Michael S Submitted: 2018.08.03

I have tried and tested many cables in my system from ICs to speaker cables to power cords. Everytime I plug in a Morrow product my system gets dramatically better. My latest upgrade was going from Sp4 to Sp7 and WOW! The clarity and overall presentation are top notch. Friends who have much more money in their cables comment on how lifelike my presentation is. Mike, thanks for the great affordable products and being the nicest guy in audio. I currently have Sp7, Ph4,Ma4s,MAP3s and 4s.

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Finn M Submitted: 2018.01.17

Hi, Mike!

Thank you for your follow-up! Last September I bought 1 meter of PH7. It is in service between Bergman Magne vinyl player and Ortofon Verto SUT. My pickup is a Dynavector XX2 Mk2. The Verto SUT is connected to a Manley Chinook phono amplifier with a Morrow PH6.

I have used my Hagerman FryKleaner extensively on the PH7, now amounting to approx. 350 hours total of burning and playing. The PH7 is stunningly revealing, creating a very engaging musical presentation. Harshness is replaced with clarity. Bass response and definition is significantly improved. The 3D imaging and sheer live feeling in my setup have been raised to reference level. The Morrow PH7 is a superb complement to the Bergman-player I managed to acquire last summer.

I have tested the PH7 in my cousin's setup, and it completely outperformed his Audience SE interconnect between SUT and riaa. We were three persons in his listening room, and all of us listened in growing amazement to the substantial change in presentation the PH7 effected.

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David H Submitted: 2017.05.08

My system is probably modest compared to some of your customers. Primary source is a Music Hall mmf5.1, moo mat , and Clearaudio Artist V2 feeding a Rogue Cronus Magnum ll of course NOS tubes. Eosone rsf600 speakers.

I took advantage of the special trading in my old cables great deal! When your cables finally arrive I give them the appropriate break in and prepared to be blown away with big sound.... the bass deepened, without getting muddy. Midrange just sings, floating the instruments with great space with front to back depth and a nice wide soundstage. The highs were clean, extended and detailed without being tizzy or harsh. We've probably all heard the phrase "There's gold in them there hills." Well "There's magic in them there Morrow's" Yes! I'm very satisfied.

Thanks Mike , David J Hackbarth

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Robert C Submitted: 2017.05.01

Hi Mike and all the Guys at Morrow Audio! I don’t know how to start to say all the things that I feel the need to say, and I don’t want to bore you with my "subjective ravings"!

As per my reaction/ assessment to my new Elite Grand Reference phono cables, I am a little lost for words. I’m more that a little stunned!

But I don’t mean this in a negative way, it’s just that the sound that I was used to hearing and expected, has gone. My ears don't believe the difference, and I am in a "state of shock". Voice; Human! Bass; More but real! Percussion; more info and detail! Highs and lows; extended! Soundstage; enlarged and much more!

"Well what do you expect?", I hear you say. I just did not expect such a dramatic change. I now have to "retune’ my room and re-programme my brain, LOL! Rob C.

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Miguel C Submitted: 2017.03.17


I got some new cables indeed. And what a change! First let me remind you that I wasn't a "cable believer". Having tried many brands and types of cables, I never found big differences between them - given that they all belong to the same range of price/quality. This time now something changed. The cables arrived (a PH2 and a MA2) and I installed them right away. The next day I went on a trip not having heard the system with these new cables. I was away for three weeks. During that time I had my brother at my home playing music night and day (ahhh, the college years...).

When I arrived I finally got the chance to sit down and listen to some music. My immediate reaction was WOW! The sound was coming better than ever! More detailed and more solid. The listening experience was now more palpable, more vivid.

I asked my brother - a music addict and a head banger that doesn't know anything about audio gear - about what he experienced and he told me: "In the beginning it wasn't like this. The sound was a bit strange, not like usual. I thought it was from the records, they sounded thin. But playing the same tracks over and over again, I noticed after a few days that the music was sounding better, there was improvement day after day. ". And then I had the final assessment, my wife. She is just a casual listener, never cared for music and only listens when I'm playing something in the living room. (She is also a big opposer to money spent in audio stuff). She came into the room and I was playing a very familiar record. She immediately complained: "What have you bought this time? Must be something expensive for the music to sound this good!" I had tears in my eyes :) (well, not literally). Then she continued "Is it a New amplifier? Not the speakers, I can see they're the same." - No, nothing like that. But do you notice a difference? - I asked. - Yes, even my hard ears can feel the difference. It's like we have the singer in our room!

