better contact than using spades - thanks for giving me the same advice when I ordered my elite speaker cables!

I am waiting with baited breath on the M7s...I know they will take my system to another level. I tell all my audiophile friends that not using Morrow cables on your system is a huge mistake in terms of quality and price.

Whenever I upgrade using your products I always enjoy watching my dog's reaction to the music of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 soundtrack. He really snapped his head when he heard the scream (smiles). Again, thank you so much for keeping the sound of music alive in me! Don

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Tim Oxley"

"Your service, your cooperation, your input, have always been of the highest caliber.

Your products are at once, attractive and well constructed. Morrow Audio cables have steadily consumed the interconnect and speaker connection aspects of my system since my first exposure to your MA-1.

To my ears, in my room, with my gear, I have noted an undeniable improvement in signal transfer, manifested by the superior sound-stage that I now enjoy.

Of particular note, I would like to comment that there has not ever been a speaker cable that has made such a dramatic improvement in any system of mine. To these ears, it has always been a case of the low level signals related to interconnect cables which have made the most audible differences (positive or negative in nature) in my systems. Your speaker cables are the very first to have provided noteworthy audible improvement in my system.

Of particular note was the SP-7 bi-wire. But the honors of ultimate satisfaction of all cabling exercises of my lifetime go to the rewiring of the SP-7 to the bottom, and the implementing of your SP ELITE to the top. This was following suggestion from you, Mr. Morrow. Upon first auditioning of my new set up, I had my first jaw-dropping experience. Since that time, I''ve not ever looked back!

This ultimate experience was possible for me due only to your frequent sale events, which have allowed me to continue to make further investment. That is to say that I was able to reach to the stars! Comparatively speaking I feel that your products present to the listener superior value at the posted prices. It is SIMPLY WONDERFUL that you have constructed programs of trade-ups, discounted used items, and across the board discounts which I feel are further reward for continued business with Morrow Audio Cable. My thanks to you for continuing to enhance my listening experience. Sincerely, Tim Oxley"

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In regards to your speaker cables [SP7] That I purchased from you several weeks ago. I am finding that the info you published on "break-in" to be fairly accurate. I had ordered the cables with the two day break-in and since I have a sound generator I just let the system run 24/7 for about a week.

My primary sound system consist of McIntosh electronics [amp/preamp] and I use a Olive HD4 for most of my music along with Rega and Linn for Vinyl and Cd. My speakers are Magnepan 3.6r's that I have had for about a year [purchased new.... so I learned alot about break-in since it took about 6 months for them to settle down] The cables I replaced were Kimber 8tc bi-wired and bi-amped and all of my interconnects are Kimber and Nordost. I was rather mystified at first by the rather extreme changes in sound as the cables warmed-up to the new enviornment. Having said that... I find your cables to be quite remarkable in their ability to "bring alive" my sound system. At this point I suppose I could make some esoteric comments about the way my system sounds, but all I will say is I have a rather extensive collection of music going way back to the 1930's [jazz and classical] and I am hearing things I never heard before. It is amazing to me that "cables" can make such a huge difference in the listening experience.

Originally I had removed my crossovers off the back of the Maggies and was using short 8tc jumpers [24 inch] to connect the crossovers to the back of the Maggies. What I found was that there was a improvment in sound when all my speaker cables were 8tc's. But since I started using the SP7's leaving the 8tc jumpers on actually degraded the sound??? So now I have placed the crossovers back on the Maggies without any other brand of cable but the SP7's and the result has caused my speakers to just disappear and the sound is much more involving. I suppose my next project will be to order short lengths of Morrow cable and put them on the crossovers and see if I gain any benefit?? Anyway I suppose after a few months I will hear further improvment in my sound as the cables "season". If i were to describe this experience I would say it was like "cosmetic surgery" uncomfortable, painful and ugly for a while but when healing comes what a great "look".

Thanks for the opportunity,



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Adam C

"My cable seduction continues or ends with your SP7 Grand Reference. Always I have been very curious of the ''voodoo'' on speaker cables. Many Companies claim to have the best copper, silver and Teflon coated weaved masterpieces on the market? I remained calm throughout this five year storm frankly out of luck and the fact I was still building my new class A system. So I took a chance given the success of your MAP4 and ordered a single SP7 Bi-wired cable for my center channel in my theatre system.

Wow, again! The things I have been missing from my Model #1. The real sound of broken glass as it tinkles off a marble floor to the crisp crunch of someone walking through it. That decaying eco of a voice in a open room or the thunderous roar of water as it pours into a sinking ship. My center channels soundstage now fills the 8ft spread of my main speakers with ease. So much that I often run my theatre system without the mains keeping the time off my tubes in my main system.

I am so impressed now that I have ordered and eagerly await the arrival of a pair of Bi-wired SP7 Grand Reference for my main speakers. Hearing now what I have been missing I am sure the change will be quite dramatic with the stereo side of my system as well. Easy Pay is a great customer option and allowed me to get the ''Best'' you offer Mike without the financial pain. No trade ups or returns with this customer!

One negative comment, now I have to now sort out the rest of my connectors with your products!

Take Care & Keep doing what you do!

Adam C

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Gday Mike, Its Victor from Sydney, Australia reporting back on the SP6 speaker cables. I have run them in for around 75 hours on my upstairs bedroom setup and only today put them into my main system downstairs. I must say the sound emanating from my speakers sounds more alive and detailed compared to my previous speaker cables. The bass seems to delve down another octave and is tightly controlled! I am now eager to receive the MA6 interconnects I have ordered from you.

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"I wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback concerning your MA6 Interconnects, SP6 Speaker Cables, and your MAP3 Reference Power Cords. All of these models have greatly enhanced my audio system. I was using top of the line and high cost Nordost and Kimber products before and after replacing them with your products, I can say that the quality and performance of sound across the spectrum was definitely elevated. I describe the sound as simply elegant. Your products are reasonably priced; I would say a bang for the buck, just what is needed in the audio world today. Highly recommended." Kevin - Louisville

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Tod Tucker

Hey Mike! "Got my NEW SP-6''s last week and after another few hours of break in, ''I CAN NOT BELIEVE MY EARS!'' Wow - really really NICE!. Thank You!... I can''t wait to order 2 pair of IC''s (MA-6''s)....I want the matching IC''s ASAP! Thanks!" Tod Tucker

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"I have been mixing live sound close to 20 years as well as gone through many sound systems over the past 35 years. I have wasted away a lot of money trying to achieve the sound as if one was playing an instrument live. These cables do just that! They don't add any coloration to the music. You feel & hear the real soul of the instruments and vocals. I have had other sound engineers in my home to listen to these cables. Their mouths would drop open & thay would have big smiles on their faces! Save your money. Buy these cables!" Garry

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Fredric N

"I have the SP-6's on the high part of my bi-wiring. They are, the best cables I've owned, and that includes Straight Wire. Speltz anti-cable and the Soundstring Audio cable. This cable even out did the SP-3 bi-wired cable, which I traded up for this one. The SP6 has all around better resolution, clarity, soundstage, tone and pitch definition, not to mention focus. I would not fail to recommend these cables to anyone, including the company and Mike Morrow. He offers you great cables at very good prices, with very flexible and fair trade- up and trade-in policies, not to mention discounts. Sincerely, Fredric N".

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Bob Smallcorn

"What a fantastic cable. I have been happy with the Chords but I wanted to replace them with another leading brand that would have cost in excess of $6,000. Then quite by accident I came across Morrow Audio. Its not just the product and the competetive price, its Mike''s attitude. Nothing is too much trouble. He treated me like a friend and I am 6,000 miles from him." Bob Smallcorn, Australia

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"This will be short, but wanted someone to know. I have spent years in this hobby getting to the point where I may consider myself done, or at least only moving up the line of equipment I own. Having been looking for a cable set to finish off my system and to provide the last bit of tweaking I have spent the past 2 years trying out all different cables, some inexpensive, and some expensive and have found the place to stop. Morrow Audio.

