Gary Submitted: 2018.08.30

NEW DESIGN REVIEW: The new designed MA5's you sent me are excellent. Far better than the original design MA5, with better bass and treble, clearer midrange, better soundstage and most importantly much improved overall musicality. So I am very pleased with the new design and will be keeping them. Many thanks for your help, I'm so pleased that you suggested I try your "newly developed cable" as compared to the old one, this is something special." Gary

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Mike Bolger Submitted: 2017.11.27

Hi guys , I’m enjoying my cables . It was 80 degrees here yesterday . Took my wife bass fishing last week . She didn’t catch any fish , but her blankets getting bigger 😎. Just wanted to say . So my problem is this " My Morrow MA5 interconnects have made such an improvement in my system , I’m having difficulty going outside ". I have a very revealing SEP tube system with 96db speakers . The Morrow Interconnects have taken it to a level that I couldn’t achieve, even with uber expensive NOS Tubes . Now my system has a level of clarity and depth that I never thought possible . The detail in vocals and acoustic strings is so real, it’s scary . And I’m amazed at the improvement across the entire frequency range , as nothing sufferers , which is usually the case. Your cables gave me an outstanding improvement with ZERO SACRIFICE! That rarely happens . And at a price point significantly less than I spent on exotic European NOS Tubes . Morrow Cables are without a doubt the best SONIC DOLLAR SPENT in my system . I’m looking forward to hearing the digital cable I purchased . I’m confident that once broken in , will be an improvement over my existing cable . If it gets any better , I may never leave the house . Well at least until Ski season starts. So thanks for a great product that is well worth the price . Respectfully, Mike Bolger .

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Mike B Submitted: 2017.09.13

About those cables you sold me - Wow! Major Wow!! So I replaced two pairs of (name withheld) 3.2's with your 2 pairs of MA5's. Wow! Oh wait, I already said that.

So I have a modest stereo. It consists of a Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog, a Rogue RP-1, upgraded with Telefunken medical grade 12AU7's, a Dennis Had Inspire SEP with a ton of NOS driver and rectifier tubes and 8 pairs of power tubes. My current speakers are Zu Omens. I have Klipsch Heresy II's and JBL 4312A's in the closet .

I have a Power filter and Silnote cords. Now about those MA5's. When I received them, they had 13 days of break in. I put them into my system and I could immediately hear a wider and deeper soundstage! The Bass had increased dramatically (I'm running 12 watts), but the mids were edgy and the treble was worse. Everybody, especially Mr. Mike Morrow himself, said, "give them more time". Well between the generous amount of burnin time I completed and the additional WEEKS I let my system play, I was well rewarded. At about 600 hours, the gates of heaven opened up.

With all the multi syllable esoteric stereo jargon available, all I can say is WOW! Let me put it this way. I've ridden motorcycles at 160mph on the street and repelled down buildings. I've shot full auto suppressed weapons and caught more fish than I can count . And none of it gave me goosebumps like your cables!

Now here's the cool part. I'm playing my stereo with some Tung Sol KT-120's and I'm listening to Grand Funk Railroad. But I have too much bass and no tone controls. So I go over to the wall to kill the power to the subwoofer. But it's already off! Now I'm running my most powerful tubes and my highest voltage rectifier tube. So I descend downward through all my tubes (using an oven mitt , cause I'm too excited to wait). So KT-120 to KT-88 , to 6550 , to KT -77's. And to a 5U4GB rectifier (my lowest power).

So remember when I said, "The gates of Heaven opened up"? Well it does it again. The system opened up so much (especially the bass) that the lower power is sufficient to fill my living room. Now with the lower power , I have a sweeter, cleaner, more open sound. The previous cables were very nice, but the Morrows have been an improvement in every way. This is one of those rare occasions that it wasn't a trade , but a total improvement.

Considering the total cost of my system, the MA5's were a substantial purchase, but are the most "cost effective" change I've made. I am using the Tidal music service and they are beginning to have a decent selection of Master Quality Recordings on their site. This has really enabled me to enjoy the detail, clarity and openness that your cables have added.

My next step will be either getting back into vinyl or a better DAC. So it has been a very enjoyable experience. I had considered selling off some tubes, but kept them for when I change speakers. But I was blown away by the way your cables transformed my system. The pleasure of rolling tubes is the Icing on an already great cake. I'll send you some pictures when I go fishing.

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Gary L Submitted: 2017.08.23

I'm one satisfied customers! My SP4s, MA4s & 5's, and the PH4 just keep getting better than I ever expected! To my ears, they're perfectly neutral and transparent and they certainly don't attempt to gussy-up the sound with artificial enhancements--which amount to nothing more than deletions. Nothing fake about 'em and I'm grateful for how these cables have opened up my system. Gary L.

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Daryl L Submitted: 2017.06.12

As for the M5 interconnect, it is pretty fantastic, elevating my system to a level never before realized. It's much improved in virtually every area - probably most notable is the dynamics, definition, and the huge , deep sound stage. Backgrounds are very black, and bass also has better punch and clarity. Part of the improvement might be going from single ended to balanced. I hope it continues to improve even more.

