Victor N Submitted: 2017.09.26

I wanted to give you some feedback on your cables. I have a 2 sets of second-hand MA1 and I ordered a set of MA1.1 a few months back. The second-hand sets were enough to get me to step-up in size. They really helped to open up the stage in my set-up. The MA1.1s are very similiar but with a lot more nuance on the instruments.

I'm a tube guy, tube phono-pre, tube pre and SE KT88 tube amps. My whole system is wired with Morrow! (minus speaker cables)

I'm only just now starting to swap out manufacturers to compare, but I really like what I'm hearing now. Not sure how much time I want to invest in comparisons.

I am wanting to step up, maybe MA3, but I'm also wanting to try your speaker cables.

Thank you for a great product! Talk to you in the near future.

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J Stone Submitted: 2017.07.14

These RCA interconnect cables were broken in on the 5 day burn-in, and they sound absolutely stellar!! I replaced some cables that were twice as much money, and I can't wait to trade these in on a higher end pair. Keep up the great work Mike Morrow. I saw your advert on Amazon, and thought I'd give the MA-1.1's a try, and I'll be telling everyone about the difference they make!!

-J. Stone

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Knute A Submitted: 2016.08.03

I just wanted say that your MA1.1 cables are really good! Much better than my previous ones which were not bad at all. With your cables however I could hear the difference as soon as I hooked them up so I am looking forward to them improving with time. Since receiving them and hearing them I have ordered one more for my new sacd player and can't wait to hear the difference with that also.

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William P Submitted: 2016.05.13

"I am enjoying my Morrow Audio cables very much. I sometimes can't believe how much music is revealed on the same CDs I have had for years. I purchased a new headphone amp last year and these cables go so well with it. I am buying more music than ever. I am grateful for the people at Morrow Audio for making such good products. You have a customer for life." - William P, MA1.1 interconnects.

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Phill Scheiwe

"Hi, I purchased the MA 1.1 interconnects direct from Morrow Audio. These were my first high end cables, and I can certainly tell you they DO make a difference! I am using them with a new NAD 565BEE CD Player hooked up to my old NAD 7150 Receiver. They sound wonderful and bring new life to the old girl! I am currently eyeing some Morrow SP3 Speaker cables, just waiting to see what new speakers I end up with, regular hook up or Bi-wires... Thanks for making a wonderful product."

Phill Scheiwe

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"Hi Mike. I just received my order today which was was the MA1.1 cables which I ordered through a friend. I hooked them up right away and all I can say is WOW!!! Everything just sounded better. I can't wait till them are broken in. My friend came over to listen and said that sounds AWESOME! Thanks again for the great cables. Will buy more in the future. Take care!" Chris

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Edwin Eric

Hello Mike,

I bought my cables straight from your website. I was skeptical with the cables but having read all the other testimonials you have on your website, it got me digging in my pockets to find out the realism and soundstage hype. I followed your suggestion to start upgrading cables from the source so I bought the MA1.1 and it alone made a big difference. Then I bought your SP1 and the wow effects came out even without the break in. I was really impressed, so I bought another set of MA1.1, iPod cable, and SP2 cables for my other system that is not a tube amp and the difference was still there. Your cables are outstanding. You can tell the difference right out the box.

The best part of everything is that I surpassed the realism, clarity, separation of elements, and soundstage of my friend's system which is way more expensive from my system and cables combined. I lent him a complete set to demo on his system and its been over a month and he still has not returned it. I might need the police to help me recover those cables.... Hehehehehe.

Your website is so informative and I see myself upgrading my cables in the future.

Kudos and thank you. Your cables is a must have.

Respectfully, Edwin Eric

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Bob Pape

I purchased five MA1.1 interconnects and couldn't be happier with them. I have to say, everything that was said in describing your product was right on the money. My system has been given a breath of fresh air! My sound stage has opened up like I never thought it could and my speakers are impressing me with a new found openness and natural sound I had not heard before. And I thought what I had was pretty great! Hahaha, guess it goes to show that anything can always be improved upon. I am looking forward to upgrading my speaker cables next! Thanks for a great product at great prices. Bob Pape

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Phil Lewis

Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know. I ran the cables in overnight with a test & burn-in CD. Shut everything down for about a hour, sat down and listened. Wow what a difference - your cables are spot on for timber and accuracy. Considering these are one of your least expensive cables, I can only imagine how nice your MA4's or MA5's would sound. I can't do it right now but, when I am ready I'll probably pull the trigger on the MA5's. Phil Lewis

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Francis Neo

Hi Mike,

Just to confirm that the package arrived yesterday. I hooked up the cables on my new BD player to the AVR and then slot a blue CD into the BD player. This CD sound very flat and uninteresting when played it on my current cables setup. I could not believe the sound when it played with your MA1.1 cables. It was WOW! and AWESOME. Before this change of cables I did not quite like the CD but now suddenly the music and the singer's voice became alive. I felt as if I was I sitting at the front row of the concert. I'm glad I found you. Thank you very much for such a great and affordable product. Best regards, Francis Neo NSW Australia

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.