Before I told her the truth I just played a couple of more familiar songs and she was really shocked with the improvement. And kept asking me what have I done!

Finally I did something to kill the mystery: swapped to the old cables and played the same records. We couldn't believe that just a piece of wire could make such an impact! Sound changes completely. Now with the complete set of Morrow cables (power, phono, interconnects and speaker cables) we gained clarity and presence. Music is now more juicy, more "there in the room". Amazing!

My wife is now more interested in listening with me. And happy that this improvement didn't cost a fortune! :)

That's it. From skeptic to believer! Your cables make a difference. Thanks for asking. And don't stop developing. All the best! Regards, Miguel

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Ryan G Submitted: 2017.01.20

Hey Mike, hope you are doing well. Immediately after putting in the PH2 phono cables, I noticed quite an improvement...much more clarity and just a stronger sound overall. Thanks again for your outstanding customer service and having the patience to listen to and address my needs and concerns. It is gratefully appreciated.

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Russell R Submitted: 2016.05.24

Note: Our italics added for eaiser understanding of the story...

"I procrastinated switching out the hard to get to other brand ICs from the phono stage to my preamp. I had let the new MA5 Morrow interconnect cables sit atop the preamp for a few weeks, mostly because the PH5s phono cables on my turntable had made the sound so real I could not believe it could get much better with additional Morrow cables in the string.

On Friday night I played some sides on the old other brand cable and then switched to the MA5 Morrow Interconnects. It was staggering how much more music came thru and no distortion at high levels. So it is worth upgrading both to and from a phono stage. The MA5 took the last remaining benefit away from CDs for me - consistent performance at higher output at the preamp. A consistent CD performance that is as frozen fish to fresh caught fish that is naked vinyl." - Russell R

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Tracy Harbur Submitted: 2015.09.18

This last order completes the phono side of my phono/CD system. As in every new Morrow cable addition there has been a positive synergy with the previous Reference Elite cables. Each addition has brought out something extra I was missing but never knew was there.

It seems many of my previous I.C.'s have added their own effects be it "warmth", "edginess", "veil", or whatever else it may be called. All qualities I was not wanting in a cable. A cable is not a corrective measure for a part of a system. It is there to complete links between components and to do so ideally with as little sonic signature as possible. Preferably none. Period! The link should be as transparent and pristine as the actual recording........ adding or subtracting nothing.

The Reference Elite cables have added to the system's components overall performance while increasing soundstage, dynamics, speed, bass tightness. I find in numerous listenings of my varied tastes that there seems to be no area, i.e. highs, mids, lows, vocals, that is accentuated or diminished. Attacks, transients, decays were all perfectly present. In a word "neutrality". What is in the vinyl goes to my ears.

These cables can be mercilessly revealing. A favorite record now shows a pre-existing rumble from the original cutting. In another "live" recording a truck can be heard outside the building pulling away. They pointed out that my tonearm needed the azimuth adjusted. That is what a good cable is supposed to do.

If I had bought other of the Morrow cables instead of the Elite I would always have that little thought of what am I missing. I have found that mixing things up compromises the whole when it comes to cables. Now I do not have to miss anything. The expense can be justified as the Elites are an auditory compliment to my system.
All this is only my opinion.

