Scott F Submitted: 2019.01.09

I wanted to take this time, to send you a message here. I belong to a VERY LARGE audio club here in Knoxville, TN. RA was telling GM about your cables. GM bought a pair, but alas, they were too short for what he had in mind. A few days later, the captain came by, and he gave to Capt. the cables to bring to me, for me to borrow. They hung up along with a myriad of other cables, well, because I already had plenty of good cables on hand. "Yeah, Yeah, I'll get to those here in a few days". I started listening the night before last. G said they already had several hours break-in, but not enough. Crazy CRAZY crazy. sure enough, the cables changed character just while I was listening to them, over the course of the last 2 evenings. WOWW, just like you claim in the white paper !!

I have got to make a long story short, because I don't type so fast. Please see below the line for the recent message sent out to the fellas:

Re: Follow-up/ Morrow Cables

After further intense, and SERIOUS listening last night. I stand behind the MA-1's 1000% After discussing the details with G, it turns out that his, are Standard MA-1's. At this point, I see no reason to order any other of the upgrades. Of course, I reserve the right to change my viewpoint/and is subject to change over time.

I printed out the SSI Technology white paper, from his web site, and absorbed it all like a sponge does to water.

EERIE goosebumps as he had described on paper, exactly what was in store for my listening experience. Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

I just did, it's behind you in the introduction video. Based on large round horns for the mid-range. No kidding, that's how I do it as well. Even the same colour red. No wonder.

But, here's the thing. I know a LOT of audiophiles. I mean a LOT. Once the word gets out, you might expect an increase in business. Some of the guys I know, are also in the cable business. I'll try and be gentle with them.

Next, I'm going to order a pair for Capt. S, and then another longer set for me, to go from my source section, over to the active crossover section. Eventually, I'll change all cables to Morrow. (Amazing, just like you said in the video).

What else can I say? I Am impressed, and I don't impress very easily.

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David A Submitted: 2018.01.16

Hi Mike, I'm sure you don't need my affirmation with all the positive feedback you get about your cables, but just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying your MA 1 interconnects. I'm particularly impressed with the way the spatial information is maintained, I getting a very solid sound stage making it very easy to locate the instrument in space.

Regards, David A

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Donald Patterson Submitted: 2017.04.12

I got a new cd player and I was using synergistic research cables and I thought I would try my MA1 interconnects. My jaw dropped at the difference. Your cables are stunning!

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Gary D Submitted: 2016.11.07

Hi Mike, I thought I should tell you about my satisfaction with your cables and how they have improved my listening.

I met you at the audio show in Chicago, spring of 2016. I wanted to improve my 7.1 interconnects between the cd/dvd to preamp. I bought 8 MA1’s. What a change! The image and sound improved. Thinking if these are the entry cables, I had to try one of the better cables. I decided to upgrade the center and L&R front channel runs.

With Mike’s upgrade program it was an easy decision. I went with MA4’s. What a great choice! I cheaped out on the burn in. But I plugged in the cables when they arrived. I thought "what did I do", The sound stage was just ok but there was little bass, the treble was rolled off. I read that the burn in would take time, it did.

I let the cd player play for three days. Then listened again. The sound had changed, there was better bass and treble, the sound stage was getting better. Every day the sound was a little better.

I then invested in a pair of MA5’s, cd to preamp. Also the 5 day break in. This is where the fun started! The sound stage was much larger, bass & treble was greatly improved, and seemed better each day I listened. This improved for a few weeks.

The last notes and voices seemed to linger at the end of each song, bigger sound stage and better dynamics. I was sold. Next was MA5’s for the run between the preamp to power amps. It is a 9 meter run. My wife was hard to convince to spend the money on just cables.

The easy payments were the way to go. It kept the payments reasonable. I also opted for the 10 day breaking in. They had to sound great out of the box or my wife would not be pleased.

I plugged the new cables in and my mouth dropped. The micro acoustics were amazing, I found myself listening at lower volumes. About a week later I was having coffee and listening to an SACD by Allison Krause. The Martin Logans took music lessons overnight. Goose bumps. The bass notes were crawling up my legs. The midrange was silky smooth. Cymbals were delicate yet you felt the percussion. Soundstage was 3 dimensional, I checked that I was only using the front two channels

Next was "Stronger Than Pride’ by Sade. Her voice was haunting. I said that we should see her when she tours. I closed my eyes and she was singing in front of me! The last song of the album was a cut called "Siempre Hay Esperanza". The sound stage was a mile wide, instrument sounds were originating from outside of the speakers radiating area. I found myself taking deep breaths not believing how amazing the music sounded. Now I find myself just enjoying the music, what it’s all about anyway.

Thanks Mike, for creating products that gets you closer to the music, Gary from Milwaukee

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Peter M Submitted: 2016.10.08

How often have you received more for your money? For that matter, when was the last time you received your money's worth for anything? It's been so long for me that receiving less has become the "new normal." Well, let me tell you how surprised I was to hear my new interconnects from Morrow Cable. I ordered the entry level MA-1 interconnects from Morrow Cable.