I had settled on their MA4 interconnects about a year ago and decided to play the field one last time. This time with Nordost, and their TYR cable. So I bought the TYR and go tit home, did the A/B to the MA4 and what did I hear? Well, the TYR had a slightly blacker background and I will call it softer highs at the expense of detail. It was a very soothing cable. I threw the MA4 back in and crapped myself. I liked the MA4 a lot better. It had way better bass, more detail on the high end and conveyed way more musical information. So I sold the TYR and traded up my MA4 for a pair of MA6, their highest line cable. Here is a summary in comparison to the TYR:

MA6 showed far more textures, deeper and wider soundstage, deeper and tighter bass, the MA6 sounded like live music in comparison to the TYR. In short, the MA6 crushed the TYR as did the MA4. I was searching for that cable that makes a violin really pop, a piano sound like a piano, a cable that makes the music REAL. This is the only cable that does it for me. Others have had the great detail, but at the expense of being harsh or missing bass or missing something. The MA6 has, to me, the perfect balance of detail, harmonic richness, texture, layering, soundstage, dynamics and bass.

I wound up buying the Morrow high end SP6 speaker cables as well and the combo is amazing, best cables I have ever heard and an amazing deal. No smoke and mirrors, no garden hose size cable, no silly boxes, batteries or anything of the sort. Simple, small cables made beautifully and sound incredible." Acurus

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Todd Vafiades

"First a word about Morrow Audio's level of customer service. In a word, impeccable! Mike is ultra-responsive, friendly, and extremely customer-oriented. He worked with me on two different deals simultaneously (never complaining about my haphazard requests and staggered orders). These deals included trade ups of both interconnects and speaker cables. With packages whizzing around and emails flying back and forth, Mike stayed on top of the situation and best of all, delivered superlative quality cables at a great price (love that trade-up program!).

I am now the delighted owner of two sets of MA6 Grand Reference RCA Interconnects as well as a 2 meter length pair of SP6 Grand Reference Speaker cables. All of which have benefitted from Mike's free burn-in service (at this product level).

To say that my Martin Logan Summit-X based system sounds "Grand" is a serious understatement. On well recorded media, the sound is nearly beyond description! The inner detail has opened up like never before. Can I hear the lead violinist shift in his seat a bit between stanzas? Yes, I most certainly can! Can I tell the lead violinist is actually a man as opposed to a woman? Yes... but only according to the album's liner notes ;-) I have yet to hear any cables that allow discernment of gender (in an instrumental piece anyway)... but this raises the point of comparison between cables.

I've been at this high-end audio hobby for a very long time (30+ years) and I can say unreservedly that Morrow's Grand Reference cables are at least as good, if not better (and in some instances, far, far better) than any other cable I have ever used. Not to drop names, but I will anyway... I've owned Nordost, Transparent, Crystal, and Acoustic Zen... to name just a few. These were by no means inexpensive models. In comparison, Morrow wins. No question, end of story. I am absolutely thrilled with the musical presentation my system now offers. Thank you Mike Morrow for offering such high-value cables. Well done sir!" Sincerely, Todd Vafiades

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Rob V

"Right out of the box I can tell I made the right choice going with your cables and going for the highest end in each category. I can’t believe the separation of instruments and my soundstage is fuller and more dynamic. So far I am very pleased at the cable progress in my system.

Your product is the best kept secret in home audio for the true audiophile. I am so glad I found out about you on Audiogon because in Canada I had never heard of you before. You and your products are top notch and I will refer you to my friends and family for all their audio needs in the future.

You are also easy to talk to and knowledgeable, I am glad you steered me in the right direction in order to accomplish what I have always dreamed is possible in this hobby. With your cables, it is an audio oasis where the sound is so good that you can just relax, close your eyes and get lost into the music and enjoy it the way it was intended." Rob V

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Mike, I purchased directly from your website.

Wow! It's a very interesting experience in "break-in".

First, after plugging SP6 in, I could hear some fineness which is still hidden, not expose clearly... normal and indifferent on the system... However, I've learnt from your break-in document/website that "...patience is necessary...", "...Be prepared for a long break in (even when you use Mike's breakin service)..." so I patiently tried to continue to break in... by playing as many CDs as I can arrange - two-three hours a night (for both break-in and music enjoying purposes)...

...and then one night (last week), while the system was playing, I was replying some urgent emails... and not really pay attention to music from the system. Suddenly, the sound was changed totally and involved me immediately... as the whole system was upgraded... but just a pair of SP6 speaker cables with DIY-like appearance :) - really amazing:

  • Hi-end rank of FINENESS, inner details, clarity, balanced for all ranges - High, Mid, Low
  • Good soundstage
  • Real musical involvement

Happy, happy, happy... Thanks Mike, An

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Michael Kennedy

I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding my recent cable purchases from Morrow Audio. First off, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 61 years old and was introduced to high end audio in the mid 1980s by a newly met friend named Gary. He took me to different high end stores and opened up a new world of hi fi to me.

Over the years, Gary and I have attended hi fi shows whenever they come to the bay area, the most recent about 5 months ago in San Francisco. Gary has also added to my listening experience by providing me with some real vintage Mullards and Telefunkin 12ax7s and others for both my preamp and cd player---man what a difference on the cd player. A few months ago, Gary replaced his speaker cables with a respected brand of cable that I could not afford-----it sounded very nice indeed.

This is the part where Morrow Audio cables come in to play. Garys new sound convinced me that it was time for some new cables, but I could not afford the brand that he purchased----so what do I do?? I started by going to the nearest High End shop to ask about cables. When I ask what brands they offer, I am floored by their response----we don't like any ones cables ---we make our own. Well, that sent me packing and I left the store. Then I decide to look for used cables on the internet. I saw some cables that I wanted to know more about and that led me to Morrow Audio.

After browsing your site, I became interested and wanted to know more. I read the testimonials, your design goals and the breakin article. Well, your special sale price for the MA1 and your return policy made it a no brainier for me. I took a chance and ordered a MA1. After all, how much could I loose?

After the MA1 arrived, I put it on the tuner because I was willing to leave the tuner on for 3 weeks for cable break in. From the very first listen, I knew that there was magic happening. While it was just FM, it sounded way better than I had ever heard it sound before. Now I am ready to roll the dice and order some speaker cables. After all, I can return it if I'm not happy! right.

Well, if the budget cable is good, then what of a step up? I ordered a bi-wired SP6. So what got better after the SP6? Everything got better! It is like a whole new system. You know all the words... yes, it is a major improvement in every category. It blew me away! Well now I want a better interconnect. I ordered a MA6 to go preamp to power amp. First impression---bass-bass-bass! Bottom line is this--- Your cables have exceeded my expectations in every category. Top shelf--outstanding; especially considering the down to earth prices for this kind of performance.

By the way... I gave my friend Gary a MA1 to take home and try out in his system. He has informed me that I should not expect that cable returned to me. Imagine that!!! He said that it bettered a much more expensive cable that he was using, and this coming from a guy who has been an audiophile much longer than me, and he is also a jazz musician.

