Mike B Submitted: 2018.10.29

Mike , I just received my SP5 speaker cables today . They are absolutely fabulous! I recently replaced my Anti-Cables Level 3 Interconnects with Morrow MA5’s . Even with a 13 day burn in period they required an additional 150 hours before they began to blossom . So in order to complete my system, I replaced my Anti-Cable Level 3 speaker cables with the New Production SP5’s . So with 10 Days of burn in , I installed them today and started to listen . They are worlds above of the Anti-Cables. The depth of imaging has increased substantially. Clarity and detail has improved across the entire frequency range . Also it has been a pleasant surprise that they are extremely liquid and exhibit this much smoothness so early . If they didn’t improve, I would be satisfied. But I know that they are going be be substantially better . And for that , I am truly excited . I’m a satisfied returning customer . Respectfully, Mike B.

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Mark H Submitted: 2018.09.17

Mike, The SP5 speaker cables are superb in my system. At 200 hrs breakin the sound is 3D, clear and tight from top to bottom. The music completely captures me, and the imaging is breathtaking. Keep up the good work.

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Thein Lwin Submitted: 2018.08.30

NEW DESIGN REVIEW: Per your kind favor and generosity, I received the new cable design and I am truly amazed by the improvements it make to my sound system. I use new design SP-5 and reference jumper cable for central speaker only, but the improvement in clarity, detail and musicality is astounding to say the least. I am now a die-hard fan for morrow cables. Best regards! Thein Lwin

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Milos D Submitted: 2017.12.28

Not long ago I had two two friends and the three of us conducted real blind test on modest Dynaudio Excite 38 speakers (both speakers next to each other, and both connected to the same, right audio channel on A/B setup), comparing my SP5 against my friend's AudioQuest Type 8. Wow! We played 10 songs we are very familiar with and use for testing, and 3 out of 3 votes on 9 out of 10 songs was immediate and clear winner in SP5 (split opinions on 1 out of 10 songs). Remind you, it was a true blind test. Mids and highs simply did not compare, and the clarity and high definition was a different class. Talking about definition... most interesting was Allison Kraus' Down to the River to Pray, section with male choir very very subtly in the background, they were noticeable on AudiQuests but switching to SP5s you actually recognize words they are singing!! It was surreal. One of these days I will send you our observations on all ten songs if interested.

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Charles F Submitted: 2017.08.30

Hello Mike,

I have to thank you again for the cables I ordered and am now enjoying very much!

There was definitely a rough spot a short time after the main cables were received in which I thought "oh no, what have I just spent all this money on?" (The sound was strained, tinny, lacking fullness and just basically unpleasant). So, I read and re-read the literature you provided with the cables and at your website. I recalled others had mentioned the break-in period. I kept faith it would somehow all work out. The good news is I can easily tell you that I am now past that rough point and it feels like clear sailing! There’s total enjoyment now accompanied by a sense of wonder and awe each time I listen!

Others have written on the break-in transformation, and I wondered how much of it was hype. I also read articles by skeptical authors that tried to dispel the "myth" of a break in period, saying there was little science behind it to justify it, etc. One article went so far as to suggest it was the effect of the anticipation of a wonderful new sound from new cables that eventually would be met with the limited mechanical aspect of reproduced sound that left the listener disappointed from the psychological build up and anticipation!

Well, I can now say without doubt that there is a real difference now having gotten past the break in period, a wonderful and most welcome difference! Others have mentioned a more open sound stage becomes revealed. Indeed, this is the most noticeable difference with the new cables. Elegant nuances in sound are apparent. The new openness of the soundstage feels like a fine mist was removed or a sheer gauzy curtain was lifted allowing the sound to breath effortlessly. Sound is less a reproduction experience and instead a much more live and present enjoyment. My overall impression of the enhanced listening experience I feel can be best compared to what happens when one takes a well cut diamond (which shines nicely on its own usually) but then uses an ultrasonic cleaner to bring out the true fire and hidden sparkle in the gem. This is what has happened to my sound system here!

Thank you for advising me earlier on the correct connections, etc. The service was excellent, the reward being the most enjoyment I’ve ever had with my a/v system!

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Scott Rose Submitted: 2017.05.01


Just upgraded from the SP2 to the SP5...omg what a difference! Great cables!



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Mike O Submitted: 2017.03.15

Hi Mike

I love both my SP5 and MA4 Balanced cables. I’m tempted to upgrade the SP5 at some future point to SP6 having just purchased a new pair of Harbeth 30.1’s :) Just not sure I can justify the trade-up right now, even with the great promo you’re currently running.

I’ve tried numerous speaker cables in the past, including some esoteric Linn as well as making my own home based braided cables, but I can safely say the Morrow cables top them all, especially given their great price. With my SP-5 speaker cable I get a clearer top end and way better bass control than my previous cables. I can’t wait to try the next step up!

