David B Submitted: 2019.01.16

I have held off replying as the cables have been going through that settling in phase for about a month (on and off). I wanted to wait until they were a bit more settled before writing back. If you post my comments to your site, here's another testimony to the reality of cable break in. IT IS REAL. Clearly audible. Without a doubt there were major shifts and changes as my cables settled in. They have been pretty smooth, clear, stable, and with solid imagery for about a week and a bit now.

The sound is very very good. I have a fairly high resolution set up and these cables have really come into their own. The sound is extremely well balanced. A great mix of clarity, punch, warmth, good highs, and very good and defined bass. In fact the last change in the cables was the bass moving from present and strong, to becoming more articulate whilst retaining punch.

Your Morrow Cables have been the best I have used and have really allowed my system to shine. I have been going back a re-listening to albums I haven't heard since the changes. Albums I know well and the presentation is just great. Cohesive, detailed but not harsh or trebly, and engaging. I find myself sitting in the "sweet spot" and a whole side to an album plays through and I am totally immersed in just listening. Listening and smiling... smiling a lot.

I am very happy with the cables to say the least.

Plus, I want to say, I have been just as happy with your communication, assistance and customer care. Mike you have answered my questions and been very prompt and helpful. It's great to see that in a business. I must also add that I would like to say how pleasant and professional April Pinkelton has been too. As you are her manager/boss I would like to let you know she has done her job very well. Great customer relations/care.

Thank you again for providing great cables, at great value, and for understanding those of us that just love our music and want to get the most from that experience.

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Scott F Submitted: 2019.01.09

I wanted to take this time, to send you a message here. I belong to a VERY LARGE audio club here in Knoxville, TN. RA was telling GM about your cables. GM bought a pair, but alas, they were too short for what he had in mind. A few days later, the captain came by, and he gave to Capt. the cables to bring to me, for me to borrow. They hung up along with a myriad of other cables, well, because I already had plenty of good cables on hand. "Yeah, Yeah, I'll get to those here in a few days". I started listening the night before last. G said they already had several hours break-in, but not enough. Crazy CRAZY crazy. sure enough, the cables changed character just while I was listening to them, over the course of the last 2 evenings. WOWW, just like you claim in the white paper !!

I have got to make a long story short, because I don't type so fast. Please see below the line for the recent message sent out to the fellas:

Re: Follow-up/ Morrow Cables

After further intense, and SERIOUS listening last night. I stand behind the MA-1's 1000% After discussing the details with G, it turns out that his, are Standard MA-1's. At this point, I see no reason to order any other of the upgrades. Of course, I reserve the right to change my viewpoint/and is subject to change over time.

I printed out the SSI Technology white paper, from his web site, and absorbed it all like a sponge does to water.

EERIE goosebumps as he had described on paper, exactly what was in store for my listening experience. Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

Mike Morrow must have one hell of a system. I'll have to look into it.

I just did, it's behind you in the introduction video. Based on large round horns for the mid-range. No kidding, that's how I do it as well. Even the same colour red. No wonder.

But, here's the thing. I know a LOT of audiophiles. I mean a LOT. Once the word gets out, you might expect an increase in business. Some of the guys I know, are also in the cable business. I'll try and be gentle with them.

Next, I'm going to order a pair for Capt. S, and then another longer set for me, to go from my source section, over to the active crossover section. Eventually, I'll change all cables to Morrow. (Amazing, just like you said in the video).

What else can I say? I Am impressed, and I don't impress very easily.

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Ronald C Submitted: 2019.01.02

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how musically and emotionally satisfying your cables are. They possess true magic, naturalness, presence, realism and gorgeous color.

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Miles F Submitted: 2018.12.07

I love the new cables. From experience with other Morrow cables, I broke them in for 100 hours using a burn in track before inserting them in my system. As advertised, they increased the detail and micro-dynamics, as well as better bass control.

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Michael S Submitted: 2018.12.04

Having had a good listen to the MA4 interconnects reveals they are much better overall compared to the MA2 cables and this is well before they run in, the sound is just bigger with a little more of everything, I guess it is the old saying, you get what you pay for and usually the better the quality of cable the more expensive it is to purchase but the results are certainly worth it!

Will be posting back the trade-in MA2 cables very soon, will keep you posted (so to speak!!)

Kind regards from a very happy customer!

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Dave C Submitted: 2018.10.19

The new style MA4's, with the silver Eichmann plugs are the best cables in my system right now. The are connecting a Bryston BDA-1 (V1) DAC to a Rega Cursa preamp and the BDA 1 is sounding better than ever before. Prior to this I was using the older style MA4's with copper Eichmanns there.

My impression is that the sound is rounder and less sibilant with the new style MA4's and I highly recommend them for connecting a BDA-1. However, the older style MA4's were my previous reference cables and I am very happy with both pairs of them. One pair of the older style MA4's uses silver Eichmann plugs and the other uses copper Eichmann plugs. They are now located elsewhere in the system and the overall system has never sounded better.

To my ears the new style MA4's are a definite increment better and there is no risk in purchasing them.

You are welcome to quote this.

Thanks for the great products.

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Val P Submitted: 2018.09.12

I was a cabling skeptic, to say the very least. "Snake oil," I have mumbled more than once upon seeing reviews or advertisements for expensive audio cables. But several years ago I decided to try the MA 1.1 interconnects to see. There was a good sale price and I thought, "what the heck, I'll give them a try."

I carefully read the disclaimers and instructions on how long the break-in period would take. Including the various stages of breaking them in. "B.S." was my immediate reaction. How could wiring require a break-in period, not to mention that somehow they would go through this slow transformation as the hours accumulated. "There's no such thing as break-in." I thought, "they're just counting on you getting used to them over time." But "hearing is believing" I thought, and so I gave it a go.

Out of the box they sounded much cleaner than my old Acoustic Research branded interconnects. Highs were definitely clearer and overall the sound was slightly louder without being bright, "less resistance, more signal getting through them," I thought. Then a couple of days later, I almost pulled them out and sent them back. The sound was harsh and grating. As if the input gain on the phonostage had been cranked way up, or like a CD mastered directly to vinyl. But I stuck with it.

Fast forward about a month. I had long since stopped worried about them and had just been listening. I put on one of my then reference disks, the Speaker's Corner pressing of Steely Dan, Can't Buy A Thrill. And It struck me suddenly. I HAD SOUNDSTAGE! There was this full, rich three-dimensionality to the music I had never noticed before. I stopped what I was doing and made myself listen to things like the triangle in the background in one song. "Wait that's not a cymbal is it?" The drums were slightly off to the left but not the left speaker somewhere about 75% to the left. Voices and instruments came from very specific locations not only between the speakers, but holy crap even outside the parameters defined by speaker placement.

And all of that with one of the basic models of interconnects. I have since bought four or five more sets of Morrow Audio interconnects and speaker cabling. And now I'm getting ready to upgrade all to the new design. I'm convinced and will definitely be getting more and upgrading what I have as time goes by.

Buy some your ears with thank you for it.

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Gary Submitted: 2018.08.30

NEW DESIGN REVIEW: The new designed MA5's you sent me are excellent. Far better than the original design MA5, with better bass and treble, clearer midrange, better soundstage and most importantly much improved overall musicality. So I am very pleased with the new design and will be keeping them. Many thanks for your help, I'm so pleased that you suggested I try your "newly developed cable" as compared to the old one, this is something special." Gary

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Fred H Submitted: 2018.08.29

Hi Mike, The experience with Morrow Audio cables has been excellent. I now have two sets in my system - a pair of MA6 interconnects and SP6 speaker cables. Both were reviewed against and then replaced high-quality silver cables, producing a more refined sound with better balance, addition of detail and well defined bass. This allows the volume to be increased for improved presence and immersion in the sound. I'm very pleased and have recommended your cables to several friends. The chances are that the cables are still not burned in enough and that the sound, as advertised on your website, will actually improve. Looking forward to that.

Cheers, Fred

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Donald P Submitted: 2018.04.25

Hi Mike

I am listening to a SACD of Mozart Violin Concertos. I enjoy listening to music much more now than before I discovered Morrow. I saw a pair of MA1s on ebay and decided to try them.. I was quite pleased with them and thought if Ma1 sounded this good what must the higher cables sound like. I went to MA3 and I was blown away. I t was if a veil had been removed. Music was clear and instruments sounded real. The upgrade bug was tempting me. I wanted a better amp. It sounded great and I knew Morrow speaker cables must sound great and the sp4 were amazing. It was like I got a subwoofer . Then I got the MA4. Sound was mind blowing and I like strings and the 4 enabled me to really hear them. I had been lusting after the Sony SCD-1 since it first came out in 2001 and it was going for 600.00 I got it. It was unbelievable. And of course the Sony deserved Morrow so I got the MAP3 power cable.

I don’t get listener fatigue anymore and listen to it every night. I am sure I would have to spend a lot of money to get better sound.

Mike, I have invested a lot of money since I discovered Morrow, but I am in 7th heaven and am listening to my Chamber music hours at a time.


Donald P.

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Dominick D Submitted: 2018.03.14

Hi Mike,

I purchased your cables on a whim, hadn't made an audio investment in a while. I had purchased a new streamer and was running it off an old cable I had laying around since I was now short a quality cable. I wasn't really expecting to hear much of a difference, however, you were running a good sale on used cables (MA4). My other cable, a Merlin Verdi, is a much higher cost cable that I also got a good deal on. Got yours, swapped it with the Merlin and moved the Merlin to my SACD. Long story short, there was a significant audible improvement going to your cable, I honestly didn't think a cable would make that much a difference. Even had a friend over and it was immediately noticeable to him also.

Now I did get a used one so there was no wrestling with break-in.

Count me among the group of very satisfied.

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Alfonso B Submitted: 2018.01.29

Hi Mike,

I almost finish the change of all my speaker and interconnects cables. Sincerely I think your cables are the best in the market today and they offer the major relationship between Price-quality.

I´m starting to change my power cables. It´s going to take a while but it´s very fun to hear the improvements in audio in every change of cables.

Best Regards!

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David A Submitted: 2018.01.16

Hi Mike, I'm sure you don't need my affirmation with all the positive feedback you get about your cables, but just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying your MA 1 interconnects. I'm particularly impressed with the way the spatial information is maintained, I getting a very solid sound stage making it very easy to locate the instrument in space.

Regards, David A

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Nigel G Submitted: 2017.12.21

Dear Mike

Since purchasing these cables, the improvement in sound is tremendous. I purchased three new cables. 1) from my set-top box to my amp - renewed clarity, separation, just a pleasure; 2) from DVD/CD/BluRay to amp - similar improvement and 3) turntable to amp! These new cables make the amp and speakers sound as good as they are. Thanks!

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Mike Bolger Submitted: 2017.11.27

Hi guys , I’m enjoying my cables . It was 80 degrees here yesterday . Took my wife bass fishing last week . She didn’t catch any fish , but her blankets getting bigger 😎. Just wanted to say . So my problem is this " My Morrow MA5 interconnects have made such an improvement in my system , I’m having difficulty going outside ". I have a very revealing SEP tube system with 96db speakers . The Morrow Interconnects have taken it to a level that I couldn’t achieve, even with uber expensive NOS Tubes . Now my system has a level of clarity and depth that I never thought possible . The detail in vocals and acoustic strings is so real, it’s scary . And I’m amazed at the improvement across the entire frequency range , as nothing sufferers , which is usually the case. Your cables gave me an outstanding improvement with ZERO SACRIFICE! That rarely happens . And at a price point significantly less than I spent on exotic European NOS Tubes . Morrow Cables are without a doubt the best SONIC DOLLAR SPENT in my system . I’m looking forward to hearing the digital cable I purchased . I’m confident that once broken in , will be an improvement over my existing cable . If it gets any better , I may never leave the house . Well at least until Ski season starts. So thanks for a great product that is well worth the price . Respectfully, Mike Bolger .

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Moreno V Submitted: 2017.10.25

What is in Hi-Fi that certain? There is no answer, I am afraid, one could suggest which could also escape from being discussed, criticized and even rejected as conjecture. From a "philosophical" point of view this sounds as relativism.

I will put the thing out this way, then: with the Morrow Elite cables I feel as I right found what I was looking for. That is, natural timbers and a musical picture which has to be believable, texturally, tonally, and spatially. Now, Elite power cords feed my tubed phono preamplifier and the amplifiers (both tube class A designs, including the headphone amplifier), Elite interconnects ( RCA and XLR) link them together and the phono stage to the turntable as well as an Elite phono cable brings the signal to the phono stage.

How did I feel since the first time the system began to sing? Well, I should say what wasn't conjecture was the enormous soundstage delivered: the wide, deep picture, combined with the refined, rich tonal balance and water-like musical flow, produced a calming yet simultaneously stimulating effect, much as you get when listening to live acoustic music in a good hall.

Every time I hear live symphonic music I'm reminded that, even when strings attack, they don't bite. Yet neither are they soft and smothered, as some gears deliver them. Instead, the initial attack is clean and sharp without etch, followed by a "rolling over" sensation, which together produce a roundness that announces "live." The Morrow Elite" magic was in its ability to produce that clean yet velvety sensation heard in live performance throughout the audible bandwidth—even at the very bottom, where acoustic bass sounded rich and full but never soft, bloated, or soggy. Simply put, just what I was looking for.

Moreno Valisone, Turin, Italy

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Victor N Submitted: 2017.09.26

I wanted to give you some feedback on your cables. I have a 2 sets of second-hand MA1 and I ordered a set of MA1.1 a few months back. The second-hand sets were enough to get me to step-up in size. They really helped to open up the stage in my set-up. The MA1.1s are very similiar but with a lot more nuance on the instruments.

I'm a tube guy, tube phono-pre, tube pre and SE KT88 tube amps. My whole system is wired with Morrow! (minus speaker cables)

I'm only just now starting to swap out manufacturers to compare, but I really like what I'm hearing now. Not sure how much time I want to invest in comparisons.

I am wanting to step up, maybe MA3, but I'm also wanting to try your speaker cables.

Thank you for a great product! Talk to you in the near future.

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Philip B Submitted: 2017.09.20

Hi Mike.

Having had your MA4 interconnect cable for over a month now, i've been very impressed by it's performance. I wasn't really expecting it to sound so good! And i've not finished running it in yet. I've tried many cables and interconnects over the years with mixed results, usually pretty mediocre, but i must say it was a pleasant surprise when i installed your cable. The sound is much more open and extended revealing far more detail. Based on this, i hope to purchase some 'speaker cable and digital interconnect in the near future, hopefully with a bit of luck, i might win your $1000 draw to pay for it!

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Mike B Submitted: 2017.09.13

About those cables you sold me - Wow! Major Wow!! So I replaced two pairs of (name withheld) 3.2's with your 2 pairs of MA5's. Wow! Oh wait, I already said that.

So I have a modest stereo. It consists of a Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog, a Rogue RP-1, upgraded with Telefunken medical grade 12AU7's, a Dennis Had Inspire SEP with a ton of NOS driver and rectifier tubes and 8 pairs of power tubes. My current speakers are Zu Omens. I have Klipsch Heresy II's and JBL 4312A's in the closet .

I have a Power filter and Silnote cords. Now about those MA5's. When I received them, they had 13 days of break in. I put them into my system and I could immediately hear a wider and deeper soundstage! The Bass had increased dramatically (I'm running 12 watts), but the mids were edgy and the treble was worse. Everybody, especially Mr. Mike Morrow himself, said, "give them more time". Well between the generous amount of burnin time I completed and the additional WEEKS I let my system play, I was well rewarded. At about 600 hours, the gates of heaven opened up.

With all the multi syllable esoteric stereo jargon available, all I can say is WOW! Let me put it this way. I've ridden motorcycles at 160mph on the street and repelled down buildings. I've shot full auto suppressed weapons and caught more fish than I can count . And none of it gave me goosebumps like your cables!

Now here's the cool part. I'm playing my stereo with some Tung Sol KT-120's and I'm listening to Grand Funk Railroad. But I have too much bass and no tone controls. So I go over to the wall to kill the power to the subwoofer. But it's already off! Now I'm running my most powerful tubes and my highest voltage rectifier tube. So I descend downward through all my tubes (using an oven mitt , cause I'm too excited to wait). So KT-120 to KT-88 , to 6550 , to KT -77's. And to a 5U4GB rectifier (my lowest power).

So remember when I said, "The gates of Heaven opened up"? Well it does it again. The system opened up so much (especially the bass) that the lower power is sufficient to fill my living room. Now with the lower power , I have a sweeter, cleaner, more open sound. The previous cables were very nice, but the Morrows have been an improvement in every way. This is one of those rare occasions that it wasn't a trade , but a total improvement.

Considering the total cost of my system, the MA5's were a substantial purchase, but are the most "cost effective" change I've made. I am using the Tidal music service and they are beginning to have a decent selection of Master Quality Recordings on their site. This has really enabled me to enjoy the detail, clarity and openness that your cables have added.

My next step will be either getting back into vinyl or a better DAC. So it has been a very enjoyable experience. I had considered selling off some tubes, but kept them for when I change speakers. But I was blown away by the way your cables transformed my system. The pleasure of rolling tubes is the Icing on an already great cake. I'll send you some pictures when I go fishing.

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Gary L Submitted: 2017.08.23

I'm one satisfied customers! My SP4s, MA4s & 5's, and the PH4 just keep getting better than I ever expected! To my ears, they're perfectly neutral and transparent and they certainly don't attempt to gussy-up the sound with artificial enhancements--which amount to nothing more than deletions. Nothing fake about 'em and I'm grateful for how these cables have opened up my system. Gary L.

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Earl H Submitted: 2017.08.08

Just hooked up my ma7 in the place the ma4 was and completely blown away. Can hardly wait till I can buy one more pair to put on my turtable.

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Peter Z Submitted: 2017.07.27

Mike- I have purchased many products from you and have been very pleased- I remember our first conversation when I bought the Legacy Focus SE's and you talked to be about interconnects- since that first pair of MA2's I have upgraded to ma7's - I could not believe the difference- the down side is I had to upgrade the second system at camp ( it now has ma-4's!) I was again amazed at updating the power cords- I am in the process of buying a streamer and will be coming back for what I need with that unit- I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you- you have been helpful fair and have bent over backwards to make it work especially when I screw up the order- you are without a doubt the best user of your web site and sales through it if anyone I have dealt with across the country!- Peter K

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Michael F Submitted: 2017.07.14

I must admit that I was skeptical that a cable could make such a clear improvement, but consider me converted. I've always used premium cables like MONSTER, but doubted that more expensive cables would make that much difference. I was wrong - dead wrong... I ordered an iPod cable, and a set of RCA connects from the receiver to my Yamaha M-70 amp - driving my Maggie MMG and Yamaha NS-1 sub. My thoughts were that I would have a complete Morrow path from source to amp - a fair test. The difference was immediately noticable, better spatial information and imaging From bass to high end. Now, I am planning to replace all my cables with Morrow - little by little.

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Roger M Submitted: 2017.07.14

The change, after installing the MA-3's,is truly impressive.The details I found in favorite recordings that the MA-3's brought out really surprised me.This trade up program could keep me coming back again and again. I have since ordered a HDMI so I will know I'm getting the best from my Oppo disk player. Thanks for a great product!

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Alex K Submitted: 2017.07.14

I've ordered MA4 interconnects and DIG4 digital cables to supplement my Nordost pair. Had them run overnight to start the break-in process. WOW! I've heard that these are good but the've exceeded all my expectations. Soundstage, 3D realism - to the point that you can almost "touch" the music. Thank you!

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J Stone Submitted: 2017.07.14

These RCA interconnect cables were broken in on the 5 day burn-in, and they sound absolutely stellar!! I replaced some cables that were twice as much money, and I can't wait to trade these in on a higher end pair. Keep up the great work Mike Morrow. I saw your advert on Amazon, and thought I'd give the MA-1.1's a try, and I'll be telling everyone about the difference they make!!

-J. Stone

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Dennis B Submitted: 2017.06.19

I just wanted to give all of you my take on Morrow Cables. I have been using them for quite a few months now. Starting with a Great Deal on their low cost MA1 RCA Interconnect, I thought I would give their technology a try. I come from a backround in Audio Research and Development for my own personal gain and for Clients that want to get to the next level in Sound Systems. Wiring between components like RCAs and XLRs and Speaker Cables are no joke. There are just as important as the components themselves. I have worked with major Audio Salons out of the New York City Area on the New Jersey side, and also in the San Diego Area of California in person with the finest of Audio Equipment on the Planet at that time. And the equalizer has always been good Cables between each Component.

Let's get onto Mike Morrow and his wonderful Cable designs. Small Solid Core Wire. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? But it is a tedious task, and takes a long time to do it right. I have tested Solid Core Copper Wire before myself and have gotten very good results with it. But not in the small size that the Morrow Audio Cables are using. This is quite a good step in the right direction for opening up the sound of a Music Track without distorting it.

Well, lo and behold, Morrow Audio Cables do just that. They are so good at opening up a door that has been only open just slightly. And the full Music Track will shine thru your System like it was meant to. The 1st set of better quality MA4 Reference Cables (RCA 24 Runs of SSI Wire) was quite the party with me. I have a Reference System that consists of some of the finest equipment this side of the Planet. I can tell small differences now with components, now that Morrow Audio MA4 Reference Cables are coming from my Preamp to my Amplifier, and from my DAC and my CD Transport, and my USB Bridge also. I have moved up to XLRs between my Krell Amp and my fancy pants Preamp that puts out JFET, Tube or Straight Signal into the Krell Amp. Wow!!. Pure silence, and open door with the sound coming into full bloom.