After connecting these beauties, I had to do a double-take, and I swear, I rechecked the package because I thought Morrow Cable sent me something far better than I had ordered; e.g., their MA-2 or MA-3 cables. The sound quality of these entry level MA-1 interconnect cables was so good, so unexpected and simply wonderful that I supposed there had to be a mistake in my favor. There was no mistake. Morrow Cable sent me exactly what I ordered - the MA-1 entry level interconnects.

This brings me back to my initial quesions. I received incredible detail, staging, and overall sound quality for what amounted to "pocket change" or the price of a decent lunch (not dinner; lunch) from a retaurant in Los Angeles. In other words, I received "more" for my small amount of money than I ever could have imagined right out of the package! When does that happen? The quality of sound is so terrific, that I swear I heard my low-end equipment saying: "What do you think of me now?" I was thrilled, and still am. My listening enjoyment went up like a rocket!

Even lesser recordings sounded like they were re-mastered! Am I happy? You bet! I finally received more for my money - - not less or even equal to - - but much more for my money! This is not supposed to happen because the "new normal" is to get less, expect less, and be satisfied. America can make a product can make a great product and Morrow Cable has proved that America is coming back to take the lead back in audio once again for a fair price, just like we did in the Golden Age of Audio in the 1980's and today, Morrow Cable is on the leading edge of a new come back age!

You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for wonderful, realistic, playback sound like the Brand X companies want you to believe - - and Morrow Cable stands behind their products with a 100%, no questions asked, money back return policy. I'm not returning my cables, ever. "Wild horses" couldn't take my entry level, MA-1, Morrow Cables away from me.

I highly recommend these cables; your wallet will thank you; and you'll have enough money left over for that great lunch or dinner in Los Angeles! And, soon, you'll start thinking, "Wow, what more could the MA-2, -3 or -4 cables do?" In their graduated cables, Morrow Cable gives you something more to discover and look forward to with your sound system . I am a satisfied new "Morrow Head" and other than my new cables, I have no financial connection with Morrow Cable. It's just great to get more for my money! Try 'em; you'll like 'em.

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Ferrell Submitted: 2016.09.19

Hi. The MA1 is hands down the best cable I've ever heard, by a wide margin. It has all the smoothness and detail I crave from my music. Going from stock RCAs and even Audioquest Evergreens was like cleaning a dirty window and finally being able to see directly into a recording. All the subtle nuances that make a recording unique became very easy to recognize, kicking my enjoyment of music up several notches. The included literature with a guide to cable break in (very important) was super helpful. Thank you for your great quality and service. I am looking forward to upgrading in the future to better Morrow cables.

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Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio Submitted: 2015.05.11

"Morrow Audio cables are very well crafted. Using Morrow cables in our systems, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country." - Bill, Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio

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Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio Submitted: 2015.06.01

**"Morrow Audio cables are very well crafted. Using Morrow cables in our systems, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country." - Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio

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Al Thunderbear

I love your interconnects! They have great clarity, presence, extension and just sound beautiful. Having tried numerous IC's over the years, I believe these are quite special. They are crazy good for the money! Thanks.

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Carter C

Hey Mike, got the cables and all I can say is WOW! They blow away everything I have, and I have some in the 1000's of dollars. Can I get another 1 mtr pair?

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Virgil B

"Great audio cables Mike! BIG improvement on my audio system... soundstage, focus and tone quality, it is all there. Great job Mike. I finally have a reference audio cable!"

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"Great cables! You're gonna be smiling ... Try them out! Wow!"

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"Mike's interconnects are outstanding! They have worked out very well, very clean and detailed. I will definitely do business with him again."

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Greg L

"Mike, I love your cables! They are neutral with no sonic character, which is what I've been looking for in a interconnect. I was using Transparent Reference which cost 300 times as much, plus it whipped the pants off my Cardas Golden as well! What more could you ask for? Thanks!"

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Beautiful super-minimalist design interconnects made to order and delivered within days. Amazing clarity of sound and deep bass. Forget all the hype of all the Audiogon interconnects. These are the real thing!

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Scott Cross

I've had the cables for a bit and am enjoying them very much... I had occasion to do a comparison with some Monster Cables and the like... Once I switched the MA1's back into the system, I lost all interest in further comparison. They resulted in a dramatically extended dynamic range (both high and low) and much more detail. Needless to say, I am very happy with the purchase. I would like to go ahead and purchase another 1 meter set.

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Your MA1s have changed the way I view cables. I was never a cable person, I used generic or other mass marketed cables or homemade units, I never heard a difference with cables, until the MA1. The difference was immediate and substantial, for the good.

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John Batton

I had just about given up on audio tail chasing. Buy the "it" and then hoping for better sound, buy a more recommended "it", etc, etc. Very frustrating to say the least. and the sad thing is I was an industry professional for 2 decades and a music/audio gear enthusiast for 40 years.

After 2 hours of listening to my set up with your MA1's, I am astounded! And you say it will get better in the next month? Amazing! This is the best 100 dollars !,ve ever spent on any audio gear.

