Val P Submitted: 2018.09.12

I was a cabling skeptic, to say the very least. "Snake oil," I have mumbled more than once upon seeing reviews or advertisements for expensive audio cables. But several years ago I decided to try the MA 1.1 interconnects to see. There was a good sale price and I thought, "what the heck, I'll give them a try."

I carefully read the disclaimers and instructions on how long the break-in period would take. Including the various stages of breaking them in. "B.S." was my immediate reaction. How could wiring require a break-in period, not to mention that somehow they would go through this slow transformation as the hours accumulated. "There's no such thing as break-in." I thought, "they're just counting on you getting used to them over time." But "hearing is believing" I thought, and so I gave it a go.

Out of the box they sounded much cleaner than my old Acoustic Research branded interconnects. Highs were definitely clearer and overall the sound was slightly louder without being bright, "less resistance, more signal getting through them," I thought. Then a couple of days later, I almost pulled them out and sent them back. The sound was harsh and grating. As if the input gain on the phonostage had been cranked way up, or like a CD mastered directly to vinyl. But I stuck with it.

Fast forward about a month. I had long since stopped worried about them and had just been listening. I put on one of my then reference disks, the Speaker's Corner pressing of Steely Dan, Can't Buy A Thrill. And It struck me suddenly. I HAD SOUNDSTAGE! There was this full, rich three-dimensionality to the music I had never noticed before. I stopped what I was doing and made myself listen to things like the triangle in the background in one song. "Wait that's not a cymbal is it?" The drums were slightly off to the left but not the left speaker somewhere about 75% to the left. Voices and instruments came from very specific locations not only between the speakers, but holy crap even outside the parameters defined by speaker placement.

And all of that with one of the basic models of interconnects. I have since bought four or five more sets of Morrow Audio interconnects and speaker cabling. And now I'm getting ready to upgrade all to the new design. I'm convinced and will definitely be getting more and upgrading what I have as time goes by.

Buy some your ears with thank you for it.

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Michael F Submitted: 2017.07.14

I must admit that I was skeptical that a cable could make such a clear improvement, but consider me converted. I've always used premium cables like MONSTER, but doubted that more expensive cables would make that much difference. I was wrong - dead wrong... I ordered an iPod cable, and a set of RCA connects from the receiver to my Yamaha M-70 amp - driving my Maggie MMG and Yamaha NS-1 sub. My thoughts were that I would have a complete Morrow path from source to amp - a fair test. The difference was immediately noticable, better spatial information and imaging From bass to high end. Now, I am planning to replace all my cables with Morrow - little by little.

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Roger M Submitted: 2017.07.14

The change, after installing the MA-3's,is truly impressive.The details I found in favorite recordings that the MA-3's brought out really surprised me.This trade up program could keep me coming back again and again. I have since ordered a HDMI so I will know I'm getting the best from my Oppo disk player. Thanks for a great product!

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Jonathan B Submitted: 2016.09.20

The first few days of listening to the MA3's sounded very interesting. I could hear the potential in them, with the soundstage sounding very precise, not so much in width but depth. Different sounds or instruments seemed more defined and localized but the highs where too loud and very harsh. I also noticed the bass was tight and the mids where shallow or thin.

After like 4 days to around 240'ish hours, the MA3's just sounded ordinary. I was feeling like this is it for a little while and not impressed. Then at around 312 hours, or 13 days, they changed a lot. Now what I hear as the biggest difference from most ordinary cables, is how smooth and relaxed the sound is. It literally sounds less compressed, like the music before the MA3's was constrained. So since the sound is less compressed and allowed to spread out unconstrained, you can hear the texture of the sound more. I can detect more subtle changes in long slower paced transient passages, since the sound is less squeezed or compressed. You could say that certain instruments, like the piano, sound more realistic due to this more free relaxed sound, the texture comes through.

That smooth uncompressed sound is what stood out to me the most with these MA3's. The soundstage also improved after 300 hours. Its like since the sound in general, seems uncompressed (like if someone could grab the sound and stretch it out basically) that the localized effects or parts of music are wider in their location. This also contributes to helping me hear, or notice, where the localized sections are in music. Instead of it just sounding like it was coming from either the left or right channel, compressed in with all the other sounds in the music on that channel. This makes the music much more interesting and I find myself anticipating the next part where I can detect the wider localized sections.

During this same burn in period, the highs smoothed out a lot but seems like they could be a little smoother. Also I didnt notice the bass being tight like I did at the very beginning. The texture of the bass has changed though, if that makes sense, maybe more organic sounding bass. You know the bass sound has changed, just like how I described the sound in general as being stretched out or uncompressed/strained. It extends to the bass, in being able to hear its texture better I think.