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"The PH6's have some real punch to them and I love it. I listened to my Holland import copy of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here last night and it is just jaw dropping, period. Top to bottom and thunderous to subtle.... yeah! Let me know if I can help you get good press in any other way. Your cables deserve it!" Thanks, Jay

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Robert Johnston

"Several days ago, I received the PH6 phono cables. I couldn't believe the difference from my old cables (VPI standard cables; good, but not in this class). The biggest difference was the soundstage, far deeper than before, plus far purer sound, much better than any CD. I was able to take advantage of the recently reduced pricing; at full price, these cables would still be a bargain compared to much of what is presently on the market." Robert Johnston

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"I'm enjoying the PH6 cables very much! I had you do the 2 day burn-in and then I used them on my tuner for another 6 or 7 days. I always try to be succinct when discussing most anything, but I'm having a hard time limiting myself on the different things I have found in using these. Suffice it to say that are delicate in many ways but have the foundation of a freight train. Make sense to you? I have to advise you that the cables are NOT coming back! I listen to the full spectrum of music with a couple of reasonable exceptions, which should hurt most normal ears anyway. I've now been through about 50 albums; from the recent, fabulous, Wretches and Jabberers soundtrack to my favorite bootleg Oingo Boingo (Danny Elfman) album. The list goes on including the second time I have played any of my original Beatles MoFi set, Kid Rock's Rock 'n Roll Jesus, Elvis Costello's My Aim Is True, Anaolgue Productions' Pictures At An Exhibition, my old college copy of Hot Tuna live electric, and they ALL seem better." Jay

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Steve S.

"These cables were for a new addition to my system, a SUT. I ordered the PH3 initially and after over 400 hours found it to be very good but I wanted more. I then ordered the PH6 w/Eichman silvers. After your 48 hour burn-in then another 48 when I received it, I couldn''t wait to check it out.

I was taken back when I heard the remarkable improvement over the PH3. Leading edge transients, hidden detail and subtle cues, extended frequency response and the soundstage, it is HUGE! All of this without being bright, etched or in your face in any way. Very dynamic yet very refined. This is with just right under 100 hours. I don''t think I''ll be in the market for another phono cable. I''m very pleased. Steve S."

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"I have a Super Scoutmaster with Rimdrive. I had been using VPI's own cable for a few years, which is a very good cable and a good match. I recently upgraded to all Morrow speaker and interconnect cables and was very impressed with their performance, then got the Morrow phono cable PH-4, which I like very much." Audiogon Forum, Hiendmuse

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"Mike, Happy New Year. Hope you had a great vacation and holiday. This is Carlos from NC. I got a ph4 w/ silver Eichmanns cable from you. I see you did get it ready before you left on your vacation. It truly was remarkable the difference that cable made. If I was ever a skeptic about cables making much of a difference, I was totally converted. The difference in the openness of sound and the clarity is unreal. The bass is so much tighter & clear, cymbals so real as if they are playing in my room. Really enjoying it. Thanks." Carlos

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Choon Yong

My recent and 2nd order for Morrow audio cables was the result of my sharing of my more than happy experience with my first lot of Morrow audio cables. I took my cables to my friend's place and he was convinced and asked me to place the order for him.

He in fact replaced all his old cables and he is now another happy owner of 2 pairs of MA4, a pair of PH4 and a 5 meter pair of SP5. He has them in his system for about 2 weeks by now, and he has repeatedly been calling me over the phone thanking me for sharing with him these wonderful cables.

He plays the violin and is now a highly regarded violin teacher in Singapore. Being a musician, he shares with me the same ability to hear the nuances. With Morrow cables, all the instruments clearly sound so much more authentic, he repeated to me, when compared to his old cables. The background is so much quieter, cleaner. In conclusion, the music sounds so much more beautiful than before, and he is sooo happy listening to the music from his system!

Three heers to Morrow Audio! Choon Yong

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I wanted to share my recent experience in "upgrading" my music system.

Several months ago I got the "bug" to investigate what was new in music reproduction. Specifically analog. My turntable had been serving me well for the past twenty years; but I wanted to see what was new in the market. I purchased a VPI Scout and Lehman phono preamp. After inviting my record playing friends over for a look and listen; the comments went to "you need to update your interconnects".

I started to do some research; and was amazed at how many hundreds of companies are making interconnects. Narrowing it down, I checked with my buddies about what they were using. After the shock of learning how much some of them had spent, we talked about what they had heard (live) and what they had learned from reading reviews. I was about to order some "brand X" cables, when I started to see reviews of glowing sound improvement from people who had installed Morrow Audio cables.