I could tell you more about Morrow Audio Cables and it would make for a Short Story. I am very, very happy that my R&D has come across this Technology and Mike Morrow and his Team is so nice as well. And the Money Back Guarantee is just a great thing that makes you feel better buying his cables. I give a "Totally Recommended" rating to this Company and to it's technology. This is coming from someone that has been in the know for over 45 years and in the trenches of the finest Audio Equipment.

Life without Music, is like Life without Air to me. Now go pick which ones you want. And enjoy the Music.

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Daryl L Submitted: 2017.06.12

As for the M5 interconnect, it is pretty fantastic, elevating my system to a level never before realized. It's much improved in virtually every area - probably most notable is the dynamics, definition, and the huge , deep sound stage. Backgrounds are very black, and bass also has better punch and clarity. Part of the improvement might be going from single ended to balanced. I hope it continues to improve even more.

I'll be sending the trade-in cable this week.

Thank you, Daryl L

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John F Submitted: 2017.05.26

The Elite Interconnects are really opening up and I am most pleased with their finesse and detail without any trace of edginess , glare or etching.

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John Z Submitted: 2017.05.25

Mike, I am chomping on the bit to see if I get an improvement going from the MA7 to the Elite interconnect between my DAC and amp. Also, right now I have an AudioQuest power cable on my Sonos and I just ordered a MAP2 for it. I'm hoping for improvement there also. That said, every time I did upgrade and add your products there was an positive audible difference. Before any of your cables were in my system it was all AudioQuest. I would listen for an hour or two and turn it off. The way it is now my wife begs me to turn it off because now I could listen all day(and have before), the way it stands now I would put my system up against ones costing 3-4 times more. Providing they are not using your products of course. Thank you for helping me rediscover how much I love music because your stuff helps bring out all tiniest details of the recordings no matter what the format.

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Keven Jubeck Submitted: 2017.05.22

Hi Mike,

I began to put a system together about 8 years ago. I did almost all of my research online reading blogs and looking for unbiased information. I was looking for VALUE. Great products at reasonable prices. I started with whatever cord I could find around the house. As I put my system together I went with Emotiva Interconnects for their price. Just to make sure I wasn't missing something I decided to give your cables a try. I started with MA2. After the break in period, they changed the game. In a word " imaging ". My speakers began to disappear. I have since upgraded to your MA4/SP4 for music. I continued using Emotiva interconnects for my theater because I thought they were " good enough" . Boy was I wrong. When I completed the theater transformation to your MA2's, it was the dialog and details that came out, as well as much greater overall dynamics and an "airiness". It just sounds " REAL ". I have made several changes with components, but your cables remain a fixture.

I am VERY satisfied with your products.

My sysem: BAT VK-D5SE Morrow MA4 Balanced Blue Circle BC-103 Solid State Balanced Morrow MA4 Balanced Bryston 7b-sst (x2) Morrow SP-4 Paradigm Studio 100 v5. (They sound fantastic in this system)

Best Regards

Keven Jubeck

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David P Submitted: 2017.05.18

Hi Mike, Just a quick followup on my MA-6 interconnects, which now have a little over 400 hours on them. They are between my DAC – preamp and preamp – power amp. The improvements seem to have leveled off now, but I certainly kept hearing changes well past the 300 hour mark.

The outstanding virtue of these interconnects is transparency. As they continued to break in I kept hearing more details that were previously inaudible, and instruments/voices got more and more natural-sounding. Natural timbre is one of the things I value most in audio playback so I am very happy. I also notice that some recordings that had passages that were hard to listen to are now smoother, and I can listen for long periods with no listening fatigue. Soundstaging is a little better too, although my room is weird and asymmetrical so I don't worry too much about this.

I'm taking advantage of your sale to pick up an MA-7. I will put this between my DAC and preamp and move the MA-6 between my phono stage and preamp. Nowadays I listen more to my DAC, although the turntable still gets some use, so I think this is the best way to go. I'll be curious to see how the MA-7 sounds compared to the MA-6 (presumably better!). Best wishes!

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Alfonso B Submitted: 2017.05.09

l would like to tell you that l have been listening to my system with your cables and the improvement in performance and accuracy is really amazing, Congratulations!! Alfonso B

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Donald Patterson Submitted: 2017.04.12

I got a new cd player and I was using synergistic research cables and I thought I would try my MA1 interconnects. My jaw dropped at the difference. Your cables are stunning!

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David P Submitted: 2017.03.15

Hi Mike,

My MA-6 interconnects arrived yesterday (Monday) and I put them in my system right away.

Even with only two-day factory break-in, it's abundantly clear that these are subtle, refined cables; that's what I was looking for. Top and bottom may be a little ragged, but the midrange is already amazing. Voices sound, for want of a better term, more human (even though they weren't artificial before, or so I thought). One example: I play the harpsichord. Harpsichordists often slightly separate the notes of inner voices in order to make them stand out more from the top line, which tends to be more audible. I could clearly hear this being done on a recording I listened to last night, where I never noticed it before. If this is how they sound now, what will they be like when they are broken in??

More to follow after the interconnects get more hours on them.

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Bee L Submitted: 2017.01.25

I am an Audiophile. I am completely aware of Burn-In, how and why. I do clearly hear the differences between cables (example RCA vs RCA). I have spent a lot of hard earned money on cables and other tweaks.

My Morrow Elite interconnects and Morrow DIG4 digital cable were true to your description concerning breakin. Your information in the supplied brochure was exact per 0-50 hrs, 50-100hrs, 100-150hrs, 400-450hrs, etc... Almost exactly!

I have only one regret. I purchased the Elite XLR and all along I had my eye on the 10 Year Anniversary XLR although I will keep my Elite and use them. I recommend if you can afford it, go up to the highest level within your own means.

Above all, the customer service is personal, attentive and importantly precise.

If you are seriously in the market to get every bit out of your Hi-Fi, you will not find a better cable + customer service then what you get from Mike Morrow. If you're still not sure or you're new to high quality cables, remember that you have nothing to lose as you have a trial period, BUT be sure to Burn-In correctly. Believe me, my cables sounded good from the start and continue to open up. The detail in separation and width and depth is mind blowing. The bass is smooth, deep and tight. It is everything that I want! What I find amazing is how silent the cables are! When I look at my Morrow Audio cables, I get a warm feeling. The cables look amazing and set my system off aesthetically.

Morrow Audio Cables are very well priced and you have many options too.

From one Audiophile to another get the highest level cable you can, you will love it! I do!

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Bee Lee Submitted: 2017.01.18

Hi Mike

Just wanted you to know the Elite XLR, DiGi4 and the latest headphone cable's sound absolutely superb. You said the wait will be worth it and you were right

I would like the 10 year Anniversary XLR and am interested to hear what one Elite XLR sounds like as AESEBU in combination with the 10 Year Anniversary XLR

I'd also like to complete my system with AC 10 Year Anniversary but will have to wait and get one at a time

Thank you Mike for the opportunity to experience greatness and also big thanks to the Morrow Team

Kind Regards

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Peter Michaels Submitted: 2016.12.15



Can you see that big'ol Cheshire Cat grin on my face? Well, I know you can't but believe me it's there and there's good reason.

First, let me tell you what I'm using for speakers - - those trusty and fabulous Rock and Roll speakers from 1985, the incredible JBL 250Ti speakers - - two pair! These were never meant for Orchestral listening, but when it comes to Rock, I thought I finally found Nirvana.

Well, now that I'm using the Morrow Audio MA-5 "Super Interconnects" (that's what I call 'em), my speakers are tame enough to play clean and clear-sounding Rock as well as Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" to make me think, with my eyes closed, I'm only 15 rows back at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles (of the Beatles 1964 concert fame) and with eyes closed, hear the beautiful "Rhapsody" piece as it was meant to be heard on playback.

Can you imagine how your YG or Sonus Faber speakers are going to sound? So, with all settings set to neutral, the instruments are unbelievably realistic - - from the Timpanies, to the horns, to the bass, and those gorgeous violins I was wowed by the improved precision and slam of the various instruments.

The dynamic contrasts were far more vivid; they are right in front of me and right where they're supposed to be (no smear), and I can pick them out including the quiet Triangle tinklings! I didn't miss the Triangle! These are Rock and Roll speakers, right? If there's any distortion, well, it was imperceptible at higher levels.

Then, listening to "Under My Skin" and all the tunes played on the piano by Diana Krall from her "Live in Paris" Cd, did make me want to hug and thank her for such a great performance with the wonderful time I had - - but I opened my eyes, remembered she's not really here; rather, it's the MA-5 Interconnects doing this to my appreciative ears.

My Cd collection has been renewed from it's not-so-great recordings that are now made much better along with finer, realistic sound that now has great presence and improved detail never before experienced!

Let me say, without reservation, the exceedingly small cost of these MA-5 interconnects (less than a good dinner for two in Century City, Los Angeles) was the best thing I could have done notwithstanding buying these speakers in the first place; but, these Interconnects have made my listening experience simply incredible with these Rock and Roll speakers! Who would or could have believed it? I certainly didn't!

I can't get this grin off my face and I can't stop listening! Oh, and as for the livliness of my Jazz and Blues Cds, well . . . I've got to stop writing and get back to listening! By the way, and to paraphrase that well known television commercial from the 1980's, "It's Morrow Audio, not Memorex!!"

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Michael G Submitted: 2016.11.28

I purchased the MA4 interconnects and they are fantastic. Right out of the package they improved my listening experience even though they were not broke in. I wish I had more hours on them but I enjoy each time I listen to my system because it gets better each time. My best friend Mark Bruce suggested your company to me he has bought interconnects and speaker cables from you. I replace my Kimber PBJ's that I had in my system for many years. I am very happy with the improvement in my sound quality the MA4's give me. Hopefully sometime early next year I can get another pair of the MA4's and maybe even some speaker cable.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer!

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Gary D Submitted: 2016.11.07

Hi Mike, I thought I should tell you about my satisfaction with your cables and how they have improved my listening.

I met you at the audio show in Chicago, spring of 2016. I wanted to improve my 7.1 interconnects between the cd/dvd to preamp. I bought 8 MA1’s. What a change! The image and sound improved. Thinking if these are the entry cables, I had to try one of the better cables. I decided to upgrade the center and L&R front channel runs.

With Mike’s upgrade program it was an easy decision. I went with MA4’s. What a great choice! I cheaped out on the burn in. But I plugged in the cables when they arrived. I thought "what did I do", The sound stage was just ok but there was little bass, the treble was rolled off. I read that the burn in would take time, it did.

I let the cd player play for three days. Then listened again. The sound had changed, there was better bass and treble, the sound stage was getting better. Every day the sound was a little better.

I then invested in a pair of MA5’s, cd to preamp. Also the 5 day break in. This is where the fun started! The sound stage was much larger, bass & treble was greatly improved, and seemed better each day I listened. This improved for a few weeks.

The last notes and voices seemed to linger at the end of each song, bigger sound stage and better dynamics. I was sold. Next was MA5’s for the run between the preamp to power amps. It is a 9 meter run. My wife was hard to convince to spend the money on just cables.

The easy payments were the way to go. It kept the payments reasonable. I also opted for the 10 day breaking in. They had to sound great out of the box or my wife would not be pleased.

I plugged the new cables in and my mouth dropped. The micro acoustics were amazing, I found myself listening at lower volumes. About a week later I was having coffee and listening to an SACD by Allison Krause. The Martin Logans took music lessons overnight. Goose bumps. The bass notes were crawling up my legs. The midrange was silky smooth. Cymbals were delicate yet you felt the percussion. Soundstage was 3 dimensional, I checked that I was only using the front two channels

Next was "Stronger Than Pride’ by Sade. Her voice was haunting. I said that we should see her when she tours. I closed my eyes and she was singing in front of me! The last song of the album was a cut called "Siempre Hay Esperanza". The sound stage was a mile wide, instrument sounds were originating from outside of the speakers radiating area. I found myself taking deep breaths not believing how amazing the music sounded. Now I find myself just enjoying the music, what it’s all about anyway.

Thanks Mike, for creating products that gets you closer to the music, Gary from Milwaukee

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Peter M Submitted: 2016.10.08

How often have you received more for your money? For that matter, when was the last time you received your money's worth for anything? It's been so long for me that receiving less has become the "new normal." Well, let me tell you how surprised I was to hear my new interconnects from Morrow Cable. I ordered the entry level MA-1 interconnects from Morrow Cable.

After connecting these beauties, I had to do a double-take, and I swear, I rechecked the package because I thought Morrow Cable sent me something far better than I had ordered; e.g., their MA-2 or MA-3 cables. The sound quality of these entry level MA-1 interconnect cables was so good, so unexpected and simply wonderful that I supposed there had to be a mistake in my favor. There was no mistake. Morrow Cable sent me exactly what I ordered - the MA-1 entry level interconnects.

This brings me back to my initial quesions. I received incredible detail, staging, and overall sound quality for what amounted to "pocket change" or the price of a decent lunch (not dinner; lunch) from a retaurant in Los Angeles. In other words, I received "more" for my small amount of money than I ever could have imagined right out of the package! When does that happen? The quality of sound is so terrific, that I swear I heard my low-end equipment saying: "What do you think of me now?" I was thrilled, and still am. My listening enjoyment went up like a rocket!

Even lesser recordings sounded like they were re-mastered! Am I happy? You bet! I finally received more for my money - - not less or even equal to - - but much more for my money! This is not supposed to happen because the "new normal" is to get less, expect less, and be satisfied. America can make a product can make a great product and Morrow Cable has proved that America is coming back to take the lead back in audio once again for a fair price, just like we did in the Golden Age of Audio in the 1980's and today, Morrow Cable is on the leading edge of a new come back age!

You don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for wonderful, realistic, playback sound like the Brand X companies want you to believe - - and Morrow Cable stands behind their products with a 100%, no questions asked, money back return policy. I'm not returning my cables, ever. "Wild horses" couldn't take my entry level, MA-1, Morrow Cables away from me.

I highly recommend these cables; your wallet will thank you; and you'll have enough money left over for that great lunch or dinner in Los Angeles! And, soon, you'll start thinking, "Wow, what more could the MA-2, -3 or -4 cables do?" In their graduated cables, Morrow Cable gives you something more to discover and look forward to with your sound system . I am a satisfied new "Morrow Head" and other than my new cables, I have no financial connection with Morrow Cable. It's just great to get more for my money! Try 'em; you'll like 'em.

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Jonathan B Submitted: 2016.09.20

The first few days of listening to the MA3's sounded very interesting. I could hear the potential in them, with the soundstage sounding very precise, not so much in width but depth. Different sounds or instruments seemed more defined and localized but the highs where too loud and very harsh. I also noticed the bass was tight and the mids where shallow or thin.

After like 4 days to around 240'ish hours, the MA3's just sounded ordinary. I was feeling like this is it for a little while and not impressed. Then at around 312 hours, or 13 days, they changed a lot. Now what I hear as the biggest difference from most ordinary cables, is how smooth and relaxed the sound is. It literally sounds less compressed, like the music before the MA3's was constrained. So since the sound is less compressed and allowed to spread out unconstrained, you can hear the texture of the sound more. I can detect more subtle changes in long slower paced transient passages, since the sound is less squeezed or compressed. You could say that certain instruments, like the piano, sound more realistic due to this more free relaxed sound, the texture comes through.

That smooth uncompressed sound is what stood out to me the most with these MA3's. The soundstage also improved after 300 hours. Its like since the sound in general, seems uncompressed (like if someone could grab the sound and stretch it out basically) that the localized effects or parts of music are wider in their location. This also contributes to helping me hear, or notice, where the localized sections are in music. Instead of it just sounding like it was coming from either the left or right channel, compressed in with all the other sounds in the music on that channel. This makes the music much more interesting and I find myself anticipating the next part where I can detect the wider localized sections.

During this same burn in period, the highs smoothed out a lot but seems like they could be a little smoother. Also I didnt notice the bass being tight like I did at the very beginning. The texture of the bass has changed though, if that makes sense, maybe more organic sounding bass. You know the bass sound has changed, just like how I described the sound in general as being stretched out or uncompressed/strained. It extends to the bass, in being able to hear its texture better I think.

I have not done enough listening so far, to give more of my experience with the highest short/fast frequencies. HF's like in Michael Jackson's music that are bright, short, and fast. The little I did hear though was good. They didnt have the same stretched out effect basically, like everything below in the frequency range. These highs where nice and defined from the rest of the music.

These are the best sounding cables I have ever used. I didnt know that cables could hold the sound back so much, really eye opening. Everything you say about the frequencies arriving at the same time and smearing from stranded wire, makes perfect sense from what I am hearing. Hopefully the pro side will catch on to your cables and use them for recording. All the scientific audio naysayers are so ignorant, they go on basic electrical principals that are just, well basic.

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Ferrell Submitted: 2016.09.19

Hi. The MA1 is hands down the best cable I've ever heard, by a wide margin. It has all the smoothness and detail I crave from my music. Going from stock RCAs and even Audioquest Evergreens was like cleaning a dirty window and finally being able to see directly into a recording. All the subtle nuances that make a recording unique became very easy to recognize, kicking my enjoyment of music up several notches. The included literature with a guide to cable break in (very important) was super helpful. Thank you for your great quality and service. I am looking forward to upgrading in the future to better Morrow cables.

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John Zawadzki Submitted: 2016.08.25

I hooked them up immediately yesterday and the improvement was really dramatic. I replaced the AQ Water balanced cables from preamp to amp with the MA7s. I was floored! I was expecting some improvements, but, not as substantial as this. I heard a wider and taller soundstage, incredible expansion of midrange(this was the greatest improvement of all), highs and lows were more precise and there was a massive improvement of what I will call a 3 dimensional aspect.

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Knute A Submitted: 2016.08.03

I just wanted say that your MA1.1 cables are really good! Much better than my previous ones which were not bad at all. With your cables however I could hear the difference as soon as I hooked them up so I am looking forward to them improving with time. Since receiving them and hearing them I have ordered one more for my new sacd player and can't wait to hear the difference with that also.

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Michael Gallagher Submitted: 2016.07.19

Just received my Ma-2 ICs today.IMPRESSIVE to say the least.These are light years Ahead of "famous brands ommited"..These even annihilated my Favorite "reference brand ommited" by a wide margin.You Sir are a Genius..More to follow.:)

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Charlie H Submitted: 2016.07.12

"I've been living in the Morrow Vortex for a couple of years now. I had upgraded my speaker cables from Radio Shack lamp cord to SP4s to SP7s to Elites and heard significant improvements at each step. During this period, interconnects went from cheapo to MA7s, and again things got better. At this point my system sounded so good I wondered how it could get any better. Would I be able to hear a difference between MA7s and Elites? After all, there's money involved here. I decided I had to find out, and I used Mike's Trade Up program to upgrade the MA7s to Elites.

When I received the Elite interconnects (XLR both ends), I immediately switched out my MA7s (also XLR). At this point in time my 2.0 system is an Oppo 105D to Elite XLR interconnects to a CIAudio E200S amp to GoldenEar Triton Ones. That's it, no signal processing along the way, although I have paid very careful attention to speaker and listener placement in the room.

The initial sound of the Elite interconnects was, well, a little disappointing. Bass was weaker than with the MA7s, and highs were so so. Mike had done the 10-day break in, so they had around 240 hours on them. I also knew that the cables might need to recover after shipping, so I held off on making a judgement.

I started listening, just to hear what might change. After about 3 hours, the sound went very shrill. This same thing had happened with the MA7s (they had gone shrill after 4 hours). So I shut off the amp and ran pink noise at moderate volume for 24 hours. Then another listen. Now the cables were bass heavy(!) and still somewhat weak in the highs. So back on pink noise, now at high volume, for another 24 hours.

Next listen, things were really different. The bass was much better, and the highs, while still seeming a little bright, were getting there. So more pink noise for 8 hours or so.

Now I could tell the cables were really settling in, and I started listening seriously. I listen mostly to orchestral classical where there is a lot going on. There was this incredible deeper sense of space combined with openness and better definition in the highs. I could hear the faintest things going on. It was like the noise floor had dropped, revealing things I had never heard before: faint bow scrapings, detailed finger plucking on harp and violins. Bass was good and tighter than with the MA7s. Brass was incredibly smooth. The lower noise floor and better high definition revealed details in reflected sound that added to the sense of space. (I really shouldn't call this an improvement in noise floor, because there never was any sense of "noise" before. It's more like a revealing of what was hidden ultra low level detail, especially at mid and higher frequencies.)

As time went on, it just kept getting better. At one point, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, and it was wow, Wow, WOW! Now, at around 300 hours total, the cables seem to have reached full break in. I think. On well recorded music, I am startled at times by the immediacy of the sound. Percussion is incredible with sharp, detailed attacks that allow me to hear every detail of what is going on. I love just listening to music and being able to trace every musical line in the orchestra. It's like having X-ray audio vision.

So for those wondering if the Elites are really that much better than MA7s, I can say they ARE. Will you hear the difference? Well, my system is good, but it is not by any means top of the line, and it has revealed every change I've made with cables.

I'm now starting to think that cables are the most important part of the system! And Mike has opened up a whole new world.

Fantastic stuff!"

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John Cioffi Submitted: 2016.06.22

Dear Mike & Co.,

I've been very happy with the Morrow interconnects in my system. Initially, I had a set of MA1 RCA interconnects, but took advantage of an excellent upgrade deal to trade up to the MA3s. I'd always been an evidence-based cable skeptic, never having heard a difference before getting the Morrows. I had no expectation bias. I got a great deal for the set of MA1s and only bought them because I needed a more flexible cable.

The following impressions apply to both the MA1s and MA3s, except the noted improvements were more substantial with the MA3s. Putting them between my dac (a Micromega Mydac, now swapped with a JKenny Ciunas) and vintage Sansui AU-819 (very similar in sound and power to the legendary and much more common AU-919), they had an entirely unexpected and clear impact on the sound.