I have not done enough listening so far, to give more of my experience with the highest short/fast frequencies. HF's like in Michael Jackson's music that are bright, short, and fast. The little I did hear though was good. They didnt have the same stretched out effect basically, like everything below in the frequency range. These highs where nice and defined from the rest of the music.

These are the best sounding cables I have ever used. I didnt know that cables could hold the sound back so much, really eye opening. Everything you say about the frequencies arriving at the same time and smearing from stranded wire, makes perfect sense from what I am hearing. Hopefully the pro side will catch on to your cables and use them for recording. All the scientific audio naysayers are so ignorant, they go on basic electrical principals that are just, well basic.

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John Cioffi Submitted: 2016.06.22

Dear Mike & Co.,

I've been very happy with the Morrow interconnects in my system. Initially, I had a set of MA1 RCA interconnects, but took advantage of an excellent upgrade deal to trade up to the MA3s. I'd always been an evidence-based cable skeptic, never having heard a difference before getting the Morrows. I had no expectation bias. I got a great deal for the set of MA1s and only bought them because I needed a more flexible cable.

The following impressions apply to both the MA1s and MA3s, except the noted improvements were more substantial with the MA3s. Putting them between my dac (a Micromega Mydac, now swapped with a JKenny Ciunas) and vintage Sansui AU-819 (very similar in sound and power to the legendary and much more common AU-919), they had an entirely unexpected and clear impact on the sound.

The most notable change in tonal and dynamic qualities was a tightening and clarifying of the bass, followed by an increase of detail in the treble, all while retaining neutral balance and transparency. There is no hint of glare or edginess. These cables do not act as tone controls.

The most unmistakable and important effect, however, was the Morrow's effect on soundstaging and imaging. Whereas the tonal impacts were subtle and I could still second guess myself regarding perceived sonic changes, the Morrow's effects of nailing down the spatial location of soundstage elements was, well, clear as a bell.

This is when evidence gathered by ear overcame longstanding skepticism. My speakers are current generation Ohm Walsh 2000s. They are superb speakers and throw an astoundingly wide soundstage with a "sweet spot" that encompasses most of the room. As quasi-omni type speakers, their realism comes with some diffuseness of the imaging (think how live music takes on the signature of the venue's space, but generally doesn't present razor sharp pin point locations of the players). In addition, I find that the imaging of busier arrangements and less well recorded music tends to "wander" slightly--and unnaturally--around the soundstage. Diffuseness and this wandering effect tend to compound each other negatively. The greatest virtue of the Morrow ICs came with their surprising improvement of spatial precision. The MA1s made an unmistakably audible difference.

The MA3s improved spatial imaging still more. On most recordings, the wandering of spatial cues is gone. On the worst recordings it has been minimized to an almost inaudible level. Through the Ohms, the realism remains; the artificiality is vastly reduced. What these speakers do best they now do better. And I was taken entirely by surprise. Quite an accomplishment for a pair of wires.

Now if I could only persuade my wide to accept room treatments . . .

Thanks again!

John Cioffi

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Michael B - Australia Submitted: 2015.12.02

I'm absolutely blown away by the 2 pairs of pre-burnt-in MA-3 cables I've been using in my system for the last few months! I'm using one pair between my Heed Audio Quasar phono stage and my Doge 8 tube preamplifier. The other pair runs between the preamplifier and my Australian made, Cymer, tube power amp. Yesterday, I ordered another pair to run from my NAD M51 DAC and the preamp, and one of your DIG-3 digital cables to sit between the DAC and my Doge 6 tube CD player. I cant wait for these to arrive now!

I have owned and experimented with many high-end cables over the years, but the quality of construction as well as the RCA plugs on yours immediately impressed me. Being more used to cables as thick as garden hoses though, I was a little skeptical of how these thin and marvelously flexible Morrow cables would perform. Those fears were laid to rest within the first minute of listening to the magic they brought to my system.

I'm never really sure how to explain what I hear in a way that's meaningful to others, but there is no doubt that your cables have brought a sense of transparency, scale, imaging, dynamics and detail to my system that I have never experienced before. They have given the sound of my system an injection of life without adding anything artificial or exaggerated. To put it simply, I hear more of the music, I feel more connected to the music and the messages the musicians are trying to convey is so much clearer.

I wholeheartedly recommend Morrow Cables to anyone seeking better sound and I'll be adding to my Morrow arsenal by ordering speaker cables to connect my amp to my Troels Gravesen designed DTQWT speakers as soon as I can.

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Tim Collins

"I put in the new cables when I got home. Somewhat as expected, they sounded a little overcooked on the top end. I know that will go away. Other than that, they sounded similar to the MA1s. However, what I got that I did not expect was much greater volume. I really don't understand it except that possible the additional strands changed the capacitance, inducatnce or resistance or somehow helped the Arcam and the Cary to work more efficiently together.

