Rishi T Submitted: 2018.11.05

Hope you're doing well, here's my review of the SP3 Speaker wires.

To be honest I've tried some local high grade cables and an import too, however I've never heard anything like the SP3, they are absolutely a class apart. I would always get a sharp and muddy sound from the speaker mids from the other cables and since I have some high end speakers always wondered why, well this was taken care of as I installed the SP3. It sends out the perfect balance of sound, the way it was meant to be, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get reference grade speaker wires. Thanks once again..You're Brilliant.

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Mario Cavolo Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

It is instantly obvious to me that your cables are all you claim. You are to be congratulated on however you came upon the design. They are minimal and light and as if they simply get out of the way of the sound, revealing everything in perfect detail. Clarity, accuracy, spacing and soundstage are simply remarkable.

I am perfectly hearing detail and space in instruments that I never heard before. My previous IC was a local custom made, he told me had used silver wire. My previous speaker cables were 12 gauge multistrand copper. So my MA2s and SP3s didn’t replace anything esoteric or expensive. That being the case, the difference I hear with your cables is far more than I expected as any reasonable skeptic who spent my hard earned money. I am SO happy. Thank you. There is no hype in a word I write, just the straight simple facts. Enormous thanks to you Mike. As a jazz pianist I care about the music and I am thrilled. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Cheers, Mario

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"I bought my wires in reverse order: SP1's, then SP3's. Recently I picked up two pair of MA2's. The speaker wires made the most difference, and the interconnects have only added to the better sound. I should say that I have a very modest system, by audiophile standards. I have a Rotel RT1080 tuner, on which we do most of our listening; an RDV1040 CD/DVD player, and recently added Parasound Z amp and preamp. Speakers are Paradigm Mini-monitors. I also added a Furman Elite 15i power conditioner.

We listen mostly to Baroque and other early music; quartets and other small group stuff. Neither of us care too much for larger, symphonic stuff--just as well, since our equipment does much better on more quiet music.

I find myself listening much more into the interior of the music--the interplay between the instruments, moreso than the whole melodic line. The instruments are more separated from each other, and the soundstage bigger. It makes the music a lot easier to follow.

Bass is much improved; it seems deeper and with far better tonal definition. The middle is richer, fuller but not overly warm or juicy. Highs seem extended and a bit more articulate I think, although I have a long-standing hearing loss, aided by hearing aids for only a year or so. My wife has Very Good Ears--she likes the improved sound, but doesn't describe the difference.

All in all, very good purchases.

Regards, Fred"

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"I have tried many cables in my systems and the Morrow SP3 speaker cables are just incredible! They are not just great for the price, but great for ANY price. I will also mention that it only took about a week after I placed the order to recieve them. Now that is great service!"

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"The SP3 speaker cables are special. Bigger more powerful sound. The seperation and realism is fantastic. My speakers are about 9 feet apart which had been a little problem in the past. Not anymore! I am pretty amazed. I have put the word out to others I email back and forth. They are worth every penny and then some. They don't look like much or feel like much but who cares? The more powerful sound is not right in you face eithe, which just means a very well balanced sound with tons of impact."


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My system is comprised of a Bryston 4Bsst, BAT 42SE, BAT CD, VPI Scoutmaster, and Sony 9000ES DVD player. The speakers are Mirage 3. My original speaker cables seemed quite good, especailly in the area of bass response. The highs were acceptable and the overall ''delicacy'' of the midrange and high frequencies were good.

I was not expecting anything beyond a reasonable refinement of the overall sound with hopes for a larger soundstage with the Morrow Audio SP3 cables. As it was, the sound from my present system was spectacular at times with some of my favorite recordings....especially with the BAT player.

After receiving the new Morrow cables, I immediately began playing music on them. That was a mistake...they sounded thin, no bass, but the highs were rather promising. I called Morrow Audio and they said I really needed to break these cables in. I did so for about 280 hours before I even listened to another piece of music.

