Chad Iwasaki Submitted: 2016.07.25

Wow! Only 15 hour break in so far, but right off the bat it made a huge difference in my system! System is Sherwood Newcastle SD-871 SACD Player, NAD C352 Integrated Amp, and Martin Logan Aerius loudspeakers. I have been an audiophile for almost 30 years and owned many high end systems and cables. These by far are impressive for the price. I look forward upgrading in the future, Great job man!

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Scott Peterson

These cables are a match made in heaven for my Primare SPA21. For an audio video integrated amp the Primare is quite good. However, it never really blew my socks off.

As a teacher in California waiting to get a pink slip I decided to down size my system, so I purchased an Arcam AVR300 which has gotten rave review. I purchase Mike's cables as well.

Long story short. When I put the SP2 cables on my Primare, the quality of sound went from very good to wow! I don't think I want to sell this amp, good! I put the sound as good as, perhaps better than my Plinius 8200 which was the best integrated I have owned.

In my opinion, the difference between good and great audio is harmonics. The Primare with the SP2 has harmonics galore. Very rich, detailed and a life like presentation. Music flows through my system. The bad of all this is I don't know if I want to sell my Primare.

I have ordered a set of SP's1 so that I can bi-amp my Meadowlarks with the Arcam. I am hoping the Arcam wil l have all the magic that my Primare is finally letting out. I am very impressed with these cables.

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This morning I installed the SP2s into my "finniky" other system. The SP2s probably have 250+ hours on them now. This is the system with the Synergistic Research Accelerator SCs and ICs on it. A very nice audio experience.

Wow, these SP2s make me wonder what the SP3s will bring to the listening experience. I can listen deeply into the music. That is the first time for that with this system, which tends to be bright, granular, and edgy with anything inferior.

I continue to be amazed. This last week has been one of the few times I have found myself amazed by an audio product. Usually, it's "yeah, that's better." But this is of a different order. Thanks!

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"I'm very impressed with your line of inter-connects and speaker cables. All the audiophile clinches are present. Your cables are very dynamic, present a wide and deep soundstage and retrieve a tremedous amount of detail. I'm very satisfied."

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"I am using the Morrow Audio SP2 Reference speaker cables in two of my audio systems - one pair in a bi-wired configuration and one pair in a shotgun configuration but with the additional conductors used to construct the bi-wired cables. The Morrow speaker cables are exceedingly transparent, exhibiting a perfectly neutral tonal balance and a very natural, realistic sound. Mike, you're doing a great service to the audiophile community in offering these reasonably priced reference-quality cables. Truly an incredible bargain!"

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Thierry Montanus

"I am the happy owner of SP2 and these cables have really changed the dimension of sound in my system. In the first place a broad sense of pleasure with a soft sound and detailed musicality and a strong sense of rhythm. While the spectrum is explored, nothing is left out. Everything is rich and lush in an infinite gentleness. In a second time during the critical phase (from 50 hours), the sweetness is less but the main thing is always present. The top of the spectrum is less air, the grave is a little less round, but the music is always beautiful. Gradually, all qualities come true and more palpable. I'm here for now. Really, this product is highly recommended."

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"I purchased both the SP2 speaker cables and the interconnect cables. I noticed improvements when I added each item to the system, and they are still breaking in. Wider and deeper sound-stage, and much more clarity was apparent immediately."

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"During the past six months, I’ve replaced nearly all source, amplification and speaker cables in my system with Morrow Audio Cables including: SP2 speaker cables, MA2 and PH1 interconnects and MAP2 power cables.

Previously, I had tried various cables from more than a dozen different manufacturers ranging in price from $90 to $2,000. The reason is simple: I am now hearing much more of the music without the grain, veil and coloration that interfere with hearing what was captured on the recording.

Mike Morrow’s cables are strikingly transparent. They will reveal the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your system components.

If you agree that the best cables allow the music to be heard by providing a clean and immediate link in the signal path, Morrow cables are a ‘no brainer’ bargain and compete with cables costing much more.

Most importantly, I can hear and feel the emotion in the music that only a well-designed cable made with high quality wires can deliver. In my opinion, Morrow Cables are a real bargain in an crowded field of overpriced audio jewelry.