I will gladly take this improvement even if I receive no other improvements. But, I am pretty sure they will get better over time as the last pair did. It may be my imagination, but I think that the location of instruments and vocals are better defined. Bass is powerful. I'll keep you updated. Finally, I posted info and some pics about my system on A-gon, so you could check it out under my name or under ever improving in the system page. I gave you a nice plug. My seller (of the Cary) may contact you to try some of your cables, he is using MIT now, his name is Ron Spach." Tom Collins

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OK...... They now have 300 hrs of silent burn on them, and for the past 2 days I have been listening to them in my system. I'll cut right to the chase....... These cables are EXCELLENT. No hype, no exaggeration, and I am in no way affiliated with Morrow Audio.

Simply put, these cables have literally transformed the sound of my system, and unleased the true potential I always knew it had. Upon insertion, the sense I get is that all the junk between the amp output tubes and speaker drivers has been removed. I know it sounds silly, but it's like putting the tubes directly on the driver! The only other time I had this sensation is when I owned Atma-Sphere OTL amps.

Over the years I have had my share of cabling....lots of it pricey. No other cabling has ever given me this sense of unobstructed delivery of the music from tube to driver. The overall sonic picture is one of purity, grace, ease and refinement.

My system has a new found clarity and coherence. I can hear deeper into the music. Noise floor has dropped significantly. Soundstage is huge. Everything is very natural and well-balanced. Bass has taken on a new-found authority, detail, punch and weight. Midrange clarity is stellar. Great presence and immediacy. Very detailed yet refined sound. Definitely not hyped in a hi-fisih way. Great tone and palpability. Saturated and dense images. Since they are so smooth, relaxed and organic sounding I would not say they are ruthlessly revealing, but I think you will know if something is amiss upstream.

This might be the best cabling I have ever personally heard....or not heard. I know it is a cliche, but their presence is hard to detect. They sound like they just get out of the way and let the music through.

I am so impressed that I will probably look into re-wiring my entire system with Morrow cabling.

I think this cable is the real deal, guys. Check 'em out if you can. I am not prone to exaggeration, and I am not alone in my praise. Check out the website and all the testimonials there. They are all glowing and the descriptions exactly match what I hear. In my estimation, it deserves all the accolades it gets. Kudos Mike, for a no nonsense product that offers superb performance at an excellent price.


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Constantine Kastrinos

Hi Mike, I just received my balanced xlr - MA3 - and I just want to thank you for the great cables! Spending $400 on a cable, for me, is a big deal. I am happy to say that I can tell a huge difference already...even at 80%, these cables are amazing. What an open soundstage!!

I am including my system make up below in case you can recommend where I might want to make my next cable change.

Amp - Levinson 334 - upgraded power chord - audioquest with wattgate/marinco plugs Pre Amp - Conrad Johnson PV7 - Tube - Morrow MA3 Interconnect CD Player - Vincent S6 - HDCD - Tube - Nordost Cinemaflex 14 - stock power chord Speakers - Mission 752 - Cardas cable - entry level

Thanks for your honesty and help. You have gained a client!

Constantine Kastrinos

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I listened to my Transparent Music Link Ultra cables for almost a year before I tried the Morrow Audio MA3 interconnects. I was astonished with the new details I started hearing from all my favorite music. I am still blown away at how much more of the music I hear. These Morrow cables have really made a significant improvement in the quality of my music. I only wish I would have known about these cables before I spent so much on my other cables. Thanks Mike!


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Jim Jackson

I have never given a testimonial on any audio products, but I will give it a try. First let me give you a little history on myself. I have been in this hobby since 1974 and in this time period I have owned many systems and I have also owned an audio store.

The problem with this hobby is we have a tendency to believe that the more money you spend the better sound you will get. I've got some bad news for you. If you don't know by now that this statement is false you are in big trouble. I have spent tons of money on Audioquest, Synergistic Research, Harmonic Technology and Kimber Select. I have been waiting for some time now for someone to come up with a GREAT sounding cable at a reasonable price.

Now for the good news! Mike Morrow of Morrow Audio has developed great sounding cables at a reasonable price. At first I was cautious, I only ordered one pair of their MA3 balanced interconnects. I installed them in my system and was amazed at the improvement in the sound that I got. My system now has more AIR, DETAIL and a BIGGER SOUND STAGE! Now all the cables in my system are Morrow Audio cables.

Jim Jackson

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Terry D.

What can I say that hasn''t already been said in the other testimonials listed? I was looking to try some other (name brand) cables, but WHY!? I beleive I am there. I guess I know I will be coming back soon. Thanks Mike! Terry D.