I decided to "take a chance" on the Morrow Audio, and ordered PH4 and MA4 interconnects along with the break-in service. Remembering the notes about how important the break-in time was, I decided to break them in for an additional 100 hours.

Then the fun began. I coaxed my friends into bringing over their cables for a comparison test. At the end of the listening evaluation; I, and my friends all agreed that the Morrow Audio sounded the best. They had better stage, were crisp, fast, alive, and just plain made you feel like you were in the room with performance. And some of the cables compared were anywhere from twice the money, to ten times the money.

Mike, I am pretty sure you will be getting orders from my friends - just as soon as they sell their "famous" cables.

Thank you very much for your service, and for giving the community an affordable great sounding wire." Tom

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Terry D.

"Hi Mike... I purchased a set of your phono cables (PH3). As a very skeptical person, I must say that I have tried (with not much success) many different types of cables, both brand name and non-brand name. I haven't had much luck with to many of them.

I usually do not make it a practice to send feedback about a product. But I just had to drop you a line about the phono cables that I purchased from you. They are a fantastic set of cables. I have a lot of respect for the Cardas line, but I have to say that the Morrow cables held there ground pound-for-pound with the Cardas Golden Reference cables, and for less then half the price! I want to say thanks." Terry D.

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"I was a bit skeptical about purchasing anything other then familiar expensive name brand cables as I embarked on a new medium in turntables. So after watching the Morrow Audio video and doing some research on Morrow cable products, I decided that I would take one more chance and see what happens.

Mike, you are true to your word when it comes to making a great cable product. The sound is as good (actually better) than some of the much more expensive cables I have owned in my search for a great inexpensive cable.

I will be back to replace some other cables in my setup. Thanks for being there for us Mike."

Terry from MN.

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Joseph R

"Dear Mike: I am finally back at work, and things have leveled off a bit. I wanted to give you some feedback on the PH3 cables.

First let me thank you for the exceptional workmanship. My 4' custom wires fit my Thorens 160 Super/SME series III tonearm combination perfectly. Routing the interconnects through the turntable plinth was easy due to the very flexible nature of the PH3's. On the preamp side, I was very impressed with the standard RCA jacks. They snapped in place on my Quicksilver preamp assuring me of a solid connection.

I was waiting to install a decent phono cable to determine whether my Ortofon SME 30H cartridge was passing muster. As a result, the Ortofon/160 super/SME combination sounded much better with the PH3. The PH3's sounded very neutral while rendering an impressive level of high frequency detail.

Well, being a typical audiophile (i.e. nut), I did not leave well enough alone. I replaced the Ortofon SME 30H cartridge (and integrated arm stem) with a Stanton WOS Collector Series 100. I had the Stanton in my arsenal for over 10 years. It has very few hours on it, as it was not a good match with my old Fidelity Research tonearm.

For the first time in 20 years my turntable completely outclasses my Wadia 26 (transport) / Wadia 22 (converter) combination. Turntable upgrades are now a thing of the past. The Stanton CS100 cartridge and Morrow PH3 interconnects simply sparkle. Cable break-in concerns are no longer.

Prior to the PH3's, I was tempted to purchase the stock SME phono cable. I am sooo... glad I reconsidered. I have heard at least a half dozen after market phono cables in my system and the PH3's are by far the best. They have a completely uncharacteristic sound. On the other hand they are extended, dynamic, clean and extremely well balanced. While keeping the midrange warm and tactile, all high frequencies come through with a glorious presence. They are subtle and deliberate at the same time. They never glare or get hard, and no detail is left unsaid. Although you told me that some customers equate your affordable interconnects to ones costing up to $3000, I was never in that category. Although I have heard mega-buck cables at shows, in high end stores and in friend's systems, I have never heard $3000 cables in my system. I do not believe that a higher price tag necessarily equates to better sound. I believe "If it's not broken, don't fix it". Well, I have reached turntable nirvana, and I don't need to go any further.

By the way, I asked my friend Wally to come over and hear my turntable. His mouth was wide open throughout the whole demo. All he could say was "Your brother's Linn Sondek LP12 doesn't sound this good !!". I am pineing away for my Stanton CS100 however, as replacement styli's are no longer avaliable. Thank You Mike Morrow."