After this break-in period, I played disc after disc and became a believer in Morrow Audio''s hype. The bass was spectacular, the highs were open and nicely extended, the midrange with female vocals or acoustic instruments, like guitar and piano, became surreal. Whitney Houston and Karen Carpenter came to life. Recordings which were really good became great, and the open nature of my speakers and electronics really began to shine.

I know what you are thinking....did he get paid for this report? No I didn''t. If you are considering changing your speaker cables, you must give these a ride. Break them in first, then enjoy the laborous fruits of the person who designed these musical instruments.


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Tom Collins

Thanks for the great cables. Following break-in, I find these cables to be very resolving. The Nordost was also resolving, but they seemed to have a glare in the upper range with them that made it difficult to listen for long periods at higher volume levels.

Your cables are very resolving but without the glare. This is no small issue as I can now listen comfortably for hours. In addition, I was able to remove the speaker cover which has permitted the midrange to open up. That change has also benefitted the soundstage as it is larger and deeper in all directions than before. When a recording permits, the instruments and voices are now very easy to localize within the sound stage.

The original cost for the Nordost was about double the cost of your sp3 ref. Your cable sounds much better in my system. I am a very satisfied customer.

Tom Collins

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Herbert David

I grew up in Europe in the early 1950's where my grandmother took me to the orchestra houses almost every weekend. I cultivated a great love of music during this time. In 1968 I moved to Montreal wherein 1969 I turned sixteen years of age. You can do the math; retirement is not far away.

My parents' neighbour was Claude Denjean who was a music producer and musician. He took me into the studio to record his record MOOG On Phase 4 Stereo , one of the early synthesizer albums. It was Claude who also helped me buy my first stereo at this time which happened to be his hobby. In my late teens my stereo comprised of Dayton Wright, Quad, and several years later the Linn LP 12 turntable. Back in 1973 we were already playing around with cones, wires, and low output moving coil cartridges.

Upon installation the Morrow Audio cables were the equal of what I had been using. No better, no worse, and I thought I would give them some time.

Well, two weeks later, (as described in the breakin paper), things got worse. I remember thinking to give them a little time before you send them back. It was almost a full weeks before they started to improve, but when they did, what magic!

I have just finished listening to Pentangle, Atrium Musica Da Madrid and Bach. For the first time in many years I have not enjoyed music to this extent. I am not so much interested in all the superlatives that one usually associates with audio jargon, but just that what I am hearing is real and organic music. My wife and I travel often to hear live music and this is the closest to the live experience that I have reached in my home. Primarily, I listen to very eclectic music, eg. Medieval, Elizabethian, Baroque, Classical, and yes, some rock. Yes I have seen Jethro Tull over 150 times in nine different countries, so no I am not a classical snob.

The Morrow Audio cables are superb, refined, clean and clear in the top end, clean liquid mid range, yes, this is where the music is for me, and a precise, articulate bottom end. I would like to thank Morrow Audio for their wonderful customer service and second to none products.

Herbert David

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Tim V.

"Over the years I have tried many interconnect and speaker cables, homebrew and some brand names, even some of the homebrew nameless cables that had cost me an awful lot of money. I have tried many cables on Audiogon as well. I had what I thought were really good speaker cables and interconnects and didn't really feel the need to change them.

After looking through your ad on Audiogon and reading somewhere that your cables were superior to the other cables I saw, including that $9000 Transparent Reference cable, I was somehow convinced to try your cables knowing that I had sixty days.

My current speaker cables have 99.9999 whatever percent silver and were very expensive and are very heavy. The interconnects are comprised of short runs due to them being so expensive.

I really like your cables as they are so light. They were immediately very ambient sounding, lovely detail not heard before came from the wall of sound in front of me. Timing, attack and decay are particularly good with strong deep bass and a big open sound... so perfectly natural sounding. It was like changing amplifiers. There are no strange batteries or tubes connected to small boxes like some cable companies. I consider this to be a real bonus. Congratulations Mike. I honestly have not come closer to a more perfect cable than these and they are reasonably priced." Tim V.