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When I connected your cables to my system, I noticed signficant differences immediately. From the start, the MA3's are much better cables than the Nordost Red Dawns and Audience Maestros I had been using. My tube generated sounstage came alive like never before. The tone remained the same, but everything else improved. I thought I had discovered something that no one else knows about. By the way, I sold both the Nordost and Audience interconnects on E-Bay and I kind of felt bad, because these people really had no idea, or were aware that there were better alternatives to what they were pursuing. In the past, I was one of those. The Nordosts were scooped up in a day.

Anyway, have you considered contacting one of those Stereophile or Absolute Sound editors or one of the foreign magazines to review your cables? Or gone to one of the big name hi-end retailers to demonstrate your product? I believe that they would be a hit in the audio "mainstream." Best wishes, Rodolfo

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Richard Lerner

"I learned of Morrow Audio from a long standing Audiophile friend and former partner of mine in Richmond Audio and Video, Mike Gallaro. Mike, on several of our telephone conversations has been raving about the Morrow Audio speaker cables he purchased. I've always respected Mike's golden ears and stored Morrow Audio in my memory to try the cables when the need arose.

I have what I think is a very musical system comprising of Accustic Arts Transport, Reimyo Dap-777 Dac, DCS Purcell upsampler, Classe 2 box pre, and modded Krell KSA 150 amp. The system is cabled by Jena Labs Symphony inter., Shunyater power cords, Exact Power conditioners and Hydras etc. The speakers are Eggleston Isabel with the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter, which is outstanding but can get on the bright side if the cabling is mismatched.

Yesterday the Morrow MA3 Reference Two interconnects arrived and I could not get them into the system fast enough. I let the system warm up for two hours and thought I would listen for about twenty minutes. When I placed the first SACD "Doug McCleod" my jaw dropped. The timbre was spot on, actually superb. Imaging, transients depth and width of soundstage were also exceptionably good. The listening session went on for the next four hours.

The MA3 Reference Two interconnects replaced a Purist Audio Maximus, then a Cardas Golden Reference and then finally a Stereovox balanced 600 pair of interconnects.

Mike Gallaro was right again, they are truly excellent interconnects and I don't mean for the price point, I mean at any price! All I can say is Bravo!" Richard Lerner

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"I burnt the MA3 balanced cables through the Audio Dharma for 4 days. Today, I connected one of the pair with my Masterlink ML9600 recorder. What an astonishing sound! I have been using DH Labs Revelation Balanced Cable and was able to compare them side by side. The MA3 surely beats them. I am thinking of ordering 2 pairs of MA3 1 meter with RCA termination. Cheers!!" Abhijit

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Nelson Delrosario

After several months of trying out different interconnect cables I saw Mike Morrow''s ad on Audiogon for his MA3 interconnectss, so I went to his website to see what people who purchased his cables had to say. I am not much for the ''pro reviews'' so I read intently what other audiophiles like me had to say.

I purchased a pair and listened to them prior to break in. The highs were a little smeared and the mid range was a bit thin. The bass was excellent, going much deeper and tighter than any cables I had (Audioquest King Cobra, Diamondbacks, Columbia''s and Transparent Audio Plus.

After 7 straight days of cable break in, I listened to them again this morning- and WOW!!. All I can say is everything everyone has been saying about these cables are true! The highs are open and ''airy'', piano is very natural, and the bass is deep and tight, so deep that I turned off my B&W and Velodyne subs.

I would characterize the cables as very natural sounding, with a wide and deep soundstage, excellent highs that possess a natural decay on the cymbals (especicially). Midrange is smooth...balanced.

For the money you will spend on Morrow Cables you will not be dissappointed. Besides, how many manufacturers allow you a 60 day trial period?!!! I am now replacing ALL of my interconnects and look forward to trying Mike''s speaker cables... Nelson Delrosario

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"Mike, I have never taken the time to provide written feedback to anyone about any audio components I have purchased and placed in my system. However, I'm compelled to make my experience with Morrow Audio cables the exception.

I just replaced Kimber Kable Silver Streaks, Kimber Kable 8TC's and Nordost Frey's with your Morrow cables, specifically the MA3, MA4 and SP4's.

I'm not an audio expert and won't try to imitate one, however I know what significant changes I have heard in my system since installing your cables.

I'm experiencing a realism that I was missing. The sound stage is much larger and more open. Detail is better than ever and the sound is extremely clean, clear and concise. Importantly, it is neutral and not tainted. The dynamics are not over exaggerated but tight and clean. I feel like I'm hearing what the artists intended in their music presentation. In the world of audio you don't know what your missing until you hear what you were missing.

Please feel free to share this with your customers or anyone who might be in the market for cables. Your cables really do make a difference. WOW!" Kevin

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Tim V.