The most notable change in tonal and dynamic qualities was a tightening and clarifying of the bass, followed by an increase of detail in the treble, all while retaining neutral balance and transparency. There is no hint of glare or edginess. These cables do not act as tone controls.

The most unmistakable and important effect, however, was the Morrow's effect on soundstaging and imaging. Whereas the tonal impacts were subtle and I could still second guess myself regarding perceived sonic changes, the Morrow's effects of nailing down the spatial location of soundstage elements was, well, clear as a bell.

This is when evidence gathered by ear overcame longstanding skepticism. My speakers are current generation Ohm Walsh 2000s. They are superb speakers and throw an astoundingly wide soundstage with a "sweet spot" that encompasses most of the room. As quasi-omni type speakers, their realism comes with some diffuseness of the imaging (think how live music takes on the signature of the venue's space, but generally doesn't present razor sharp pin point locations of the players). In addition, I find that the imaging of busier arrangements and less well recorded music tends to "wander" slightly--and unnaturally--around the soundstage. Diffuseness and this wandering effect tend to compound each other negatively. The greatest virtue of the Morrow ICs came with their surprising improvement of spatial precision. The MA1s made an unmistakably audible difference.

The MA3s improved spatial imaging still more. On most recordings, the wandering of spatial cues is gone. On the worst recordings it has been minimized to an almost inaudible level. Through the Ohms, the realism remains; the artificiality is vastly reduced. What these speakers do best they now do better. And I was taken entirely by surprise. Quite an accomplishment for a pair of wires.

Now if I could only persuade my wide to accept room treatments . . .

Thanks again!

John Cioffi

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William P Submitted: 2016.05.13

"I am enjoying my Morrow Audio cables very much. I sometimes can't believe how much music is revealed on the same CDs I have had for years. I purchased a new headphone amp last year and these cables go so well with it. I am buying more music than ever. I am grateful for the people at Morrow Audio for making such good products. You have a customer for life." - William P, MA1.1 interconnects.

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Darren V Submitted: 2016.04.04

Mike, I am still breaking in the RCA and XLR cables I ordered. I will wait until these are fully burned in. At some point I may consider a bi-wire speaker cable pair. Currently using a Wireworld Equinox 7 with bi-wire jumpers I purchased about 8-9 months ago.

I will say already the soundstage and detail is about 25 % better than the Kimber Kable Hero's I was running ( XLR ) and Wireworld Equinox 7 ( RCA ) in which I replaced with the MA 4 series.

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Anthony Pierre Submitted: 2016.02.22

Thank you Warner for your follow up email about the Morrow cables I purchased. I did a lot of research first before buying, reading online reviews and customer reviews. I've been in audio for about 45 years going back to my late high school days. A lot of gear has passed through my hands during that time. Mainly hardware with little thought of cables until Monster and their Interlink Reference and Powerline 2 speaker cables came out. Many cables and interconnects have been in and out of my system. Ones with "boxes", proprietary wire, solid core, multi-strand, etc.. I finally settled on just "decent" cables. Yes, zip cord for speakers and decent made interconnects, which served me well, and finally, didn't cost me a lot of money.

That is until I bought the MA3's and SP4. I didn't have to wait months to hear a difference. It was apparent and as soon as I started listening. Sort of like "wow.. I have been missing something!".

Long story short, I am very pleased with them and have no thoughts of removing them from my system. The 3 payment plan is great. You really can not beat the 60day home trial. It didn't take me that long to hear the difference. Thanks for a great product, reasonably priced so that even someone retired can afford it!

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Don Baker Submitted: 2015.12.07

Hi Mike,

I am listening to my system with my latest purchases from Morrow Audio - 2 Elite Reference and 2 MAP4 Grand Reference Power cables.

To say that my system was taken to the next level is truly an understatement! As with my other Morrow upgrades the soundstage is clearly deeper and wider. I am hearing new sounds from music which I have listened to over several decades. I was contemplating the purchase of a subwoofer but that is clearly not necessary since I added my new power cables.

What I really so appreciate is that I am listening to my preamp at about 1/8th of it's volume setting and the bass is tickling my toes! I am not a huge fan of a lot of volume in order to hear the intricacies, lyrics, dynamics and or image stability of the music - your cables give me that option.

Bottom-line - my speakers have totally disappeared and the musicality of the source music seems to just emanate out of the air.

Clearly, I have been caught in the vortex of buying Morrow Audio cables since around 2009 and am totally satisfied. Your upgrade policy has allowed me to go from my original purchase of MA1 interconnects to the Elite Reference series of interconnects and power cables at a minimal cost!

Mike, you are an audiophile's best friend...thanks for all you and your staff have done to increase my listening pleasure.

I tell my friends and even other sellers of audio equipment that they should try your cables - just cannot beat the sound or sound/value ratio.


Don Baker

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Michael B - Australia Submitted: 2015.12.02

I'm absolutely blown away by the 2 pairs of pre-burnt-in MA-3 cables I've been using in my system for the last few months! I'm using one pair between my Heed Audio Quasar phono stage and my Doge 8 tube preamplifier. The other pair runs between the preamplifier and my Australian made, Cymer, tube power amp. Yesterday, I ordered another pair to run from my NAD M51 DAC and the preamp, and one of your DIG-3 digital cables to sit between the DAC and my Doge 6 tube CD player. I cant wait for these to arrive now!

I have owned and experimented with many high-end cables over the years, but the quality of construction as well as the RCA plugs on yours immediately impressed me. Being more used to cables as thick as garden hoses though, I was a little skeptical of how these thin and marvelously flexible Morrow cables would perform. Those fears were laid to rest within the first minute of listening to the magic they brought to my system.

I'm never really sure how to explain what I hear in a way that's meaningful to others, but there is no doubt that your cables have brought a sense of transparency, scale, imaging, dynamics and detail to my system that I have never experienced before. They have given the sound of my system an injection of life without adding anything artificial or exaggerated. To put it simply, I hear more of the music, I feel more connected to the music and the messages the musicians are trying to convey is so much clearer.

I wholeheartedly recommend Morrow Cables to anyone seeking better sound and I'll be adding to my Morrow arsenal by ordering speaker cables to connect my amp to my Troels Gravesen designed DTQWT speakers as soon as I can.

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Mario Cavolo Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

It is instantly obvious to me that your cables are all you claim. You are to be congratulated on however you came upon the design. They are minimal and light and as if they simply get out of the way of the sound, revealing everything in perfect detail. Clarity, accuracy, spacing and soundstage are simply remarkable.

I am perfectly hearing detail and space in instruments that I never heard before. My previous IC was a local custom made, he told me had used silver wire. My previous speaker cables were 12 gauge multistrand copper. So my MA2s and SP3s didn’t replace anything esoteric or expensive. That being the case, the difference I hear with your cables is far more than I expected as any reasonable skeptic who spent my hard earned money. I am SO happy. Thank you. There is no hype in a word I write, just the straight simple facts. Enormous thanks to you Mike. As a jazz pianist I care about the music and I am thrilled. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Cheers, Mario

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Craig K Submitted: 2015.09.18

I recently attended the Newport THE show, where I casually ran across Morrow Audio via the raffle and the Legacy room, where I remember hearing a very pleasing sound being presented. At the time, I was on the hunt for an all tube integrated amplifier to possibly replace my newly acquired hybrid integrated,which I bought without auditioning based on the favorable reviews that I had read, plus listening to other products in the manufacture''s line.You see, I wasn''t completely happy with the sound I was getting from the amp,and as this was my first jump into the 2-channel audio arena,I was searching for solutions and alternatives available, not thinking that cables could make the kind of difference I was looking for. By chance, I spoke with a audio representative who is a dealer for my amp, and is also a rep for your competition.I told him of my problem, he told me that with the quality of my amp and speakers I should be experiencing great sound, and it could be achieved with the proper cables.''Hmmmmm'' I thought, maybe there is a cheaper solution at hand than the hassle of driving all over creation to dealers to home audition all-tubed amps, as I had planned on doing (to the tune of 600 miles+).

So I started doing some research.I referred to Robert Harley''s ''The Complete Guide to High -End Audio'' , where he talks about the skin effect, and how it can be nullified via cables that utilize litz construction. Then I ran across your ad in the show program, and saw that your cables use solid core wires.Now my interest is rising. On to your website, where I read about the potential of having game-changing sound, only to be followed by reading scores of reviews by people like me telling others of the great results they are experiencing with your product.A phone call to you confirms what my research and first impressions from the show had told me - this is a company that appears to be rock solid and genuine, and is not selling costly voodoo snake oil but affordable products that many people are excited about and that truly believe in.

My MA4''s arrived last Monday and I can''t tell you how much of a difference they have made in the sound quality of my system. I am now enjoying the sound (to varying degrees,from mild to wild, depending on the quality of the cd''s recording) - and can appreciate all the attributes that I had read about in my amp''s reviews, but could not hear in my living room.

Thank you for a wonderful product - as I have a SACD player, I will be calling you for recommendations for the 3 pairs of cables that I now want to replace as well.

For all those out there who are doubtful of a cables'' affect on your systems'' sound, with Mike''s money back guaranty, you have nothing to lose, and only audio bliss to gain. Try these cables- I''m certainly glad I did. Highly recommended - Craig

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Charlie H Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

Just a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the MA7 cables I received a week ago.

My system: Oppo BDP-105D > Morrow Audio MA7 balanced interconnects > CI Audio E200S dual mono amp > Morrow Audio SP7 cables > B&W 683 S2 speakers

About the time I ordered the new interconnects, I had just received the CI Audio amp and needed some temporary balanced interconnects, so I installed Better Cables Silver Serpent 2s (~$100 Amazon) as a temporary measure while you were building and breaking in the MA7s. The new MA7s arrived with 10-day breakin already done. Listening is a real "Oh Wow"! event.

The cables initially changed the sound in a way that is very hard to describe. It seems like they have a warmer sound than the Silver Serpents; the overall feeling is very neutral.

But the biggest improvement is in the imaging. Oh my God. My system now has the most precise and detailed imaging I have ever heard. The sound stage is broad and deep and has incredible "solidity", for want of a better word. I am frequently startled by the sensation that there are instruments and singers in the room. I know that a lot of people say stuff like this, but I can tell you it has been a fascinating journey hearing these cables evolve with additional break in. Like fine wine, your cables really do benefit from time.

I know I don't have the best system components money can buy, but your cables really makes them sing!

Thanks for the experience!

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Ronald C Submitted: 2015.09.18

Hi Mike,

The three pairs of MA-7 interconnects, in conjunction with the SP-7 bi-wired speaker cables, sound stupendous!!!!!

I installed the SP-7s last night and was totally blown away by the ravishing, glorious beauty of the MA-7/SP-7 combination. The MA-7s are installed:

  1. ReVox A77 open reel deck to Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp

  2. MSB Gold D/A to Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp

  3. Conrad-Johnson PV-12 tube preamp to Conrad-Johnson Premier 11-A tube power amp

Congratulations on your incomparable engineering and musical genius!

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Tracy Harbur Submitted: 2015.08.23

I am inquiring about the I.C. as on a whim I substituted the Moon Audio I.C. @ $500 mtr. with my present Elite. The results were substantial. This was on the CD-preamp link. Higher volume at same setting and the piano detail and particularly decay just went on and on. However the Moon is a very good cable and the Elite is 3 times the price. I feel the obvious...... the cable showed what the player was capable of and it is not a particularly expensive one but it sure sounded closer to the vinyl.

UPDATE: My latest set is now on a CD deck. This is not an outlandishly costly unit. It is an audiophile quality piece but as I listen to mostly vinyl I invested the money in that equipment. Actually the Elites at MSRP are nearly 7 times the CD's cost. Partly this was curiosity and I would now have the Elites if I was ever to upgrade to a higher priced player. The results...... at first the sound sounded thin and lacking body but after careful listening this was not the case at all. It was just that the previous I.C.'s (similar price/construction/a known name) had added bloat and unwanted sonics that the Elite erased. It made the deck much closer to vinyl.

I will skip all the adjectives repeatedly used in magazine reviews such as "airy, focused, soundstage, forward, warm, et al. These are all objective and the reviewer's perception. I will just say everything just sounded right. There was much more detail and in piano pieces; the sustain and decay took on new meaning. Another piece using tubular bells/chimes now showed the overtones generated.

By what these I.C.'s did I see no reason to look at a higher priced CD deck.

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Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio Submitted: 2015.05.11

"Morrow Audio cables are very well crafted. Using Morrow cables in our systems, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country." - Bill, Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio

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Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio Submitted: 2015.06.01

**"Morrow Audio cables are very well crafted. Using Morrow cables in our systems, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country." - Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio

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I have been listening to my system with the upgrade from my MA7 to Elite interconnects for about 4 hours - clearly my computer keys make too much noise as I am typing this review.

The Elite interconnects provide a big sound difference from the outstanding MA7s and is easily heard. The added 3-D effect of the music is quite noticeable and the transients/decays give a realism that my system did not have before installing the Elite interconnects. I feel like I am sitting-in on a live jazz session at a table that is right in the middle of the singer and instruments.

The clarity of voices and instruments is uncanny. The most minute change in timbre and speed of response to a rapid change in the notes scale is captured without blurring. Each individual note has a beginning and end.

As well, the extreme quietness of the cables allows me to listen to music at a lower level and be actively involved.

I listen to a wide variety of music and had to laugh as I listened to the new sound of Dobie Gray's the "In" Crowd. However, it was while listening to a hi-res recording like Limehouse Blues by the Domnerus Group that I must say was a tingling revelation - the clarinet, piano and xylophone solos with the sound of the driving base in the background was just mind-blowing! Again the timbre and note changes were superbly captured with all instruments separate but integrated.

I was skeptical that the Elite interconnects could be so much better than the MA7s because I have lived with my MA7s for a considerable time and was very happy with their contribution to my system's sound. Anyway, I will be keeping the Elite interconnects and returning my MA7s. I know the MA7s will be bought by another audiophile and provide great satisfaction - thanks for keeping the music alive!

As always, I do appreciate all that Morrow Audio does to provide the highest quality of audio enjoyment with flexible payment plans.



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Martin Appel Submitted: 2013.07.10

One of the reasons for attending HI-FI shows is discovering new companies and new products. At THE SHOW in Las Vegas this year, my colleagues and I walked by a room and I noticed a sign proclaiming Morrow Audio High End Cable products having great sound at affordable prices. Who were these guys and did we need another cable company? It seems like everybody and his brother is jumping on the cable bandwagon hoping to make gobs of money (nothing inherently wrong with making an honest dollar). There are many companies selling cables in the three to ten thousand dollar range for a one meter pair of interconnects, a few even higher. I’ve heard expensive cables that match their hype, others, not so much. Where does Morrow fit in?

I walked into their room at THE SHOW and met Larry Spellman, Public Relations Manager and Mike Morrow, President and Chief Executive Officer. I had a very good discussion with them about cable design and the general state of the industry. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and the family like atmosphere. I requested cables for review and Morrow said they would ship them in a few months. During our discussion he also informed me of the lengthy burn-in process the cables require (400 to 500 hours, minimum) and that they would perform much of it for me prior to shipping. I appreciated that very much. They offer a two day break-in service equivalent to 96 hours of music, at no cost, and a five day break-in service ($25) equivalent to 240 hours of music. They use the Hagerman Labs FryDaddy for their break-in service.

The shipped package contained several different cables, including their top digital interconnect, the DIG4, and the MA6 and MA7 analogue interconnects, which comprise Morrow’s Grand Reference products. For the purpose of this review I will focus on the MA7s. They are the top of the line analogue interconnects and retail for $1,299/1m/pr. with RCA termination. Add $50 for XLR termination. All cables come with a 60 day trial period where you may return the cables for a full refund. The line begins with the MA1 at $70/1m/pr. RCA and tops out with the MA7s.

One of the reasons for attending HI-FI shows is discovering new companies and new products. At THE SHOW in Las Vegas this year, my colleagues and I walked by a room and I noticed a sign proclaiming Morrow Audio High End Cable products having great sound at affordable prices. Who were these guys and did we need another cable company? It seems like everybody and his brother is jumping on the cable bandwagon hoping to make gobs of money (nothing inherently wrong with making an honest dollar). There are many companies selling cables in the three to ten thousand dollar range for a one meter pair of interconnects, a few even higher. I’ve heard expensive cables that match their hype, others, not so much. Where does Morrow fit in?

I walked into their room at THE SHOW and met Larry Spellman, Public Relations Manager and Mike Morrow, President and Chief Executive Officer. I had a very good discussion with them about cable design and the general state of the industry. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and the family like atmosphere. I requested cables for review and Morrow said they would ship them in a few months. During our discussion he also informed me of the lengthy burn-in process the cables require (400 to 500 hours, minimum) and that they would perform much of it for me prior to shipping. I appreciated that very much. They offer a two day break-in service equivalent to 96 hours of music, at no cost, and a five day break-in service ($25) equivalent to 240 hours of music. They use the Hagerman Labs FryDaddy for their break-in service.

The shipped package contained several different cables, including their top digital interconnect, the DIG4, and the MA6 and MA7 analogue interconnects, which comprise Morrow’s Grand Reference products. For the purpose of this review I will focus on the MA7s. They are the top of the line analogue interconnects and retail for $1,299/1m/pr. with RCA termination. Add $50 for XLR termination. All cables come with a 60 day trial period where you may return the cables for a full refund. The line begins with the MA1 at $70/1m/pr. RCA and tops out with the MA7s.

When I asked about the construction of the cables, Mike emailed me the following: ‘The MA7 consist of 72 total runs per cable of individually insulated small gauge wire. These are then twisted to help reject RFI. The wire is silver coated copper with PVC dielectric. There are 48 total runs in the MA6. For the digital cables, we use individual shielded solid core wires with a solid core wire running with the shield. The model number depicts how many runs… ie. DIG1 has 1 run, DIG4 has 4 runs.’

I installed a pair from my phonostage to my DEQX- HDP-4 preamplifier/processor. I continued the burning in for another 200 hours before any serious listening. The MA7s are very flexible and easy to install. I wanted to be sure that I followed the extensive burn-in time that was required especially since I went through a similar burn-in period for my reference interconnects, the Antipodes Reference cables. A long time! But, if I got as good a result as the Antipodes Reference, it would have been worth it. I also installed the DIG4 digital interconnect from my MSB transport to the DEQX’s internal DAC.

It seems I attract quality cables. I had no great expectations and was sincerely surprised at what I was hearing. After many hours of listening and comparing my reference with the MA7s I’ve come to understand how good these cables are. The overall sonic impression was one of incredible resolution and tonal neutrality. The Antipodes, equally resolving, tend to be on the slightly warmer side of neutral. The MA7s were closer to neutral, but could lean towards, recording dependent, the slightly cooler side of neutral. Additionally, it was apparent that they developed a sonic envelope around instruments that resulted in greater separation at least the equal of my reference, producing a sound stage with excellent layering and front to back depth. Imaging was exceptional, while not quite as rounded as the Antipodes, had excellent specificity with inner detail and definition aplenty. The MA7s created a sense of transparency while the Antipodes, a greater sense of weight. Both cables performed with a smoothness and lack of grain, letting all the music through.

It was very difficult to prefer one cable over another. They each presented the recorded performance in a completely involving manner, yet with slight, but always musical, differences. Your system deserves an audition of the MA7s. You may not be able to give them up.

A brief word on their digital cable, the DIG4. I replaced my reference, the Acoustic Zen Absolute 75 Digital Cable, with the DIG4 and after A/B testing, I found it matched the Zen in every way. The DIG4 is a reference caliber digital interconnect at $150 less then the Acoustic Zen cable and $90.00 less than the Antipodes Kokiri digital cable which are my current digital references. In my review of the Zen cable, I talk about the differences in personality between the Kokiri and the Zen digital cables and it applies to the Morrow as well.

As I submit this review it is with an awareness that I’m really not sure they are completely burned-in. Will there be further developments as they continue to play? Or, have they actually reached their full potential? Stay tuned.

In the here and now, I’m awarding the MA7 an Audiophilia Star Component Award.

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"I have moved up the ladder with Morrow Audio and have the SP5 and SP4 SC's in a bi-amp configuration. I also have the MA6 ic as well now. Nice open sound to these and as you move up you add more fullness and an increase in separation.

I have found more transparency, weight and a bigger overall presentation when moving up the line. Just more revealing to me. Can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the system. Going from the MA4 IC to the MA6 has shown me my limitations to the system I am running at the moment. Not going to shoot the messanger here. Even with the break-in service I had to let these IC's run for a week 24/7 before I knew their true character. I also felt that the trade up price from MA4 to MA6 was worth it but I was really questioning myself when doing it. I really think you should give the MA4 a try at least before moving into another cable. The MAP3 power cord is really good as well. Bettered the Lessloss DFPC cord all around." AudioGon, Jp1208

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"I have been mixing live sound close to 20 years as well as gone through many sound systems over the past 35 years. I have wasted away a lot of money trying to achieve the sound as if one was playing an instrument live. These cables do just that! They don't add any coloration to the music. You feel & hear the real soul of the instruments and vocals. I have had other sound engineers in my home to listen to these cables. Their mouths would drop open & thay would have big smiles on their faces! Save your money. Buy these cables!" Garry

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"I wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback concerning your MA6 Interconnects, SP6 Speaker Cables, and your MAP3 Reference Power Cords. All of these models have greatly enhanced my audio system. I was using top of the line and high cost Nordost and Kimber products before and after replacing them with your products, I can say that the quality and performance of sound across the spectrum was definitely elevated. I describe the sound as simply elegant. Your products are reasonably priced; I would say a bang for the buck, just what is needed in the audio world today. Highly recommended." Kevin - Louisville

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"I have Morrow cables, cords & interconnects in both of my systems and I am completely happy with them.Morrow cables are extremely musical, detailed and a flat put bargain to boot. In fact Morrow's Reference series replaced Kimber Select 1033's in my main system. Not only do the Morrow cables flat out sound better than the Kimber Selects, but with the savings from the switch I nearly paid for my secondary rig. You should call Mike Morrow and speak to him directly about his cables, he's the nicest guy that you will ever meet in the audio industry and he's very easy to talk to." Audiogon Forum, Craig Hoch

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Ken B.