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Cliff Perry

Hello Mike! I thought it only right to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with the MA4 interconnects I got from you last November. Although I availed myself the burn-in service you provide, the 60 day 'grace' period was essential to hear the cables at their best. And then, just when I thought that was it, a couple of weeks ago they jumped yet another notch - a full 4 months after purchase. An extra level of stability in the presentation, increased three-dimensionality and more solid, open and natural detail. The Nordost Quattro-fils they replaced have long since been sold on eBay!

It was this latest jump in performance that made me go for a pair of SP3 bi-wire speaker cables. Despite only just being put into the system after minimal run-in, I can already tell they are going to be winners. Soundstaging is much wider and three-dimensional than the Nordost Red Dawn they've replaced. And vocal timbre is in a completely different league. Sure they've a way to go, but the (relatively) short term pain will, I know, be worth the long term gain.

Thanks Cliff Perry

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Anthony Thompson

Hi Mike... So far I am extremely happy with my MA3 interconnect (between my CD and integrated amp) and bi-wired SP3 speaker cables. Yes, I did order the full 5 day break in at your end for each, so have avoided that difficult period.

Right out of the packaging, I was astonished at the improvement over my Audioquest Topaz interconnect and much heavier gauge speaker cables. I never realised my relatively modest system could sound so good. Up until the change to your cables, I was beginning to wonder whether I needed to upgrade my speakers or components. Now I'm extremely happy with them as they stand. I use a Musical Fidelity A3.5 CD player and A3.5 dual-mono integrated amp. My speakers are probably unknown to most of your customers or yourself - they are Australian made full range floor standers by a local manufacturer called VAF Research, using the model DCX-Gen4 (feel free to check out their website:

From the certificate re break in in your packaging, I understand that the 5 days break in you provided is equivalent to 10 days musical break in, so 240 hours. That first afternoon of listening I went from CD to CD, grinning from ear to ear and saying "what the #%^@!" numerous times, to no one in particular.

I was amazed by the extra detail I was hearing on all disks, the incredible snap of percussion, the blackest background I have ever (not!) heard, and the full and incredibly deep and taught bass. The extra air and rich bloom of the mid range was also fantastic considering I thought these cables still needed much more break in to reach their full potential.

Since installing the cables last Friday, I have given them another 30 hours of use, with a combination of moderate listening volumes for music across all genres, and some serious blasting at concert level whenever I can (when the wife and kids are out of the house!). I estimate that overall, your cables have probably had 270 hours use. The system is now just so addictive!

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Morrow cables and already am certain that I will not be returning them! Even my 11 year old daughter notices an amazing improvement and says "wow" a lot, and my non audiophile wife who is extremely skeptical of all things to do with money spent on my system agrees there was a noticebly strong improvement with much more detail, snap and sparkle. Anthony Thompson, Sydney, Australia

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"I was totally enthralled with the transformation that came with the biwired SP4 cables and the MA3 interconnects. Even with minimal cable breakin! The perfomances have been brought into my living room, with a musicality and warmth that I have never experienced in 45 years of critical listening as a musician. My entry level audiophile home system has me totally satisfied and has the enthusiastic approval of my wife (who has better ears than me) You will be hearing lots more from me! Your cables have opened my ears to sounds I never knew were on the record. John

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Terry F

I've had cables from Audioquest, Cardas, Goertz, MIT, Harmonic Tech and Kimber over the years. The Morrow cables have the blackest background and are simply more resolving. It really does seem like you can reach out and touch the musicians. Clean, clear, no grain, glare or smearing." Terry F