"Over the years I have tried many interconnect and speaker cables, homebrew and some brand names, even some of the homebrew nameless cables that had cost me an awful lot of money. I have tried many cables on Audiogon as well. I had what I thought were really good speaker cables and interconnects and didn't really feel the need to change them.

After looking through your ad on Audiogon and reading somewhere that your cables were superior to the other cables I saw, including that $9000 Transparent Reference cable, I was somehow convinced to try your cables knowing that I had sixty days.

My current speaker cables have 99.9999 whatever percent silver and were very expensive and are very heavy. The interconnects are comprised of short runs due to them being so expensive.

I really like your cables as they are so light. They were immediately very ambient sounding, lovely detail not heard before came from the wall of sound in front of me. Timing, attack and decay are particularly good with strong deep bass and a big open sound... so perfectly natural sounding. It was like changing amplifiers. There are no strange batteries or tubes connected to small boxes like some cable companies. I consider this to be a real bonus. Congratulations Mike. I honestly have not come closer to a more perfect cable than these and they are reasonably priced." Tim V.

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Rodolfo Bonnin

I have been upgrading my entire system over the past few months. It now consists of a Thorens turntable with a Goldring cartridge, Ballari tube preamp, Sony ES SACD player, Cayin integrated tube amp, AAD reference speakers, and cabling from Nordost and Audience, and XLO speaker cables. Not to mention the overpriced tweaks that include isolation platforms made of 3 inch maple with brass cones, power conditioners, isolation transformers, power cables, etc. I consider my system to have high resolution, but as any good audiophile will tell you, we want more.

The next step in the upgrade process was to locate a good interconnect. What I wanted in a cable is that elusive quality called inner or low-level detail. You usually don't find this in lower or mid-priced cables like the MA3's.

After trying a few different brand name products, I settled in on Nordost. They've been working great in my system and I always get compliments from my audiophile friends about the great sound I get. My eyes, ears and wallet were set on the Nordost Heimdalls. I went to the local dealer and took them home for a test run. Even though they improved the sound of my system, I did not get that WOW factor that I think an audio product should give you. I returned them to the dealer and moved up the Nordost line.

This time with the Nordist there was a WOW factor, but at a tremendous cost. I could not convince myself that I would be required to pay that much for something that I was beginning to believe could be found elsewhere, for less and for the same quality.

I'm not afraid to pay for quality, however, I am not impressed with pretty packaging ($), colorful brochures ($), excessive advertising ($$), or a product that looks like you want to eat it for dessert ($). I want an honest cable where the bulk of the company's investment went into its function. Isn't that what a cable is about? My amp can look pretty, my speakers can look pretty, but interconnects which are rarely seen, no thanks. I returned the Nordost cables to the dealer and started my hunt for the right interconnects...iInterconnects that would give me the WOW factor!

In my extensive and comprehensive search on the internet, I came across Morrow Audio and liked what I saw. I took the gamble and purchased a pair of MA3s. I was not entirely secure in what I was getting into, but what I read convinced me to take the risk. And it was a small investment to make compared to what my original intentions were with the brand name cables.

The cables arrived yesterday. They were surrounded by bubble-wrap. No fancy boxes, color brochures, enlightenments of how I have become part of the Elite and Exclusive world of hi-end audio by purchasing this product. No rationale telling me what I'm supposed to listen for. Only installation instructions and break-in procedures; apparently these cables need lots of time to break-in (at first I thought it was probably to keep people from returning them prior to the 60 day policy). As I was unwrapping, reading and connecting, I started to get that feeling that I was setting myself up for a disappointment. I thought you can't sneak past quality without paying for it.

The cables are thin and have the look and feel of Kimber with a black surround to cover them. The first thing I did was connect them to the CD player and I played the pink noise track on the Stereophile Test CD2 in repeat mode for about three hours. I was avoiding listening to them until they were somewhat broken in. To be honest, I did that to avoid the possible disappointment I would get from buying no-name $200+ cables sight unseen.

Three hours later, I went into the room and removed the test CD, and put on my usual culprits (the recordings I know inside and out. The first thing I noticed was that the tone was the same as my previous cables. No change there, and that was good.

Then things begin to change in the music I knew like the palm of my hand. Music was happening like never before. The first thing I said out loud was "that was'ent there before". Next came "that's a new sound!" Then came the "WOW", and many more "wows" after that.

As each CD went though audition, the sound got better and better. What was happening was that I was getting reacquainted with my well-known CDs and started hearing music that did not exist prior to these cables. It was a revelation! I did notice that the volume control on my amp had to go a notch more to get it at the levels I'm used to listening. I think that's because the instruments did not appear to be so close together in the soundstage as before.

