Antonio Submitted: 2018.10.18

Dear Mike, I'm really enjoying my new SP6 cables. Thay are really better then the old ones. SP6 are more complete, more and controlled bass, more and sweet hights, more body and mainly a quite bettersoundstage. I'm very happy with them. I have got several Morrow cables, SP6 speaker, MA7 interconnect, PH7 phono and MAP4 power cord. I will go on with other of your cables to complete the set on my audio equipment. I can say, again congratulation for your great job and passion!

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Tom I Submitted: 2017.11.23

Hi Mike I have had my stereo running for 7 straight days now with the new cables! each time I sit down to listen I am in awe - it seems like a veil has been lifted! every instrument is there and nicely balanced in the big sound stage bass is taught and deeper - mids, highs and details just fantastic! Nope, these cables are staying with me! (SP6 Speaker Cables)

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Jon M Submitted: 2017.10.20


The difference - already - with the SP6 speaker cable is remarkable! My best regards, Jon M

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Greg Erickson Submitted: 2017.05.22

Hi Mike,

Hope all is going well with your move to the new building. Always lots of details...

And detail is what I am getting with those wonderful MA-6 20 foot XLR interconnects and SP6 speaker cables I got from you last November. In addition to the detail I gained just a slight touch of warmth, a drop of honey if you will, to the overall sound. My preamp is a Bel Canto Pre6 which is as neutral as it gets and my speakers, VMPS RM30 Series 2, are ribbon mids and tweets and run very clean. Bryston 28 bsst2 are mono blocks (they also add a drop of honey). So a slight sweetening is desirable. It sounds very, very nice. Another session last night ran into the wee hours. These replaced Blue Jeans XLR terminated ICs that I felt did a credible job. But the cable change was a significant upgrade. No noise at all with your MA-6.

The rest of the system is Well Tempered Amadeus TT, Grado Reference Master MI cart and Hagerman Cornet2 Phono that i built and use Amperex NOS 12AX7/12AU7 tubes.

WOW! Thank you so much for making it happen for me.

And some day in the not too distant future I want to move up to the PH-6 and the MA-6 from phono pre to the Bel Canto. I have your 4 series cables there now.

Greg Erickson

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Gday Mike, Its Victor from Sydney, Australia reporting back on the SP6 speaker cables. I have run them in for around 75 hours on my upstairs bedroom setup and only today put them into my main system downstairs. I must say the sound emanating from my speakers sounds more alive and detailed compared to my previous speaker cables. The bass seems to delve down another octave and is tightly controlled! I am now eager to receive the MA6 interconnects I have ordered from you.

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"I wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback concerning your MA6 Interconnects, SP6 Speaker Cables, and your MAP3 Reference Power Cords. All of these models have greatly enhanced my audio system. I was using top of the line and high cost Nordost and Kimber products before and after replacing them with your products, I can say that the quality and performance of sound across the spectrum was definitely elevated. I describe the sound as simply elegant. Your products are reasonably priced; I would say a bang for the buck, just what is needed in the audio world today. Highly recommended." Kevin - Louisville

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Tod Tucker

Hey Mike! "Got my NEW SP-6''s last week and after another few hours of break in, ''I CAN NOT BELIEVE MY EARS!'' Wow - really really NICE!. Thank You!... I can''t wait to order 2 pair of IC''s (MA-6''s)....I want the matching IC''s ASAP! Thanks!" Tod Tucker

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"I have been mixing live sound close to 20 years as well as gone through many sound systems over the past 35 years. I have wasted away a lot of money trying to achieve the sound as if one was playing an instrument live. These cables do just that! They don't add any coloration to the music. You feel & hear the real soul of the instruments and vocals. I have had other sound engineers in my home to listen to these cables. Their mouths would drop open & thay would have big smiles on their faces! Save your money. Buy these cables!" Garry

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Fredric N

"I have the SP-6's on the high part of my bi-wiring. They are, the best cables I've owned, and that includes Straight Wire. Speltz anti-cable and the Soundstring Audio cable. This cable even out did the SP-3 bi-wired cable, which I traded up for this one. The SP6 has all around better resolution, clarity, soundstage, tone and pitch definition, not to mention focus. I would not fail to recommend these cables to anyone, including the company and Mike Morrow. He offers you great cables at very good prices, with very flexible and fair trade- up and trade-in policies, not to mention discounts. Sincerely, Fredric N".