I should also mention that Mike is honest, pleasant to deal with and will stand behind his cables 100%."

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"First of all I have the SP2 speaker cable and the MA2 Interconnects and the DIGI 1 Cables. I noticed right from the get go that these cables had something very special going on with them. The music was very sweet and detailed with no loss in dynamics. As they were breaking in I didn't notice the change for the" worse" until all of a suden something wasn't right! Then I knew i reached that mid stage where the cable sounded a bit thin etc.

After a few more listening sessions that went away and they started sounded better by the day. I can say that Mike's cables are so very musical and there is nothing I have found that comes close for the money! Once you get over the fact it looks like it is really cheap and couldn't sound very good, you will be pleasantly surprised like I was! Also just to let you know, I have a very refined sound, at least I think I do! I use tube amps with very elaborate equipment that cost way more than you would think to match this cable to! Anyone who doesn't give this a try and just love it is probably hard of hearing and a little foolish also!"

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Alexander Engel

"I have indeed broken in the new SP2 cables. I must say that the result is more than I had expected. I love the soundstage, mellow highs and good bass definition. Voices are absolutely brilliant and with SACD piano solo sounds phenomenal. The better the recording the more I like the cables. I am delighted with the result and have in fact already recommended your cables to friends of mine."

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"Hi Mike, I received your SP2's and they are sounding great right away. The MA2's replaced interconnects costing $1.050 and $1,525 respectively and your interconnects trounced these cables in all respects, but especially in transparency and sound staging. Great products!"

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"My SP2 cables were very open and clear from the get-go! Makes you realize other cables are lacking or more likely a form of tone-control. You can be assurred that whatever you hear using the SP2's it won't be them!"

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The cables sound fine, and I learned from the Morrow SP2 biwires I was using with my previous speakers just how nice your cables are. Yes, greater detail, yet a full sound, quite relaxed, and greater extension than with my DH Lab cables. I'm using the Morrows with an Almarro 318B and Almarro M33A speakers that are crossoverless with two full-range drivers. Your cables fit in just right.

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Mike, I have the SP2 cables and am delighted that they worked out very well in my system. I have always expected silver plated cables to give a bright sound, thin tonal balance and weak bass. My previous cables is the Anticables (all copper, solid core wire), I am also using a flea powered amp (2 watter). I am always hesitant to use multistrand cables, those that I had in the past tended to slow down and muffle the sound; perhaps due to a lack of drive from my amplifier.

Your SP2 cables came highly recommended by my friend who is using them in his system. After plugging the new cables in my system, it sounded good from the get go. It has none of the negatives that plagued me from trying silver plated, multistrand cables in the past.

Some noticeable differences between the SP2 and the Anticables in my system are that the SP2's have better and more extended highs. This does not come at the expense of refinement. Mids come with more projection into the soundstage and the bass is definitely faster. It has the snap and punch that I desired in my system. Before I wondered weather it was my amplifier that was the weak link in my system, not anymore!

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Karri A

"I just wanted to send you a personal note of thanks….for providing some really excellent products. I‘m amazed at how much the sound improved after the break in period. I could hear early on how good the clarity and definition were. Now there is substantially more bass with no loss of clarity/definition. The midrange/highs (which initially sounded a bit clinical) sound very natural, with just a slight touch of warmth (maybe the amp). And that isn’t bad as I have a fairly small listening space! I can’t imagine other cables at any price improving on the sound. It’s that good!"

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"I was in the process of up grading the cables in my system,and after investing over $4500.00 in two pairs of interconnects (and ready to spend over $4000.00 on new speaker cables that were disappointing), I found Morrow Audio at Audiogon. I figured at the costs Mike was asking for his products, I could give his SP2 speaker cables a shot. Well to my surprise, they bettered the $2500.00 Tara Labs speaker cables by a wide margin. I ended up purchasing an additional set and am very pleased with the improvement to my system. Great product and value!"