Believe me when I tell you... I had a great soundstage before! The soundstage grew to beyond the speakers; that was a head turner! I perceived lower and more defined lows, and with tube equipment, that was quite a startling difference. Then the instruments started sounding fuller and more complete; I could hear more complexity in the sound from each instrument. Little sounds that weren't there suddenly materialized and little sounds that were not as noticeable before started popping out, and clearly. I wanted low-level detail... I got it! To say the least, I had a smile on my face!

Then came the big test, connecting them to the phono preamp. WOW again and many more "wows"! I spent the rest of the evening listening to music. Next week, I'm putting the Audience and Nordost cables on E-Bay. The MA3's are a wonderful investment, actually a steal! Incredible! With a claimed hundreds of hours of break-in to go, how much better can they possibly get? Great job Mike. You have a devotee. Rodolfo Bonnin

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"Hello Mike, I am not very good at this, but I know what I like to hear and this is it. At this time, I own four pair of Morrow Audio Cables The first pair I purchased was balanced MA3 cables; they replaced cables I paid $550.00 for. After the break in period the Morrow cables had more air, and much more detail, all the instruments in their place which gave me a very good stage.

The second pair I purchased was the PH3 cables, these cables replaced a $500.00 pair I had. Once again after the break in period the detail came out, the Morrow cables are much faster (Much More Precise)... Very Noticeable.

I also own one pair of MA1 cables and SP1 Cables. The SP1’s took longer then expected to break in, and they replaced a pair I paid $700.00 for. At this time they sound slightly better then my existing cables with only a little more detail and speed. Being this is his bottom line cable, I plan on upgrading to the SP3. For the money, I am very pleased with all four Morrow Cables I own." FM

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"After the break in period, the MA3 cables are so much more dynamic and tuneful, with inner details I have never heard before using those other more expensive cables (names withheld). The MA3 cables are very neutral, making my listening sessions much more involving. The term ''live'' comes to mind. Remarkable what a set of interconnects can do. This all began with the trial of the MA1s at the intro price offered. I am a Morrow Audio wire fan, and, will be making more purchases from Mike. The level of service is as well excellent." Danno

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Thanks for getting the cables to me so quickly. I have been listening to them and I am amazed at how much the soundstage has widened and how much detail has come through. Overall I like it, and I believe the sound will improve as they break in to the point where I will LOVE it. Again thanks for the prompt shipment. I really appreciate it! Fred

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John M.

"To me, the first time I put the SP3s into my system, I heard a degree of musicality that was simply stunning. Though I haven't had mega-buck cables, I've tried some pretty good ones. The SP3s simply beat them all and by a wide margin. Not sure how Mike pulled it off, but he's managed to offer a cable that is both reasonable, beautifully made, and sounds like music." John M.

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"I was totally enthralled with the transformation that came with the biwired SP4 cables and the MA3 interconnects. Even with minimal cable breakin! The perfomances have been brought into my living room, with a musicality and warmth that I have never experienced in 45 years of critical listening as a musician. My entry level audiophile home system has me totally satisfied and has the enthusiastic approval of my wife (who has better ears than me) You will be hearing lots more from me! Your cables have opened my ears to sounds I never knew were on the record. John

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Steve B.

"I Have to say that my MA3 cables have performed exactly as Mike and others have said they would. I got the burn-in option and when I got them I was very impressed, but the bass wasn''t there as some have said. After putting another 80-100 hours on them through regular listening I left on vacation for a week. When I came back I couldn't believe the sound I was getting from my system! The bass returned in spades! Amazing space with great imaging and detail. I guess they just needed to settle in. Now the sound I get from my system is amazingly consistent and enjoyable. Great cables and great service. Highly recommended." Steve B.

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Marco V

"About a year ago I started replacing all of my ''old'' audio equipment after switching from Windows based computers to Apple Macintosh only. I set myself the goal of getting the best possible sound for wireless playback & via iPod using the digital signal and the AIFF format. This alone would disqualify me as an audiophile (which obviously I am not) but let me tell you folks: I''ve not only succeeded achieving my goal, I have exceeded it.

A big part in this is to Mike''s brilliant interconnects. Every time I replaced a couple of my older cables with Mike''s products, the improvements were quite obvious (you can fill in the usual audiophile verbiage here). I've never heard anything so good in my less than optimum living room... ever! All my cables are now from Morrow Audio and I love them. Add to this that Mike's a great person to deal with, you can''t go wrong. Best bang for the buck in my book." Marco V

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"Although I did order the break-in service, I still went through a bit of a ritual to further break them in (you site mentions at least 400 hours). For about 200 hours I sent "noise" from an FM tuner through the cables. At that point I plugged everything in and let things settle for a day. I use the two cables from my phono section to the pre-amp. I need two since I use a Burson Audio Buffer in between. Your MA-3 cables are replace some rather expensive Silent Source Reference cables.

