Michael G Submitted: 2018.03.19

I recently upgraded my interconnect cable to the phono preamp and also the speaker cables.

Changing the balanced old audiquest cable to the Morrow MA-5 balanced cable made some refinement in the sound quality. But the biggest surprise was the very noticeable improvement upgrading from the SP-5 to the SP-7 speaker cables to my Spatial M-1 speakers. The sound opened up further, soundstage more precise, bass is tighter, and most of all there is more presence to the sound. Just sounds more real! It seems the analog sound is just as much subject to the "smearing effect" that has been known in digital conversion. Much like the improvement many have noticed between "CD quality" and "MQA" when streaming Tidal music, I heard much of the same effect with the speaker cable upgrade. I suspect much of the improvement is from reducing the "timing errors" in the music reproduction. I found a link from Jim Smith's website (Get Better Sound book) to a recent series of articles from a Belden cable engineering explaining how cables affect the time smear of music reproduction and how our hearing is more sensitive to this then frequency response along.

Although the SP-7 cables without discounts retail close to the cost of my speakers, the upgrade in sound was similar to a significant upgrade in the speakers. Your discount program makes the upgrade affordable and worth the risk. I also like the unobtrusive appearance and flexibility of your cables. Thank you.

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Andrew S Submitted: 2017.09.11

Hello Mike. Thank you for your inquiry about my satisfaction with the audio cables I've purchased from Morrow Audio. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the cable construction as well as the enhanced performance of my audio system since installing both the interconnects and the speaker cables. I was confident enough with the improvements that when my friend needed two pairs of interconnects, I recommended that he use the Morrow cables instead of the Kimber Kable interconnects that he has been using in the past. His financial situation has deteriorated in the last few years and the ability to use the time payment plan added to the choice to switch. I know that he is also very pleased that the sound quality did not suffer in the slightest as I had suggested to him.

I have many contacts who rely on my experience and knowledge of high end audio components and I will continue to suggest/encourage them to explore the quality available in the Morrow Audio cables.

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Jon F Submitted: 2017.01.03

Hi Mike, It has been nearly two months since I purchased your SP 7s and balanced A7 interconnects. Rather than experience them separately, I opted to install both pairs immediately into my reference system and assess them 'as a team' during and after the lengthy break-in period. I could tell immediately that you had followed thru with your promise of 'cooking' and extended run-in time but I also knew from experience that they still had a ways to go before they would perform at their peak level. I believe they are now at or near that level.

I know this because I have been revisiting many of my favourite CDs and SACDs: music I have played literally hundreds of times. Conclusion: While the SP 7s in combination with the A7s do not sound radically different than the silver-plated copper speaker wire I was using previously, there is a further refinement that exposes itself in a more relaxed presentation that 'seems' to afford greater space in the sound-stage, both laterally and in depth of field. Treble extension is very natural as is the attack and decay. Sibilance is also well controlled without being truncated. Bass extension is as good as with any loudspeaker cable I have employed.

In short, I am pleased and feel my money was well spent. My system has been fine-tuned. I can and do listen for 6-8 hours at a go without the slightest signs of fatigue or irritability.

Thank you. You have a Morrow Audio supporter.

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Randy F Submitted: 2016.09.30

Well, I'll tell you and the rest of the audiophile world that I'm so glad and thankful that I somehow bumped into Morrow Audio. I remember received my sp 7 cables which replaced mit The difference was amazing. It truly was like taking a blanket off my speakers. Keep that motto " best ever?" Why yes, yes they are, and also with such a generous repair program when mine got damaged from a move!!! I love Morrow Audio!!

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Steve Mumford Submitted: 2015.11.05


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the SP-7 speaker cables. I installed them, put on one of my favorite CD's (Acoustic Alchemy: Against The Grain), and hit play:

WOW!!!! Within 60 seconds I knew that these were the best speaker cables I have ever owned. The bass slam was the first thing I noticed; it was good on the SP-5 cables, but on the SP-7's it just blew me away. As I listened the increased detail and depth of field became more apparent. Simply magical!