I am listening to Famous Blue Raincoat by Jennifer Warnes. I've listened to this CD for 20 years. My system has never sounded like this. You promised and delivered! I didn't doubt your integrity, but have heard so many promises that just don't deliver. But now I am experiencing just beautiful sounds here. Lots of audio people can wax poetic on all this but I'm just going to say that the MA1's are working like I want it too; dramatic difference in all area of subjective analysis. You should be, and I think you are, proud of your products and design achievements!

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Mitchell H

Mike, holy snap! I never really believed cables mattered a whole lot. I mean, besides walmart cables. Now I am a believer! Sound is better across the board, you can fill in any ''audiophile'' esoteric comments in place of my statement. But the truth is, even in my modest Rotel/B&W setup, EVERYTHING is BETTER. Thanks for a great product!

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John Moses

"Thank you for the MA1's. Man are they good! I am very please with the sound so far. They have only been in my system for two days, but from the start they are impressive. I should have purchase some of your cables before I updated my system. I have spent up words of $3600.00 on cables in the last month, but will have to re-do my system with yours.

As soon as I heard the MA1's I gave the old ones that they replaced to a friend. Once again thank you. By the way, it was your Gold Club MA1 cable offer that got me to try them. I wish I would have listen to myself when I first started looking at the reviews on your website, but they just seemed not believable. I have tried others from reviews and they did not come close to what I was expecting. Yours however have met and exceeded my expectations, I am impressed!"

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Steve Kindig

"Hi Mike,

Not sure if this email address actually goes to you, but if not I hope someone passes this along. I Just wanted to say how impressed I am by your MA-1 interconnects. They’re not even fully broken in yet and they sound fantastic! As has been mentioned in many testimonials, I noticed big improvements in the bass and a larger, deeper soundstage. I expect I’ll be trying some of your other cables soon. Well done! Best regards, Steve Kindig"

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"I received your interconnects today, which were the $39.00 special, plus break-in. I removed my Signal Cable Reference with Silver Eichmans from the output of my Musical Fidelity VDAC to the input of my Morrison ELAD preamp and substituted the Morrows. The Morrows are superior even at half break-in and even without the bullet termination. Also superior to my Nordost Red Dawn. Overall the Morrows are smoother and at higher volume remain smooth.

After taking a peek at my Paypal balance, I find that it is low, but I plan on buying more Morrow cable in the future. I'm very happy." Thanks, Lynne

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Cliff H

"First thing I noticed were that my cables (ma1) sounded faster and had more toe tapping prat. As they broke in I warned my wife ''As these break in there is supposed to be a period when they dont sound that good.'' Her comment about three weeks later was ''so when are these cables going to start not sounding good.'' I chuckled and had to agree with her. At first I was worried about a loss of bass due to the size of the cables but bass has, in fact, improved and is tighter and more detailed. Detail is so much better then my old cables. The thing that I find most satisfying is that the high's and the midrange on my speakers, Alon 4's, sound "planar like" and are more homogeneous. All and all a pleasant surprise and a steal at there cost." Cliff H

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Mike, "I received my MA1's today, and I have to say: right out of the box they bested my tried-and-true MIT Zap1 interconnects. Great stuff, man. I can't wait until they're truly broken in. Thanks! You'll hear from me again for more cable upgrades. Best, grl"

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"When I first saw the MA1's, I thought something's missing! They're so thin! But trust me, the sound is all there. Although they're not yet fully broken in, if they eventually sound better than they do now (hard to believe), it'll be crazy! Crazy good!" McDave

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John 2


"I am really impressed with the improvement your MA1 Interconnects have made. I played the Boston Symphony/Munch version of Saint-Saens Symphony No 3 & the Organ blew me away." John

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Ben Parker 2

"G'day Mike,

Just a little note on the progress of my new cables. I'm still in the process of break-in, having listening sessions only on the weekends at this stage. Each time brings slight changes in the overall sound but certainly there is always a distinct improvement in detail, insight, smoothness, soundstage and separation.

As you may remember, I purchased 3 MA1 cables. My first impression was that they were so light. I have them connecting CD player & preamp, turntable & preamp and pre & power.My Pioneer SACD player can be a little peaky in the top end at higher volume levels and my speakers' crossover has been adjusted to a slightly higher treble response since they were bi-wired some years ago which can exacerbate the Pioneer's sound somewhat. When played at a slightly lower level, it is the best sound I have had. My listening room is carpeted with soft furnishing so it is not at all live. Although not large, my speakers may be a bit too big for the room, but years of tweaking with speaker placement and equipment isolation give me a sound I can enjoy.

My system is quite modest and certainly not new. I've had my turntable (Denon DP-55K) & arm (SME IIIs)for more than 30years. Amplification is a Radford STA25 reissue (EL34's, 12AX7's & 12AU7's) with a Trevor Lees ZFB1 pre (based on a Dynaco PAS2 or 3), speakers are Whatmough Monitors Mark VI (a Melbourne based manufacturer) based around the KEF B200. The late Colin Whatmough did great things with crossovers in those days (I purchased them second hand in 1983) with quite a nice midrange.