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Bob Smallcorn

"What a fantastic cable. I have been happy with the Chords but I wanted to replace them with another leading brand that would have cost in excess of $6,000. Then quite by accident I came across Morrow Audio. Its not just the product and the competetive price, its Mike''s attitude. Nothing is too much trouble. He treated me like a friend and I am 6,000 miles from him." Bob Smallcorn, Australia

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"This will be short, but wanted someone to know. I have spent years in this hobby getting to the point where I may consider myself done, or at least only moving up the line of equipment I own. Having been looking for a cable set to finish off my system and to provide the last bit of tweaking I have spent the past 2 years trying out all different cables, some inexpensive, and some expensive and have found the place to stop. Morrow Audio.

I had settled on their MA4 interconnects about a year ago and decided to play the field one last time. This time with Nordost, and their TYR cable. So I bought the TYR and go tit home, did the A/B to the MA4 and what did I hear? Well, the TYR had a slightly blacker background and I will call it softer highs at the expense of detail. It was a very soothing cable. I threw the MA4 back in and crapped myself. I liked the MA4 a lot better. It had way better bass, more detail on the high end and conveyed way more musical information. So I sold the TYR and traded up my MA4 for a pair of MA6, their highest line cable. Here is a summary in comparison to the TYR:

MA6 showed far more textures, deeper and wider soundstage, deeper and tighter bass, the MA6 sounded like live music in comparison to the TYR. In short, the MA6 crushed the TYR as did the MA4. I was searching for that cable that makes a violin really pop, a piano sound like a piano, a cable that makes the music REAL. This is the only cable that does it for me. Others have had the great detail, but at the expense of being harsh or missing bass or missing something. The MA6 has, to me, the perfect balance of detail, harmonic richness, texture, layering, soundstage, dynamics and bass.

I wound up buying the Morrow high end SP6 speaker cables as well and the combo is amazing, best cables I have ever heard and an amazing deal. No smoke and mirrors, no garden hose size cable, no silly boxes, batteries or anything of the sort. Simple, small cables made beautifully and sound incredible." Acurus

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Todd Vafiades

"First a word about Morrow Audio's level of customer service. In a word, impeccable! Mike is ultra-responsive, friendly, and extremely customer-oriented. He worked with me on two different deals simultaneously (never complaining about my haphazard requests and staggered orders). These deals included trade ups of both interconnects and speaker cables. With packages whizzing around and emails flying back and forth, Mike stayed on top of the situation and best of all, delivered superlative quality cables at a great price (love that trade-up program!).

I am now the delighted owner of two sets of MA6 Grand Reference RCA Interconnects as well as a 2 meter length pair of SP6 Grand Reference Speaker cables. All of which have benefitted from Mike's free burn-in service (at this product level).

To say that my Martin Logan Summit-X based system sounds "Grand" is a serious understatement. On well recorded media, the sound is nearly beyond description! The inner detail has opened up like never before. Can I hear the lead violinist shift in his seat a bit between stanzas? Yes, I most certainly can! Can I tell the lead violinist is actually a man as opposed to a woman? Yes... but only according to the album's liner notes ;-) I have yet to hear any cables that allow discernment of gender (in an instrumental piece anyway)... but this raises the point of comparison between cables.

I've been at this high-end audio hobby for a very long time (30+ years) and I can say unreservedly that Morrow's Grand Reference cables are at least as good, if not better (and in some instances, far, far better) than any other cable I have ever used. Not to drop names, but I will anyway... I've owned Nordost, Transparent, Crystal, and Acoustic Zen... to name just a few. These were by no means inexpensive models. In comparison, Morrow wins. No question, end of story. I am absolutely thrilled with the musical presentation my system now offers. Thank you Mike Morrow for offering such high-value cables. Well done sir!" Sincerely, Todd Vafiades

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Rob V

"Right out of the box I can tell I made the right choice going with your cables and going for the highest end in each category. I can’t believe the separation of instruments and my soundstage is fuller and more dynamic. So far I am very pleased at the cable progress in my system.

