Mike B Submitted: 2018.12.06

Hi Mike, I just wanted to share my experience with your MAP4 power cords. I received my 2 power cords with 10 days of burn in . I placed them on my Preamp and Power amp as per your recommendation. I turned on my system and gave them an additional 2 days to settle in before doing any critical listening . I was amazed at the increase in sound quality . The soundstage grew substantially across the frequency range . The music is smoother and more liquid than ever . Now when you consider your power cords replaced Silnote cords that were between my Richard Gray Power Center and my equipment , receiving that much improvement is nothing short of phenomenal ! What a perfect compliment to my Morrow MA5 Interconnects and my Morrow SP5 Speaker Cables . This has been an absolutely fantastic experience!

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Clifford Barry Submitted: 2017.04.18

Hi Mike! Got the MAP4 power cable and of course had to unpack it and plug it in. I tried it on my new tube DAC and my amp and I think it makes a bigger difference on my DAC. Perhaps it's because it's improving the source. Anyhow, it's terrific! Cleans up the sound, more details, more open and alive and it's not yet broken in. Now that my equipment is warmed up, it's blowing my mind! Is the expression "Oh My God!" Acceptable? Cliff

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Don Baker Submitted: 2015.12.07

Hi Mike,

I am listening to my system with my latest purchases from Morrow Audio - 2 Elite Reference and 2 MAP4 Grand Reference Power cables.

To say that my system was taken to the next level is truly an understatement! As with my other Morrow upgrades the soundstage is clearly deeper and wider. I am hearing new sounds from music which I have listened to over several decades. I was contemplating the purchase of a subwoofer but that is clearly not necessary since I added my new power cables.

What I really so appreciate is that I am listening to my preamp at about 1/8th of it's volume setting and the bass is tickling my toes! I am not a huge fan of a lot of volume in order to hear the intricacies, lyrics, dynamics and or image stability of the music - your cables give me that option.

Bottom-line - my speakers have totally disappeared and the musicality of the source music seems to just emanate out of the air.

Clearly, I have been caught in the vortex of buying Morrow Audio cables since around 2009 and am totally satisfied. Your upgrade policy has allowed me to go from my original purchase of MA1 interconnects to the Elite Reference series of interconnects and power cables at a minimal cost!

Mike, you are an audiophile's best friend...thanks for all you and your staff have done to increase my listening pleasure.

I tell my friends and even other sellers of audio equipment that they should try your cables - just cannot beat the sound or sound/value ratio.


Don Baker

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Duong Hong Son

I bought some MAP4 cable for my friends and my system, all are happy with the huge change especially when the cable plug to the CD player.

Thanks and best regards, Duong Hong Son

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Adam C

"I have always been a audio enthusiast and very much drawn to the world of music. The search for the perfect system as you well know can be very addicting and always ''very expensive'' if you are not careful or wise.

My first purchase with you started out with MAP4 grand reference for my class A pre amp. Fortunately that is how it all started with Morrow Audio products. Compared to others, this was a cheaper option for power cables as some I tested were over a grand.

With the MAP4, I noticed a difference right away right out of the box. More soundstage, layered image and clarity were just the beginning of my new listening experience. Thinking it might be just a ruse I did the predicable by swapping back in the factory power cord for a time. Like many of your clients this only resulted in disappointment in my system. Your MAP4 has not moved in 3 months and set the bench mark for my other component power needs." Adam C

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Bryan Barron

Here's my overdue testimonial on your cables:

In January 2013, I stumbled upon the unassuming Morrow Audio display while attending a high-end audio show in Las Vegas. I hadn't heard of the brand before, and had Mike Morrow not been so open and friendly, I probably wouldn't have bothered to find out more. I mean, to me, they were just one more cable company in a very crowded field, and I had cables I was perfectly happy with...or so I thought!

Upon returning home with a stack of brochures and such from the show, I decided to order a digital cable from Morrow, which led to ordering a power cord, which led to ordering MORE power cords (all MAP-4s, they're truly fantastic) and finally some interconnects for my Rega Saturn CD player. Every purchase from Morrow has resulted in notable improvement in my system's sonics. These cables replaced various models from Transparent, Audioquest, and Nordost--cables that cost me a pretty penny, I might add! From first listen, Morrow beat them all, even though the cables only had the 5-day breakin service before being shipped to me.

Although I consider myself an audiophile, I don't like using a lot of audiophile-speak as it always seems to sound snooty. I just want to enjoy the music, not over-analyze it. And that's what Morrow cables allow me to do, every time. I prefer a warmer yet detailed sound that really gets one deeper involved in the music itself. Morrow cables allow for that, and so much more. The sound they produce is so wonderfully pure and detailed, I've not heard another cable come close--even when I've sat through demos of "dream systems" at my local hi-fi dealer. After a stressful day at work, nothing helps more than retreating to my "man-cave" and listening to a favorite album or's never fatiguing, instead always uplifting and involving in the most wonderful way.

I don't know how they do it, but Mike and his team produce a remarkable product for a fair price, and they're a pleasure to deal with. I am a customer for life, because I have heard (and continue to hear) the utterly remarkable, often breathtaking difference these cables make. They have enriched my enjoyment of music (everything from The Beatles to Lionel Hampton) unlike any other component, speaker, accessory, or other "tweak" I've tried. Thank you, Mike and team, for everything you do that brings your customers closer to the music they love. Bryan Barron

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.