But back to the cables, I reckon I have a reasonable ear in guaging potential in equipment, having often listened to equipment, both mine and my friends', in rooms that are not always ideal. Nevertheless, each listening session has given me greater insight into the music and performances. I look forward to further improvements as I venture further along the stages of break-in. Certainly, for these entry-level cables, and especially at the special price, they have proved to be an absolute bargain and an excellent investment.

I'm certainly telling my friends, especially close buddy and local audio guru Peter Familari about them. Cheers, Ben Parker"

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These are fantastic cables for a great price. Fortunately, I discovered Morrow Audio, and your MA-1 cables on sale, before I went and spent way too much for something else. These are a fantastic value that bring out the full potential of my system: the midrange is clear and incredibly detailed, and I''m hearing things in the upper and lower ranges I''ve never heard before. In short, because of these cables, I now know what ''soundstage'' really means. I will most likely be getting some of your speaker cable before long. -John

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"My MA1 IC's finally opened up during the breakin period, and holy shit! I never thought I would say this, because I am a conservative audio guy who hates hyperbole, but its like I just got a system upgrade, and just from an interconnect. Very impressive! String bass sounds like a string bass" Thanks, Dave

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Bob A.


I had to send you this email to tell you how pleased I am with your MA1 interconnects.

First, let me preface my statements by telling you that there have been two things that I always believed about cables. The first is that all decent quality cables should sound alike. The second is that cables don't require break-in.

Anyway, I installed the the MA1s in an all tube two-channel system. They replaced Kimber Kable Hero ICs (which, to me, qualify as quality cables). The improvement was immediate and certainly not subtle, and this was right out of the box! I'm really not a golden ear type of guy, but I sat there listening to several CDs and LPs thinking "more clarity" and "better sound stage" on every one.

The bottom line is that the MA1s are an excellent product that has produced genuine improvement in the sound of my system. Thanks again, Bob A.

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Keven J.

"Mine are the MA2s and they replaced basic monsters. I am 43 and have been slowly building my first real system over the last 14 months. I needed to do it on as tight of a budget as possible, so I read a LOT of blogs and reviews. The MA2 interconnects were the final piece. They smoothed out the brightness, gave beautiful detail, brought out more wonderful bass, and presented an almost 3D sound stage. There are probably other cables out there that will do the same thing, but I will never know. The break-in period was a rough ride, but was worth it. I took about 250 hours before they started REALLY sounding good. I still can't believe what a difference cables can make. Isn't it just wire?" Keven J.

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Richard Cass:

I just hooked up the new MA1's, one pair from the Dynaco PAS II to the Odyssey Stratos Extreme monoblocks, another pair from the Sony SACD changer to the preamp. I threw on Wilco's self-titled album, and without any break-in at all, I was very impressed with a number of things.

First and foremost, the dynamic range is just astounding. I kept finding myself being startled when loud passages followed quiet ones. I never knew just how much compression was going on with my old cables.

Also, the transients are now blazing fast -- a very noticeable change. There are parts that just stop on a dime, and other parts where the decay just sounds so much more realistic.

Soundstage is wider and more holographic, and timbre is better defined. The ride cymbal is phenomenal -- just extremely present. Without break-in, guitar distortion and crash cymbals sound a tad untamed, but what I'm gaining in instrument separation and new-found detail more than makes up for it.

Most of all, I'm just having FUN listening to these. They changed the sound so profoundly, it's almost like listening to a new system, or hearing these songs for the first time all over again. And I guess that's really what I'm always going for. I'm looking forward to receiving my new PH1's in the mail this week.

Thanks for a really nice bargain product. I can't stand comparisons between products that all have their own relative merits, so I won't go there. But these cables certainly have their own thing, and they deserve to be part of the conversation involving some of the better known players in the industry.

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Jim Chrzanowski

These MA-1 interconnects are a flaming audio bargain. I bought two 1/2 meter pairs and, after 240 hours break in time, installed them between: a Bryston CD player and a Vincent Audio PHO-8 phono preamp to a Creek Destiny integrated.

The difference in the phono deal was immediately obvious - much more clarity and soundstage.

The connections between the Bryston and the Creek occured this morning because I had to move some shelves into order to compensate for the interconnect lengths I ordered. The difference was blatantly obvious all to the good. I suspect that the phono connections were not as amazing due to the leads to the Vincent which were stock Rega stuff from the tonearm.

These are stunning audio improvements. At the Morrow Audio asking price, they are a total benefit of the buyer... For those of you out there ready to drop eighty to a hundred bucks on 180 Gram remastered LP's or Gold Mo-Fi CD's, buy a couple of pairs of the MA-1's first, then drag out all of your old software and check out the difference. Mike, do not raise the price until I order a "few" more pair...

I am not a interconnect/wire changing neurotic but prefer to mess around with changes every couple of years."

Mike, a future order will be following "shortly..." Thank you very much...

Jim Chrzanowski

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Michael Samra

"Many of you know me from the Audio Asylum as the guy with 368 vintage tube amps. I have never been fanatic over cables but I have over rebuilding my vintage gear with top grade modern components that make them audiophile quality and them some.