I'll be sending the trade-in cable this week.

Thank you, Daryl L

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Peter Michaels Submitted: 2016.12.15



Can you see that big'ol Cheshire Cat grin on my face? Well, I know you can't but believe me it's there and there's good reason.

First, let me tell you what I'm using for speakers - - those trusty and fabulous Rock and Roll speakers from 1985, the incredible JBL 250Ti speakers - - two pair! These were never meant for Orchestral listening, but when it comes to Rock, I thought I finally found Nirvana.

Well, now that I'm using the Morrow Audio MA-5 "Super Interconnects" (that's what I call 'em), my speakers are tame enough to play clean and clear-sounding Rock as well as Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" to make me think, with my eyes closed, I'm only 15 rows back at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles (of the Beatles 1964 concert fame) and with eyes closed, hear the beautiful "Rhapsody" piece as it was meant to be heard on playback.

Can you imagine how your YG or Sonus Faber speakers are going to sound? So, with all settings set to neutral, the instruments are unbelievably realistic - - from the Timpanies, to the horns, to the bass, and those gorgeous violins I was wowed by the improved precision and slam of the various instruments.

The dynamic contrasts were far more vivid; they are right in front of me and right where they're supposed to be (no smear), and I can pick them out including the quiet Triangle tinklings! I didn't miss the Triangle! These are Rock and Roll speakers, right? If there's any distortion, well, it was imperceptible at higher levels.

Then, listening to "Under My Skin" and all the tunes played on the piano by Diana Krall from her "Live in Paris" Cd, did make me want to hug and thank her for such a great performance with the wonderful time I had - - but I opened my eyes, remembered she's not really here; rather, it's the MA-5 Interconnects doing this to my appreciative ears.

My Cd collection has been renewed from it's not-so-great recordings that are now made much better along with finer, realistic sound that now has great presence and improved detail never before experienced!

Let me say, without reservation, the exceedingly small cost of these MA-5 interconnects (less than a good dinner for two in Century City, Los Angeles) was the best thing I could have done notwithstanding buying these speakers in the first place; but, these Interconnects have made my listening experience simply incredible with these Rock and Roll speakers! Who would or could have believed it? I certainly didn't!

I can't get this grin off my face and I can't stop listening! Oh, and as for the livliness of my Jazz and Blues Cds, well . . . I've got to stop writing and get back to listening! By the way, and to paraphrase that well known television commercial from the 1980's, "It's Morrow Audio, not Memorex!!"

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"Received the MA5 interconnects today, which came with your 2 day burn in. I bought them for my preamp to my amp. I am blown away and they're not even broken in yet. This cable replaced my Audioquest Diamond back interconnect. This has made my system jump up several notches already. My dilemma now is that I have replaced all of my other interconnects and speaker cables with another brand just recently. Now I am wondering what a complete Morrow system would be like! I can dream. Oh well! I still have to say thank you. You make an amazing cable." T

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Ted Danowski

"These MA5 interconnects make music sound scary real! I replaced my Audioquest Diamondback interconnect between my preamp and amp with the MA5 and I cannot believe what I am hearing. I run Signal Cable Silver Resolution in most of my system but hadn''t replaced this interconnect yet. I saw a review on your cables and decided to take the leap. I really can''t turn back now.

This cable has changed my system and my life forever. Music is so real now I just can''t believe it. The break-in time is no BS. At about 300 hrs this cable really did come into it''s major glory. Detail retrieval is astounding, bass deep and tight and voices are amazing. I cannot stress enough to anyone that you really have to break theses cables in as suggested. I mostly ran my CD player 24 hrs with white or brown noise test disc. In between I would listen to music. Every listen showed the change in the cables. I will never give these interconnects up. My only dilemma is now I want all Morrow cables in my system!" Ted Danowski

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Richard Allan

"I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the performance of my MA-5 interconects. Perfect!! I have compared the MA-5s to Cardas Golden Cross, KIMBER Select and Mapleshade Clearview.

The smooth grain free openess of the MA-5 and their retrieval of small signal and large signal dynamics is outstanding. MA-5s are tonally balanced and really get the details covered. The MA-5s seem to tame the digital hardness of an MP-3 CD player. Congratulations! I think you have found the answer to a great cable design. The MA products seem to be the best sonic fit for my system. Richard Allan"

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Tom C

"Mike, As you know, the following applies to the MA5 interconnects between my preamp and amp. The end of this story is that you saved me much money because I do not have to upgrade my speakers now. Read on to see how this came about.

When I replaced your already fine MA1 cables with the MA3''s, I received a major increase in volume and a lower noise floor. Bass seemed bigger and treble more defined. in fact, I was very satisfied and did not intend to make further changes, but was thinking about upgrading the speakers.