The Morrow MA4 was the first Morrow cable I compared to my Synergistic Research (SR) Apex cable. With that comparison I found that the Morrow MA4 had a more open soundstage than the Synergistic Research cable.

I was amazed at that because the Synergistic Research cable had the Active shielding, Tesla tunneling, Galileo MPC and was several multitudes more expensive. The Main difference was that the Morrow MA4's lacked the power of the SR cable and the bass was a little deeper. By power I mean the force in the music. The Morrow was a little light weight in comparison.

I then bought a MA6. The MA6 was new and broken in by Morrow. Now this cable retained all of the good qualities of the MA4 but added a deeper and weightier presentation. It now became clear that the Morrow MA6 was actually better in all things that mattered to me in a cable. That is, nice deep soundstage, highs and lows presented without glare but clear and defined and it had a sound that makes the music more listenable. The Synergistic Research Apex by comparison sounded blunt.

With the sound, cost and the flexibility of the Morrow MA6 cable , I chose to keep the Morrows and sell all of the Synergistic Research Apex. I now have have 2 sets of Morrow MA6 and a bi-wire set of Morrow SP6 speaker cables. Ken B.

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Rob V

"Right out of the box I can tell I made the right choice going with your cables and going for the highest end in each category. I can’t believe the separation of instruments and my soundstage is fuller and more dynamic. So far I am very pleased at the cable progress in my system.

Your product is the best kept secret in home audio for the true audiophile. I am so glad I found out about you on Audiogon because in Canada I had never heard of you before. You and your products are top notch and I will refer you to my friends and family for all their audio needs in the future.

You are also easy to talk to and knowledgeable, I am glad you steered me in the right direction in order to accomplish what I have always dreamed is possible in this hobby. With your cables, it is an audio oasis where the sound is so good that you can just relax, close your eyes and get lost into the music and enjoy it the way it was intended." Rob V

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"This will be short, but wanted someone to know. I have spent years in this hobby getting to the point where I may consider myself done, or at least only moving up the line of equipment I own. Having been looking for a cable set to finish off my system and to provide the last bit of tweaking I have spent the past 2 years trying out all different cables, some inexpensive, and some expensive and have found the place to stop. Morrow Audio.

I had settled on their MA4 interconnects about a year ago and decided to play the field one last time. This time with Nordost, and their TYR cable. So I bought the TYR and go tit home, did the A/B to the MA4 and what did I hear? Well, the TYR had a slightly blacker background and I will call it softer highs at the expense of detail. It was a very soothing cable. I threw the MA4 back in and crapped myself. I liked the MA4 a lot better. It had way better bass, more detail on the high end and conveyed way more musical information. So I sold the TYR and traded up my MA4 for a pair of MA6, their highest line cable. Here is a summary in comparison to the TYR:

MA6 showed far more textures, deeper and wider soundstage, deeper and tighter bass, the MA6 sounded like live music in comparison to the TYR. In short, the MA6 crushed the TYR as did the MA4. I was searching for that cable that makes a violin really pop, a piano sound like a piano, a cable that makes the music REAL. This is the only cable that does it for me. Others have had the great detail, but at the expense of being harsh or missing bass or missing something. The MA6 has, to me, the perfect balance of detail, harmonic richness, texture, layering, soundstage, dynamics and bass.

I wound up buying the Morrow high end SP6 speaker cables as well and the combo is amazing, best cables I have ever heard and an amazing deal. No smoke and mirrors, no garden hose size cable, no silly boxes, batteries or anything of the sort. Simple, small cables made beautifully and sound incredible." Acurus

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Tim Vandenbosch

Hi Mike. I received the pair of MA6s with Eichmann silver bullets this morning. I already own a pair with the silver bullets which I use between my Lightspeed Attenuator and Forte Audio power amp. This second pair now goes between the preamp and Audio Research cd player. The first thing I put on was Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat and was staggered by the illusion of power these cables are able to convey. They are perfectly clear and fabulously open with stunning dynamics, deep bass and really fine vocals. I don’t know if it is the bullets which make the cables so good but cannot imagine a better sound. I have owned a lot of cables and am really glad I found the Morrow Audio range. Good thing about these is they sound really ambient and powerful without any separate power adapters and the like.

Thanks Mike and Kind Regards, Tim Vandenbosch

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Greg F

"Music has always been a passion of mine. Spinning records in the 80's on the air, running sound boards in different venues and of course live concerts. Finding the right set of cables, to unleash the full potential of my equipment has been a journey too! I have used very expensive cabling from Transparent Audio, MIT, and Kimber Cable, less expensive from Audio Art, Audio Metallurgy and Anti-Cables all achieving good to very good results. I very rarely had a ''wow'' factor in my listening experiences, always thinking in the back of mind, is there something else out there?

Morrow Audio is my final stop. Finally! For the price and performance, Morrow Audio has hit the ''Audio Euphoria Bulls Eye''. My beautiful wife has mentioned to me several times that she is hearing more of the inner music and even has explained blacker blacks to me in her own words. The MA6 interconnect is very revealing and detailed. Quite simply, it is breathtaking, awesome dynamics that really kick.

Morrow Audio cables aren't good or even very good, they are the ''Benchmark'' for audio reproduction. Other reviews of these fine cables are dead on, the MA6 is worth it's weight in gold!

Save your money, stop your searching, no more cables that look like hila monsters or anaconda's... Morrow Audio is the final stop of your audio journey." Greg F

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Michael Kennedy

I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding my recent cable purchases from Morrow Audio. First off, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 61 years old and was introduced to high end audio in the mid 1980s by a newly met friend named Gary. He took me to different high end stores and opened up a new world of hi fi to me.

Over the years, Gary and I have attended hi fi shows whenever they come to the bay area, the most recent about 5 months ago in San Francisco. Gary has also added to my listening experience by providing me with some real vintage Mullards and Telefunkin 12ax7s and others for both my preamp and cd player---man what a difference on the cd player. A few months ago, Gary replaced his speaker cables with a respected brand of cable that I could not afford-----it sounded very nice indeed.

This is the part where Morrow Audio cables come in to play. Garys new sound convinced me that it was time for some new cables, but I could not afford the brand that he purchased----so what do I do?? I started by going to the nearest High End shop to ask about cables. When I ask what brands they offer, I am floored by their response----we don't like any ones cables ---we make our own. Well, that sent me packing and I left the store. Then I decide to look for used cables on the internet. I saw some cables that I wanted to know more about and that led me to Morrow Audio.

After browsing your site, I became interested and wanted to know more. I read the testimonials, your design goals and the breakin article. Well, your special sale price for the MA1 and your return policy made it a no brainier for me. I took a chance and ordered a MA1. After all, how much could I loose?

After the MA1 arrived, I put it on the tuner because I was willing to leave the tuner on for 3 weeks for cable break in. From the very first listen, I knew that there was magic happening. While it was just FM, it sounded way better than I had ever heard it sound before. Now I am ready to roll the dice and order some speaker cables. After all, I can return it if I'm not happy! right.

Well, if the budget cable is good, then what of a step up? I ordered a bi-wired SP6. So what got better after the SP6? Everything got better! It is like a whole new system. You know all the words... yes, it is a major improvement in every category. It blew me away! Well now I want a better interconnect. I ordered a MA6 to go preamp to power amp. First impression---bass-bass-bass! Bottom line is this--- Your cables have exceeded my expectations in every category. Top shelf--outstanding; especially considering the down to earth prices for this kind of performance.

By the way... I gave my friend Gary a MA1 to take home and try out in his system. He has informed me that I should not expect that cable returned to me. Imagine that!!! He said that it bettered a much more expensive cable that he was using, and this coming from a guy who has been an audiophile much longer than me, and he is also a jazz musician.

So there is my response... I am grateful that I stumbled onto Morrow Audio and I am pleased beyond words. You have discovered how to make cables that allow one to listen into the music without a sonic signature as far as I can tell. I am hearing more detail and speed --bloom and transparency without any etching--and the bass is very solid and well defined without being boomy or overpowering. All of the cables have arrived within the estimated time frame and you have corresponded in a timely manor to all my E-MAIL questions.You were also very friendly and helpful when I called. Sincerely and gratefully, Michael Kennedy

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Darel D

To all at Morrow Audio I'd like to extend my sincere thanks for the 2 meter MA6 Copper Eichmann RCAs that I received yesterday. The cables were inserted between my mono amps and preamp and my, what a wonderful difference they've made in my listening enjoyment! I'm hearing living/breathing music like never before and I hope it just keeps getting better! Well done guys. Thank you so much for your efforts. Darel D

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Todd Vafiades

"First a word about Morrow Audio's level of customer service. In a word, impeccable! Mike is ultra-responsive, friendly, and extremely customer-oriented. He worked with me on two different deals simultaneously (never complaining about my haphazard requests and staggered orders). These deals included trade ups of both interconnects and speaker cables. With packages whizzing around and emails flying back and forth, Mike stayed on top of the situation and best of all, delivered superlative quality cables at a great price (love that trade-up program!).

I am now the delighted owner of two sets of MA6 Grand Reference RCA Interconnects as well as a 2 meter length pair of SP6 Grand Reference Speaker cables. All of which have benefitted from Mike's free burn-in service (at this product level).

To say that my Martin Logan Summit-X based system sounds "Grand" is a serious understatement. On well recorded media, the sound is nearly beyond description! The inner detail has opened up like never before. Can I hear the lead violinist shift in his seat a bit between stanzas? Yes, I most certainly can! Can I tell the lead violinist is actually a man as opposed to a woman? Yes... but only according to the album's liner notes ;-) I have yet to hear any cables that allow discernment of gender (in an instrumental piece anyway)... but this raises the point of comparison between cables.

I've been at this high-end audio hobby for a very long time (30+ years) and I can say unreservedly that Morrow's Grand Reference cables are at least as good, if not better (and in some instances, far, far better) than any other cable I have ever used. Not to drop names, but I will anyway... I've owned Nordost, Transparent, Crystal, and Acoustic Zen... to name just a few. These were by no means inexpensive models. In comparison, Morrow wins. No question, end of story. I am absolutely thrilled with the musical presentation my system now offers. Thank you Mike Morrow for offering such high-value cables. Well done sir!" Sincerely, Todd Vafiades

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"Received the MA5 interconnects today, which came with your 2 day burn in. I bought them for my preamp to my amp. I am blown away and they're not even broken in yet. This cable replaced my Audioquest Diamond back interconnect. This has made my system jump up several notches already. My dilemma now is that I have replaced all of my other interconnects and speaker cables with another brand just recently. Now I am wondering what a complete Morrow system would be like! I can dream. Oh well! I still have to say thank you. You make an amazing cable." T

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Ted Danowski

"These MA5 interconnects make music sound scary real! I replaced my Audioquest Diamondback interconnect between my preamp and amp with the MA5 and I cannot believe what I am hearing. I run Signal Cable Silver Resolution in most of my system but hadn''t replaced this interconnect yet. I saw a review on your cables and decided to take the leap. I really can''t turn back now.

This cable has changed my system and my life forever. Music is so real now I just can''t believe it. The break-in time is no BS. At about 300 hrs this cable really did come into it''s major glory. Detail retrieval is astounding, bass deep and tight and voices are amazing. I cannot stress enough to anyone that you really have to break theses cables in as suggested. I mostly ran my CD player 24 hrs with white or brown noise test disc. In between I would listen to music. Every listen showed the change in the cables. I will never give these interconnects up. My only dilemma is now I want all Morrow cables in my system!" Ted Danowski

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Richard Allan

"I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the performance of my MA-5 interconects. Perfect!! I have compared the MA-5s to Cardas Golden Cross, KIMBER Select and Mapleshade Clearview.

The smooth grain free openess of the MA-5 and their retrieval of small signal and large signal dynamics is outstanding. MA-5s are tonally balanced and really get the details covered. The MA-5s seem to tame the digital hardness of an MP-3 CD player. Congratulations! I think you have found the answer to a great cable design. The MA products seem to be the best sonic fit for my system. Richard Allan"

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Tom C

"Mike, As you know, the following applies to the MA5 interconnects between my preamp and amp. The end of this story is that you saved me much money because I do not have to upgrade my speakers now. Read on to see how this came about.

When I replaced your already fine MA1 cables with the MA3''s, I received a major increase in volume and a lower noise floor. Bass seemed bigger and treble more defined. in fact, I was very satisfied and did not intend to make further changes, but was thinking about upgrading the speakers.

That went out the window when I put in the MA5's. Again, there was a major increase in volume or perceived volume, such that I am able to listen and receive a comparable level of volume at a lower volume setting than before for the same musical output (eg. 53 compared to 57 previously). Whether this is a result of a lower noise floor or more efficient synergy between amp and preamp, I cannot say, but I love the effect. as a result, I can keep my amplifier running in a more efficient output range with the result being greater headroom for dynamics. This allows the music to flow and ''pop'' when necessary. As with the upgrade to the MA3s I would say that the sound is again more ''relaxed 'and natural sounding.

I keep thinking about upgrading my speakers, but each time I upgrade your cables, I put that idea off as I discover more and more what they speakers can actually achieve. So, thanks Mike Morrow, you saved me a lot of money on a speaker upgrade." Tom C

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I am extremely happy with the assortment of cables I have purchased over the past year from Morrow Audio. I have antiquated equipment, except for my Oppo bdp 105 blu-ray player. I have an assortment of MA-5's,MA-3's, SP-3's and HDMI cables in my current system. I cannot believe the sound that your cables produce. The sound coming out of my system has greater detail, accuracy, depth,and imaging. I mention your cables to anyone I speak with regarding improving audio or video systems. I wish continued success for Morrow Audio and will continue to sing your praises. Best of luck.

Regards, Joseph

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Mike, I started back into high fidelity about five years ago when I realized I didn't want to live the rest of my life listening to shitty quality music...... I did a ton of research (for me) and bought your MA-4's and then later your SP-6's for the day I bought my new Magnepan 1.7's......then I added your M2's....Hell, I figured, whatever the weakness was in my system, it was not going to be my cables. I'm 54 years old Mike, so to be honest I figured I couldn't realistically expect to hear any difference between your work and Radio Shack.

Today I received the MA-5's and replaced the MA-2's between the pre-amp and DAC ......

Son of a B... I'm hearing things in songs I've never heard before. Songs I been in love with since 1975, and it's like hearing them anew. Most of all Mike, I'm so grateful that my 54 year old ears can really hear a difference. I was always jealous of the guys who had ears good enough to pick up a difference.

Mike... Thank you for your skill and level of dedication. I really appreciate it

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Ted Danowski

"Mike, The SP5 speaker cables are amazing. I purchased the MA5 interconnect before and was totally blown away, so I wasn't expecting a lot with the speaker cables, but I was so wrong! The interconnect made everything scary real, but the speaker cables catapulted scary real into Oh My God! I'm at the concert! Now I'm wondering if the SP5 and MA5 are this amazing,what can the SP7 and MA7 do? Amazing product!

Thank you, Ted Danowski"

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Samuel Bruce Submitted: 2014.09.17

"Being an audiophile for 35 years does not qualify me as an expert in high end audio, but it has provide me with the ability to compare tried equipment and cables. Simply put, the MA5 provided the following improvements over all of the cables that I have tried and they include many brands that cost 2 to 3 times the price of the MA5's.

I am a firm believer in matching equipment and cables to one's environment (listening room), equipment (source, amplification and speakers) and personal taste (some would describe this as the boutique effect). But, in the end, the real measure of any components value is how closely it reproduces the sheer joy, engagement and palpability of recorded music.

So what did the MA5 XLRs (3 of them) do for my system?

  1. Utter Silence when presented with high gain and no audio signal.

  2. Transparency beyond words. Every minute detail and nuance is portrayed. Rosin on bows, the bite and breath of brass, plucked instruments and the warmth and subtleties of voice. The later being true for both single (male or female vocalist) and massed voices and instruments by provided an insight to individual voices without compromising the ensemble effect.

  3. Dynamics are portrayed in the most elegant and effective way. Large ensemble crescendos are majestic and especially transparent. But the most interesting aspect of the cable's dynamic ability is in its portrayal of Micro Dynamics. This is especially apparent in piano music with the initial note attack and decay providing a realistic and stunning life like effect.

  4. Imaging was spectacular. The sound stage was wider and deeper than ever before creating a sense of a realistic venue and when coupled with Dynamics and Transparency give the listener a most engaging realistic and palpabe performance.

  5. Engagement is of course the sum of all the previously mentioned attributes of the MA5. The thing about Engagement is that most cables can provide a short term WOW, but after a short while of continued listening, the WOW effect is lost. This has not happened with the MA5. If anything is true about the MA5 it is that every listening experience provides new discoveries and insights. You know the feeling of exhilaration, the foot tapping, body swaying and heart pounding excitement. No other cables, that have been in my system or listened for evaluation in my system, have been able to sustain Engagement like the MA5s. My MA5s have been in my system now for several years.

  6. Value as I define it, is the cost effective say of reproducing great music. The MA5s have now, despite their modest cost, reduces my desire to look for better and in fact reduced my desire to change component after component to achieve musical nirvana. This is not to say that I will not try other cables and components but if I could not, I would be extremely satisfied with this modest investment (MA5) which to my thinking is transformational.

In conclusion I would like to congratulate Morrow Audio for their exceptional products in both performance and value and I look forward to trying other Morrow Audio products in the future. Their trade-up policies and exuberantly helpful customer service staff have made my experience enjoyable and effective. Thank you for all your help, guidance and commitment!

Sincerely, Samuel Bruce"

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Dave B

"Acurus, I've tried most of those mentioned and a few dozen more. Recently I got a pair of Morrow Audio MA4 balanced cables ($600) new with 60 Day, No Hassle return in home trial. These are in such another realm entirely that you will most likely find yourself in disbelief as to the resultant sound. The Morrow cables are so harmonicaly correct and complete within an enormous acousticaly distortion free envelope, that you will most likely soil yourself!" Dave B

Response..."Thanks for the suggestions......Let me clarify what I am looking for and maybe this could help. I am looking for the most resolution, inner detail and snap, but without that Nordost thin sound. I am afraid things like Cardas will be too mellow. Do the Morrow cables do what I am looking for?"

Response... "Acurus, YES! I do not say this lightly, they are in another realm as far as cables go. The Morrow's offer speed, snap, unbelievable depth, gorgeous tone color and a midrange to die for without even a hint of glare. You have not heard a violin through a stereo until you experience it with the MA4's. Remember, 60 days no hassle return trial period!" Dave B

Later wrote on another forum... "FYI, as a side note, I have recently had the opportunity to evaluate a pair of Morrow Audio MA4 balanced IC's between my Sony XA5400ES and Krell 400xi. These cables demand to be heard by any music lover...they are musical conduits of the highest order. I am jaded as far as cables go, having owned and demo'd a good portion of what's available on the market. What they do is offer the most natural tonality within the most complete harmonic envelope I have ever experienced. You may think your system has no distortion or grunge or stridency, but when you put the Morrows in you will remove every last bit of artifice and what's left is sheer beauty! Dave B

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Jack Perlmutter

"I upgraded from the MA2 interconnects between my CD player and my Krell integrated amp to the MA4's. I loved the old wires but the new ones blew me away. The bass that I thought I was lacking with my DALI speakers showed up in a major way. It was like I inserted a more powerful amp into my system. The imaging got even better than it was. Ridiculous performance for the price of a low to mid level cable. I am sure that I will upgrade more as my system grows. I am looking to get a set of SP4 cables to upgrade from my SP2's. Keep up the good work!" Jack Perlmutter

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Joey Caleyo

"Having searched for weeks for a replacement set of Interconnects, I settled on the Morrow Audio MA4 interconnects. I had been experiencing a light buzzing noise in a pair of speakers I was using as mains and recently purchased a new set of mono blocks and speakers to replace my main speakers as an upgrade. I planned to send out my old main speakers for a rebuild.

Mike was the only person that took the time to discuss my needs and to also suggest upgrades since I splurged on my new speakers and bought some Wilson Audio speakers. I put a lot of money into the new amps and speakers and insisted on what I felt would be the best interconnects to get the most out of my new purchase.

I was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality coming from my new setup and I highly recommend Morrow Audio products as a replacement. I replaced them with what would be considered high grade interconnects and the new MA4's blew them away.

I also recommend the break-in service. New interconnects go through a period of sounding worse before they break in and then they come into their own. Mike suggested the service and it was worth the expense! Thanks Mike for your help." Joey Caleyo

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"Mike, I have never taken the time to provide written feedback to anyone about any audio components I have purchased and placed in my system. However, I'm compelled to make my experience with Morrow Audio cables the exception.

I just replaced Kimber Kable Silver Streaks, Kimber Kable 8TC's and Nordost Frey's with your Morrow cables, specifically the MA3, MA4 and SP4's.

I'm not an audio expert and won't try to imitate one, however I know what significant changes I have heard in my system since installing your cables.

I'm experiencing a realism that I was missing. The sound stage is much larger and more open. Detail is better than ever and the sound is extremely clean, clear and concise. Importantly, it is neutral and not tainted. The dynamics are not over exaggerated but tight and clean. I feel like I'm hearing what the artists intended in their music presentation. In the world of audio you don't know what your missing until you hear what you were missing.