I bought a pair of these MA1 ICs, being that I loved the price Mike was selling them for. The cables just put me into a trance! Every bit of the audio spectrum was well executed such as vocals, imaging, spacing and detail. It did it all without losing control of the music and there wasn''t the slightest bit of harshness. Progressive jazz as well has Vienna type classical are very good test records for testing these cables. I will be upping the ante by getting Mike''s better cables, but let me tell you... I can''t stop listening to these cables! Michael Samra"

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Mike, I hooked up the new interconnect between my CDP and Amp and noticed that the tone and definition was more precise and articulate than before. I put on a Bill Evans CD to test things out. I had the opportunity to see the Bill Evans Trio in Toronto many years ago, sitting right in front of the stage - a memorable experience. After listening for 20 minutes or so it occurred to me that what I was hearing was just how I remember him sounding on stage - a very excellent result.

I may be interested in speaker cables as well!

Regards, Harold

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Hello Mike, Just wanted to give you a quick feed back about the MA1 ICs. After burning them in for 2 weeks straight, I moved them to my main system. I didn't expect too much because the cables I was using have been pretty decent. The MA1's exceeded my expectation. After just 2 days of listening, it is obvious to me now that overall the high frequencies are extended, and the bass is tighter and faster. I thought I might miss the more spacious and warmer midrange of the old cables, but overall the MA1 provided a better experience. They are here to stay in my main system. Also, as a side note, the MA1s were surprisingly resistant to interferences given their minimalist construction, possibly thanks to it's twisted configuration. All in all, MA1s are great IC that I am happy to recommend to friends. Thanks Mike! Jess

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David Wennberg


It's been about a week and a half since I received your email, but I wanted to get more listening time as I experienced the break-in process. I'll preface my comments with saying that I don't know what kind of equipment your average customer has, but even a relatively modest system can benefit greatly from your interconnects and cables. I have a Marantz PM8003 integrated amplifier, SA8003 super audio CD player, Logitech Squeezebox for digit streaming, and Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grand speakers.

Having spent some time reading forums and reviews of different cables I thought I would give a pair of your MA1 interconnects a trial. The Logitech Squeezebox comes with the cheapest interconnects I've seen, and giving credence to the weakest link theory, was confident that I would see an improvement in sound quality. I was instantly blown away by the clarity and definition in the first minutes of listening. I always accepted that music steamed from the internet, even the higher quality Pandora subscription based stream, is inferior to audio CDs. With the MA1 interconnects, to my delight the quality of sound reproduction from the internet was immensely (can I put that in bold, italic, underlined, and in quotes?) improved. If the break-in period would show additional gains as espoused by other customers then I was all in. I order interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords for the complete system that very evening.

Yes, during the break-in period the sound does go through some rough times, but what I have been treated to for my patience is amazing. The clarity and definition across the sound spectrum is incredible, the sound stage fills the room, and the bass is deeper and richer than I've experienced previously. I am more than pleased with Morrow Audio products.


David Wennberg"

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Mark Nichols

"Mike, Unbelievable!! I purchased the ma-1 from you and I have been blown away since about 250 hours breakin. My tube preamp has never sounded better. The sounds are amazing. Thanks for the basement prices on the ma-1s I will be getting the phono interconnect soon. Having a phono preamp with step up being made now. Thanks. Mark Nichols"

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Rodger Beaty

Hi Mike, love the interconnect cables... Could hear a big difference the moment I connected them up in my system. The sound was more defined and could hear the different instruments and vocals more clearly. I am no audiophile and don't, know exactly how to describe it, but I do know that the sound is better. It has taken a while for these to break in, but you explained this, and I am quite satisfied. So much so that I have ordered more! Rodger Beaty

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Ronnie Beng Chiew

"Received the 2 Pairs of MA1 Interconnect I ordered 10 days ago, and what more can I say! I have a couple of equipments and speakers to play around and I used these MA1 on my vintage QUAD 66 Series of Pre & Power & 66 CD Player driving the Maggie MMG. Immediately the presentation was awesome, even though they are still not broken in yet. I am just wondering what I will hear when the break in period is achieved. I was spinning Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin Album and have no regret in purchasing this great interconnects. Thank You!" Ronnie Beng Chiew

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Dear Mike,

I do apologise for the lateness of this email but I have been meaning to put together my feedback for quite some time now.

When I ordered your cables, it was a leap of faith for me. I have been an audiophile for well over 30 years, having bought my first system back in the mid ‘70’s. All through this time, I’ve had a curious interest in audio cables but my engineering background had moulded me into a sceptic. No matter how many reviews I read, I couldn’t convince myself that any improvements to sound quality could ever be any better than can be produced by generic but well-made cables – at least, not much better anyway. The prices which some manufacturers ask for their cables are frankly hard to justify and this fact alone has been enough to turn my attention elsewhere when looking for improvements.

My current system consists of equipment which largely ranges between 5 and 10 years old. The electronics are based on the Musical Fidelity X series from the mid-2000’s and my loudspeakers are floor-standing Spendor S8e’s. The X-ware has been interconnected via the aforementioned generic "well made" cables and the speakers are connected via generic OFC cable. I should also mention my B&W ASW1000 subwoofer which has served me well for many years. All well and good, and I have been very pleased with this system for a long time.