Right off the bat there was a noticeable improvement! It did not just sound different, there was a definite improvement. The first striking difference was a more focused sound stage. There was already "air" between the band members with the old set up, but the focus was much sharper.

Even after the first few hours of listening there was a continued improvement until things are now stable after a couple hours more of listening. I find that some back ground singers are now actually distinct double tracks (something i never notice before on some albums). I also find there is a more realistic depth in the sound stage. There was definitely clear depth and presence of back ground instruments and singers, however with the new cables they are even more distinct, and I suddenly seem to have a more layered depth and a more left right resolution of background instruments and singers.

What is a very unusual thing I found was that the music at the same level I listened to before is actually much louder with the new cables. THis is something which I cannot explain. For some pieces I actually had to turn down the volume.

So far I am very happy with no regrets. One thing I would like to point out is that in the past, different setup would generally end up making changes, but there were trade-offs. Improve the sound stage and I lose some tightness in the bass, get better mid range and the highs would suffer. With your cables there was improvement across the board, it was not just trading off one benefit against losing some other.

I am a person that is more interested in how musical the reproduction is an not just the "technical" reproduction, unfortunately, that is the language we use to describe what we hear. Regardless, the Morrow MA-3 definitely improves the musicality of the music to make it sound more real and live than before, and to me that is the most important feature and improvement I have found so far."

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Anthony Thompson

Hi Mike... So far I am extremely happy with my MA3 interconnect (between my CD and integrated amp) and bi-wired SP3 speaker cables. Yes, I did order the full 5 day break in at your end for each, so have avoided that difficult period.

Right out of the packaging, I was astonished at the improvement over my Audioquest Topaz interconnect and much heavier gauge speaker cables. I never realised my relatively modest system could sound so good. Up until the change to your cables, I was beginning to wonder whether I needed to upgrade my speakers or components. Now I'm extremely happy with them as they stand. I use a Musical Fidelity A3.5 CD player and A3.5 dual-mono integrated amp. My speakers are probably unknown to most of your customers or yourself - they are Australian made full range floor standers by a local manufacturer called VAF Research, using the model DCX-Gen4 (feel free to check out their website:

From the certificate re break in in your packaging, I understand that the 5 days break in you provided is equivalent to 10 days musical break in, so 240 hours. That first afternoon of listening I went from CD to CD, grinning from ear to ear and saying "what the #%^@!" numerous times, to no one in particular.

I was amazed by the extra detail I was hearing on all disks, the incredible snap of percussion, the blackest background I have ever (not!) heard, and the full and incredibly deep and taught bass. The extra air and rich bloom of the mid range was also fantastic considering I thought these cables still needed much more break in to reach their full potential.

Since installing the cables last Friday, I have given them another 30 hours of use, with a combination of moderate listening volumes for music across all genres, and some serious blasting at concert level whenever I can (when the wife and kids are out of the house!). I estimate that overall, your cables have probably had 270 hours use. The system is now just so addictive!

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Morrow cables and already am certain that I will not be returning them! Even my 11 year old daughter notices an amazing improvement and says "wow" a lot, and my non audiophile wife who is extremely skeptical of all things to do with money spent on my system agrees there was a noticebly strong improvement with much more detail, snap and sparkle.

Anthony Thompson, Sydney, Australia

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Lorenzo Baskerville

"I will not keep stating all of the accolades that you have received thus far. Let it suffice to say that these cables do not get in the way of the music! After all, that is what good cables are supposed to do. Your cables become a transparent conduit from your equipment to the speakers and hence to you.

I am now hearing the potential that my CJ preamp, amp and Quad 989 speakers have to offer. I am now just waiting to receive your SP5 Grand Reference speaker cable. Knowing in anticipation the new standard that my system will be elevated to beyond my comprehension of why this is sounding so good. I never thought that cables would make that much of a difference, my bad!

Thanks for the education! Lorenzo Baskerville"

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Ernie Adams

"All I can say is WOW! The MA3's with the Silver Eichmans took my sound to another level. Diana Krall now has a much more defined sound. It now has a "small club" sound. Just a hint of an echo in her voice that wasn't there before. The bass improved, as well as the guitar, which is more focused. The soundstage got larger... more height, and a bit more width. Now all I have left is the phono cable I want to get those in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for such wonderful cables. Take care, Ernie Adams"

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Jim Webb

"I bought MA3 interconnects and SP3 speaker cables, both with a two day break-in period. The first day I got my cables, I could not wait to hear my system.

I'm not an audiophile, more an audio enthusiast, but even with the two day break-in, my high end was a little smeared, mid range was very thin and my bass was well "shy". I was determined to run the break-in around the clock for 7 day straight, I installed the speaker cable, found some "white noise" on FM and started my "break-in process. I then installed my interconnects, I took out a "carousel" CD player, loaded it with five rock CD's and hit the continuous play and left my system alone. Every other day (48 hours) I would play a few songs off my CD player, every day the sound improved!