Please feel free to share this with your customers or anyone who might be in the market for cables. Your cables really do make a difference. WOW!" Kevin

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David B

"My initial impressions on the MA4 are that you have reverse engineered a "perfect cable" which you stumbled upon while working at Area 51 (covertly of course). You may be an audio God sent back from the future to save the millions of lost audio souls, desperately searching for audio peace of mind. Of course, maybe, just maybe, you are a smart audiophile with an intense love of music and it's recreation in the home. Nah, you must be a God!" David B

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Cliff Perry

Hello Mike! I thought it only right to drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with the MA4 interconnects I got from you last November. Although I availed myself the burn-in service you provide, the 60 day 'grace' period was essential to hear the cables at their best. And then, just when I thought that was it, a couple of weeks ago they jumped yet another notch - a full 4 months after purchase. An extra level of stability in the presentation, increased three-dimensionality and more solid, open and natural detail. The Nordost Quattro-fils they replaced have long since been sold on eBay!

It was this latest jump in performance that made me go for a pair of SP3 bi-wire speaker cables. Despite only just being put into the system after minimal run-in, I can already tell they are going to be winners. Soundstaging is much wider and three-dimensional than the Nordost Red Dawn they've replaced. And vocal timbre is in a completely different league. Sure they've a way to go, but the (relatively) short term pain will, I know, be worth the long term gain.

Thanks Cliff Perry

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"I tend to build/upgrade my audio system about every 15 to 20 years over a couple/three year time period, with a few tweaks in between. I try to purchase the best stuff (for me) that I can afford that will be in action over the long haul. After the somewhat recent upgrading of my components, it felt it was time to upgrade at least the major cable in my system, the interconnect from the CD to the amp.

Maybe it’s an unfair comparison. After hooking up the MA4s for three and ½ hours to my tuner to start the break in process, I auditioned the interconnects. The analogy that comes to mind is the my near 10 year old silver streaks are like supper market brand ice cream, satisfying , does the job well on a hot day. The MA 4s are the super premium new fangled boutique stuff, great from the get go with deep richness and surprising nuggets of deep opulence that blows you way. They are so good, you don’t know what you’re missing because its outside of your experience.

Sound stage and details have reached new levels. The music is richer, revealing unheard vocal styling's and instrumental tones on long standing favorite recordings that I thought I "knew". I don’t think I could be more impressed and pleased. And this is only after a total of seven hours of total braking in time.

An audio salesman once told me that the single greatest enhancement to his systems was adding a power "conditioner". When I took that lead of faith, I concurred. It was what I termed a "generational" improvement. Comparatively, your cables provided an upgrading on par.

I do understand they may be the rougher waters of the breaking in process are ahead. But with what I got now, it’s a little challenging to imaging the better richness at the end. I am very happy with my new cables and will recommend them. I also very much recognize your professional and personal touch during this process. I find you’re responses timely and sincerely committed to old fashion customer service. These days it’s nice to get boutique quality, backed with service and better then market value pricing.

Thanks again Mike. Don"

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"I have recently evaluated a pair of Morrow Audio balanced MA4 IC's in my system. I believe Mike Morrow is onto something extremely important. Never have I heard an interconnect transform the sound of any system the way the MA4's did mine. They are so harmonically complete and will remove layers of distortion you may think you don't even have! The results are so phenomenal that words fail...he allows a 60Day trial/no hassle return evaluation. These aren't just a good value, they are a paradigm in high end design." DB

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I am REALLY impressed with the level of detail these provide. Case in point playing Jim Messina's newer CD "Under a Mojito Moon", I am now CLEARLY hearing back round percussion instruments at a level of clarity that were simply not there before (smeared). I also thought psycho-acoustically I was hearing mild distortion thru a right channel midrange, after replay it happed to be the reverberation of an ending note of an acoustic guitar string inside the body of the instrument, which blew me away. Sound stage improved dramatically and bass is a little better defined. After the dips of further break in are completed I'm sure I'm going to be in for a good ride. Jay

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Mike, If you only knew how hard it is to get my wife to comment about my stereo changes, you would understand why I was quite surprised to come home from work, to find her with the music quite loud (Mozart of course) and really into it. When she looked at me, she just smiled. That is what the MA4 has done to my happy home. For now, two words: SENSORY OVERLOAD!!! A loyal fan, Don

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Dmitri Kochtcheev

Mike, First off i would like to say thank you for your cables and for the excitement you brought to my music listening. Unlike most of your customers, i can't really compare your products to the others as i just bought my first hi end system. For whatever reason, i just liked your site, your personality and your videos which make a lot of sense. I decided to give it a shot and i did a right choice. I am very very happy with the results. Great detail, very realistic, "fair" sound. My Classe and B&Ws love your MA4 and SP4s Thank you, Dmitri Kochtcheev

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Christian Aramanda

"I just received my MA4 cables with Eichmann copper plugs yesterday. I was ready to go to bed, tired, and felt like I wouldn't be particularly objective if I did a quick cable switch to check 'em out. A pair of interconnects that I bought from another company this week proved not much better than the interconnect I had been previously using. In fact, I liked it less than what I was using, and it ...was easily 4x the price.

I was expecting a similar scenario with the Morrow MA4 cables but was I wrong! Immediately every quantifiable aspect of the sound easily improved by no slight margin. UNBELIEVABLE. The other cables I bought this week are getting sent back.

Today I'm installing the MA4 XLR interconnects between my preamp and amp, and I can't wait to hear what happens with that addition. Again, I have a hard time to believe that further improvements are possible! What I do know, at this point, is that I'm done trying other cables-Morrow cables are the best I've ever heard!" Christian Aramanda

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LaDedric T.

Mike, I purchased a pair of MA4 interconnects and I can not believe changing one cable has made this much of a difference. I have been using Transparent Audio Cable "MusicLink" & "MusicWave" for a few years and have really enjoyed them until I notice the highs were actually recessed a little in amplitude. This made music sound good but not as accurate as I was after. This took some time for me to hear and understand the difference but nonetheless still it was enjoyable, but not accurate. So off on my search for a better cable.

In looking for a new cable I decide to look for a good cable that would equal the highest value for my money and decide to include companies that did not use a large advertisement budget since a lot of businesses rely on word of mouth. Long story short, I came across your company and AudioQuest for their long history and decided to go with your company. Mike, too be clear the ranting and raving on your web-site caused a flag to go up but seeing your team being represented online on a News station made me trust your return policy. Also it appeared I would have gotten a higher value for my dollar spending it with you.

I want to thank Bill and Mike R. for there patience in helping me to determine the best way for me to audition your cables, being this was more then a few e-mails. After I place my order it took an unusually lengthy time for me to get my cable but it was explained to me why and I was compensated for it with a terminal upgrade (I love a company that wants make their customers happy) now all my future purchases have to have this upgrade!

I hear a much smoother, unified sound instead of the jagged sound that I have enjoyed over years mind you. The information in the background on the CDs now flows out off the speakers much easier. The bass has better definition and the highs are in the room with me finally as oppose to sounding like it is slightly disjoined from the rest of music. Every so often I get my system to a point were I am really HAPPY with it and now is one of those times. You have a future customer of Morrow Audio Cables.

Thanks Mike, LaDedric T.

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Sheldon White

Hi Mike You sold me the MA4s , a traded in pair. So the settle in time was brief. I too am A M A Z E D ! And I choose to believe that it takes a whole lot for me to say that. What no one else seems to mention is that these cables break in to an individual''s system. Seems like a perfect fit. Bet just about e/one would say that if you asked. Instant synergy. For All Of Us ! How DO you do that ? Sheldon White

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Bryan Barron

Here's my overdue testimonial on your cables: In January 2013, I stumbled upon the unassuming Morrow Audio display while attending a high-end audio show in Las Vegas. I hadn't heard of the brand before, and had Mike Morrow not been so open and friendly, I probably wouldn't have bothered to find out more. I mean, to me, they were just one more cable company in a very crowded field, and I had cables I was perfectly happy with...or so I thought!

Upon returning home with a stack of brochures and such from the show, I decided to order a digital cable from Morrow, which led to ordering a power cord, which led to ordering MORE power cords (all MAP-4s, they're truly fantastic) and finally some interconnects (MA4's) for my Rega Saturn CD player. Every purchase from Morrow has resulted in notable improvement in my system's sonics. These cables replaced various models from Transparent, Audioquest, and Nordost--cables that cost me a pretty penny, I might add! From first listen, Morrow beat them all, even though the cables only had the 5-day breakin service before being shipped to me.

Although I consider myself an audiophile, I don't like using a lot of audiophile-speak as it always seems to sound snooty. I just want to enjoy the music, not over-analyze it. And that's what Morrow cables allow me to do, every time. I prefer a warmer yet detailed sound that really gets one deeper involved in the music itself. Morrow cables allow for that, and so much more. The sound they produce is so wonderfully pure and detailed, I've not heard another cable come close--even when I've sat through demos of "dream systems" at my local hi-fi dealer. After a stressful day at work, nothing helps more than retreating to my "man-cave" and listening to a favorite album or's never fatiguing, instead always uplifting and involving in the most wonderful way.

I don't know how they do it, but Mike and his team produce a remarkable product for a fair price, and they're a pleasure to deal with. I am a customer for life, because I have heard (and continue to hear) the utterly remarkable, often breathtaking difference these cables make. They have enriched my enjoyment of music (everything from The Beatles to Lionel Hampton) unlike any other component, speaker, accessory, or other "tweak" I've tried. Thank you, Mike and team, for everything you do that brings your customers closer to the music they love. Bryan Barron

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Tim Collins

"I put in the new cables when I got home. Somewhat as expected, they sounded a little overcooked on the top end. I know that will go away. Other than that, they sounded similar to the MA1s. However, what I got that I did not expect was much greater volume. I really don't understand it except that possible the additional strands changed the capacitance, inducatnce or resistance or somehow helped the Arcam and the Cary to work more efficiently together.

I will gladly take this improvement even if I receive no other improvements. But, I am pretty sure they will get better over time as the last pair did. It may be my imagination, but I think that the location of instruments and vocals are better defined. Bass is powerful. I'll keep you updated. Finally, I posted info and some pics about my system on A-gon, so you could check it out under my name or under ever improving in the system page. I gave you a nice plug. My seller (of the Cary) may contact you to try some of your cables, he is using MIT now, his name is Ron Spach." Tom Collins

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OK...... They now have 300 hrs of silent burn on them, and for the past 2 days I have been listening to them in my system. I'll cut right to the chase....... These cables are EXCELLENT. No hype, no exaggeration, and I am in no way affiliated with Morrow Audio.

Simply put, these cables have literally transformed the sound of my system, and unleased the true potential I always knew it had. Upon insertion, the sense I get is that all the junk between the amp output tubes and speaker drivers has been removed. I know it sounds silly, but it's like putting the tubes directly on the driver! The only other time I had this sensation is when I owned Atma-Sphere OTL amps.

Over the years I have had my share of cabling....lots of it pricey. No other cabling has ever given me this sense of unobstructed delivery of the music from tube to driver. The overall sonic picture is one of purity, grace, ease and refinement.

My system has a new found clarity and coherence. I can hear deeper into the music. Noise floor has dropped significantly. Soundstage is huge. Everything is very natural and well-balanced. Bass has taken on a new-found authority, detail, punch and weight. Midrange clarity is stellar. Great presence and immediacy. Very detailed yet refined sound. Definitely not hyped in a hi-fisih way. Great tone and palpability. Saturated and dense images. Since they are so smooth, relaxed and organic sounding I would not say they are ruthlessly revealing, but I think you will know if something is amiss upstream.

This might be the best cabling I have ever personally heard....or not heard. I know it is a cliche, but their presence is hard to detect. They sound like they just get out of the way and let the music through.

I am so impressed that I will probably look into re-wiring my entire system with Morrow cabling.

I think this cable is the real deal, guys. Check 'em out if you can. I am not prone to exaggeration, and I am not alone in my praise. Check out the website and all the testimonials there. They are all glowing and the descriptions exactly match what I hear. In my estimation, it deserves all the accolades it gets. Kudos Mike, for a no nonsense product that offers superb performance at an excellent price.


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Constantine Kastrinos

Hi Mike, I just received my balanced xlr - MA3 - and I just want to thank you for the great cables! Spending $400 on a cable, for me, is a big deal. I am happy to say that I can tell a huge difference already...even at 80%, these cables are amazing. What an open soundstage!!

I am including my system make up below in case you can recommend where I might want to make my next cable change.

Amp - Levinson 334 - upgraded power chord - audioquest with wattgate/marinco plugs Pre Amp - Conrad Johnson PV7 - Tube - Morrow MA3 Interconnect CD Player - Vincent S6 - HDCD - Tube - Nordost Cinemaflex 14 - stock power chord Speakers - Mission 752 - Cardas cable - entry level

Thanks for your honesty and help. You have gained a client!

Constantine Kastrinos

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I listened to my Transparent Music Link Ultra cables for almost a year before I tried the Morrow Audio MA3 interconnects. I was astonished with the new details I started hearing from all my favorite music. I am still blown away at how much more of the music I hear. These Morrow cables have really made a significant improvement in the quality of my music. I only wish I would have known about these cables before I spent so much on my other cables. Thanks Mike!


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Jim Jackson

I have never given a testimonial on any audio products, but I will give it a try. First let me give you a little history on myself. I have been in this hobby since 1974 and in this time period I have owned many systems and I have also owned an audio store.

The problem with this hobby is we have a tendency to believe that the more money you spend the better sound you will get. I've got some bad news for you. If you don't know by now that this statement is false you are in big trouble. I have spent tons of money on Audioquest, Synergistic Research, Harmonic Technology and Kimber Select. I have been waiting for some time now for someone to come up with a GREAT sounding cable at a reasonable price.

Now for the good news! Mike Morrow of Morrow Audio has developed great sounding cables at a reasonable price. At first I was cautious, I only ordered one pair of their MA3 balanced interconnects. I installed them in my system and was amazed at the improvement in the sound that I got. My system now has more AIR, DETAIL and a BIGGER SOUND STAGE! Now all the cables in my system are Morrow Audio cables.

Jim Jackson

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Terry D.

What can I say that hasn''t already been said in the other testimonials listed? I was looking to try some other (name brand) cables, but WHY!? I beleive I am there. I guess I know I will be coming back soon. Thanks Mike! Terry D.

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Marc Submitted: 2015.06.02

I'm going through the break in period and I just passed the 100 hour mark. Cables from right out of the box were unbelievable, I could not believe what I was hearing, it was like listening to someone else's system. I don't have very expensive system but, the sound was very musical with clean deep base. After putting in your cables, I new they were going to take me on a jouney that I have only expreienced on a systems that cost well over a 100 grand. With these cables, even at entry level, I would put them up against that 100 grand system.

For your customers that are on the fence about making a purchase. I would say if your could feel what I hear and hear what I see, Just Do It! You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. These cables are out of this world!

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When I connected your cables to my system, I noticed signficant differences immediately. From the start, the MA3's are much better cables than the Nordost Red Dawns and Audience Maestros I had been using. My tube generated sounstage came alive like never before. The tone remained the same, but everything else improved. I thought I had discovered something that no one else knows about. By the way, I sold both the Nordost and Audience interconnects on E-Bay and I kind of felt bad, because these people really had no idea, or were aware that there were better alternatives to what they were pursuing. In the past, I was one of those. The Nordosts were scooped up in a day.

Anyway, have you considered contacting one of those Stereophile or Absolute Sound editors or one of the foreign magazines to review your cables? Or gone to one of the big name hi-end retailers to demonstrate your product? I believe that they would be a hit in the audio "mainstream." Best wishes, Rodolfo

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Keeyuu Submitted: 2015.06.02

First of all, your cables made my system "reborn" at last, better than my "Anti-Cables" in every respect. Very tight bass and more solid control, deeper than ever. Midrange is so natural, not forward sound. Highs are also more extended and a more super high range than I have ever found before...just like I am listening to a whole new sound system. Amazing! I'm so happy and have never experienced this before.

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Richard Lerner

"I learned of Morrow Audio from a long standing Audiophile friend and former partner of mine in Richmond Audio and Video, Mike Gallaro. Mike, on several of our telephone conversations has been raving about the Morrow Audio speaker cables he purchased. I've always respected Mike's golden ears and stored Morrow Audio in my memory to try the cables when the need arose.

I have what I think is a very musical system comprising of Accustic Arts Transport, Reimyo Dap-777 Dac, DCS Purcell upsampler, Classe 2 box pre, and modded Krell KSA 150 amp. The system is cabled by Jena Labs Symphony inter., Shunyater power cords, Exact Power conditioners and Hydras etc. The speakers are Eggleston Isabel with the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter, which is outstanding but can get on the bright side if the cabling is mismatched.

Yesterday the Morrow MA3 Reference Two interconnects arrived and I could not get them into the system fast enough. I let the system warm up for two hours and thought I would listen for about twenty minutes. When I placed the first SACD "Doug McCleod" my jaw dropped. The timbre was spot on, actually superb. Imaging, transients depth and width of soundstage were also exceptionably good. The listening session went on for the next four hours.

The MA3 Reference Two interconnects replaced a Purist Audio Maximus, then a Cardas Golden Reference and then finally a Stereovox balanced 600 pair of interconnects.

Mike Gallaro was right again, they are truly excellent interconnects and I don't mean for the price point, I mean at any price! All I can say is Bravo!" Richard Lerner

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Dopogue Submitted: 2015.06.02

I picked up a pair of balanced IC's during their "half price" sale, simply because I was curious about how balanced cables would sound between my Raysonic CD 128 and Aesthetic Calypso linestage. They're a LOT better thanI expected -- open, dynamic, articulate, with excellent bass. And I doubt that they're full broken in yet.

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"I burnt the MA3 balanced cables through the Audio Dharma for 4 days. Today, I connected one of the pair with my Masterlink ML9600 recorder. What an astonishing sound! I have been using DH Labs Revelation Balanced Cable and was able to compare them side by side. The MA3 surely beats them. I am thinking of ordering 2 pairs of MA3 1 meter with RCA termination. Cheers!!" Abhijit

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Cincy Bob Submitted: 2015.06.02

I have been running all Morrow Audio reference cables in my new SET system (interconnects, speaker cables, AC power cables). The cables are excellent, especially considering the price. I would add that the cables have a very natural sound and do an excellent job of preserving the natural timbre of instruments. The interconnects and speaker cables need a full 400 hours to break in. At first, they sound rather lean. As the cables break in, the bass and lower midrange fill out, and the cables become much more extended at the frequency extremes.

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Nelson Delrosario

After several months of trying out different interconnect cables I saw Mike Morrow''s ad on Audiogon for his MA3 interconnectss, so I went to his website to see what people who purchased his cables had to say. I am not much for the ''pro reviews'' so I read intently what other audiophiles like me had to say.

I purchased a pair and listened to them prior to break in. The highs were a little smeared and the mid range was a bit thin. The bass was excellent, going much deeper and tighter than any cables I had (Audioquest King Cobra, Diamondbacks, Columbia''s and Transparent Audio Plus.

After 7 straight days of cable break in, I listened to them again this morning- and WOW!!. All I can say is everything everyone has been saying about these cables are true! The highs are open and ''airy'', piano is very natural, and the bass is deep and tight, so deep that I turned off my B&W and Velodyne subs.

I would characterize the cables as very natural sounding, with a wide and deep soundstage, excellent highs that possess a natural decay on the cymbals (especicially). Midrange is smooth...balanced.

For the money you will spend on Morrow Cables you will not be dissappointed. Besides, how many manufacturers allow you a 60 day trial period?!!! I am now replacing ALL of my interconnects and look forward to trying Mike''s speaker cables... Nelson Delrosario

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"Mike, I have never taken the time to provide written feedback to anyone about any audio components I have purchased and placed in my system. However, I'm compelled to make my experience with Morrow Audio cables the exception.

I just replaced Kimber Kable Silver Streaks, Kimber Kable 8TC's and Nordost Frey's with your Morrow cables, specifically the MA3, MA4 and SP4's.

I'm not an audio expert and won't try to imitate one, however I know what significant changes I have heard in my system since installing your cables.

I'm experiencing a realism that I was missing. The sound stage is much larger and more open. Detail is better than ever and the sound is extremely clean, clear and concise. Importantly, it is neutral and not tainted. The dynamics are not over exaggerated but tight and clean. I feel like I'm hearing what the artists intended in their music presentation. In the world of audio you don't know what your missing until you hear what you were missing.

Please feel free to share this with your customers or anyone who might be in the market for cables. Your cables really do make a difference. WOW!" Kevin

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Karrl A Submitted: 2015.06.02

I just wanted to send you a personal note of thanks….for providing some really excellent products. I ‘m amazed at how much the sound improved after the break in period. I could hear early on how good the clarity and definition were. Now there is substantially more bass with no loss of clarity/definition. The midrange/highs (which initially sounded a bit clinical) sound very natural, with just a slight touch of warmth (maybe the amp). And that isn’t bad as I have a fairly small listening space! I can’t imagine other cables at any price improving on the sound. It’s that good! Best wishes!

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Tim V.

"Over the years I have tried many interconnect and speaker cables, homebrew and some brand names, even some of the homebrew nameless cables that had cost me an awful lot of money. I have tried many cables on Audiogon as well. I had what I thought were really good speaker cables and interconnects and didn't really feel the need to change them.

After looking through your ad on Audiogon and reading somewhere that your cables were superior to the other cables I saw, including that $9000 Transparent Reference cable, I was somehow convinced to try your cables knowing that I had sixty days.

My current speaker cables have 99.9999 whatever percent silver and were very expensive and are very heavy. The interconnects are comprised of short runs due to them being so expensive.

I really like your cables as they are so light. They were immediately very ambient sounding, lovely detail not heard before came from the wall of sound in front of me. Timing, attack and decay are particularly good with strong deep bass and a big open sound... so perfectly natural sounding. It was like changing amplifiers. There are no strange batteries or tubes connected to small boxes like some cable companies. I consider this to be a real bonus. Congratulations Mike. I honestly have not come closer to a more perfect cable than these and they are reasonably priced." Tim V.