That went out the window when I put in the MA5's. Again, there was a major increase in volume or perceived volume, such that I am able to listen and receive a comparable level of volume at a lower volume setting than before for the same musical output (eg. 53 compared to 57 previously). Whether this is a result of a lower noise floor or more efficient synergy between amp and preamp, I cannot say, but I love the effect. as a result, I can keep my amplifier running in a more efficient output range with the result being greater headroom for dynamics. This allows the music to flow and ''pop'' when necessary. As with the upgrade to the MA3s I would say that the sound is again more ''relaxed 'and natural sounding.

I keep thinking about upgrading my speakers, but each time I upgrade your cables, I put that idea off as I discover more and more what they speakers can actually achieve. So, thanks Mike Morrow, you saved me a lot of money on a speaker upgrade." Tom C

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I am extremely happy with the assortment of cables I have purchased over the past year from Morrow Audio. I have antiquated equipment, except for my Oppo bdp 105 blu-ray player. I have an assortment of MA-5's,MA-3's, SP-3's and HDMI cables in my current system. I cannot believe the sound that your cables produce. The sound coming out of my system has greater detail, accuracy, depth,and imaging. I mention your cables to anyone I speak with regarding improving audio or video systems. I wish continued success for Morrow Audio and will continue to sing your praises. Best of luck.

Regards, Joseph

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Mike, I started back into high fidelity about five years ago when I realized I didn't want to live the rest of my life listening to shitty quality music...... I did a ton of research (for me) and bought your MA-4's and then later your SP-6's for the day I bought my new Magnepan 1.7's......then I added your M2's....Hell, I figured, whatever the weakness was in my system, it was not going to be my cables. I'm 54 years old Mike, so to be honest I figured I couldn't realistically expect to hear any difference between your work and Radio Shack.

Today I received the MA-5's and replaced the MA-2's between the pre-amp and DAC ......

Son of a B... I'm hearing things in songs I've never heard before. Songs I been in love with since 1975, and it's like hearing them anew. Most of all Mike, I'm so grateful that my 54 year old ears can really hear a difference. I was always jealous of the guys who had ears good enough to pick up a difference.

Mike... Thank you for your skill and level of dedication. I really appreciate it

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Ted Danowski

"Mike, The SP5 speaker cables are amazing. I purchased the MA5 interconnect before and was totally blown away, so I wasn't expecting a lot with the speaker cables, but I was so wrong! The interconnect made everything scary real, but the speaker cables catapulted scary real into Oh My God! I'm at the concert! Now I'm wondering if the SP5 and MA5 are this amazing,what can the SP7 and MA7 do? Amazing product!

Thank you, Ted Danowski"

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Samuel Bruce Submitted: 2014.09.17

"Being an audiophile for 35 years does not qualify me as an expert in high end audio, but it has provide me with the ability to compare tried equipment and cables. Simply put, the MA5 provided the following improvements over all of the cables that I have tried and they include many brands that cost 2 to 3 times the price of the MA5's.

I am a firm believer in matching equipment and cables to one's environment (listening room), equipment (source, amplification and speakers) and personal taste (some would describe this as the boutique effect). But, in the end, the real measure of any components value is how closely it reproduces the sheer joy, engagement and palpability of recorded music.

So what did the MA5 XLRs (3 of them) do for my system?

  1. Utter Silence when presented with high gain and no audio signal.

  2. Transparency beyond words. Every minute detail and nuance is portrayed. Rosin on bows, the bite and breath of brass, plucked instruments and the warmth and subtleties of voice. The later being true for both single (male or female vocalist) and massed voices and instruments by provided an insight to individual voices without compromising the ensemble effect.

  3. Dynamics are portrayed in the most elegant and effective way. Large ensemble crescendos are majestic and especially transparent. But the most interesting aspect of the cable's dynamic ability is in its portrayal of Micro Dynamics. This is especially apparent in piano music with the initial note attack and decay providing a realistic and stunning life like effect.

  4. Imaging was spectacular. The sound stage was wider and deeper than ever before creating a sense of a realistic venue and when coupled with Dynamics and Transparency give the listener a most engaging realistic and palpabe performance.

  5. Engagement is of course the sum of all the previously mentioned attributes of the MA5. The thing about Engagement is that most cables can provide a short term WOW, but after a short while of continued listening, the WOW effect is lost. This has not happened with the MA5. If anything is true about the MA5 it is that every listening experience provides new discoveries and insights. You know the feeling of exhilaration, the foot tapping, body swaying and heart pounding excitement. No other cables, that have been in my system or listened for evaluation in my system, have been able to sustain Engagement like the MA5s. My MA5s have been in my system now for several years.

  6. Value as I define it, is the cost effective say of reproducing great music. The MA5s have now, despite their modest cost, reduces my desire to look for better and in fact reduced my desire to change component after component to achieve musical nirvana. This is not to say that I will not try other cables and components but if I could not, I would be extremely satisfied with this modest investment (MA5) which to my thinking is transformational.

In conclusion I would like to congratulate Morrow Audio for their exceptional products in both performance and value and I look forward to trying other Morrow Audio products in the future. Their trade-up policies and exuberantly helpful customer service staff have made my experience enjoyable and effective. Thank you for all your help, guidance and commitment!

Sincerely, Samuel Bruce"

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.