Joseph R

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"Dear Mike, I have just picked-up my MA3/PH3 Phonocable from the post office and I was like a child eagerly awaiting his gift: I was still by the PO window but had to open the box and see my "new toys".

The first thing I am looking at with the cables is the workmanship that exudes finesse and confidence. The RCAs are pristine, substantial, and exactly what I wished for. The protective sheath is beautiful and without pretentions. The soldering is wonderfully done with almost machine-like in precision.

But there are 3 more things that sort of surprised me: [1] your care for packaging, [2] the detail of pasting a notice regarding the use of the WBT-style RCAs - I have not seen that from any of my other interconnects that my "new toy" will be replacing (e.g. Silver Audio, Acoustic Zen, and Accuphase), and [3] a real testament of a human-touch - the nicely lettered label that says "PH3" at the back of the directional label... I liked the manual writing.

Now, I removed the Silver Audio from my tonearm and the Phonostage and installed the MA3/PH3 and a little bit nervously awaiting to hear the first notes. To my surprise, my soundstage is deeper/more laid back than before but larger that it seems to have gone out of my celling (my listening room is in the attic). Music seems to have a "quitter" background that I have this feeling of being in a dark room with the musicians. I expect some changes as the IC breaks-in but I expect it to better the rest of my ICs.

Thank you for a job that really represents your passion in audio perfection.

I will be ordering my next "batch".

Best regards from Manila,


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Norm Armstrong

Hi Mike, I'm pleased with your products. The cables I purchased (2 MA3 pairs and 1 PH3) incrementally outperform my previous combination of van den Hul Silver (Phono Cable) and homebrew line-level interconnects. The improvement is subtle, but real. For the cost this is quite an achievement, as my homebrew cables have embarrassed my own Kimber KCAG line-level interconnects, as well as several other pricey cables.

Well Done! Norm Armstrong

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"Hello Mike, I am not very good at this, but I know what I like to hear and this is it. At this time, I own four pair of Morrow Audio Cables The first pair I purchased was balanced MA3 cables; they replaced cables I paid $550.00 for. After the break in period the Morrow cables had more air, and much more detail, all the instruments in their place which gave me a very good stage.

The second pair I purchased was the PH3 cables, these cables replaced a $500.00 pair I had. Once again after the break in period the detail came out, the Morrow cables are much faster (Much More Precise)... Very Noticeable.

I also own one pair of MA1 cables and SP1 Cables. The SP1’s took longer then expected to break in, and they replaced a pair I paid $700.00 for. At this time they sound slightly better then my existing cables with only a little more detail and speed. Being this is his bottom line cable, I plan on upgrading to the SP3. For the money, I am very pleased with all four Morrow Cables I own." FM

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Peter D

I had outstanding results with the mapleshade clearviews on the linestage but they are unshielded and i was unable to get a quiet background on the phonostage. I searched and searched for thin low dielectric cables and found the PH1s. After about 500 hours of burn-in, wow, sweet detail low base, and vanished grain! I think I may upgrade soon to the PH2's.

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After having bought a pair of phono interconnects from Mike, I was so satisfied that I bought 4 power cords from him. All are absolute beauties especially at those price levels. Mike is also responsive and professional.

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Ed Morris

I cannot express the satisfaction that these cables have given me. Compared to the Cardas these are squeaky clean windows into my analog collection as opposed to a heavily draped and sun blocked blinds with a film of grunge. Truly a breakthrough product! Thanks Mike.

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"Hey Mike, this is my third set of your cables. I was searching for cables and found you, what a stroke of luck! I can only say WOW! I could not believe my ears, the sounds that show up from my music were incredible!

To be able to purchase cables that are handmade by your team at these prices is just great! What great quality! Everyone I have dealt with has been super nice and takes customer service to a new level. Your dedication to making the planets best cables shows and I am a true believer of your cables! I am telling others everyday what they are doing to my music, clean crisp sounds that jump out at you. Your break in service is the best, thanks for taking care of the little guy!" Ken

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.