So there is my response... I am grateful that I stumbled onto Morrow Audio and I am pleased beyond words. You have discovered how to make cables that allow one to listen into the music without a sonic signature as far as I can tell. I am hearing more detail and speed --bloom and transparency without any etching--and the bass is very solid and well defined without being boomy or overpowering. All of the cables have arrived within the estimated time frame and you have corresponded in a timely manor to all my E-MAIL questions.You were also very friendly and helpful when I called. Sincerely and gratefully, Michael Kennedy

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Mike Covher

My first encounter with the bi-wire (two separate runs) of SP6 speaker cable caused me to have what I can only describe as a "out of body experience". I know, I have distain for this expression as well but it comes close to describing my first experience with the SP6.

I wanted to hear something I knew was of high quality when first sampling the SP6 cables so I chose the DVD-Audio disc of The Beatles which contains re-mixes and revamped versions of Beatles classics. Although I did not recall it at the time, this disc begins with a triple-tracked acapella version of "Because", a John Lennon song that was rendered even more ethereal by this new mix. In my eagerness to audition the new cables, I neglected the volume setting of my system, which was quite high. Suddenly John, Paul and George appeared in my living room at full lung with what seemed the voice of angels. In response to this sensual revelation, I imagined myself being propelled into the upper atmosphere and beyond to the seventh heaven. When finally regaining my composure, I could not bear the thought of turning down this truly beautiful sound; that would be contrary to everything I treasure.

Even at this high volume level, there was no hint of strain or lack of clarity. My perception of the character of these cables is that they are transparently faithful. They take you back to the source of the recording and enable your speakers and audio system to reproduce what the microphones in the recording studio had originally captured.

The Audioquest cables I used previously with my Vandersteen 3a Signature speakers never approached anything near this level of purity and pure sonic thrill. In my system, from the first note, the SP6 speaker cables vanished and I can hardly wait for them to come of age as it were; I feel that they are the closest thing to a direct connection from amplifier to speaker at this point.

For bi-wiring Vandersteen speakers I can highly recommend using (two separate runs) of SP6 speaker cable!

Thanks Mike for making possible this truly musical quantum leap! All the best, Mike Covher

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Bruce Halllberg

Saturday evening in Phoenix. 110 degrees today. I know you don't care but summer in Phoenix sucks.

Received a used pair of SP6 speaker cables on Thursday. I've been doing this so many years every time I try something new in my system I wait because I know the disappointment is just around the corner.

Not sure where these were in the break in process but " THEY FREKING ROCKED MY WORLD". Details will follow but at 66 years old and having been through more promises of nirvana you guys have figured something out. I'm a classical and jazz LP, 300B tube amp, etc. guy but I know you've heard all that before. Forget whats in my system just look for my next questions about interconnects and SP7 and beyond.

I know there's more orders coming from me around the corner!


Bruce Halllberg

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Steven Twombly

Mike, Just wanted to let you know I got my new SP6 speaker cables (with 5 day burn in) and hooked them up over the weekend. I have been running SP4 speaker cables and MA4 interconnects. I thought I had a good setup with the SP4's but wanted to try the SP6's per the reviews online.

All I can say is WOW! I really did think I had a good system and was proud of it. But as soon as I put the SP6's in I had to check my sanity for a bit. I heard more clean distinct sound and much more of a sound stage. I run my system through a surround sound pre-amp and I went so far as to make sure I didn't somehow get my center channel hooked up into the mix. It wasn't. And the center channel wouldn't have sounded near as good as what I was hearing anyway. But I was definitely hearing more sound.

As I sit here and write this e-mail I've been listening to Mumford and Sons. Mumford has become one of the artists I use to check my system. Before in my system they tended to be slightly congested with not the greatest sound stage. Not Any More! Mumford along with the rest of my music now has a greater level of realism in my listening room.

It's almost scary at times how I now seem to have the artist singing in my listening room. I've now switched to Alison Krauss and I had to stop typing for a while just to listen. She's HERE in my room singing to ME. Kind of spooky but very, very cool.

Now I'm going to have to upgrade those interconnects. Keep up the good work and thanks for taking care of me!

Sincerely, Steven Twombly

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Mike, All I have to say is "wow" - What an amazing difference between the Nordost cables and the SP5 - Like others have said, a veil has been lifted, all instruments sounds so much more real, instruments like piano - notes are held longer, midrange clarity amazing! I wonder if these cables even beat Odin and other real expensive cables.

This all for just your 2 day break-in service - they really haven't even broken in any further!

I'm so glad I found your company - I have two more Vishnus to sell and then will get some more PCs for the Jolida and Burmester cd player.

Question - have you ever tried to send some of your cables to someone like Art Dudley - I can only imagine what these would sound like with Shindo gear??!!!! Thanks again, Jason

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OK Mike,

For years I've been of the mind "use big enough cables" and you are good to go. So, with deep skepticism, I dropped my eight hundred bucks to see if I was wrong. I was wrong! The sound quality blew me out of my listening chair. You've made a believer out of me! Cheers, Don

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Lorenzo Baskervillle

"Hi Mike,

As you know I had just purchased the SP5 Reference cables along with your top of the line Sub woofer cable. Of course the cables went through the 5 day break in period and now have another 25 hours of playing time. I am simply amazed at the clarity and warmth that I am hearing from my system since I added your cables to my system. I know with additional playing time I will be rewarded with more good surprises of improved audio improvement that I thought was impossible to achieve. Mike I am now a fan of your products just wish I had the income to match my audiophile ambitions. Kindest regards, Lorenzo Baskervillle"

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"Just wanted you to know that you’re cables made such a huge difference to my sound system. The whole system came alive with clear, dynamic, great sound staging, cant say enough. Thank you Mike for making this cable for us." Roger

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Ron Wills

"I purchased the Morrow SP5 Speaker cables directly from your site for my system consisting of Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 and STI-500 integrated amp powering a pair of Magnepan 1.7s. I am using a Netgear music server feeding the DAC2 via optical and digital cables. My interconnects are Silnote Poseidon Signature XLRs. What was missing from my system were the right speaker cables. I was using the JW Audio Cryo solid speaker cables which were fine but there was a tinge of hardness in the upper mids and the treble subdued. I have also tried silver cables and Xindak ribbon cables with mixed results. All good for their price but I was looking for a significant step up in resolution and naturalness of reproduction.

The Morrow SP5 Cables were broken in with the 2 day free service. Right out of the box, I noticed a smoothness and naturalness that was missing from the JW Audio speaker cables. The treble that was missing with the JW Audio cables has returned. Very natural high frequencies. I am enjoying the sound of cymbals once again!

I have about 60-80 hours on the cables and with all the talk about break-in, I have been surprised how consistent the cables have sounded from day 1 to today. In contrast, I noticed dramatic break-in ups and downs with the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 with terrific sound occurring only after the 200 hour mark and getting better through about 400 hours of playing time. With the SP5 speaker cables I am getting very natural sound right up front and is a great match for my other system components which are extremely revealing.

I am very satisfied with the SP5's and was very satisfied with a previous Morrow interconnect cable, the MA1.1s which, until I tried the 5X to 10X the price Silnote Poseidon Signatures, was my favorite interconnect beating out an expensive set of MIT Shotgun S3.3 XLR cables along with cables from Xindak and others.

Sincerely, Ron Wills"

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Ted Danowski

Mike, The SP5 speaker cables are amazing. I purchased the MA5 interconnect before and was totally blown away, so I wasn't expecting a lot with the speaker cables, but I was so wrong! The interconnect made everything scary real, but the speaker cables catapulted scary real into Oh My God! I'm at the concert! Now I'm wondering if the SP5 and MA5 are this amazing,what can the SP7 and MA7 do? Amazing product!

Thank you, Ted Danowski

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Choon Yong

My recent and 2nd order for Morrow audio cables was the result of my sharing of my more than happy experience with my first lot of Morrow audio cables. I took my cables to my friend's place and he was convinced and asked me to place the order for him.