Recently, my curiosity got the better of me and I started asking myself what if cables do make a difference? What if I’ve been wrong and all those reviewers were not just imagining the improvements they claimed for their interconnects? This is when I started looking into available cables. As this would be more or less an experiment, I didn’t want to spend too much. I was looking for excellent quality for the lowest price – the best bang for as little buck as possible! Looking at cable prices, I was nearly at the point of giving up when I came across the Morrow Audio web site. Here I found cables I could afford and that were being offered with some very attractive discounts! I read with interest the articles about Cable Theory and Design and the Break In Process. It all made sense to me. I started reading testimonials and reviews and soon I was hooked. At these prices, I was able to take a chance, especially with the 60 day return policy.

I placed my order for three MA1 Interconnect pairs and one DIG1 Digital Interconnect and, given the currently favourable exchange rates of the AUD, I was also able to afford the two day break-in service. All I had to do now was wait for my cables to be made and delivered to my door. During this time, I reassured myself by reading more reviews and testimonials. I was happy with my decision to buy and I couldn’t wait to try the new cables.

In spite of all this, the sceptic in me was still expecting a modest improvement at best. When the cables arrived, I carefully unpacked them and gave them a good visual inspection. These were clearly extremely well constructed and used high quality connectors. I was glad that they were very flexible as this would make them very easy to connect in tight places. I removed the existing interconnects, cleaned all the RCA sockets with Kontak, and hooked in the new cables, making sure they were plugged in firmly. It was time to switch on and play some music. I prepared myself for disappointment as I reached for the nearest CD. I wasn’t expecting much especially anticipating that there would be many more hours needed for proper break-in.

Well, I have to say that nothing could have prepared me for the pleasant surprise as the music started to play. Now let me hasten to say, this was by no means an audiophile CD. As it happens, it was nothing more than Sonny and Cher’s "Little Man" from Sonny & Cher The Singles+, (CD, BR Music BS8124-2) a track recorded in the mid-60’s and definitely of very average sound quality. Nevertheless, I was immediately struck with a very clear focusing of the overall sound and especially a sense of increased clarity of the accompanying bassline. There was a very marked contrast compared to the sound I had been used to. I moved on to better recorded material and sat through an hour or so of trying different types of music. Every time, I was amazed at the difference that these new cables made. But at this point, I wasn’t trying to define the changes – I was merely allowing my ears to get acclimatised to a new sound.

As the days went by, I found myself starting to listen to the music rather than trying to hear the sound of the Morrow Audio cables. But this is not to say that I was unaware of the new sound. Take for example 10cc’s "I’m Not In Love" from The Very Best of 10CC (CD, Mercury 534 612-2). Anyone familiar with this track will know what I mean when I say that this is a very well recorded studio track with a lush, ethereal sound that can’t fail to grab your attention. I was always impressed with this track but now, it was easy to hear how the sound was built up of multiple layers and textures that by comparison, had previously sounded more like a sonic mishmash.

The first movement of CPE Bach’s Piano Concerto in D minor Wq23 (CD, Haenssler Classic CD98.639) opens with a very captivating sprightly introduction by the various string instruments, setting the scene for Michael Rische’s piano to steal the show only moments later. The sonic textures created during these fabulous few moments are magical. I had only owned this CD a few weeks but had played it several times pre Morrow Audio. I can honestly say, that with the Morrows, the music reached another level of realism. Each instrument has a place and a sound of its own, with lower bass being something special. The piano sounds fresh and exciting, conveying the full range of dynamics the music allows it to.

With these examples, and other music I played crossing many genres, it was becoming clearer to me what these cables were actually doing. I don’t think that the cables were improving the sound per se. I believe these cables are actually enablers – in other words, they enable the true sound of the other components in the system to be unleashed. That is to say, they allow you to realise the full potential of the rest of your system.

The net result is an overall improvement in accuracy and resolution of detail. Somehow, instruments sound more like they should, more vibrant, more delicate, more fragile, more raw, more dynamic, more fluid – whatever the music calls for. And as for voices, well, they sound more human, more convincing and more lifelike. Sound imaging is better defined, making it much easier to discern the position of instruments and voices within the soundstage. And all this is underpinned with a very clear bassline that’s so easy to follow and appreciate. In fact, I ended up having to re-tune my subwoofer which had obviously been previously overcompensating for this lack of bass definition.

Today, three months later, the cables are well and truly broken in and settled in my system. I won’t go into the details of how the DIG1 and the three MA1s are connected but suffice to say they form the "critical path" in the audio chain. I can’t tell which one or ones, if any, have contributed most to the improvements I described. All I know is that their combination has resulted in an improvement that was well beyond my expectation and has convinced me that cables are indeed an important part of the overall sound and presentation of any good audio system.

In my opinion, these cables are true winners and an absolute bargain. I recommend them without hesitation.