Your product is the best kept secret in home audio for the true audiophile. I am so glad I found out about you on Audiogon because in Canada I had never heard of you before. You and your products are top notch and I will refer you to my friends and family for all their audio needs in the future.

You are also easy to talk to and knowledgeable, I am glad you steered me in the right direction in order to accomplish what I have always dreamed is possible in this hobby. With your cables, it is an audio oasis where the sound is so good that you can just relax, close your eyes and get lost into the music and enjoy it the way it was intended." Rob V

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Mike, I purchased directly from your website.

Wow! It's a very interesting experience in "break-in".

First, after plugging SP6 in, I could hear some fineness which is still hidden, not expose clearly... normal and indifferent on the system... However, I've learnt from your break-in document/website that "...patience is necessary...", "...Be prepared for a long break in (even when you use Mike's breakin service)..." so I patiently tried to continue to break in... by playing as many CDs as I can arrange - two-three hours a night (for both break-in and music enjoying purposes)...

...and then one night (last week), while the system was playing, I was replying some urgent emails... and not really pay attention to music from the system. Suddenly, the sound was changed totally and involved me immediately... as the whole system was upgraded... but just a pair of SP6 speaker cables with DIY-like appearance :) - really amazing:

  • Hi-end rank of FINENESS, inner details, clarity, balanced for all ranges - High, Mid, Low
  • Good soundstage
  • Real musical involvement

Happy, happy, happy... Thanks Mike, An

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Michael Kennedy

I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding my recent cable purchases from Morrow Audio. First off, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 61 years old and was introduced to high end audio in the mid 1980s by a newly met friend named Gary. He took me to different high end stores and opened up a new world of hi fi to me.

Over the years, Gary and I have attended hi fi shows whenever they come to the bay area, the most recent about 5 months ago in San Francisco. Gary has also added to my listening experience by providing me with some real vintage Mullards and Telefunkin 12ax7s and others for both my preamp and cd player---man what a difference on the cd player. A few months ago, Gary replaced his speaker cables with a respected brand of cable that I could not afford-----it sounded very nice indeed.

This is the part where Morrow Audio cables come in to play. Garys new sound convinced me that it was time for some new cables, but I could not afford the brand that he purchased----so what do I do?? I started by going to the nearest High End shop to ask about cables. When I ask what brands they offer, I am floored by their response----we don't like any ones cables ---we make our own. Well, that sent me packing and I left the store. Then I decide to look for used cables on the internet. I saw some cables that I wanted to know more about and that led me to Morrow Audio.

After browsing your site, I became interested and wanted to know more. I read the testimonials, your design goals and the breakin article. Well, your special sale price for the MA1 and your return policy made it a no brainier for me. I took a chance and ordered a MA1. After all, how much could I loose?

After the MA1 arrived, I put it on the tuner because I was willing to leave the tuner on for 3 weeks for cable break in. From the very first listen, I knew that there was magic happening. While it was just FM, it sounded way better than I had ever heard it sound before. Now I am ready to roll the dice and order some speaker cables. After all, I can return it if I'm not happy! right.

Well, if the budget cable is good, then what of a step up? I ordered a bi-wired SP6. So what got better after the SP6? Everything got better! It is like a whole new system. You know all the words... yes, it is a major improvement in every category. It blew me away! Well now I want a better interconnect. I ordered a MA6 to go preamp to power amp. First impression---bass-bass-bass! Bottom line is this--- Your cables have exceeded my expectations in every category. Top shelf--outstanding; especially considering the down to earth prices for this kind of performance.

By the way... I gave my friend Gary a MA1 to take home and try out in his system. He has informed me that I should not expect that cable returned to me. Imagine that!!! He said that it bettered a much more expensive cable that he was using, and this coming from a guy who has been an audiophile much longer than me, and he is also a jazz musician.