He in fact replaced all his old cables and he is now another happy owner of 2 pairs of MA4, a pair of PH4 and a 5 meter pair of SP5. He has them in his system for about 2 weeks by now, and he has repeatedly been calling me over the phone thanking me for sharing with him these wonderful cables.

He plays the violin and is now a highly regarded violin teacher in Singapore. Being a musician, he shares with me the same ability to hear the nuances. With Morrow cables, all the instruments clearly sound so much more authentic, he repeated to me, when compared to his old cables. The background is so much quieter, cleaner. In conclusion, the music sounds so much more beautiful than before, and he is sooo happy listening to the music from his system!

Three heers to Morrow Audio! Choon Yong

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"My Morrow Audio SP4 reference speaker cables demonstrate not only genuine quality and value, they are also stunning sonically. My system has definitely hit new levels of coherency and realism."

UPDATE: I have since been optimizing my system and thought I would send you a few pics in the event you would like to augment my comments with photos for your site. I assume it might help enhance your site as you build up positive feedback and allow "browsers" to see the actual real-world systems within which your cables have been installed.

I continue to be delighted by the SP4 cables and look forward to many hours of audio bliss as they continue to break-in and smooth out even further.

Kind regards, -Todd

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Got home last night from camping and had to check on the SP4 since I had left the system running while we were gone. Somewhere between 200 and 300 hours they transform and are much better than the SP3. I think the SP4 is better out of the box than the broken in SP3 and a broken in SP4 may be another 50% or more better than the SP3. The instruments are bigger and more in focus. Easier to place the performers and are more life sized. Incredible imaging. As good as the SP3 is, I am shocked by the precision of the SP4.


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Before this adventure with Morrow Audio, I had never heard speaker cables make such a difference. ICs, yes; PCs, yes; but not speaker cables. Your work, Mike, makes speaker cables vital, absolutely vital to the experience of listening to recorded music.

These SP4s are very detailed and revelatory, very realistic in presentation, and very, very musical. The placement of voices and instrumentation is "visually" very accurate, but not sharp and intrusive and distracting. The space around the voices and instruments is wonderful. Nice work!

UPDATE: I am just stunned... I've been working on my student's written work all day, listening to whatever the computer queues up in its playback through the DAC. So often this morning and early afternoon, I've heard jaw-dropping detail and musicality in a remarkable balance.

Just a few moments ago, I heard the palm on the drumhead... never heard that before in that particular bit of music. Literally, the musical sound-texture of a human hand on the drumhead leather... I've heard that detail before, but not to the palpable complexity of texture and detail, the contribution these make to the musical experience that the SP4s bring.

Oh well, you must get tired of these rants and ravings from others and me about these cables. I bet sometimes you want to make a cable that shuts us up, renders us mute (as Medusa turned warriors to stone) (as Odysseus must have been, listening to the Sirens... no more banal blabbing, just all ear), giving you some space to do your work!

UPDATE 2: Well, it's just amazing to listen to this system, which I know inside and out, over all kinds of music and types of instrumentation, some quite exotic by western standards, and to be surprised and literally awed.

Today I heard a vocalist, Hamza el Din, in the audio space created by the SP4s & MA4's. This came in a way I've never heard him before.

Literally, my experience was as if he were in my listening room singing and playing... the sense of voice and space, a human presence, Hamza el Din! Sadly, he has passed away. My experience this afternoon was as if he returned to sing and play in my listening room. Now this, especially while I was working, I have never, ever experienced in audio. It was very much like a front row experience at a small, intimate concert. Such things are just very, very unusual in my world.

:) Ed

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"I've had the SP4 speaker cables for a little while now and I am hugely impressed. My previous setup was all tubes with anticable and the sound was just great with lots of presence and very palpable. Needing more power, I then went with all solid state. It was great but the sound didn't have that palpable feeling or presence I'd become accustomed to. Well, swapping in the SP4s changed all that and more. Wonderful cables Mike, I hope others give these a trial. Thanks Brett"

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Hey Mike - got those SP4 speaker cables yesterday; I'd never had cables that cost that much before, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but yeah, those are impressive - they make a MUCH bigger difference than I would have imagined. And they're supposed to keep getting BETTER over the next hundred or so hours, even though they've been through the break-in machine? Lucky me! Thanks, Larry.

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Dmitri Kochtcheev

Mike, First off i would like to say thank you for your cables and for the excitement you brought to my music listening. Unlike most of your customers, i can't really compare your products to the others as i just bought my first hi end system. For whatever reason, i just liked your site, your personality and your videos which make a lot of sense. I decided to give it a shot and i did a right choice. I am very very happy with the results. Great detail, very realistic, "fair" sound. My Classe and B&Ws love your MA4 and SP4s Thank you, Dmitri Kochtcheev

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"Mike, I have never taken the time to provide written feedback to anyone about any audio components I have purchased and placed in my system. However, I'm compelled to make my experience with Morrow Audio cables the exception.

I just replaced Kimber Kable Silver Streaks, Kimber Kable 8TC's and Nordost Frey's with your Morrow cables, specifically the MA3, MA4 and SP4's.

I'm not an audio expert and won't try to imitate one, however I know what significant changes I have heard in my system since installing your cables.

I'm experiencing a realism that I was missing. The sound stage is much larger and more open. Detail is better than ever and the sound is extremely clean, clear and concise. Importantly, it is neutral and not tainted. The dynamics are not over exaggerated but tight and clean. I feel like I'm hearing what the artists intended in their music presentation. In the world of audio you don't know what your missing until you hear what you were missing.

Please feel free to share this with your customers or anyone who might be in the market for cables. Your cables really do make a difference. WOW!" Kevin

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I am REALLY impressed with the level of detail these provide. Case in point playing Jim Messina's newer CD "Under a Mojito Moon", I am now CLEARLY hearing back round percussion instruments at a level of clarity that were simply not there before (smeared). I also thought psycho-acoustically I was hearing mild distortion thru a right channel midrange, after replay it happed to be the reverberation of an ending note of an acoustic guitar string inside the body of the instrument, which blew me away. Sound stage improved dramatically and bass is a little better defined. After the dips of further break in are completed I'm sure I'm going to be in for a good ride. Jay

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Giancarlo Fabbri

For a long time I followed the discussions on the Americans audiophile forums about the Morrow cables, I was surprised how virtually all people who had purchased becaue, focusing especially on their value for money. After reading other favorable reviews on the cables Morrow and moved by curiosity I decided to buy the MA1 interconnect cable also saw the discounted price.

I connected the MA1 between the CD player and the pre (replacing a quadruple price cable MIT). The cable was new and needed a right break-in but the sonic character after a couple of days it soon became clear.

The first impression was that of transparency, fluidity and extension of the extremes of the sonic range and this was only the beginning ! More the MA1 sounds more sounds better, the virtual window of the soundstage is recreated now sharper, wider, more real and the "live" effect much more pronounced.

The American audiophiles of the various forums were right, the Morrow cables have an intrinsic value much higher than the price paid and in comparison to high-end cables much more famous (and much more expensive) of international level.

My experience with the Morrow cables has continued with buying 2 +2 mt of the SP4 speakers cable in bi-wired version. No surprise there ! The SP4 sounds (or not sounds) exactly as I imagined: neutral , transparent, tonally very correct and sizing, how properly should be, the instruments and the soundstage recreated. The sonic window is filled with new nuances now, sounds never heard before or never perceived before. I think that there aren't many comparisons in terms of musicality with these SP4 and other cables of the same price (and even much more). These cables are so transparent to highlight the negativity of everything which stands upstream of the audio system where they are connected.