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Bob Olson Submitted: 2015.06.02

I set up an A/B compairison between a friends well broken in MA2 Reference IC's and my Stealth Indra Betas in a way that allowed me to change between them at a push of a button. I was shocked: not only was the MA2 Reference in the same league as the Indra, it was sonically indistinguisable. My friend and I could not tell be ear when the other was pushing the button. Betas of the Indra typically sell used for well over $1000.00. Production model Indras, which have identical wires but better termination, sell for over $5000.00 new and several reviewers have called them the "ultimate IC's." Amazing!

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Dan Comeau Submitted: 2015.06.02

I really like your MA2 cables. They are detailed, nice midrange, excellent male and female vocals and excellent bass when their fully broken in. Imaging is quite impressive too. It's funny when you look at these rather tiny cables - it's like you don't want to believe the sound and musicality coming out of these cables. So, bottom line...they're excellent cables, and this not considering the price!

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Rodolfo Bonnin

I have been upgrading my entire system over the past few months. It now consists of a Thorens turntable with a Goldring cartridge, Ballari tube preamp, Sony ES SACD player, Cayin integrated tube amp, AAD reference speakers, and cabling from Nordost and Audience, and XLO speaker cables. Not to mention the overpriced tweaks that include isolation platforms made of 3 inch maple with brass cones, power conditioners, isolation transformers, power cables, etc. I consider my system to have high resolution, but as any good audiophile will tell you, we want more.

The next step in the upgrade process was to locate a good interconnect. What I wanted in a cable is that elusive quality called inner or low-level detail. You usually don't find this in lower or mid-priced cables like the MA3's.

After trying a few different brand name products, I settled in on Nordost. They've been working great in my system and I always get compliments from my audiophile friends about the great sound I get. My eyes, ears and wallet were set on the Nordost Heimdalls. I went to the local dealer and took them home for a test run. Even though they improved the sound of my system, I did not get that WOW factor that I think an audio product should give you. I returned them to the dealer and moved up the Nordost line.

This time with the Nordist there was a WOW factor, but at a tremendous cost. I could not convince myself that I would be required to pay that much for something that I was beginning to believe could be found elsewhere, for less and for the same quality.

I'm not afraid to pay for quality, however, I am not impressed with pretty packaging ($), colorful brochures ($), excessive advertising ($$), or a product that looks like you want to eat it for dessert ($). I want an honest cable where the bulk of the company's investment went into its function. Isn't that what a cable is about? My amp can look pretty, my speakers can look pretty, but interconnects which are rarely seen, no thanks. I returned the Nordost cables to the dealer and started my hunt for the right interconnects...iInterconnects that would give me the WOW factor!

In my extensive and comprehensive search on the internet, I came across Morrow Audio and liked what I saw. I took the gamble and purchased a pair of MA3s. I was not entirely secure in what I was getting into, but what I read convinced me to take the risk. And it was a small investment to make compared to what my original intentions were with the brand name cables.

The cables arrived yesterday. They were surrounded by bubble-wrap. No fancy boxes, color brochures, enlightenments of how I have become part of the Elite and Exclusive world of hi-end audio by purchasing this product. No rationale telling me what I'm supposed to listen for. Only installation instructions and break-in procedures; apparently these cables need lots of time to break-in (at first I thought it was probably to keep people from returning them prior to the 60 day policy). As I was unwrapping, reading and connecting, I started to get that feeling that I was setting myself up for a disappointment. I thought you can't sneak past quality without paying for it.

The cables are thin and have the look and feel of Kimber with a black surround to cover them. The first thing I did was connect them to the CD player and I played the pink noise track on the Stereophile Test CD2 in repeat mode for about three hours. I was avoiding listening to them until they were somewhat broken in. To be honest, I did that to avoid the possible disappointment I would get from buying no-name $200+ cables sight unseen.

Three hours later, I went into the room and removed the test CD, and put on my usual culprits (the recordings I know inside and out. The first thing I noticed was that the tone was the same as my previous cables. No change there, and that was good.

Then things begin to change in the music I knew like the palm of my hand. Music was happening like never before. The first thing I said out loud was "that was'ent there before". Next came "that's a new sound!" Then came the "WOW", and many more "wows" after that.

As each CD went though audition, the sound got better and better. What was happening was that I was getting reacquainted with my well-known CDs and started hearing music that did not exist prior to these cables. It was a revelation! I did notice that the volume control on my amp had to go a notch more to get it at the levels I'm used to listening. I think that's because the instruments did not appear to be so close together in the soundstage as before.

Believe me when I tell you... I had a great soundstage before! The soundstage grew to beyond the speakers; that was a head turner! I perceived lower and more defined lows, and with tube equipment, that was quite a startling difference. Then the instruments started sounding fuller and more complete; I could hear more complexity in the sound from each instrument. Little sounds that weren't there suddenly materialized and little sounds that were not as noticeable before started popping out, and clearly. I wanted low-level detail... I got it! To say the least, I had a smile on my face!

Then came the big test, connecting them to the phono preamp. WOW again and many more "wows"! I spent the rest of the evening listening to music. Next week, I'm putting the Audience and Nordost cables on E-Bay. The MA3's are a wonderful investment, actually a steal! Incredible! With a claimed hundreds of hours of break-in to go, how much better can they possibly get? Great job Mike. You have a devotee. Rodolfo Bonnin

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Thunderbear Submitted: 2015.06.02

I want to share my recent happy Morrow Audio IC experience. I think I have discovered a really great value IC. I've always believed that I should be able to buy or build a decent component interconnect for around $150, and over the last 15 years have tried various IC's from Straightwire, MIT, Nordost, Analysis Plus, Audio Art, Reality Cable, and numerous d.i.y. versions recommended by the Stan Warren/Supermods and Stereophile community.

Until now, my favorite in this price range was the Audio Art IC-3. I have now switched completely to Morrow Audio MA2 IC's, after using their MA1 IC's for awhile. At first, the MA1 easily surpassed ALL the other cables in my system and closet, providing more detail in very musical way.

I decided to try the MA2 when they went on sale, and I am just delighted with them. The MA2 ic's have revealed an amazing musical capability in my system, and have shown me what a really good wire can do to let good components present themselves fully.

I hear a beautiful, natural, extended frequency range top to bottom, with a spacious, airy soundstage. I'm enjoying gorgeous, dynamic music, with a natural sense of performers, instruments, musicianship and recording venue.

I really wanted to let other audiophiles living within normal budgets about my success (after so many years and cables) in finding an ic that was so good. Maybe part of it is how they integrates into my Quad/C-J/Reference 3A system, but I think this is a fantastic audio IC deal, and astonishing when purchased on sale."

Thunderbear later wrote... "I retired as an electrical engineer 15 years ago, I am a longtime audio cheapskate, and this cable was a breakthru for me. Please note that I did acknowledge integration with my system. So here's more, but far from a full review:

System: Quad 99CDP2 cd player, C-J CAV-50 integrated, Reference3A Veena speakers fave test tracks: Garcia/Grisman 'Friend of the Devil', Angelique Kidjo 'Voodoo Child', Ella & Louis 'Stars Fell OVer Alabama', Nawal 'Kweli', Terry Evans 'The River', Muddy Waters 'G'bye Little Schoolgirl'

I had been satified with Reality Cable for a couple of years, but decided to try some new cable when I bought the Quad player, hoping to retrieve more detail and better imaging. I then tried the Analysis Plus Oval One and the AudioArt IC-3.

The Oval One had lots of detail, but sounded a little sharp in the highs, and the IC-3 sounded very natural, but with less detail than Oval. I lived with the IC-3 for about 6 months, and then tried the Morrow Audio MA1. The IC-3 sounded rolled off in the highs, compared to the MA1, and had a lesser soundstage. The highs of the MA1 were clean but not biting.

I was encouraged enough with the improvement in my system with the MA1 that I then purchased the MA2.

With the MA2, magic happened for me. I was hearing a wide, deep soundstage, with really good but not over-etched detail, with instruments and voices sounding so much more real than ever. Bass was very clear, mids were delightful, and highs were clean.

I was particularly impressed with how a piano sounded like the real instrument with the lid open in my room (I also play a little piano and djembe). Hand drums had a visceral, dynamic punch with a natural sounding decay. I wish I could quantify it better, but musical and natural was my main response, and my rational brain can't quite explain it.

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"Hello Mike, I am not very good at this, but I know what I like to hear and this is it. At this time, I own four pair of Morrow Audio Cables The first pair I purchased was balanced MA3 cables; they replaced cables I paid $550.00 for. After the break in period the Morrow cables had more air, and much more detail, all the instruments in their place which gave me a very good stage.

The second pair I purchased was the PH3 cables, these cables replaced a $500.00 pair I had. Once again after the break in period the detail came out, the Morrow cables are much faster (Much More Precise)... Very Noticeable.

I also own one pair of MA1 cables and SP1 Cables. The SP1’s took longer then expected to break in, and they replaced a pair I paid $700.00 for. At this time they sound slightly better then my existing cables with only a little more detail and speed. Being this is his bottom line cable, I plan on upgrading to the SP3. For the money, I am very pleased with all four Morrow Cables I own." FM

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Glenn Garza Submitted: 2015.06.02

It's only been a few hours, but I am very pleased with the MA2 ICs. I have tried so many over the years, especially the last two, and this pair are audibly my favorites. I do not usually send any allocades for anything, but these are very good.

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"After the break in period, the MA3 cables are so much more dynamic and tuneful, with inner details I have never heard before using those other more expensive cables (names withheld). The MA3 cables are very neutral, making my listening sessions much more involving. The term ''live'' comes to mind. Remarkable what a set of interconnects can do. This all began with the trial of the MA1s at the intro price offered. I am a Morrow Audio wire fan, and, will be making more purchases from Mike. The level of service is as well excellent." Danno

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Thanks for getting the cables to me so quickly. I have been listening to them and I am amazed at how much the soundstage has widened and how much detail has come through. Overall I like it, and I believe the sound will improve as they break in to the point where I will LOVE it. Again thanks for the prompt shipment. I really appreciate it! Fred

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Don F Submitted: 2015.06.02

My MA2 has arrived and right off the bat the Kimber Hero has been retired. Stringed instruments now have a delicious and almost palpable sound. One of my favorite performers, Sam Bush, never had the mandolin sounding so good and the MA2 actually tamed Allison Kraus's voice and brought her right into the room. I can honestly say I am quite pleased. Thank you so much!

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John M.

"To me, the first time I put the SP3s into my system, I heard a degree of musicality that was simply stunning. Though I haven't had mega-buck cables, I've tried some pretty good ones. The SP3s simply beat them all and by a wide margin. Not sure how Mike pulled it off, but he's managed to offer a cable that is both reasonable, beautifully made, and sounds like music." John M.

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Jim Morrissette Submitted: 2015.06.02

I had these cables connected to my CD player. I detected more clarity and focus. Definition was more pronounced with the different types of music that I played through them compared to the Kimber Hero's. I am very pleased with the Morrow cables, and they will be a permanent fixture in my stereo system, many thanks Mike!

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"I was totally enthralled with the transformation that came with the biwired SP4 cables and the MA3 interconnects. Even with minimal cable breakin! The perfomances have been brought into my living room, with a musicality and warmth that I have never experienced in 45 years of critical listening as a musician. My entry level audiophile home system has me totally satisfied and has the enthusiastic approval of my wife (who has better ears than me) You will be hearing lots more from me! Your cables have opened my ears to sounds I never knew were on the record. John

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Chris Allan Submitted: 2015.06.02

I've never emailed a manufacturer about a product before, but I really did want to convey to you how pleased I am with these interconnects. I've had them now for several months. They sounded good right out of the box, with great midrange resolution, speed, tone and delicacy that really complimented the rest of my system.

As they have aged and stayed in the system with several hundred hours now, they have changed and improved further. They have filled out in presence and in the bass, and the highs are sounding quite natural and open.

I've owned and trialed a lot of cables and one thing I can't get over is how they can have such excellent resolution while still being very listenable. Several CD's that I have not enjoyed because of stridency that I blamed on the recording are now listenable, allowing me to get into the music where I could not before.

I am very very pleased, and I've been recommending them to others when I get the chance.

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Steve B.

"I Have to say that my MA3 cables have performed exactly as Mike and others have said they would. I got the burn-in option and when I got them I was very impressed, but the bass wasn''t there as some have said. After putting another 80-100 hours on them through regular listening I left on vacation for a week. When I came back I couldn't believe the sound I was getting from my system! The bass returned in spades! Amazing space with great imaging and detail. I guess they just needed to settle in. Now the sound I get from my system is amazingly consistent and enjoyable. Great cables and great service. Highly recommended." Steve B.

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Nirmal Prim Submitted: 2015.06.02

I recieved the MA2 interconnects yesterday evening and since then I must have been listening and enjoying music for about 5 hrs continous! The improvement from the MA1's to the present cables is awesome, to say the least. The soundstage and the frequency extension through all frequency band is unbelievable. Amazing! My friends are impressed and you may hear from them soon. Thanks

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Marco V

"About a year ago I started replacing all of my ''old'' audio equipment after switching from Windows based computers to Apple Macintosh only. I set myself the goal of getting the best possible sound for wireless playback & via iPod using the digital signal and the AIFF format. This alone would disqualify me as an audiophile (which obviously I am not) but let me tell you folks: I''ve not only succeeded achieving my goal, I have exceeded it.

A big part in this is to Mike''s brilliant interconnects. Every time I replaced a couple of my older cables with Mike''s products, the improvements were quite obvious (you can fill in the usual audiophile verbiage here). I've never heard anything so good in my less than optimum living room... ever! All my cables are now from Morrow Audio and I love them. Add to this that Mike's a great person to deal with, you can''t go wrong. Best bang for the buck in my book." Marco V

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Terry F Submitted: 2015.06.02

Outstanding cables! I've had cables from Audioquest, Cardas, Goertz, MIT, Harmonic Tech and Kimber over the years. The Morrow cables have the blackest background and are simply more resolving. It really does seem like you can reach out and touch the musicians. Clean, clear, no grain, glare or smearing.

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"Although I did order the break-in service, I still went through a bit of a ritual to further break them in (you site mentions at least 400 hours). For about 200 hours I sent "noise" from an FM tuner through the cables. At that point I plugged everything in and let things settle for a day. I use the two cables from my phono section to the pre-amp. I need two since I use a Burson Audio Buffer in between. Your MA-3 cables are replace some rather expensive Silent Source Reference cables.

Right off the bat there was a noticeable improvement! It did not just sound different, there was a definite improvement. The first striking difference was a more focused sound stage. There was already "air" between the band members with the old set up, but the focus was much sharper.

Even after the first few hours of listening there was a continued improvement until things are now stable after a couple hours more of listening. I find that some back ground singers are now actually distinct double tracks (something i never notice before on some albums). I also find there is a more realistic depth in the sound stage. There was definitely clear depth and presence of back ground instruments and singers, however with the new cables they are even more distinct, and I suddenly seem to have a more layered depth and a more left right resolution of background instruments and singers.

What is a very unusual thing I found was that the music at the same level I listened to before is actually much louder with the new cables. THis is something which I cannot explain. For some pieces I actually had to turn down the volume.

So far I am very happy with no regrets. One thing I would like to point out is that in the past, different setup would generally end up making changes, but there were trade-offs. Improve the sound stage and I lose some tightness in the bass, get better mid range and the highs would suffer. With your cables there was improvement across the board, it was not just trading off one benefit against losing some other.

I am a person that is more interested in how musical the reproduction is an not just the "technical" reproduction, unfortunately, that is the language we use to describe what we hear. Regardless, the Morrow MA-3 definitely improves the musicality of the music to make it sound more real and live than before, and to me that is the most important feature and improvement I have found so far."

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Anthony Thompson

Hi Mike... So far I am extremely happy with my MA3 interconnect (between my CD and integrated amp) and bi-wired SP3 speaker cables. Yes, I did order the full 5 day break in at your end for each, so have avoided that difficult period.

Right out of the packaging, I was astonished at the improvement over my Audioquest Topaz interconnect and much heavier gauge speaker cables. I never realised my relatively modest system could sound so good. Up until the change to your cables, I was beginning to wonder whether I needed to upgrade my speakers or components. Now I'm extremely happy with them as they stand. I use a Musical Fidelity A3.5 CD player and A3.5 dual-mono integrated amp. My speakers are probably unknown to most of your customers or yourself - they are Australian made full range floor standers by a local manufacturer called VAF Research, using the model DCX-Gen4 (feel free to check out their website:

From the certificate re break in in your packaging, I understand that the 5 days break in you provided is equivalent to 10 days musical break in, so 240 hours. That first afternoon of listening I went from CD to CD, grinning from ear to ear and saying "what the #%^@!" numerous times, to no one in particular.

I was amazed by the extra detail I was hearing on all disks, the incredible snap of percussion, the blackest background I have ever (not!) heard, and the full and incredibly deep and taught bass. The extra air and rich bloom of the mid range was also fantastic considering I thought these cables still needed much more break in to reach their full potential.

Since installing the cables last Friday, I have given them another 30 hours of use, with a combination of moderate listening volumes for music across all genres, and some serious blasting at concert level whenever I can (when the wife and kids are out of the house!). I estimate that overall, your cables have probably had 270 hours use. The system is now just so addictive!

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Morrow cables and already am certain that I will not be returning them! Even my 11 year old daughter notices an amazing improvement and says "wow" a lot, and my non audiophile wife who is extremely skeptical of all things to do with money spent on my system agrees there was a noticebly strong improvement with much more detail, snap and sparkle.

Anthony Thompson, Sydney, Australia

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Lorenzo Baskerville

"I will not keep stating all of the accolades that you have received thus far. Let it suffice to say that these cables do not get in the way of the music! After all, that is what good cables are supposed to do. Your cables become a transparent conduit from your equipment to the speakers and hence to you.

I am now hearing the potential that my CJ preamp, amp and Quad 989 speakers have to offer. I am now just waiting to receive your SP5 Grand Reference speaker cable. Knowing in anticipation the new standard that my system will be elevated to beyond my comprehension of why this is sounding so good. I never thought that cables would make that much of a difference, my bad!

Thanks for the education! Lorenzo Baskerville"

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Geoff Clarke

Hi Mike: I may not be quite up to full burn in on the T/T side but the CD side is well run in now. The whole system was changed over to Morrow, This includes phono, interconnect, speaker and power cabling. I purchsed the PH1, MA2 ref, SP2 ref (and bi-Wire links), MAP1 and MAP2. The whole system has 2 things that really stand out in my mind.

  1. Absolute clarity.
  2. Vanishingly low noise floor.

MA2, MAP2, PH1, SP2 cables by Morrow Audio

I run a low wattage S/E system (0.25 - 0.5 watts typically) and the two above things are of paramount importance to me.

The cables I replaced were Kimber Select 1011, Supra Sword and PS Audio (All good products which had been selected over a long period of time). The Morrow cables are so much better and much more cost effective.

At the same time as I was replacing my cabling I was moving to a dedicated listening room in the basement, so it was more difficult for me to appreciate all the subtle changes as they happened. The bottom line is 'Am I happy with the system now?' The asnwer is a resounding YES.

The Morrow cables are well made, perform way above their price point and, as a bonus, Mike is a nice guy to deal with.

I have included a few pics of the new room with the equipment in place.

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Steve C Submitted: 2015.06.02

My cousin bought a pair of the MA 1''s from you guys and had some nice things to say about them. Since they were only $40.00 I took a shot. After the looong break-in time I was impressed. Detail and body increased and it seemed that I had to turn down the volume a little.

I lived with these for a while and upgraded to the MA 1.1 and the 2''s. These cables did not sound the same in my sources. The 1.1 sounded different in my universal player then in my cdp, and likewise with the MA2. The MA2's wound up on my uni player and the MA1.1's on the cdp. I listen to system everyday as music is very important to me. These Morrow put a smile on my face every time I fire them up. I''ll give the speaker cables a shot in the near future. Great product!

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Terry Hubbartt Submitted: 2015.06.02

When I wrapped up my Monday work day, I sat down to listen for a while. I had left my source and preamp on 24 hours per day to further break-in the cables. I am now a believer that cables can and do break-in. When the music started to play, it was like I was listening to a completely different system. I did not expect a big change, nor can I explain just how the heck this happened, but I'm going to say the sound is nearly perfect! For the first time in many months, I found myself listening to the music and not thinking about what's wrong with the sound. I played as many tracks as I had time for, and every track was like a journey into what could sound amazing in this next track. I'm shocked! Your interconnects have really taken my sound to a new level. The synergy I'm enjoying right now is the best I've ever had.

I could explain everything in more detail regarding the sound, but I don't think that's important to my message to you. I just wanted to let you know that you certainly seem to know something special about making cables. I can't wait until I can scrounge up enough money to upgrade to the MA4's or MA6's as Greg has explained the differences as something I'd like to have. I can't wait. You have won me over as a customer, and I intend to try your speaker cables once my interconnects are all upgraded.

So to make a long story short, I really just wanted to say "thanks" and let you know how impressed I am with your product. I'm really glad I called you that Saturday.

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Stan S Submitted: 2015.06.02

Thanks again for the great cables! Blew away my PS Audio xStream Statement innerconnects! Like most others have said, the highs and lows have been opened up. I have never heard bass like this from my system. The coherence of the new sound is amazing! There had always been a sluggishness to the bass, like it couldn't catch up with the rest of the music, this is now GONE!!!! I can't believe the cables made this much of a difference! Thanks again, very satisfied user. I now have to go order more!!!