At the end of my seven day break-in (264 total hours), I couldn't believe my ears, the sound stage was extremely broad, much larger than I ever heard before, it had depth and was so open. My bass was deep and detailed, tight and so controlled. the mid range was smooth and balanced. The high end was open and airy, clean and so clear.

There were sound coming out of my system that I never heard before, the brushes on the cymbal's, a clarinet that was buried before by a sax. I listen to a lot of singing jazz and Diana Krall was no longer "Live in Paris" she was in my living room!

Oh by the way, I still had my pre 1990 Denon DCM-320 playing my CD's, which I used for my break-in!!! I switched over to my Cambridge Audio 740C after the first 300 hours and am still in the last 200 hours of break-in for the CA CD player. Now I have my system on a 18' wall, with the CA 740 at about 100 hours into the "break-in" I'm going to need a larger wall, my sound stage is unbelievable now.

My wife has been after me to get a new carousel CD player for our parties etc, I plan on buying the MA 4's for the CA player and use the MA 3's for the carousel player. What a product, I'm out of the country now, but I can't wait to get home and start listen to my "new system". Thank you Mike!"

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"In my experience with your cables I've tried to minimize the roller coaster ride by breaking in the cables using my fm tuner on static as suggested. From the testimonials it seemed crazy to put yourself through it when all it takes is a little time on the fm tuner. I was continually surprised in the process with my MA3's as I then played music through the cables at different stages. Starting off in week one with a clarity I hadn't heard in the instruments before but sounded thin, then working it's way into a very broad distinct sound stage and fuller sound into week two. The MA3's make the system come to life and the old amp has subtleties I didn't know it had. Thanks Mike for making a product that enhances listening into such joy. The music sounds "so real" with acoustic guitars coming to life. Using your cables on my system produces an openness and clarity in instruments that I have not heard before. Thanks for creating products that people of all budgets and system configurations can enjoy, and achieve the best out of their system they can. Kind regards, Peter"

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Ernie Adams

Mike. I've had my ma3's plugged in for 3 days now and left my cd player on 24/7. Tonight I put on a cd and OMG! I don't know what you do to these things but the bass just came through so detailed and deep. The mids and highs have always been good, but are now even better too. Not done tweaking, but this is amazing. Of course my sp3 speaker cables are now at about 100 more hours after your 5 day burn in, so I know that has some part of it too.Thanks for great, and I do mean great products. Ernie Adams

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Matt Miller

"Mike, I tore the MIT out of my system and put in the MA3. WOW, I am so excited about the sound I am getting. Its as if the Morrow cable isn''t there at all. Music is all I hear now. I can actually hear how my components sound. I am so happy with your cable. My father wanted me to help find a XLR MIT cable to hook up his Super audio player to his preamp. I will be advising him to purchase a Morrow Audio cable! Thanks Mike :-) Matt Miller"

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Ron B

I bought the MA3 to try and see if they were really better than my beautiful AQ King Cobra. I always wanted and finally got these Cobras and was thrilled. So the Morrow cables were already in trouble from the start. Well, to make a long story short the King Cobra lost out quite easily to the Morrow MA3. The MA3 just sounded so much more detail and smoother. I mean silky smooth n quiet.

I am very pleased with these cables and thank GOD for the Easy Pay payment plan otherwise I wouldl be missing out with my needing to still use my AQ King Cobra. Thanks Mike and I am forever a customer and a fan. Ron B

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Charles M

"Just a spectacular difference in my listening experience - clarity, separation of instruments, depth of sound, richness of tone, spatial ambience. I am hearing all kinds of nuances that I never knew were there. Worth every cent I paid. Thank you." Charles M

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Ciao, Terry

Hello Mike! My Morrow cables are performing splendidly. I replaced the Mogami cables with the SP3s/MA3s and immediately heard a difference. I did try to do the "break-in" while I was away. Still not sure if I heard any weirdness. We've got over 200 hours on them now and my whole system just sounds so damn good. I will expound on the Morrow greatness to any and all who are interested. And yes, I'm very active on various forums, so I will be spreading the "good news"... I will be getting more Morrow cables as needs/funds allow. Next up? Probably digital and phono ICs.

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David Price

Dear Morrow Audio, I just wanted to let you know that after 336 hours the MA3 interconnects are awesome in my system!!!!! Your 5 day burn in helped a lot and then I ran them in another 96 hours. WOW! Want you to know that your MA3 kicked major butt over the 4 times more expensive interconnect I was using. Now, I am a believer! David PriceBeat out cables 4 times the price!

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.