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"Over the many years, gradually upgrading my system, the area of IC's and speaker cables have been the most challenging. I felt my current "garden hose" thick cables, lay an opportunity. Being on a tight budget, I tried the Morrow Audio SP3 speaker cables as some have suggested. Morrow Audio has a 60 day full return policy. People... even though these are inexpensive cables, they absolutely blew me away in every respect over my esoteric cables." Rpg

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Hello Mike! My Morrow cables are performing splendidly. I replaced the Mogami cables with the SP3s/MA3s and immediately heard a difference. I did try to do the "break-in" while I was away. Still not sure if I heard any weirdness. We've got over 200 hours on them now and my whole system just sounds so damn good. I will expound on the Morrow greatness to any and all who are interested. And yes, I'm very active on various forums, so I will be spreading the "good news"... I will be getting more Morrow cables as needs/funds allow. Next up? Probably digital and phono ICs. Ciao, Terry

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Steven H

Hi Mike, Just wanted to get back to you about the SP3's I received from you a few weeks ago. I ordered the 2 day break-in, so the cables had a few hours under them. When I first hooked them up the mid-range was stunningly clear, revealing and "present" in a way I hadn't heard before, but the mid-bass down was a little shy, and I was a little underwhelmed but knew the cables deserved a decent run-in before making any final assessment.

Over the last few weeks the mid and upper registers have continued to improve on their already remarkably involving presentation, and lower end has become progressively more extended, to the point that it is now the by far the most bass I've ever heard from my system. It's tight and controlled, but extends WAY down below what I thought my speakers were capable of. In addition, imaging has improved dramatically in terms of width, height, and depth and, in particular, precision.

As I type this from my office I'm listening to Nick Cave playing in the next room, and it honestly sounds like he's sitting there with his piano just a few metres away on the other side of the wall; I'm massively impressed with what your cables have revealed in my system. Steven H

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Chris Pavlick

"Hello Mike. I would just like to tell you how happy I am with my SP3s. The sound is beyond belief! I didn''t know my Mirage Omni Polars could sound this good. I can''t even find words to describe the soundstage. Just fantastic !! Thank you for such a wonderful product that has exceeded my expectations by 200%!!! I''m saving my pennies to buy more of your cables. Best Regards, Chris Pavlick"

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Jim Webb

"I bought MA3 interconnects and SP3 speaker cables, both with a two day break-in period. The first day I got my cables, I could not wait to hear my system.

I'm not an audiophile, more an audio enthusiast, but even with the two day break-in, my high end was a little smeared, mid range was very thin and my bass was well "shy". I was determined to run the break-in around the clock for 7 day straight, I installed the speaker cable, found some "white noise" on FM and started my "break-in process. I then installed my interconnects, I took out a "carousel" CD player, loaded it with five rock CD's and hit the continuous play and left my system alone. Every other day (48 hours) I would play a few songs off my CD player, every day the sound improved!

At the end of my seven day break-in (264 total hours), I couldn't believe my ears, the sound stage was extremely broad, much larger than I ever heard before, it had depth and was so open. My bass was deep and detailed, tight and so controlled. the mid range was smooth and balanced. The high end was open and airy, clean and so clear.

There were sound coming out of my system that I never heard before, the brushes on the cymbal's, a clarinet that was buried before by a sax. I listen to a lot of singing jazz and Diana Krall was no longer "Live in Paris" she was in my living room!

Oh by the way, I still had my pre 1990 Denon DCM-320 playing my CD's, which I used for my break-in!!! I switched over to my Cambridge Audio 740C after the first 300 hours and am still in the last 200 hours of break-in for the CA CD player. Now I have my system on a 18' wall, with the CA 740 at about 100 hours into the "break-in" I'm going to need a larger wall, my sound stage is unbelievable now.

My wife has been after me to get a new carousel CD player for our parties etc, I plan on buying the MA 4's for the CA player and use the MA 3's for the carousel player. What a product, I'm out of the country now, but I can't wait to get home and start listen to my "new system". Thank you Mike!" Jim Webb

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.