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Chris Pavlick

Hello Mike. So far, the interconnects are beyond belief! I can't believe I spent the money I did on other "world class" cables. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!!! Your cables put them all to shame. I am still in the later stages of my speaker cable break in period, but they promise to be every bit as good as the interconnects. I will be in touch with you in the near future to continue my report. Best Regards, Chris Pavlick

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Geoff Clarke

Hi Mike: I may not be quite up to full burn in on the T/T side but the CD side is well run in now. The whole system was changed over to Morrow, This includes phono, interconnect, speaker and power cabling. I purchsed the PH1, MA2 ref, SP2 ref (and bi-Wire links), MAP1 and MAP2. The whole system has 2 things that really stand out in my mind.

1/. Absolute clarity. 2/. Vanishingly low noise floor.

I run a low wattage S/E system (0.25 - 0.5 watts typically) and the two above things are of paramount importance to me.

The cables I replaced were Kimber Select 1011, Supra Sword and PS Audio (All good products which had been selected over a long period of time). The Morrow cables are so much better and much more cost effective.

At the same time as I was replacing my cabling I was moving to a dedicated listening room in the basement, so it was more difficult for me to appreciate all the subtle changes as they happened. The bottom line is 'Am I happy with the system now?' The asnwer is a resounding YES.

The Morrow cables are well made, perform way above their price point and, as a bonus, Mike is a nice guy to deal with.

I have included a few pics of the new room with the equipment in place.

Best regards, Geoff Clarke

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Donald Coleman

"Just for fun, here is the system. You can see the Morrow Audio SP2 nude speaker cables. The system sounds way above the price point of the SP2's. I am amazed with how much better they are over the 10 guage X4 Tara Lab Prime that I had for many years.

Equipment: Yota - makes the music more enjoyable, Pass Lab X250, Musical Fidelity 308CR. Jolita stage2 mod CDP with gold pin cryo treated tubes, ACI force XL subwoofer, Maple & Brazilian cheery platforms and too many tweeks to mention."

Donald Coleman

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Edwin Eric

Hello Mike,

I bought my cables and Jolida fx10 straight from your website. I'm a green apple when it comes to tubes and was really impressed when I heard my friend's system that I just got to get me a tube amp. I was skeptical with the cables but having read all the other testimonials you have on your website, it got me digging in my pockets to find out the realism and soundstage hype. I followed your suggestion to start upgrading cables from the source so I bought the MA1.1 and it alone made a big difference. Then I bought your SP1 and the wow effects came out even without the break in. I was really impressed that I bought another set of MA1.1, iPod cable, and SP2 cables for my other system that is not a tube amp and the difference was still there. Your cables are outstanding. You can tell the difference right out the box.

The best part of everything is that I surpassed the realism, clarity, separation of elements, and soundstage of my friend's system which is way more expensive from my system and cables combined. I lent him a complete set to demo on his system and its been over a month and he still has not returned it. I might need the police to help me recover those cables.... Hehehehehe.

Your website is so informative and I see myself upgrading my cables in the future.

Kudos and thank you. Your cables is a must have.

Respectfully, Edwin Eric

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Charles (Steve) Woodley

"Good morning Mike! I wanted to let you know that my speaker cables and interconnects perform flawlessly. I'm especially glad that I purchased your "break-in" service for both products. I did read your brochure concerning the entire break-in process so I was prepared for better things to come in the future. And sure enough, better sound did come with additional time spent listening to a variety of vinyl records over a period of several weeks. The audio soundscape opened up and everything sort of reached equilibrium at one point.

Having listened to your cable products in action, I can report that I'm completely satisfied and would highly recommend them to any audiophile customer looking for quality speaker and interconnect cables. Morrow Audio customer service is excellent. I was able to speak directly with you (company President) on one occasion which is indeed rare in this day and age. Thanks again for great products and service. Regards, Charles (Steve) Woodley"

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"Hi Mike, I currently have a tad over 300 hrs on the SP2 Bi-wired speaker cables I recently ordered from you. They are by far the best sounding cables to grace my system. The music simply sounds like music... nothing added, nothing subtracted, the music just flows with sonic grace!! I was so impressed with how my mains sound that I am ordering the same SP2 bi-wired for my center channel speaker. Thanks, Phil"

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.