So there is my response... I am grateful that I stumbled onto Morrow Audio and I am pleased beyond words. You have discovered how to make cables that allow one to listen into the music without a sonic signature as far as I can tell. I am hearing more detail and speed --bloom and transparency without any etching--and the bass is very solid and well defined without being boomy or overpowering. All of the cables have arrived within the estimated time frame and you have corresponded in a timely manor to all my E-MAIL questions.You were also very friendly and helpful when I called. Sincerely and gratefully, Michael Kennedy

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Mike Covher

My first encounter with the bi-wire (two separate runs) of SP6 speaker cable caused me to have what I can only describe as a "out of body experience". I know, I have distain for this expression as well but it comes close to describing my first experience with the SP6.

I wanted to hear something I knew was of high quality when first sampling the SP6 cables so I chose the DVD-Audio disc of The Beatles which contains re-mixes and revamped versions of Beatles classics. Although I did not recall it at the time, this disc begins with a triple-tracked acapella version of "Because", a John Lennon song that was rendered even more ethereal by this new mix. In my eagerness to audition the new cables, I neglected the volume setting of my system, which was quite high. Suddenly John, Paul and George appeared in my living room at full lung with what seemed the voice of angels. In response to this sensual revelation, I imagined myself being propelled into the upper atmosphere and beyond to the seventh heaven. When finally regaining my composure, I could not bear the thought of turning down this truly beautiful sound; that would be contrary to everything I treasure.

Even at this high volume level, there was no hint of strain or lack of clarity. My perception of the character of these cables is that they are transparently faithful. They take you back to the source of the recording and enable your speakers and audio system to reproduce what the microphones in the recording studio had originally captured.

The Audioquest cables I used previously with my Vandersteen 3a Signature speakers never approached anything near this level of purity and pure sonic thrill. In my system, from the first note, the SP6 speaker cables vanished and I can hardly wait for them to come of age as it were; I feel that they are the closest thing to a direct connection from amplifier to speaker at this point.

For bi-wiring Vandersteen speakers I can highly recommend using (two separate runs) of SP6 speaker cable!

Thanks Mike for making possible this truly musical quantum leap! All the best, Mike Covher

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Bruce Halllberg

Saturday evening in Phoenix. 110 degrees today. I know you don't care but summer in Phoenix sucks.

Received a used pair of SP6 speaker cables on Thursday. I've been doing this so many years every time I try something new in my system I wait because I know the disappointment is just around the corner.

Not sure where these were in the break in process but " THEY FREKING ROCKED MY WORLD". Details will follow but at 66 years old and having been through more promises of nirvana you guys have figured something out. I'm a classical and jazz LP, 300B tube amp, etc. guy but I know you've heard all that before. Forget whats in my system just look for my next questions about interconnects and SP7 and beyond.

I know there's more orders coming from me around the corner!


Bruce Halllberg

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Steven Twombly

Mike, Just wanted to let you know I got my new SP6 speaker cables (with 5 day burn in) and hooked them up over the weekend. I have been running SP4 speaker cables and MA4 interconnects. I thought I had a good setup with the SP4's but wanted to try the SP6's per the reviews online.

All I can say is WOW! I really did think I had a good system and was proud of it. But as soon as I put the SP6's in I had to check my sanity for a bit. I heard more clean distinct sound and much more of a sound stage. I run my system through a surround sound pre-amp and I went so far as to make sure I didn't somehow get my center channel hooked up into the mix. It wasn't. And the center channel wouldn't have sounded near as good as what I was hearing anyway. But I was definitely hearing more sound.

As I sit here and write this e-mail I've been listening to Mumford and Sons. Mumford has become one of the artists I use to check my system. Before in my system they tended to be slightly congested with not the greatest sound stage. Not Any More! Mumford along with the rest of my music now has a greater level of realism in my listening room.

It's almost scary at times how I now seem to have the artist singing in my listening room. I've now switched to Alison Krauss and I had to stop typing for a while just to listen. She's HERE in my room singing to ME. Kind of spooky but very, very cool.

Now I'm going to have to upgrade those interconnects. Keep up the good work and thanks for taking care of me!

Sincerely, Steven Twombly

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.