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Charles (Steve) Woodley Submitted: 2015.06.02

Good morning Mike! I wanted to let you know that my speaker cables and interconnects perform flawlessly. I'm especially glad that I purchased your "break-in" service for both products. I did read your brochure concerning the entire break-in process so I was prepared for better things to come in the future. And sure enough, better sound did come with additional time spent listening to a variety of vinyl records over a period of several weeks. The audio soundscape opened up and everything sort of reached equilibrium at one point.

Having listened to your cable products in action, I can report that I'm completely satisfied and would highly recommend them to any audiophile customer looking for quality speaker and interconnect cables. Morrow Audio customer service is excellent. I was able to speak directly with you (company President) on one occasion which is indeed rare in this day and age. Thanks again for great products and service.

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Ernie Adams

"All I can say is WOW! The MA3's with the Silver Eichmans took my sound to another level. Diana Krall now has a much more defined sound. It now has a "small club" sound. Just a hint of an echo in her voice that wasn't there before. The bass improved, as well as the guitar, which is more focused. The soundstage got larger... more height, and a bit more width. Now all I have left is the phono cable I want to get those in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for such wonderful cables. Take care, Ernie Adams"

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Jim Webb

"I bought MA3 interconnects and SP3 speaker cables, both with a two day break-in period. The first day I got my cables, I could not wait to hear my system.

I'm not an audiophile, more an audio enthusiast, but even with the two day break-in, my high end was a little smeared, mid range was very thin and my bass was well "shy". I was determined to run the break-in around the clock for 7 day straight, I installed the speaker cable, found some "white noise" on FM and started my "break-in process. I then installed my interconnects, I took out a "carousel" CD player, loaded it with five rock CD's and hit the continuous play and left my system alone. Every other day (48 hours) I would play a few songs off my CD player, every day the sound improved!

At the end of my seven day break-in (264 total hours), I couldn't believe my ears, the sound stage was extremely broad, much larger than I ever heard before, it had depth and was so open. My bass was deep and detailed, tight and so controlled. the mid range was smooth and balanced. The high end was open and airy, clean and so clear.

There were sound coming out of my system that I never heard before, the brushes on the cymbal's, a clarinet that was buried before by a sax. I listen to a lot of singing jazz and Diana Krall was no longer "Live in Paris" she was in my living room!

Oh by the way, I still had my pre 1990 Denon DCM-320 playing my CD's, which I used for my break-in!!! I switched over to my Cambridge Audio 740C after the first 300 hours and am still in the last 200 hours of break-in for the CA CD player. Now I have my system on a 18' wall, with the CA 740 at about 100 hours into the "break-in" I'm going to need a larger wall, my sound stage is unbelievable now.

My wife has been after me to get a new carousel CD player for our parties etc, I plan on buying the MA 4's for the CA player and use the MA 3's for the carousel player. What a product, I'm out of the country now, but I can't wait to get home and start listen to my "new system". Thank you Mike!"

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Denis Tessier Submitted: 2015.06.02

I just plugged my new MA-2 interconnects into my Cambridge Audio 740C CD Player this morning after a 2-week break-in period using the FM Tuner method you recommended... WOW! Simply amazing! I replaced a pair of AudioQuest King Cobra connectors, which I liked, but always found to be a bit too "warm" for my liking.

I can't believe the difference the Morrow MA-2s have made... wonderfully tight bass, smooth highs and, as I'm presently listening to Diana Krall's Live in Paris CD (my reference recording), I find myself hearing Anthony Wilson's guitar in a whole new way!

Congratulations on such an outstanding product! I am certainly converted now and can't wait to order more cables from Morrow Audio. Best regards to you and your outstanding team!

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"In my experience with your cables I've tried to minimize the roller coaster ride by breaking in the cables using my fm tuner on static as suggested. From the testimonials it seemed crazy to put yourself through it when all it takes is a little time on the fm tuner. I was continually surprised in the process with my MA3's as I then played music through the cables at different stages. Starting off in week one with a clarity I hadn't heard in the instruments before but sounded thin, then working it's way into a very broad distinct sound stage and fuller sound into week two. The MA3's make the system come to life and the old amp has subtleties I didn't know it had. Thanks Mike for making a product that enhances listening into such joy. The music sounds "so real" with acoustic guitars coming to life. Using your cables on my system produces an openness and clarity in instruments that I have not heard before. Thanks for creating products that people of all budgets and system configurations can enjoy, and achieve the best out of their system they can. Kind regards, Peter"

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Ernie Adams

Mike. I've had my ma3's plugged in for 3 days now and left my cd player on 24/7. Tonight I put on a cd and OMG! I don't know what you do to these things but the bass just came through so detailed and deep. The mids and highs have always been good, but are now even better too. Not done tweaking, but this is amazing. Of course my sp3 speaker cables are now at about 100 more hours after your 5 day burn in, so I know that has some part of it too.Thanks for great, and I do mean great products. Ernie Adams

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Stan Submitted: 2015.06.02

I recently started to upgrade my cables from Morrow Audio. After reading rave reviews was I glad I did. I recently purchased the Ma2 interconnects WOW! the increase in clarity and detail was substantial to the previous cables used. Now I'm looking to upgrade my speaker cables and purchasing another set of interconnects. The quality, personal attention and fast shipping was second to none. Mike, thanks for putting out a great product!

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Matt Miller

"Mike, I tore the MIT out of my system and put in the MA3. WOW, I am so excited about the sound I am getting. Its as if the Morrow cable isn''t there at all. Music is all I hear now. I can actually hear how my components sound. I am so happy with your cable. My father wanted me to help find a XLR MIT cable to hook up his Super audio player to his preamp. I will be advising him to purchase a Morrow Audio cable! Thanks Mike :-) Matt Miller"

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Ron B

I bought the MA3 to try and see if they were really better than my beautiful AQ King Cobra. I always wanted and finally got these Cobras and was thrilled. So the Morrow cables were already in trouble from the start. Well, to make a long story short the King Cobra lost out quite easily to the Morrow MA3. The MA3 just sounded so much more detail and smoother. I mean silky smooth n quiet.

I am very pleased with these cables and thank GOD for the Easy Pay payment plan otherwise I wouldl be missing out with my needing to still use my AQ King Cobra. Thanks Mike and I am forever a customer and a fan. Ron B

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Jim Lawson Submitted: 2015.06.02

I just wanted to follow up with you on the new MA2 interconnects I received. The result was impressive to say the least. The clarity and extension is very impressive, with a sweet transparency in the upper registers and solid impact in the lower octaves. This is not a coloration of the signal, just the opposite. The cables allow the full spectrum of sound through with no additions or subtractions. Exactly what one would expect.

I now have about 300 hours on the interconnects and they are really starting to "sing". I have used a variety of cables over the years (Audioquest, Kimber, Shunyata, even some DIY) and have to say these interconnects not only exceeded my expectations, but also surpass that of cables costing significantly more. As I continue my cable upgrade process, the Morrow Audio products will be my only choice. Next up will be some longer interconnects to link the Perseus with my Rogue M150 monoblocks. Thanks for offering up such an excellent product at such an obscenely affordable price!

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Charles M

"Just a spectacular difference in my listening experience - clarity, separation of instruments, depth of sound, richness of tone, spatial ambience. I am hearing all kinds of nuances that I never knew were there. Worth every cent I paid. Thank you." Charles M

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Ed S Submitted: 2015.06.02

Hi Mike, received the par of MA 2's, thanks. Just to let you know I didn't think it was possible to improve on the MA1's, but they do. Out of the box they are just wonderful. When the music's beauty can bring tears to my eyes, I know the sound is right.

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Ciao, Terry

Hello Mike! My Morrow cables are performing splendidly. I replaced the Mogami cables with the SP3s/MA3s and immediately heard a difference. I did try to do the "break-in" while I was away. Still not sure if I heard any weirdness. We've got over 200 hours on them now and my whole system just sounds so damn good. I will expound on the Morrow greatness to any and all who are interested. And yes, I'm very active on various forums, so I will be spreading the "good news"... I will be getting more Morrow cables as needs/funds allow. Next up? Probably digital and phono ICs.

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David Price

Dear Morrow Audio, I just wanted to let you know that after 336 hours the MA3 interconnects are awesome in my system!!!!! Your 5 day burn in helped a lot and then I ran them in another 96 hours. WOW! Want you to know that your MA3 kicked major butt over the 4 times more expensive interconnect I was using. Now, I am a believer! David PriceBeat out cables 4 times the price!

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BJ Submitted: 2015.06.02

The cables have been very good so far. I noticed an immediate difference and even did a blind test with only one of the cables hooked up and the whole family noticed the difference. The build quality looks very good on these cables. I ordered the SP2 speakers and 1 single MA1 IC for my CD / DVD player.

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Al Thunderbear

I love your interconnects! They have great clarity, presence, extension and just sound beautiful. Having tried numerous IC's over the years, I believe these are quite special. They are crazy good for the money! Thanks.

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Carter C

Hey Mike, got the cables and all I can say is WOW! They blow away everything I have, and I have some in the 1000's of dollars. Can I get another 1 mtr pair?

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Virgil B

"Great audio cables Mike! BIG improvement on my audio system... soundstage, focus and tone quality, it is all there. Great job Mike. I finally have a reference audio cable!"

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"Great cables! You're gonna be smiling ... Try them out! Wow!"

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"Mike's interconnects are outstanding! They have worked out very well, very clean and detailed. I will definitely do business with him again."

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Greg L

"Mike, I love your cables! They are neutral with no sonic character, which is what I've been looking for in a interconnect. I was using Transparent Reference which cost 300 times as much, plus it whipped the pants off my Cardas Golden as well! What more could you ask for? Thanks!"

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Beautiful super-minimalist design interconnects made to order and delivered within days. Amazing clarity of sound and deep bass. Forget all the hype of all the Audiogon interconnects. These are the real thing!

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Scott Cross

I've had the cables for a bit and am enjoying them very much... I had occasion to do a comparison with some Monster Cables and the like... Once I switched the MA1's back into the system, I lost all interest in further comparison. They resulted in a dramatically extended dynamic range (both high and low) and much more detail. Needless to say, I am very happy with the purchase. I would like to go ahead and purchase another 1 meter set.

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Your MA1s have changed the way I view cables. I was never a cable person, I used generic or other mass marketed cables or homemade units, I never heard a difference with cables, until the MA1. The difference was immediate and substantial, for the good.

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John Batton

I had just about given up on audio tail chasing. Buy the "it" and then hoping for better sound, buy a more recommended "it", etc, etc. Very frustrating to say the least. and the sad thing is I was an industry professional for 2 decades and a music/audio gear enthusiast for 40 years.

After 2 hours of listening to my set up with your MA1's, I am astounded! And you say it will get better in the next month? Amazing! This is the best 100 dollars !,ve ever spent on any audio gear.

I am listening to Famous Blue Raincoat by Jennifer Warnes. I've listened to this CD for 20 years. My system has never sounded like this. You promised and delivered! I didn't doubt your integrity, but have heard so many promises that just don't deliver. But now I am experiencing just beautiful sounds here. Lots of audio people can wax poetic on all this but I'm just going to say that the MA1's are working like I want it too; dramatic difference in all area of subjective analysis. You should be, and I think you are, proud of your products and design achievements!

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Mitchell H

Mike, holy snap! I never really believed cables mattered a whole lot. I mean, besides walmart cables. Now I am a believer! Sound is better across the board, you can fill in any ''audiophile'' esoteric comments in place of my statement. But the truth is, even in my modest Rotel/B&W setup, EVERYTHING is BETTER. Thanks for a great product!

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John Moses

"Thank you for the MA1's. Man are they good! I am very please with the sound so far. They have only been in my system for two days, but from the start they are impressive. I should have purchase some of your cables before I updated my system. I have spent up words of $3600.00 on cables in the last month, but will have to re-do my system with yours.

As soon as I heard the MA1's I gave the old ones that they replaced to a friend. Once again thank you. By the way, it was your Gold Club MA1 cable offer that got me to try them. I wish I would have listen to myself when I first started looking at the reviews on your website, but they just seemed not believable. I have tried others from reviews and they did not come close to what I was expecting. Yours however have met and exceeded my expectations, I am impressed!"

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Steve Kindig

"Hi Mike,

Not sure if this email address actually goes to you, but if not I hope someone passes this along. I Just wanted to say how impressed I am by your MA-1 interconnects. They’re not even fully broken in yet and they sound fantastic! As has been mentioned in many testimonials, I noticed big improvements in the bass and a larger, deeper soundstage. I expect I’ll be trying some of your other cables soon. Well done! Best regards, Steve Kindig"

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"I received your interconnects today, which were the $39.00 special, plus break-in. I removed my Signal Cable Reference with Silver Eichmans from the output of my Musical Fidelity VDAC to the input of my Morrison ELAD preamp and substituted the Morrows. The Morrows are superior even at half break-in and even without the bullet termination. Also superior to my Nordost Red Dawn. Overall the Morrows are smoother and at higher volume remain smooth.

After taking a peek at my Paypal balance, I find that it is low, but I plan on buying more Morrow cable in the future. I'm very happy." Thanks, Lynne

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Cliff H

"First thing I noticed were that my cables (ma1) sounded faster and had more toe tapping prat. As they broke in I warned my wife ''As these break in there is supposed to be a period when they dont sound that good.'' Her comment about three weeks later was ''so when are these cables going to start not sounding good.'' I chuckled and had to agree with her. At first I was worried about a loss of bass due to the size of the cables but bass has, in fact, improved and is tighter and more detailed. Detail is so much better then my old cables. The thing that I find most satisfying is that the high's and the midrange on my speakers, Alon 4's, sound "planar like" and are more homogeneous. All and all a pleasant surprise and a steal at there cost." Cliff H

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Mike, "I received my MA1's today, and I have to say: right out of the box they bested my tried-and-true MIT Zap1 interconnects. Great stuff, man. I can't wait until they're truly broken in. Thanks! You'll hear from me again for more cable upgrades. Best, grl"

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"When I first saw the MA1's, I thought something's missing! They're so thin! But trust me, the sound is all there. Although they're not yet fully broken in, if they eventually sound better than they do now (hard to believe), it'll be crazy! Crazy good!" McDave

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John 2


"I am really impressed with the improvement your MA1 Interconnects have made. I played the Boston Symphony/Munch version of Saint-Saens Symphony No 3 & the Organ blew me away." John

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Ben Parker 2

"G'day Mike,

Just a little note on the progress of my new cables. I'm still in the process of break-in, having listening sessions only on the weekends at this stage. Each time brings slight changes in the overall sound but certainly there is always a distinct improvement in detail, insight, smoothness, soundstage and separation.

As you may remember, I purchased 3 MA1 cables. My first impression was that they were so light. I have them connecting CD player & preamp, turntable & preamp and pre & power.My Pioneer SACD player can be a little peaky in the top end at higher volume levels and my speakers' crossover has been adjusted to a slightly higher treble response since they were bi-wired some years ago which can exacerbate the Pioneer's sound somewhat. When played at a slightly lower level, it is the best sound I have had. My listening room is carpeted with soft furnishing so it is not at all live. Although not large, my speakers may be a bit too big for the room, but years of tweaking with speaker placement and equipment isolation give me a sound I can enjoy.

My system is quite modest and certainly not new. I've had my turntable (Denon DP-55K) & arm (SME IIIs)for more than 30years. Amplification is a Radford STA25 reissue (EL34's, 12AX7's & 12AU7's) with a Trevor Lees ZFB1 pre (based on a Dynaco PAS2 or 3), speakers are Whatmough Monitors Mark VI (a Melbourne based manufacturer) based around the KEF B200. The late Colin Whatmough did great things with crossovers in those days (I purchased them second hand in 1983) with quite a nice midrange.

But back to the cables, I reckon I have a reasonable ear in guaging potential in equipment, having often listened to equipment, both mine and my friends', in rooms that are not always ideal. Nevertheless, each listening session has given me greater insight into the music and performances. I look forward to further improvements as I venture further along the stages of break-in. Certainly, for these entry-level cables, and especially at the special price, they have proved to be an absolute bargain and an excellent investment.

I'm certainly telling my friends, especially close buddy and local audio guru Peter Familari about them. Cheers, Ben Parker"

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These are fantastic cables for a great price. Fortunately, I discovered Morrow Audio, and your MA-1 cables on sale, before I went and spent way too much for something else. These are a fantastic value that bring out the full potential of my system: the midrange is clear and incredibly detailed, and I''m hearing things in the upper and lower ranges I''ve never heard before. In short, because of these cables, I now know what ''soundstage'' really means. I will most likely be getting some of your speaker cable before long. -John

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"My MA1 IC's finally opened up during the breakin period, and holy shit! I never thought I would say this, because I am a conservative audio guy who hates hyperbole, but its like I just got a system upgrade, and just from an interconnect. Very impressive! String bass sounds like a string bass" Thanks, Dave

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Bob A.


I had to send you this email to tell you how pleased I am with your MA1 interconnects.

First, let me preface my statements by telling you that there have been two things that I always believed about cables. The first is that all decent quality cables should sound alike. The second is that cables don't require break-in.

Anyway, I installed the the MA1s in an all tube two-channel system. They replaced Kimber Kable Hero ICs (which, to me, qualify as quality cables). The improvement was immediate and certainly not subtle, and this was right out of the box! I'm really not a golden ear type of guy, but I sat there listening to several CDs and LPs thinking "more clarity" and "better sound stage" on every one.

The bottom line is that the MA1s are an excellent product that has produced genuine improvement in the sound of my system. Thanks again, Bob A.

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Keven J.

"Mine are the MA2s and they replaced basic monsters. I am 43 and have been slowly building my first real system over the last 14 months. I needed to do it on as tight of a budget as possible, so I read a LOT of blogs and reviews. The MA2 interconnects were the final piece. They smoothed out the brightness, gave beautiful detail, brought out more wonderful bass, and presented an almost 3D sound stage. There are probably other cables out there that will do the same thing, but I will never know. The break-in period was a rough ride, but was worth it. I took about 250 hours before they started REALLY sounding good. I still can't believe what a difference cables can make. Isn't it just wire?" Keven J.

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Richard Cass:

I just hooked up the new MA1's, one pair from the Dynaco PAS II to the Odyssey Stratos Extreme monoblocks, another pair from the Sony SACD changer to the preamp. I threw on Wilco's self-titled album, and without any break-in at all, I was very impressed with a number of things.

First and foremost, the dynamic range is just astounding. I kept finding myself being startled when loud passages followed quiet ones. I never knew just how much compression was going on with my old cables.

Also, the transients are now blazing fast -- a very noticeable change. There are parts that just stop on a dime, and other parts where the decay just sounds so much more realistic.

Soundstage is wider and more holographic, and timbre is better defined. The ride cymbal is phenomenal -- just extremely present. Without break-in, guitar distortion and crash cymbals sound a tad untamed, but what I'm gaining in instrument separation and new-found detail more than makes up for it.

Most of all, I'm just having FUN listening to these. They changed the sound so profoundly, it's almost like listening to a new system, or hearing these songs for the first time all over again. And I guess that's really what I'm always going for. I'm looking forward to receiving my new PH1's in the mail this week.

Thanks for a really nice bargain product. I can't stand comparisons between products that all have their own relative merits, so I won't go there. But these cables certainly have their own thing, and they deserve to be part of the conversation involving some of the better known players in the industry.

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Jim Chrzanowski

These MA-1 interconnects are a flaming audio bargain. I bought two 1/2 meter pairs and, after 240 hours break in time, installed them between: a Bryston CD player and a Vincent Audio PHO-8 phono preamp to a Creek Destiny integrated.

The difference in the phono deal was immediately obvious - much more clarity and soundstage.

The connections between the Bryston and the Creek occured this morning because I had to move some shelves into order to compensate for the interconnect lengths I ordered. The difference was blatantly obvious all to the good. I suspect that the phono connections were not as amazing due to the leads to the Vincent which were stock Rega stuff from the tonearm.

These are stunning audio improvements. At the Morrow Audio asking price, they are a total benefit of the buyer... For those of you out there ready to drop eighty to a hundred bucks on 180 Gram remastered LP's or Gold Mo-Fi CD's, buy a couple of pairs of the MA-1's first, then drag out all of your old software and check out the difference. Mike, do not raise the price until I order a "few" more pair...

I am not a interconnect/wire changing neurotic but prefer to mess around with changes every couple of years."

Mike, a future order will be following "shortly..." Thank you very much...

Jim Chrzanowski

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Michael Samra

"Many of you know me from the Audio Asylum as the guy with 368 vintage tube amps. I have never been fanatic over cables but I have over rebuilding my vintage gear with top grade modern components that make them audiophile quality and them some.

I bought a pair of these MA1 ICs, being that I loved the price Mike was selling them for. The cables just put me into a trance! Every bit of the audio spectrum was well executed such as vocals, imaging, spacing and detail. It did it all without losing control of the music and there wasn''t the slightest bit of harshness. Progressive jazz as well has Vienna type classical are very good test records for testing these cables. I will be upping the ante by getting Mike''s better cables, but let me tell you... I can''t stop listening to these cables! Michael Samra"

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Mike, I hooked up the new interconnect between my CDP and Amp and noticed that the tone and definition was more precise and articulate than before. I put on a Bill Evans CD to test things out. I had the opportunity to see the Bill Evans Trio in Toronto many years ago, sitting right in front of the stage - a memorable experience. After listening for 20 minutes or so it occurred to me that what I was hearing was just how I remember him sounding on stage - a very excellent result.

I may be interested in speaker cables as well!