Thank you so much for designing and building what I consider the best speaker cables I have ever heard. Also, kudos on the trade-up program that offers such an easy upgrade path.

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Ronald C Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

The three pairs of MA-7 interconnects, in conjunction with the SP-7 bi-wired speaker cables, sound stupendous!!!!!

I installed the SP-7s last night and was totally blown away by the ravishing, glorious beauty of the MA-7/SP-7 combination. The MA-7s are installed:

  1. ReVox A77 open reel deck to Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp

  2. MSB Gold D/A to Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp

  3. Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp to Conrad-Johnson Premier 11-A tube power amp

Congratulations on your incomparable engineering and musical genius!

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In regards to your speaker cables [SP7] That I purchased from you several weeks ago. I am finding that the info you published on "break-in" to be fairly accurate. I had ordered the cables with the two day break-in and since I have a sound generator I just let the system run 24/7 for about a week.

My primary sound system consist of McIntosh electronics [amp/preamp] and I use a Olive HD4 for most of my music along with Rega and Linn for Vinyl and Cd. My speakers are Magnepan 3.6r's that I have had for about a year [purchased new.... so I learned alot about break-in since it took about 6 months for them to settle down] The cables I replaced were Kimber 8tc bi-wired and bi-amped and all of my interconnects are Kimber and Nordost. I was rather mystified at first by the rather extreme changes in sound as the cables warmed-up to the new enviornment. Having said that... I find your cables to be quite remarkable in their ability to "bring alive" my sound system. At this point I suppose I could make some esoteric comments about the way my system sounds, but all I will say is I have a rather extensive collection of music going way back to the 1930's [jazz and classical] and I am hearing things I never heard before. It is amazing to me that "cables" can make such a huge difference in the listening experience.

Originally I had removed my crossovers off the back of the Maggies and was using short 8tc jumpers [24 inch] to connect the crossovers to the back of the Maggies. What I found was that there was a improvment in sound when all my speaker cables were 8tc's. But since I started using the SP7's leaving the 8tc jumpers on actually degraded the sound??? So now I have placed the crossovers back on the Maggies without any other brand of cable but the SP7's and the result has caused my speakers to just disappear and the sound is much more involving. I suppose my next project will be to order short lengths of Morrow cable and put them on the crossovers and see if I gain any benefit?? Anyway I suppose after a few months I will hear further improvment in my sound as the cables "season". If i were to describe this experience I would say it was like "cosmetic surgery" uncomfortable, painful and ugly for a while but when healing comes what a great "look".

Thanks for the opportunity,



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Adam C

"My cable seduction continues or ends with your SP7 Grand Reference. Always I have been very curious of the ''voodoo'' on speaker cables. Many Companies claim to have the best copper, silver and Teflon coated weaved masterpieces on the market? I remained calm throughout this five year storm frankly out of luck and the fact I was still building my new class A system. So I took a chance given the success of your MAP4 and ordered a single SP7 Bi-wired cable for my center channel in my theatre system.

Wow, again! The things I have been missing from my Model #1. The real sound of broken glass as it tinkles off a marble floor to the crisp crunch of someone walking through it. That decaying eco of a voice in a open room or the thunderous roar of water as it pours into a sinking ship. My center channels soundstage now fills the 8ft spread of my main speakers with ease. So much that I often run my theatre system without the mains keeping the time off my tubes in my main system.

I am so impressed now that I have ordered and eagerly await the arrival of a pair of Bi-wired SP7 Grand Reference for my main speakers. Hearing now what I have been missing I am sure the change will be quite dramatic with the stereo side of my system as well. Easy Pay is a great customer option and allowed me to get the ''Best'' you offer Mike without the financial pain. No trade ups or returns with this customer!

One negative comment, now I have to now sort out the rest of my connectors with your products!

Take Care & Keep doing what you do!

Adam C

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.