Personally, I have always been convinced of the sonic superiority of the solid core cables compared to stranded wires and Morrow cables are a prime example. After thirty years of audiophile listenings and looking for the " right cable ," I consider the SP4 a definitive cable in the context of high-end cables with a cost still human and the bi-wired version further enhances the sonic characteristics of transparency, realism and fluidity of the sound message.

In the future, my experience with Mike Morrow will continue (finances permitting) with MA5 interconnects, replacing the MA1 between CD Player and pre and another pair of MA5 between preamp and power amp. I'm already foretasting the final effect ... Pink Floyd here, in my living room playing here three meters from my listening chair. Thanks Mike!

Best Regards. Giancarlo Fabbri Urbino (Italy)

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"I bought my wires in reverse order: SP1's, then SP3's. Recently I picked up two pair of MA2's. The speaker wires made the most difference, and the interconnects have only added to the better sound. I should say that I have a very modest system, by audiophile standards. I have a Rotel RT1080 tuner, on which we do most of our listening; an RDV1040 CD/DVD player, and recently added Parasound Z amp and preamp. Speakers are Paradigm Mini-monitors. I also added a Furman Elite 15i power conditioner.

We listen mostly to Baroque and other early music; quartets and other small group stuff. Neither of us care too much for larger, symphonic stuff--just as well, since our equipment does much better on more quiet music.

I find myself listening much more into the interior of the music--the interplay between the instruments, moreso than the whole melodic line. The instruments are more separated from each other, and the soundstage bigger. It makes the music a lot easier to follow.

Bass is much improved; it seems deeper and with far better tonal definition. The middle is richer, fuller but not overly warm or juicy. Highs seem extended and a bit more articulate I think, although I have a long-standing hearing loss, aided by hearing aids for only a year or so. My wife has Very Good Ears--she likes the improved sound, but doesn't describe the difference.

All in all, very good purchases.

Regards, Fred"

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"I have tried many cables in my systems and the Morrow SP3 speaker cables are just incredible! They are not just great for the price, but great for ANY price. I will also mention that it only took about a week after I placed the order to recieve them. Now that is great service!"

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"The SP3 speaker cables are special. Bigger more powerful sound. The seperation and realism is fantastic. My speakers are about 9 feet apart which had been a little problem in the past. Not anymore! I am pretty amazed. I have put the word out to others I email back and forth. They are worth every penny and then some. They don't look like much or feel like much but who cares? The more powerful sound is not right in you face eithe, which just means a very well balanced sound with tons of impact."


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My system is comprised of a Bryston 4Bsst, BAT 42SE, BAT CD, VPI Scoutmaster, and Sony 9000ES DVD player. The speakers are Mirage 3. My original speaker cables seemed quite good, especailly in the area of bass response. The highs were acceptable and the overall ''delicacy'' of the midrange and high frequencies were good.

I was not expecting anything beyond a reasonable refinement of the overall sound with hopes for a larger soundstage with the Morrow Audio SP3 cables. As it was, the sound from my present system was spectacular at times with some of my favorite recordings....especially with the BAT player.

After receiving the new Morrow cables, I immediately began playing music on them. That was a mistake...they sounded thin, no bass, but the highs were rather promising. I called Morrow Audio and they said I really needed to break these cables in. I did so for about 280 hours before I even listened to another piece of music.

After this break-in period, I played disc after disc and became a believer in Morrow Audio''s hype. The bass was spectacular, the highs were open and nicely extended, the midrange with female vocals or acoustic instruments, like guitar and piano, became surreal. Whitney Houston and Karen Carpenter came to life. Recordings which were really good became great, and the open nature of my speakers and electronics really began to shine.

I know what you are thinking....did he get paid for this report? No I didn''t. If you are considering changing your speaker cables, you must give these a ride. Break them in first, then enjoy the laborous fruits of the person who designed these musical instruments.


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Tom Collins

Thanks for the great cables. Following break-in, I find these cables to be very resolving. The Nordost was also resolving, but they seemed to have a glare in the upper range with them that made it difficult to listen for long periods at higher volume levels.

Your cables are very resolving but without the glare. This is no small issue as I can now listen comfortably for hours. In addition, I was able to remove the speaker cover which has permitted the midrange to open up. That change has also benefitted the soundstage as it is larger and deeper in all directions than before. When a recording permits, the instruments and voices are now very easy to localize within the sound stage.

The original cost for the Nordost was about double the cost of your sp3 ref. Your cable sounds much better in my system. I am a very satisfied customer.

Tom Collins

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Herbert David

I grew up in Europe in the early 1950's where my grandmother took me to the orchestra houses almost every weekend. I cultivated a great love of music during this time. In 1968 I moved to Montreal wherein 1969 I turned sixteen years of age. You can do the math; retirement is not far away.

My parents' neighbour was Claude Denjean who was a music producer and musician. He took me into the studio to record his record MOOG On Phase 4 Stereo , one of the early synthesizer albums. It was Claude who also helped me buy my first stereo at this time which happened to be his hobby. In my late teens my stereo comprised of Dayton Wright, Quad, and several years later the Linn LP 12 turntable. Back in 1973 we were already playing around with cones, wires, and low output moving coil cartridges.

Upon installation the Morrow Audio cables were the equal of what I had been using. No better, no worse, and I thought I would give them some time.

Well, two weeks later, (as described in the breakin paper), things got worse. I remember thinking to give them a little time before you send them back. It was almost a full weeks before they started to improve, but when they did, what magic!

I have just finished listening to Pentangle, Atrium Musica Da Madrid and Bach. For the first time in many years I have not enjoyed music to this extent. I am not so much interested in all the superlatives that one usually associates with audio jargon, but just that what I am hearing is real and organic music. My wife and I travel often to hear live music and this is the closest to the live experience that I have reached in my home. Primarily, I listen to very eclectic music, eg. Medieval, Elizabethian, Baroque, Classical, and yes, some rock. Yes I have seen Jethro Tull over 150 times in nine different countries, so no I am not a classical snob.

The Morrow Audio cables are superb, refined, clean and clear in the top end, clean liquid mid range, yes, this is where the music is for me, and a precise, articulate bottom end. I would like to thank Morrow Audio for their wonderful customer service and second to none products.

Herbert David

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Tim V.

"Over the years I have tried many interconnect and speaker cables, homebrew and some brand names, even some of the homebrew nameless cables that had cost me an awful lot of money. I have tried many cables on Audiogon as well. I had what I thought were really good speaker cables and interconnects and didn't really feel the need to change them.

After looking through your ad on Audiogon and reading somewhere that your cables were superior to the other cables I saw, including that $9000 Transparent Reference cable, I was somehow convinced to try your cables knowing that I had sixty days.

My current speaker cables have 99.9999 whatever percent silver and were very expensive and are very heavy. The interconnects are comprised of short runs due to them being so expensive.

I really like your cables as they are so light. They were immediately very ambient sounding, lovely detail not heard before came from the wall of sound in front of me. Timing, attack and decay are particularly good with strong deep bass and a big open sound... so perfectly natural sounding. It was like changing amplifiers. There are no strange batteries or tubes connected to small boxes like some cable companies. I consider this to be a real bonus. Congratulations Mike. I honestly have not come closer to a more perfect cable than these and they are reasonably priced." Tim V.

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Cliff Perry

Hello Mike! I thought it only right to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with the MA4 interconnects I got from you last November. Although I availed myself the burn-in service you provide, the 60 day 'grace' period was essential to hear the cables at their best. And then, just when I thought that was it, a couple of weeks ago they jumped yet another notch - a full 4 months after purchase. An extra level of stability in the presentation, increased three-dimensionality and more solid, open and natural detail. The Nordost Quattro-fils they replaced have long since been sold on eBay!