Regards, Harold

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Hello Mike, Just wanted to give you a quick feed back about the MA1 ICs. After burning them in for 2 weeks straight, I moved them to my main system. I didn't expect too much because the cables I was using have been pretty decent. The MA1's exceeded my expectation. After just 2 days of listening, it is obvious to me now that overall the high frequencies are extended, and the bass is tighter and faster. I thought I might miss the more spacious and warmer midrange of the old cables, but overall the MA1 provided a better experience. They are here to stay in my main system. Also, as a side note, the MA1s were surprisingly resistant to interferences given their minimalist construction, possibly thanks to it's twisted configuration. All in all, MA1s are great IC that I am happy to recommend to friends. Thanks Mike! Jess

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David Wennberg


It's been about a week and a half since I received your email, but I wanted to get more listening time as I experienced the break-in process. I'll preface my comments with saying that I don't know what kind of equipment your average customer has, but even a relatively modest system can benefit greatly from your interconnects and cables. I have a Marantz PM8003 integrated amplifier, SA8003 super audio CD player, Logitech Squeezebox for digit streaming, and Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grand speakers.

Having spent some time reading forums and reviews of different cables I thought I would give a pair of your MA1 interconnects a trial. The Logitech Squeezebox comes with the cheapest interconnects I've seen, and giving credence to the weakest link theory, was confident that I would see an improvement in sound quality. I was instantly blown away by the clarity and definition in the first minutes of listening. I always accepted that music steamed from the internet, even the higher quality Pandora subscription based stream, is inferior to audio CDs. With the MA1 interconnects, to my delight the quality of sound reproduction from the internet was immensely (can I put that in bold, italic, underlined, and in quotes?) improved. If the break-in period would show additional gains as espoused by other customers then I was all in. I order interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords for the complete system that very evening.

Yes, during the break-in period the sound does go through some rough times, but what I have been treated to for my patience is amazing. The clarity and definition across the sound spectrum is incredible, the sound stage fills the room, and the bass is deeper and richer than I've experienced previously. I am more than pleased with Morrow Audio products.


David Wennberg"

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Mark Nichols

"Mike, Unbelievable!! I purchased the ma-1 from you and I have been blown away since about 250 hours breakin. My tube preamp has never sounded better. The sounds are amazing. Thanks for the basement prices on the ma-1s I will be getting the phono interconnect soon. Having a phono preamp with step up being made now. Thanks. Mark Nichols"

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Rodger Beaty

Hi Mike, love the interconnect cables... Could hear a big difference the moment I connected them up in my system. The sound was more defined and could hear the different instruments and vocals more clearly. I am no audiophile and don't, know exactly how to describe it, but I do know that the sound is better. It has taken a while for these to break in, but you explained this, and I am quite satisfied. So much so that I have ordered more! Rodger Beaty

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Ronnie Beng Chiew

"Received the 2 Pairs of MA1 Interconnect I ordered 10 days ago, and what more can I say! I have a couple of equipments and speakers to play around and I used these MA1 on my vintage QUAD 66 Series of Pre & Power & 66 CD Player driving the Maggie MMG. Immediately the presentation was awesome, even though they are still not broken in yet. I am just wondering what I will hear when the break in period is achieved. I was spinning Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin Album and have no regret in purchasing this great interconnects. Thank You!" Ronnie Beng Chiew

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Dear Mike,

I do apologise for the lateness of this email but I have been meaning to put together my feedback for quite some time now.

When I ordered your cables, it was a leap of faith for me. I have been an audiophile for well over 30 years, having bought my first system back in the mid ‘70’s. All through this time, I’ve had a curious interest in audio cables but my engineering background had moulded me into a sceptic. No matter how many reviews I read, I couldn’t convince myself that any improvements to sound quality could ever be any better than can be produced by generic but well-made cables – at least, not much better anyway. The prices which some manufacturers ask for their cables are frankly hard to justify and this fact alone has been enough to turn my attention elsewhere when looking for improvements.

My current system consists of equipment which largely ranges between 5 and 10 years old. The electronics are based on the Musical Fidelity X series from the mid-2000’s and my loudspeakers are floor-standing Spendor S8e’s. The X-ware has been interconnected via the aforementioned generic "well made" cables and the speakers are connected via generic OFC cable. I should also mention my B&W ASW1000 subwoofer which has served me well for many years. All well and good, and I have been very pleased with this system for a long time.

Recently, my curiosity got the better of me and I started asking myself what if cables do make a difference? What if I’ve been wrong and all those reviewers were not just imagining the improvements they claimed for their interconnects? This is when I started looking into available cables. As this would be more or less an experiment, I didn’t want to spend too much. I was looking for excellent quality for the lowest price – the best bang for as little buck as possible! Looking at cable prices, I was nearly at the point of giving up when I came across the Morrow Audio web site. Here I found cables I could afford and that were being offered with some very attractive discounts! I read with interest the articles about Cable Theory and Design and the Break In Process. It all made sense to me. I started reading testimonials and reviews and soon I was hooked. At these prices, I was able to take a chance, especially with the 60 day return policy.

I placed my order for three MA1 Interconnect pairs and one DIG1 Digital Interconnect and, given the currently favourable exchange rates of the AUD, I was also able to afford the two day break-in service. All I had to do now was wait for my cables to be made and delivered to my door. During this time, I reassured myself by reading more reviews and testimonials. I was happy with my decision to buy and I couldn’t wait to try the new cables.

In spite of all this, the sceptic in me was still expecting a modest improvement at best. When the cables arrived, I carefully unpacked them and gave them a good visual inspection. These were clearly extremely well constructed and used high quality connectors. I was glad that they were very flexible as this would make them very easy to connect in tight places. I removed the existing interconnects, cleaned all the RCA sockets with Kontak, and hooked in the new cables, making sure they were plugged in firmly. It was time to switch on and play some music. I prepared myself for disappointment as I reached for the nearest CD. I wasn’t expecting much especially anticipating that there would be many more hours needed for proper break-in.

Well, I have to say that nothing could have prepared me for the pleasant surprise as the music started to play. Now let me hasten to say, this was by no means an audiophile CD. As it happens, it was nothing more than Sonny and Cher’s "Little Man" from Sonny & Cher The Singles+, (CD, BR Music BS8124-2) a track recorded in the mid-60’s and definitely of very average sound quality. Nevertheless, I was immediately struck with a very clear focusing of the overall sound and especially a sense of increased clarity of the accompanying bassline. There was a very marked contrast compared to the sound I had been used to. I moved on to better recorded material and sat through an hour or so of trying different types of music. Every time, I was amazed at the difference that these new cables made. But at this point, I wasn’t trying to define the changes – I was merely allowing my ears to get acclimatised to a new sound.

As the days went by, I found myself starting to listen to the music rather than trying to hear the sound of the Morrow Audio cables. But this is not to say that I was unaware of the new sound. Take for example 10cc’s "I’m Not In Love" from The Very Best of 10CC (CD, Mercury 534 612-2). Anyone familiar with this track will know what I mean when I say that this is a very well recorded studio track with a lush, ethereal sound that can’t fail to grab your attention. I was always impressed with this track but now, it was easy to hear how the sound was built up of multiple layers and textures that by comparison, had previously sounded more like a sonic mishmash.

The first movement of CPE Bach’s Piano Concerto in D minor Wq23 (CD, Haenssler Classic CD98.639) opens with a very captivating sprightly introduction by the various string instruments, setting the scene for Michael Rische’s piano to steal the show only moments later. The sonic textures created during these fabulous few moments are magical. I had only owned this CD a few weeks but had played it several times pre Morrow Audio. I can honestly say, that with the Morrows, the music reached another level of realism. Each instrument has a place and a sound of its own, with lower bass being something special. The piano sounds fresh and exciting, conveying the full range of dynamics the music allows it to.

With these examples, and other music I played crossing many genres, it was becoming clearer to me what these cables were actually doing. I don’t think that the cables were improving the sound per se. I believe these cables are actually enablers – in other words, they enable the true sound of the other components in the system to be unleashed. That is to say, they allow you to realise the full potential of the rest of your system.

The net result is an overall improvement in accuracy and resolution of detail. Somehow, instruments sound more like they should, more vibrant, more delicate, more fragile, more raw, more dynamic, more fluid – whatever the music calls for. And as for voices, well, they sound more human, more convincing and more lifelike. Sound imaging is better defined, making it much easier to discern the position of instruments and voices within the soundstage. And all this is underpinned with a very clear bassline that’s so easy to follow and appreciate. In fact, I ended up having to re-tune my subwoofer which had obviously been previously overcompensating for this lack of bass definition.

Today, three months later, the cables are well and truly broken in and settled in my system. I won’t go into the details of how the DIG1 and the three MA1s are connected but suffice to say they form the "critical path" in the audio chain. I can’t tell which one or ones, if any, have contributed most to the improvements I described. All I know is that their combination has resulted in an improvement that was well beyond my expectation and has convinced me that cables are indeed an important part of the overall sound and presentation of any good audio system.

In my opinion, these cables are true winners and an absolute bargain. I recommend them without hesitation.

Regards, Martin

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Doug MacGregor

"Hi Folks, WOW, only hooked up the two pair of MA1 interconnects and the 3 meter SP1 speaker cables 3 days ago. And I am back for more! Immediate and amazing differance right across the board, highs, lows, mids, imaging, everything!

I was a HUGE sceptic. Had trouble believing that I would hear any difference at all, as I was already using "good" Monster Cable interconnects and speaker wire. I am so blown away by the difference that I decided that I will step up one notch to the MA1.1's for my Moon cd player in the main system and replace the Monster's I am using in my bedroom system with the MA1's.

Now I get to look forward to hearing the difference between the MA1's and the 1.1's! If as you say, they get better and better through the break in, then I will be taking advantage of your no loss trade up policy. You have made me a believer Mr. Morrow, and I am greatful to you for it. Cheers; Doug MacGregor"

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Ripudaman Negi

"I saw your ad on AudioGon, but I purchased through your website directly.

All I can really say about your cables, is that I wished I would have found them a few years ago, could have saved me a lot of hassle on the upgrade merry-go-around, and stress about what the hell is wrong with this system? Good speakers, AVR, Tube Amp, source gear...the sound was to all my non-audiophile buds pretty awesome, to me still thin, and lacking in certain aspects such as cymbal decay.

I have these Grant's Fidelity tube processors running from my 5.1 outs on the Yammy A1010 blu-ray to the Denon 2805 AVR, sounded pretty good, using reasonable priced cables (low end MIT interconnects). Huge improvement from optical out

I got a bit hosed on these so called silver interconnects from AudioQuest 'retails for $400, special price just for you! $80' sounded a bit better than my $50 interconnects, but really not that big of an improvement. But, by this time I was verging on an obsession about all things silver.

I kept seeing your ad on AudioGon, so I bought a pair of your MA1 (on sale at $50) and decided at this price it would be worth the experiment. Typical audiofool thinking, 'well at $50 I mean really? How good could they be? Probably no good, and every vendor in the world has incredible testimonials on their website, so I did not put a lot of credence on the reviews.

Used them on my tube amp set up (Yaqin MS-20L, with upgraded Russian tubes). I was astounded at the difference, so I decided to get them for the 5.1 as well, a definite improvement, almost night and day. a combo of you sub cables, MA2 for the centre, and the MA1.1 the mains, and MA1 for the surrounds. I also messed up cutting the silver cables I buddy brought back from Japan, so I bought a pair of the SP1 as well. For me the most important thing while watching a movie is clear centre channel. Very impressed with your product. I may avail of your upgrade program at a future date, but for now I think all is well in audiofool land. Well maybe a new AVR with a few more watts...would make the emptiness in my heart go away...

Thanks" Ripudaman Negi

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Devendra Mali

Hi Mike, I purchased the interconnect MA1 from your website, was quite impressed with the service, received in Australia just before Christmas with your long read about cable break in process, reading it made me kicking myself of why the hell didn’t i order the breakin service. I never believe in direct correlation of money spent Vs performance when it comes to AV gear. I have heard systems displaying characteristic more than 4-5 times of its price, very confident to say mine is one. I have done quite a lot of DIY tweaks to get the best out of the system i have. Which is why all my interconnects are DIY cables right from using Jon Risch Belden interconnects to cross connected speaker cables using copper foil from cross-coil inductors (took 3 months to make a pair).

Hooking up Ma1 was a big disappointment, too bright, low on base (but tight), though details in midrange were well preserved like my previous interconnect which really got worse with the time. Lucky i did not write any review at that point and respond to your email about my review of cables. The cable has now done approx. 150 hrs and guess what, it’s bloody brilliant, and they are staying on my system. I had never discovered the dimensions of music that i am doing now. I am puzzled, don’t know if you have put in snakes blood or some magic sprinkle in it but it just does the job so well. Once I thought that its pseudo acoustic trick by exposing to crappy sounding cables until it breaks in and then bring it to the same level as your previous interconnect . That’s definitely not the case with Ma1, the improvements are very evident so a must try cable, but remember "Patience is the name of game" here, just wait don’t throw them away it only get better.

Every aspect of the sound seems to have improved and keeps on improving, great transients; punchy bass, quite accurate timbre and very open midrange. Your cable is a serious contender to those so called audiophile cables on market with loads of marketing gimmicks. I will definitely stack up some funds to try your speaker cables (with break-in service this time).

My System: Cambridge audio CD + NAD amp + Magnepan MMG + REL Sub + Ma1 interconnect + Jon Risch cross connected speaker cable. Cheers! Devendra Mali

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Ben Parker

"I discovered Morrow Cables via an online link, and I don't even recall where. It could have been on the Stereophile or The Absolute Sound websites, but I'm not sure. Anyway you were running a special price on the entry level MA1 interconnects so I took the plunge and ordered 3 - between CD & pre-amp, turntable & pre-amp and pre & power amps. Initially I was struck by how light and flexible they are, but after break-in, I couldn't be happier with the sound on my somewhat modest system. I belive in break-in now.

I live in an apartment, and I don't have a dedicated listening room (I wish). My living room is about 13' x 11' and my system is shared with a plasma TV and associated video equipment, a few thousand records & CDs, living room furniture and curtained windows.

The MA1's gave me greater transparency, focus, smoothness, air around instruments, imaging, dynamic range, musicality - all the things promised. My CD player has a bit of a hot top end but that has been now tamed and I'm always surprised when hearing things in recordings previously unheard or not previously apparent. As for my turntable, it sounds so much more "analogue" than before, but I have a slight buzz which I think might be the RCA sockets on the SME being a bit loose. Then I decided to buy a pair of SP1 speaker cables. Might as well have the family running through the whole system. Similar results and I really like the banana connectors too. Previously, I used a solid core cable sourced from a Melbourne electric cable manufacturer (my buddy and I paid $35 for 100 metres) and they sounded far better than we had any reason to expect. Good quality copper we believed. But not as good as the SP1's.

Anyway, that's my audio story. Thank you for keeping in touch.

Thanks for your time.

Cheers, Ben Parker

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Mike: Wow, I didn't think there would have been a big difference. Was I wrong! The bass was there and is still fast and tight, the highs nice and sweet, the surprise is how dynamic the mids are and I love the mids. The mids are what makes or breaks it in music. Thanks for the time you allowed me and for a great set of interconnects! Jim

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"Well my experience is this one: I wanted to change my interconects because I knew or suspected they could be my systems weakest link. They were those kind of nice looking generic rca cables. I was hesitating prior the purchase; my mind was around the idea of, was it worth to spend $50.00 on cables ( MA1)?.. You know the usual debate... Well, I took the plunge and I can say that I am very glad I did!!

My initial impressions were that these cables improved a lotto the highs, added a nicer bottom end and a bit more clarity. I read how Mike suggested to burn in the cables, so I did. It should be better I thought, and it was.

After some 100 hours of burn in,, wow! More top end! A more refined bottom, vast improvement in clarity AND soundstage! It seems funny for me using now these adjectives after I did all the investigation prior the purchase, but yes, I DO find this to be true!

Thanks mike! Great improvement!" Alex

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Phill Scheiwe

"Hi, I purchased the MA 1.1 interconnects direct from Morrow Audio. These were my first high end cables, and I can certainly tell you they DO make a difference! I am using them with a new NAD 565BEE CD Player hooked up to my old NAD 7150 Receiver. They sound wonderful and bring new life to the old girl! I am currently eyeing some Morrow SP3 Speaker cables, just waiting to see what new speakers I end up with, regular hook up or Bi-wires... Thanks for making a wonderful product."

Phill Scheiwe

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"Hi Mike. I just received my order today which was was the MA1.1 cables which I ordered through a friend. I hooked them up right away and all I can say is WOW!!! Everything just sounded better. I can't wait till them are broken in. My friend came over to listen and said that sounds AWESOME! Thanks again for the great cables. Will buy more in the future. Take care!" Chris

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Edwin Eric

Hello Mike,

I bought my cables straight from your website. I was skeptical with the cables but having read all the other testimonials you have on your website, it got me digging in my pockets to find out the realism and soundstage hype. I followed your suggestion to start upgrading cables from the source so I bought the MA1.1 and it alone made a big difference. Then I bought your SP1 and the wow effects came out even without the break in. I was really impressed, so I bought another set of MA1.1, iPod cable, and SP2 cables for my other system that is not a tube amp and the difference was still there. Your cables are outstanding. You can tell the difference right out the box.

The best part of everything is that I surpassed the realism, clarity, separation of elements, and soundstage of my friend's system which is way more expensive from my system and cables combined. I lent him a complete set to demo on his system and its been over a month and he still has not returned it. I might need the police to help me recover those cables.... Hehehehehe.

Your website is so informative and I see myself upgrading my cables in the future.

Kudos and thank you. Your cables is a must have.

Respectfully, Edwin Eric

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Bob Pape

I purchased five MA1.1 interconnects and couldn't be happier with them. I have to say, everything that was said in describing your product was right on the money. My system has been given a breath of fresh air! My sound stage has opened up like I never thought it could and my speakers are impressing me with a new found openness and natural sound I had not heard before. And I thought what I had was pretty great! Hahaha, guess it goes to show that anything can always be improved upon. I am looking forward to upgrading my speaker cables next! Thanks for a great product at great prices. Bob Pape

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Phil Lewis

Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know. I ran the cables in overnight with a test & burn-in CD. Shut everything down for about a hour, sat down and listened. Wow what a difference - your cables are spot on for timber and accuracy. Considering these are one of your least expensive cables, I can only imagine how nice your MA4's or MA5's would sound. I can't do it right now but, when I am ready I'll probably pull the trigger on the MA5's. Phil Lewis

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Francis Neo

Hi Mike,

Just to confirm that the package arrived yesterday. I hooked up the cables on my new BD player to the AVR and then slot a blue CD into the BD player. This CD sound very flat and uninteresting when played it on my current cables setup. I could not believe the sound when it played with your MA1.1 cables. It was WOW! and AWESOME. Before this change of cables I did not quite like the CD but now suddenly the music and the singer's voice became alive. I felt as if I was I sitting at the front row of the concert. I'm glad I found you. Thank you very much for such a great and affordable product. Best regards, Francis Neo NSW Australia

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Gary Short

I was fortunate enough to win a pair of MA1 interconnects and was completely overwhelmed by the absolute transcendental improvement in sound quality in my system. I was aware of the length of time and the severity of the break-in (and some of those sounds were VERY severe !! ) but the patience justified the reward ..... infinitely . The quality improvement was incomprehensible , making my system have a sound quality way beyond the expectations of its potential capability . I cannot thank , or praise , Mike Morrow enough for his knowledge , application and devotion to producing these cables of the utmost quality. Should I be able to fulfill my dream of owning a hi-fi system of the highest quality , I would not hesitate to use Morrow cables throughout my entire system . I have recommended your products to everyone I know who is interested in PURE sound , and will always sing the praises of Morrow cables . Thanks , once again" Gary Short

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Bill Quan

Hi Mike, I found your site after researching cables on different audiosite forums like Audioasylum, Audiogon, and Audiocircle. Your company kept coming up with stellar reviews...which as you know in audio, isn't often not the case.

Anyway, after finally going to your website, and seeing you had a sale on your entry level MA1 interconnect I decided to give it a try. I opted for the 5 day burnin option (well worth it) . What a dramatic improvement your MA1 interconnect made in my system.

Instruments and vocals are now more defined and detailed, especially those in the background behind the main vocalist. Its kinda like cleaning a dirty window, and seeing everything more clearly. I think its almost like a component a new DAC, or CD player, but without the cost. I've been telling others who have audio systems to give your cables a try, especially with the 60 day return. Wishing you much success. Bill Quan

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Francisco Valery Submitted: 2015.06.01

Hi, Mr. Russell. I was one of the (lucky) persons that received a free pair of Morrow Audio MA1 interconnect by mistake, during your cable giveaway contest on September 12. I inserted them between my CD Player/DAC/Streamer (T+A Music Player Balanced) and my integrated amp (T+A Power Plant Balanced) that I use balanced connected via one pair of Audioquest King Cobra XLR since more than two years ago.

One tricky note: the amp has a swicth that lets you change between balanced or single ended operation, so a brief click at the back panel let me made the judgements of the Audioquest and the Morrow Audio´s sound almost "on the fly".

How was the Morrow Audio IC´s sound? God, I can´t believe how many cues to good sound I was missing! Imediately the bass was fuller, delineated and with longer decays, making it believable.

The voices, a strong point of the Focal´s speaker sound, were more vivid, without artificial sibilances. The shimmering of triangles and cymbals were more natural, sweeter, again with a sense of being "here". A veil was lifted up, making the music more natural, with a presence I never heard on my equipment.

Finally, the sense of space around and between instruments and voices were wider, as if each of them occupy its own stage.

So here I am: a pair of unexpected 40$ cables changing my sense of value for my money... and free! What more can I say? Thanks, thanks you so much for let me discover the unbelievable quality of your products: I´ll be ordering asap a pair of your PH1 Phono cables for my analog front end. And the Audioquest´s XLR? A close friend received a Christmas present!!! Your gift was my pleasure, thanks again,

Truly yours, Francisco Valery

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.