Regards, Martin

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Doug MacGregor

"Hi Folks, WOW, only hooked up the two pair of MA1 interconnects and the 3 meter SP1 speaker cables 3 days ago. And I am back for more! Immediate and amazing differance right across the board, highs, lows, mids, imaging, everything!

I was a HUGE sceptic. Had trouble believing that I would hear any difference at all, as I was already using "good" Monster Cable interconnects and speaker wire. I am so blown away by the difference that I decided that I will step up one notch to the MA1.1's for my Moon cd player in the main system and replace the Monster's I am using in my bedroom system with the MA1's.

Now I get to look forward to hearing the difference between the MA1's and the 1.1's! If as you say, they get better and better through the break in, then I will be taking advantage of your no loss trade up policy. You have made me a believer Mr. Morrow, and I am greatful to you for it. Cheers; Doug MacGregor"

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Ripudaman Negi

"I saw your ad on AudioGon, but I purchased through your website directly.

All I can really say about your cables, is that I wished I would have found them a few years ago, could have saved me a lot of hassle on the upgrade merry-go-around, and stress about what the hell is wrong with this system? Good speakers, AVR, Tube Amp, source gear...the sound was to all my non-audiophile buds pretty awesome, to me still thin, and lacking in certain aspects such as cymbal decay.

I have these Grant's Fidelity tube processors running from my 5.1 outs on the Yammy A1010 blu-ray to the Denon 2805 AVR, sounded pretty good, using reasonable priced cables (low end MIT interconnects). Huge improvement from optical out

I got a bit hosed on these so called silver interconnects from AudioQuest 'retails for $400, special price just for you! $80' sounded a bit better than my $50 interconnects, but really not that big of an improvement. But, by this time I was verging on an obsession about all things silver.

I kept seeing your ad on AudioGon, so I bought a pair of your MA1 (on sale at $50) and decided at this price it would be worth the experiment. Typical audiofool thinking, 'well at $50 I mean really? How good could they be? Probably no good, and every vendor in the world has incredible testimonials on their website, so I did not put a lot of credence on the reviews.

Used them on my tube amp set up (Yaqin MS-20L, with upgraded Russian tubes). I was astounded at the difference, so I decided to get them for the 5.1 as well, a definite improvement, almost night and day. a combo of you sub cables, MA2 for the centre, and the MA1.1 the mains, and MA1 for the surrounds. I also messed up cutting the silver cables I buddy brought back from Japan, so I bought a pair of the SP1 as well. For me the most important thing while watching a movie is clear centre channel. Very impressed with your product. I may avail of your upgrade program at a future date, but for now I think all is well in audiofool land. Well maybe a new AVR with a few more watts...would make the emptiness in my heart go away...

Thanks" Ripudaman Negi

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Devendra Mali

Hi Mike, I purchased the interconnect MA1 from your website, was quite impressed with the service, received in Australia just before Christmas with your long read about cable break in process, reading it made me kicking myself of why the hell didn’t i order the breakin service. I never believe in direct correlation of money spent Vs performance when it comes to AV gear. I have heard systems displaying characteristic more than 4-5 times of its price, very confident to say mine is one. I have done quite a lot of DIY tweaks to get the best out of the system i have. Which is why all my interconnects are DIY cables right from using Jon Risch Belden interconnects to cross connected speaker cables using copper foil from cross-coil inductors (took 3 months to make a pair).

Hooking up Ma1 was a big disappointment, too bright, low on base (but tight), though details in midrange were well preserved like my previous interconnect which really got worse with the time. Lucky i did not write any review at that point and respond to your email about my review of cables. The cable has now done approx. 150 hrs and guess what, it’s bloody brilliant, and they are staying on my system. I had never discovered the dimensions of music that i am doing now. I am puzzled, don’t know if you have put in snakes blood or some magic sprinkle in it but it just does the job so well. Once I thought that its pseudo acoustic trick by exposing to crappy sounding cables until it breaks in and then bring it to the same level as your previous interconnect . That’s definitely not the case with Ma1, the improvements are very evident so a must try cable, but remember "Patience is the name of game" here, just wait don’t throw them away it only get better.

Every aspect of the sound seems to have improved and keeps on improving, great transients; punchy bass, quite accurate timbre and very open midrange. Your cable is a serious contender to those so called audiophile cables on market with loads of marketing gimmicks. I will definitely stack up some funds to try your speaker cables (with break-in service this time).

My System: Cambridge audio CD + NAD amp + Magnepan MMG + REL Sub + Ma1 interconnect + Jon Risch cross connected speaker cable. Cheers! Devendra Mali

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Ben Parker

"I discovered Morrow Cables via an online link, and I don't even recall where. It could have been on the Stereophile or The Absolute Sound websites, but I'm not sure. Anyway you were running a special price on the entry level MA1 interconnects so I took the plunge and ordered 3 - between CD & pre-amp, turntable & pre-amp and pre & power amps. Initially I was struck by how light and flexible they are, but after break-in, I couldn't be happier with the sound on my somewhat modest system. I belive in break-in now.

I live in an apartment, and I don't have a dedicated listening room (I wish). My living room is about 13' x 11' and my system is shared with a plasma TV and associated video equipment, a few thousand records & CDs, living room furniture and curtained windows.