It was this latest jump in performance that made me go for a pair of SP3 bi-wire speaker cables. Despite only just being put into the system after minimal run-in, I can already tell they are going to be winners. Soundstaging is much wider and three-dimensional than the Nordost Red Dawn they've replaced. And vocal timbre is in a completely different league. Sure they've a way to go, but the (relatively) short term pain will, I know, be worth the long term gain.

Thanks Cliff Perry

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Anthony Thompson

Hi Mike... So far I am extremely happy with my MA3 interconnect (between my CD and integrated amp) and bi-wired SP3 speaker cables. Yes, I did order the full 5 day break in at your end for each, so have avoided that difficult period.

Right out of the packaging, I was astonished at the improvement over my Audioquest Topaz interconnect and much heavier gauge speaker cables. I never realised my relatively modest system could sound so good. Up until the change to your cables, I was beginning to wonder whether I needed to upgrade my speakers or components. Now I'm extremely happy with them as they stand. I use a Musical Fidelity A3.5 CD player and A3.5 dual-mono integrated amp. My speakers are probably unknown to most of your customers or yourself - they are Australian made full range floor standers by a local manufacturer called VAF Research, using the model DCX-Gen4 (feel free to check out their website:

From the certificate re break in in your packaging, I understand that the 5 days break in you provided is equivalent to 10 days musical break in, so 240 hours. That first afternoon of listening I went from CD to CD, grinning from ear to ear and saying "what the #%^@!" numerous times, to no one in particular.

I was amazed by the extra detail I was hearing on all disks, the incredible snap of percussion, the blackest background I have ever (not!) heard, and the full and incredibly deep and taught bass. The extra air and rich bloom of the mid range was also fantastic considering I thought these cables still needed much more break in to reach their full potential.

Since installing the cables last Friday, I have given them another 30 hours of use, with a combination of moderate listening volumes for music across all genres, and some serious blasting at concert level whenever I can (when the wife and kids are out of the house!). I estimate that overall, your cables have probably had 270 hours use. The system is now just so addictive!

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Morrow cables and already am certain that I will not be returning them! Even my 11 year old daughter notices an amazing improvement and says "wow" a lot, and my non audiophile wife who is extremely skeptical of all things to do with money spent on my system agrees there was a noticebly strong improvement with much more detail, snap and sparkle. Anthony Thompson, Sydney, Australia

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"I was totally enthralled with the transformation that came with the biwired SP4 cables and the MA3 interconnects. Even with minimal cable breakin! The perfomances have been brought into my living room, with a musicality and warmth that I have never experienced in 45 years of critical listening as a musician. My entry level audiophile home system has me totally satisfied and has the enthusiastic approval of my wife (who has better ears than me) You will be hearing lots more from me! Your cables have opened my ears to sounds I never knew were on the record. John

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Terry F

I've had cables from Audioquest, Cardas, Goertz, MIT, Harmonic Tech and Kimber over the years. The Morrow cables have the blackest background and are simply more resolving. It really does seem like you can reach out and touch the musicians. Clean, clear, no grain, glare or smearing." Terry F

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"Over the many years, gradually upgrading my system, the area of IC's and speaker cables have been the most challenging. I felt my current "garden hose" thick cables, lay an opportunity. Being on a tight budget, I tried the Morrow Audio SP3 speaker cables as some have suggested. Morrow Audio has a 60 day full return policy. People... even though these are inexpensive cables, they absolutely blew me away in every respect over my esoteric cables." Rpg

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Hello Mike! My Morrow cables are performing splendidly. I replaced the Mogami cables with the SP3s/MA3s and immediately heard a difference. I did try to do the "break-in" while I was away. Still not sure if I heard any weirdness. We've got over 200 hours on them now and my whole system just sounds so damn good. I will expound on the Morrow greatness to any and all who are interested. And yes, I'm very active on various forums, so I will be spreading the "good news"... I will be getting more Morrow cables as needs/funds allow. Next up? Probably digital and phono ICs. Ciao, Terry

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Steven H

Hi Mike, Just wanted to get back to you about the SP3's I received from you a few weeks ago. I ordered the 2 day break-in, so the cables had a few hours under them. When I first hooked them up the mid-range was stunningly clear, revealing and "present" in a way I hadn't heard before, but the mid-bass down was a little shy, and I was a little underwhelmed but knew the cables deserved a decent run-in before making any final assessment.

Over the last few weeks the mid and upper registers have continued to improve on their already remarkably involving presentation, and lower end has become progressively more extended, to the point that it is now the by far the most bass I've ever heard from my system. It's tight and controlled, but extends WAY down below what I thought my speakers were capable of. In addition, imaging has improved dramatically in terms of width, height, and depth and, in particular, precision.

As I type this from my office I'm listening to Nick Cave playing in the next room, and it honestly sounds like he's sitting there with his piano just a few metres away on the other side of the wall; I'm massively impressed with what your cables have revealed in my system. Steven H

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Chris Pavlick

"Hello Mike. I would just like to tell you how happy I am with my SP3s. The sound is beyond belief! I didn''t know my Mirage Omni Polars could sound this good. I can''t even find words to describe the soundstage. Just fantastic !! Thank you for such a wonderful product that has exceeded my expectations by 200%!!! I''m saving my pennies to buy more of your cables. Best Regards, Chris Pavlick"

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Jim Webb

"I bought MA3 interconnects and SP3 speaker cables, both with a two day break-in period. The first day I got my cables, I could not wait to hear my system.

I'm not an audiophile, more an audio enthusiast, but even with the two day break-in, my high end was a little smeared, mid range was very thin and my bass was well "shy". I was determined to run the break-in around the clock for 7 day straight, I installed the speaker cable, found some "white noise" on FM and started my "break-in process. I then installed my interconnects, I took out a "carousel" CD player, loaded it with five rock CD's and hit the continuous play and left my system alone. Every other day (48 hours) I would play a few songs off my CD player, every day the sound improved!

At the end of my seven day break-in (264 total hours), I couldn't believe my ears, the sound stage was extremely broad, much larger than I ever heard before, it had depth and was so open. My bass was deep and detailed, tight and so controlled. the mid range was smooth and balanced. The high end was open and airy, clean and so clear.

There were sound coming out of my system that I never heard before, the brushes on the cymbal's, a clarinet that was buried before by a sax. I listen to a lot of singing jazz and Diana Krall was no longer "Live in Paris" she was in my living room!

Oh by the way, I still had my pre 1990 Denon DCM-320 playing my CD's, which I used for my break-in!!! I switched over to my Cambridge Audio 740C after the first 300 hours and am still in the last 200 hours of break-in for the CA CD player. Now I have my system on a 18' wall, with the CA 740 at about 100 hours into the "break-in" I'm going to need a larger wall, my sound stage is unbelievable now.

My wife has been after me to get a new carousel CD player for our parties etc, I plan on buying the MA 4's for the CA player and use the MA 3's for the carousel player. What a product, I'm out of the country now, but I can't wait to get home and start listen to my "new system". Thank you Mike!" Jim Webb

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Scott Peterson

These cables are a match made in heaven for my Primare SPA21. For an audio video integrated amp the Primare is quite good. However, it never really blew my socks off.

As a teacher in California waiting to get a pink slip I decided to down size my system, so I purchased an Arcam AVR300 which has gotten rave review. I purchase Mike's cables as well.

Long story short. When I put the SP2 cables on my Primare, the quality of sound went from very good to wow! I don't think I want to sell this amp, good! I put the sound as good as, perhaps better than my Plinius 8200 which was the best integrated I have owned.

In my opinion, the difference between good and great audio is harmonics. The Primare with the SP2 has harmonics galore. Very rich, detailed and a life like presentation. Music flows through my system. The bad of all this is I don't know if I want to sell my Primare.