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John S Submitted: 2016.09.19

I am enjoying my SP5 reference speaker wire very much! I have noticed cleaner and louder sound on movies and music on lower volume on my receiver which is over 10 years old. (Sony DA777ES) I cant imagine how its going to sound once I upgrade my receiver which will hopefully be a Cambridge.. My cousin also just recently ordered the same speaker I got from you after I told him about my experience with your speaker wire. I would like to thank you for the great customer service I have experienced with your company.

Thank you again! John Sanchez

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Mike, All I have to say is "wow" - What an amazing difference between the Nordost cables and the SP5 - Like others have said, a veil has been lifted, all instruments sounds so much more real, instruments like piano - notes are held longer, midrange clarity amazing! I wonder if these cables even beat Odin and other real expensive cables.

This all for just your 2 day break-in service - they really haven't even broken in any further!

I'm so glad I found your company - I have two more Vishnus to sell and then will get some more PCs for the Jolida and Burmester cd player.

Question - have you ever tried to send some of your cables to someone like Art Dudley - I can only imagine what these would sound like with Shindo gear??!!!! Thanks again, Jason

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OK Mike,

For years I've been of the mind "use big enough cables" and you are good to go. So, with deep skepticism, I dropped my eight hundred bucks to see if I was wrong. I was wrong! The sound quality blew me out of my listening chair. You've made a believer out of me! Cheers, Don

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Lorenzo Baskervillle

"Hi Mike,

As you know I had just purchased the SP5 Reference cables along with your top of the line Sub woofer cable. Of course the cables went through the 5 day break in period and now have another 25 hours of playing time. I am simply amazed at the clarity and warmth that I am hearing from my system since I added your cables to my system. I know with additional playing time I will be rewarded with more good surprises of improved audio improvement that I thought was impossible to achieve. Mike I am now a fan of your products just wish I had the income to match my audiophile ambitions. Kindest regards, Lorenzo Baskervillle"

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"Just wanted you to know that you’re cables made such a huge difference to my sound system. The whole system came alive with clear, dynamic, great sound staging, cant say enough. Thank you Mike for making this cable for us." Roger

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Ron Wills

"I purchased the Morrow SP5 Speaker cables directly from your site for my system consisting of Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 and STI-500 integrated amp powering a pair of Magnepan 1.7s. I am using a Netgear music server feeding the DAC2 via optical and digital cables. My interconnects are Silnote Poseidon Signature XLRs. What was missing from my system were the right speaker cables. I was using the JW Audio Cryo solid speaker cables which were fine but there was a tinge of hardness in the upper mids and the treble subdued. I have also tried silver cables and Xindak ribbon cables with mixed results. All good for their price but I was looking for a significant step up in resolution and naturalness of reproduction.

The Morrow SP5 Cables were broken in with the 2 day free service. Right out of the box, I noticed a smoothness and naturalness that was missing from the JW Audio speaker cables. The treble that was missing with the JW Audio cables has returned. Very natural high frequencies. I am enjoying the sound of cymbals once again!

I have about 60-80 hours on the cables and with all the talk about break-in, I have been surprised how consistent the cables have sounded from day 1 to today. In contrast, I noticed dramatic break-in ups and downs with the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 with terrific sound occurring only after the 200 hour mark and getting better through about 400 hours of playing time. With the SP5 speaker cables I am getting very natural sound right up front and is a great match for my other system components which are extremely revealing.

I am very satisfied with the SP5's and was very satisfied with a previous Morrow interconnect cable, the MA1.1s which, until I tried the 5X to 10X the price Silnote Poseidon Signatures, was my favorite interconnect beating out an expensive set of MIT Shotgun S3.3 XLR cables along with cables from Xindak and others.

Sincerely, Ron Wills"

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Ted Danowski

Mike, The SP5 speaker cables are amazing. I purchased the MA5 interconnect before and was totally blown away, so I wasn't expecting a lot with the speaker cables, but I was so wrong! The interconnect made everything scary real, but the speaker cables catapulted scary real into Oh My God! I'm at the concert! Now I'm wondering if the SP5 and MA5 are this amazing,what can the SP7 and MA7 do? Amazing product!

Thank you, Ted Danowski

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Choon Yong

My recent and 2nd order for Morrow audio cables was the result of my sharing of my more than happy experience with my first lot of Morrow audio cables. I took my cables to my friend's place and he was convinced and asked me to place the order for him.

He in fact replaced all his old cables and he is now another happy owner of 2 pairs of MA4, a pair of PH4 and a 5 meter pair of SP5. He has them in his system for about 2 weeks by now, and he has repeatedly been calling me over the phone thanking me for sharing with him these wonderful cables.

He plays the violin and is now a highly regarded violin teacher in Singapore. Being a musician, he shares with me the same ability to hear the nuances. With Morrow cables, all the instruments clearly sound so much more authentic, he repeated to me, when compared to his old cables. The background is so much quieter, cleaner. In conclusion, the music sounds so much more beautiful than before, and he is sooo happy listening to the music from his system!

Three heers to Morrow Audio! Choon Yong

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.