The MA1's gave me greater transparency, focus, smoothness, air around instruments, imaging, dynamic range, musicality - all the things promised. My CD player has a bit of a hot top end but that has been now tamed and I'm always surprised when hearing things in recordings previously unheard or not previously apparent. As for my turntable, it sounds so much more "analogue" than before, but I have a slight buzz which I think might be the RCA sockets on the SME being a bit loose. Then I decided to buy a pair of SP1 speaker cables. Might as well have the family running through the whole system. Similar results and I really like the banana connectors too. Previously, I used a solid core cable sourced from a Melbourne electric cable manufacturer (my buddy and I paid $35 for 100 metres) and they sounded far better than we had any reason to expect. Good quality copper we believed. But not as good as the SP1's.

Anyway, that's my audio story. Thank you for keeping in touch.

Thanks for your time.

Cheers, Ben Parker

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Mike: Wow, I didn't think there would have been a big difference. Was I wrong! The bass was there and is still fast and tight, the highs nice and sweet, the surprise is how dynamic the mids are and I love the mids. The mids are what makes or breaks it in music. Thanks for the time you allowed me and for a great set of interconnects! Jim

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"Well my experience is this one: I wanted to change my interconects because I knew or suspected they could be my systems weakest link. They were those kind of nice looking generic rca cables. I was hesitating prior the purchase; my mind was around the idea of, was it worth to spend $50.00 on cables ( MA1)?.. You know the usual debate... Well, I took the plunge and I can say that I am very glad I did!!

My initial impressions were that these cables improved a lotto the highs, added a nicer bottom end and a bit more clarity. I read how Mike suggested to burn in the cables, so I did. It should be better I thought, and it was.

After some 100 hours of burn in,, wow! More top end! A more refined bottom, vast improvement in clarity AND soundstage! It seems funny for me using now these adjectives after I did all the investigation prior the purchase, but yes, I DO find this to be true!

Thanks mike! Great improvement!" Alex

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Gary Short

I was fortunate enough to win a pair of MA1 interconnects and was completely overwhelmed by the absolute transcendental improvement in sound quality in my system. I was aware of the length of time and the severity of the break-in (and some of those sounds were VERY severe !! ) but the patience justified the reward ..... infinitely . The quality improvement was incomprehensible , making my system have a sound quality way beyond the expectations of its potential capability . I cannot thank , or praise , Mike Morrow enough for his knowledge , application and devotion to producing these cables of the utmost quality. Should I be able to fulfill my dream of owning a hi-fi system of the highest quality , I would not hesitate to use Morrow cables throughout my entire system . I have recommended your products to everyone I know who is interested in PURE sound , and will always sing the praises of Morrow cables . Thanks , once again" Gary Short

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Bill Quan

Hi Mike, I found your site after researching cables on different audiosite forums like Audioasylum, Audiogon, and Audiocircle. Your company kept coming up with stellar reviews...which as you know in audio, isn't often not the case.

Anyway, after finally going to your website, and seeing you had a sale on your entry level MA1 interconnect I decided to give it a try. I opted for the 5 day burnin option (well worth it) . What a dramatic improvement your MA1 interconnect made in my system.

Instruments and vocals are now more defined and detailed, especially those in the background behind the main vocalist. Its kinda like cleaning a dirty window, and seeing everything more clearly. I think its almost like a component a new DAC, or CD player, but without the cost. I've been telling others who have audio systems to give your cables a try, especially with the 60 day return. Wishing you much success. Bill Quan

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Francisco Valery Submitted: 2015.06.01

Hi, Mr. Russell. I was one of the (lucky) persons that received a free pair of Morrow Audio MA1 interconnect by mistake, during your cable giveaway contest on September 12. I inserted them between my CD Player/DAC/Streamer (T+A Music Player Balanced) and my integrated amp (T+A Power Plant Balanced) that I use balanced connected via one pair of Audioquest King Cobra XLR since more than two years ago.

One tricky note: the amp has a swicth that lets you change between balanced or single ended operation, so a brief click at the back panel let me made the judgements of the Audioquest and the Morrow Audio´s sound almost "on the fly".

How was the Morrow Audio IC´s sound? God, I can´t believe how many cues to good sound I was missing! Imediately the bass was fuller, delineated and with longer decays, making it believable.

The voices, a strong point of the Focal´s speaker sound, were more vivid, without artificial sibilances. The shimmering of triangles and cymbals were more natural, sweeter, again with a sense of being "here". A veil was lifted up, making the music more natural, with a presence I never heard on my equipment.

Finally, the sense of space around and between instruments and voices were wider, as if each of them occupy its own stage.

So here I am: a pair of unexpected 40$ cables changing my sense of value for my money... and free! What more can I say? Thanks, thanks you so much for let me discover the unbelievable quality of your products: I´ll be ordering asap a pair of your PH1 Phono cables for my analog front end. And the Audioquest´s XLR? A close friend received a Christmas present!!! Your gift was my pleasure, thanks again,

Truly yours, Francisco Valery

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.