I have ordered a set of SP's1 so that I can bi-amp my Meadowlarks with the Arcam. I am hoping the Arcam wil l have all the magic that my Primare is finally letting out. I am very impressed with these cables.

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This morning I installed the SP2s into my "finniky" other system. The SP2s probably have 250+ hours on them now. This is the system with the Synergistic Research Accelerator SCs and ICs on it. A very nice audio experience.

Wow, these SP2s make me wonder what the SP3s will bring to the listening experience. I can listen deeply into the music. That is the first time for that with this system, which tends to be bright, granular, and edgy with anything inferior.

I continue to be amazed. This last week has been one of the few times I have found myself amazed by an audio product. Usually, it's "yeah, that's better." But this is of a different order. Thanks!

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"I'm very impressed with your line of inter-connects and speaker cables. All the audiophile clinches are present. Your cables are very dynamic, present a wide and deep soundstage and retrieve a tremedous amount of detail. I'm very satisfied."

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"I am using the Morrow Audio SP2 Reference speaker cables in two of my audio systems - one pair in a bi-wired configuration and one pair in a shotgun configuration but with the additional conductors used to construct the bi-wired cables. The Morrow speaker cables are exceedingly transparent, exhibiting a perfectly neutral tonal balance and a very natural, realistic sound. Mike, you're doing a great service to the audiophile community in offering these reasonably priced reference-quality cables. Truly an incredible bargain!"

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Thierry Montanus

"I am the happy owner of SP2 and these cables have really changed the dimension of sound in my system. In the first place a broad sense of pleasure with a soft sound and detailed musicality and a strong sense of rhythm. While the spectrum is explored, nothing is left out. Everything is rich and lush in an infinite gentleness. In a second time during the critical phase (from 50 hours), the sweetness is less but the main thing is always present. The top of the spectrum is less air, the grave is a little less round, but the music is always beautiful. Gradually, all qualities come true and more palpable. I'm here for now. Really, this product is highly recommended."

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"I purchased both the SP2 speaker cables and the interconnect cables. I noticed improvements when I added each item to the system, and they are still breaking in. Wider and deeper sound-stage, and much more clarity was apparent immediately."

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"During the past six months, I’ve replaced nearly all source, amplification and speaker cables in my system with Morrow Audio Cables including: SP2 speaker cables, MA2 and PH1 interconnects and MAP2 power cables.

Previously, I had tried various cables from more than a dozen different manufacturers ranging in price from $90 to $2,000. The reason is simple: I am now hearing much more of the music without the grain, veil and coloration that interfere with hearing what was captured on the recording.

Mike Morrow’s cables are strikingly transparent. They will reveal the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your system components.

If you agree that the best cables allow the music to be heard by providing a clean and immediate link in the signal path, Morrow cables are a ‘no brainer’ bargain and compete with cables costing much more.

Most importantly, I can hear and feel the emotion in the music that only a well-designed cable made with high quality wires can deliver. In my opinion, Morrow Cables are a real bargain in an crowded field of overpriced audio jewelry.

I should also mention that Mike is honest, pleasant to deal with and will stand behind his cables 100%."

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"First of all I have the SP2 speaker cable and the MA2 Interconnects and the DIGI 1 Cables. I noticed right from the get go that these cables had something very special going on with them. The music was very sweet and detailed with no loss in dynamics. As they were breaking in I didn't notice the change for the" worse" until all of a suden something wasn't right! Then I knew i reached that mid stage where the cable sounded a bit thin etc.

After a few more listening sessions that went away and they started sounded better by the day. I can say that Mike's cables are so very musical and there is nothing I have found that comes close for the money! Once you get over the fact it looks like it is really cheap and couldn't sound very good, you will be pleasantly surprised like I was! Also just to let you know, I have a very refined sound, at least I think I do! I use tube amps with very elaborate equipment that cost way more than you would think to match this cable to! Anyone who doesn't give this a try and just love it is probably hard of hearing and a little foolish also!"

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Alexander Engel

"I have indeed broken in the new SP2 cables. I must say that the result is more than I had expected. I love the soundstage, mellow highs and good bass definition. Voices are absolutely brilliant and with SACD piano solo sounds phenomenal. The better the recording the more I like the cables. I am delighted with the result and have in fact already recommended your cables to friends of mine."

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"Hi Mike, I received your SP2's and they are sounding great right away. The MA2's replaced interconnects costing $1.050 and $1,525 respectively and your interconnects trounced these cables in all respects, but especially in transparency and sound staging. Great products!"

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"My SP2 cables were very open and clear from the get-go! Makes you realize other cables are lacking or more likely a form of tone-control. You can be assurred that whatever you hear using the SP2's it won't be them!"

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The cables sound fine, and I learned from the Morrow SP2 biwires I was using with my previous speakers just how nice your cables are. Yes, greater detail, yet a full sound, quite relaxed, and greater extension than with my DH Lab cables. I'm using the Morrows with an Almarro 318B and Almarro M33A speakers that are crossoverless with two full-range drivers. Your cables fit in just right.

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Mike, I have the SP2 cables and am delighted that they worked out very well in my system. I have always expected silver plated cables to give a bright sound, thin tonal balance and weak bass. My previous cables is the Anticables (all copper, solid core wire), I am also using a flea powered amp (2 watter). I am always hesitant to use multistrand cables, those that I had in the past tended to slow down and muffle the sound; perhaps due to a lack of drive from my amplifier.

Your SP2 cables came highly recommended by my friend who is using them in his system. After plugging the new cables in my system, it sounded good from the get go. It has none of the negatives that plagued me from trying silver plated, multistrand cables in the past.

Some noticeable differences between the SP2 and the Anticables in my system are that the SP2's have better and more extended highs. This does not come at the expense of refinement. Mids come with more projection into the soundstage and the bass is definitely faster. It has the snap and punch that I desired in my system. Before I wondered weather it was my amplifier that was the weak link in my system, not anymore!

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Karri A

"I just wanted to send you a personal note of thanks….for providing some really excellent products. I‘m amazed at how much the sound improved after the break in period. I could hear early on how good the clarity and definition were. Now there is substantially more bass with no loss of clarity/definition. The midrange/highs (which initially sounded a bit clinical) sound very natural, with just a slight touch of warmth (maybe the amp). And that isn’t bad as I have a fairly small listening space! I can’t imagine other cables at any price improving on the sound. It’s that good!"

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"I was in the process of up grading the cables in my system,and after investing over $4500.00 in two pairs of interconnects (and ready to spend over $4000.00 on new speaker cables that were disappointing), I found Morrow Audio at Audiogon. I figured at the costs Mike was asking for his products, I could give his SP2 speaker cables a shot. Well to my surprise, they bettered the $2500.00 Tara Labs speaker cables by a wide margin. I ended up purchasing an additional set and am very pleased with the improvement to my system. Great product and value!"

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Chris Pavlick

Hello Mike. So far, the interconnects are beyond belief! I can't believe I spent the money I did on other "world class" cables. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!!! Your cables put them all to shame. I am still in the later stages of my speaker cable break in period, but they promise to be every bit as good as the interconnects. I will be in touch with you in the near future to continue my report. Best Regards, Chris Pavlick

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Geoff Clarke

Hi Mike: I may not be quite up to full burn in on the T/T side but the CD side is well run in now. The whole system was changed over to Morrow, This includes phono, interconnect, speaker and power cabling. I purchsed the PH1, MA2 ref, SP2 ref (and bi-Wire links), MAP1 and MAP2. The whole system has 2 things that really stand out in my mind.

1/. Absolute clarity. 2/. Vanishingly low noise floor.

I run a low wattage S/E system (0.25 - 0.5 watts typically) and the two above things are of paramount importance to me.

The cables I replaced were Kimber Select 1011, Supra Sword and PS Audio (All good products which had been selected over a long period of time). The Morrow cables are so much better and much more cost effective.

At the same time as I was replacing my cabling I was moving to a dedicated listening room in the basement, so it was more difficult for me to appreciate all the subtle changes as they happened. The bottom line is 'Am I happy with the system now?' The asnwer is a resounding YES.

The Morrow cables are well made, perform way above their price point and, as a bonus, Mike is a nice guy to deal with.

I have included a few pics of the new room with the equipment in place.

Best regards, Geoff Clarke

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Donald Coleman

"Just for fun, here is the system. You can see the Morrow Audio SP2 nude speaker cables. The system sounds way above the price point of the SP2's. I am amazed with how much better they are over the 10 guage X4 Tara Lab Prime that I had for many years.

Equipment: Yota - makes the music more enjoyable, Pass Lab X250, Musical Fidelity 308CR. Jolita stage2 mod CDP with gold pin cryo treated tubes, ACI force XL subwoofer, Maple & Brazilian cheery platforms and too many tweeks to mention."

Donald Coleman

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Edwin Eric

Hello Mike,

I bought my cables and Jolida fx10 straight from your website. I'm a green apple when it comes to tubes and was really impressed when I heard my friend's system that I just got to get me a tube amp. I was skeptical with the cables but having read all the other testimonials you have on your website, it got me digging in my pockets to find out the realism and soundstage hype. I followed your suggestion to start upgrading cables from the source so I bought the MA1.1 and it alone made a big difference. Then I bought your SP1 and the wow effects came out even without the break in. I was really impressed that I bought another set of MA1.1, iPod cable, and SP2 cables for my other system that is not a tube amp and the difference was still there. Your cables are outstanding. You can tell the difference right out the box.

The best part of everything is that I surpassed the realism, clarity, separation of elements, and soundstage of my friend's system which is way more expensive from my system and cables combined. I lent him a complete set to demo on his system and its been over a month and he still has not returned it. I might need the police to help me recover those cables.... Hehehehehe.

Your website is so informative and I see myself upgrading my cables in the future.

Kudos and thank you. Your cables is a must have.

Respectfully, Edwin Eric

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Charles (Steve) Woodley

"Good morning Mike! I wanted to let you know that my speaker cables and interconnects perform flawlessly. I'm especially glad that I purchased your "break-in" service for both products. I did read your brochure concerning the entire break-in process so I was prepared for better things to come in the future. And sure enough, better sound did come with additional time spent listening to a variety of vinyl records over a period of several weeks. The audio soundscape opened up and everything sort of reached equilibrium at one point.

Having listened to your cable products in action, I can report that I'm completely satisfied and would highly recommend them to any audiophile customer looking for quality speaker and interconnect cables. Morrow Audio customer service is excellent. I was able to speak directly with you (company President) on one occasion which is indeed rare in this day and age. Thanks again for great products and service. Regards, Charles (Steve) Woodley"

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"Hi Mike, I currently have a tad over 300 hrs on the SP2 Bi-wired speaker cables I recently ordered from you. They are by far the best sounding cables to grace my system. The music simply sounds like music... nothing added, nothing subtracted, the music just flows with sonic grace!! I was so impressed with how my mains sound that I am ordering the same SP2 bi-wired for my center channel speaker. Thanks, Phil"

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"Mike's SP1 although entry level, never sound the slightest bit entry level. What they did for my system was increase the level of effortless performance, open up the sound stage in all directions. Microdynamics is amazing. These are amazing cables and Mike Morrow provides a first rate service behind his cables with excellent communications. Many thanks for provide such as a great product and service without charging five times the price for it. Absolutely recommended! Mun-Wai

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The SP1 speakers cables from Mike Morrow ... excellent service, smooth transaction, and the cables were at my door within the week ... these Morrow cables are really wonderful ... better detail, bass with definition, extension ... nice

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Robert Wynne

I've probably put 60-70 hrs on the SP1's. I'm not worried about break-in anomalies. The cables sound fine, and I learned from the Morrow SP2 biwires I was using with my previous speakers just how nice your cables are. Yes, greater detail, yet a full sound, quite relaxed, and greater extension than with my DH Lab cables. I'm using the Morrows with an Almarro 318B and Almarro M33A speakers that are crossoverless with two full-range drivers. Your cables fit in just right.

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Justin R

"I don''t know what kind of ju-ju you''re playing with, but that''s some good ju-ju. The cables are still settling in (after your burn-in service), but there''s already a noticeable lifting of the sound, as if filtered and purified. Great detail and great warmth, all at the same time. Honestly didn''t believe that cables could make such a fantastic impact... until now." Justin R

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"I had Solstice 6 and then ordered Morrow Audio SP1 for all 5 channels. HUGE upgrade. It was so much clearer and more engaging. Much better separation of instruments and voices in movies. They also have a 60 day return policy. Also, the SP1 is so thin it was easily routed to the rear speakers." Audiogon, Joeyboynj

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Steve Kindig

I've been very pleased with the cables. So far, I've tried a pair of the MA1 interconnects and a single run of SP1 for my center channel speaker. Out-of-the-box sound quality was impressive -- I used your burn-in service for the speaker cable but not for the interconnects. I've mainly noticed that the cables deliver a big, detailed soundstage, and deeper bass than what I had been hearing. Considering their construction and performance, I think your cables are an outstanding value!

Sincerely, Steve Kindig

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Thanks for the follow up. I have been busy breaking in your cable. I think it comes to a stable situation now. And then I become busy again... enjoying all the good music that brings out from your cable. So far, i feel all the goodies other users says about your cable. One particular song by Eason Chan (a Hong Kong singer) i listen recently, I can feel the movement of his head while he is singing. I have never experience such good music at home before. Now I am re- listen to my collections, knowing that I am going to hear those details that wasn't there before. Will have more feedback later. Francis, Hong Kong

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Matt Miller

Hello, My name is Matt Miller and I wanted to drop Mike a line and say how much I am loving his cables. In fact my whole family uses them, we are hifi nuts. I have 3 brothers and a 75 year old father and we all use Morrow Audio cables. My brother Dave finally got rid of his MIT Shotgun S1 cables (my recommendation) and purchased a whole balanced set from Morrow Audio. His jaw dropped when he first listened to them, it was like taking ear muffs off! Since then they have just gotten better. I really appreciate the way in which your cables can be purchased, which is affordable for every one! Thank you Mike, Matt Miller

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"Right out of the box the SP1 cables spanked my Audioquest 8tc, which were highly hailed by Stereophile as cable of the year! Somehow Mike has managed to put an audio genie into these cables to grant all your audio wishes!

These cables do everything right! Depth, detail, soundstage, bass, space, air, rythm, pace. The soundstage extends way beyond the speakers! They have not even burned in yet and they have exceeded all of my expectations!

I have had well over 50 different speaker cables over the years, some in the $3000 price range, and they have not come close to the SP1 cables. It is a real kick in the ''audio groin'' to have paid an extravagant amount of money for cables and then have a pair costing such a minimal amount out-perform yours hands down!

You owe it to yourself to give these a try before you purchase anything else! Refunded in 60 days if you don't like them, you can't go wrong!

Violins float in the air with incredible detail, same with gituars. Symbals splash, voices hover in front of you, and the bass is tight and clean. I have heard little detailed things in the music that was missed. I can't say enough good things about the SP1 cables. I am going to try the SP3 in the near future just to see the difference. I can't imagine how they could sound better! Thank you Mike for breathing life into my system." Alex, Spanaway, WA

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.