Norm Submitted: 2018.09.04

I have installed the improved version of the Elite speaker cables and I immediately noticed an improvement vs. my reference cables which were better than the original Elite cables. I will be keeping them. The highs are clearer and crisper and I’m clearly hearing things like triangles that I only heard distantly before. The sound stage is larger and higher than before and the bass is solid. The midranges are now in my room and the detail of guitar and vocals is a beautiful thing. I am now using the improved Elite cables from the DAC to my preamp and amp and on to my speakers. The sound is wonderful and captivating especially with the lights out. Thanks for the upgrade!


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Edward M Submitted: 2018.08.30

NEW DESIGN REVIEW: The following is my review of your new cables.

Interconnects: 1. First I want to say that your new cable is replacing a Transparent Revernce XL V. This cable was very expensive at $10,000/meter. They have a very balanced sound with bass detail that I had never experienced before.

After the first recordings I listened to; I knew that the Transparents were no longer required. The Morrow cables surpassed them in every way with much greater transparency (no pun intended). Details from top to bottom where much greater and easy to recognize. Vocals in particular seemed to have greater annunciation. Song lyrics were significantly more understandable and soulful. Dynamics overall were greater and faster. If I were to guess the sound floor was lower, thus eliciting this "effect".

Speaker Cables: 2. My reference cables were the excellent Ridgestrret "Alethias". These are large gauge flat ribbons of silver. They have proven to be a well-rounded sounding cable with tremendous bass extension. They are very stiff and unyielding which makes them difficult to deal with. Thankfully because I use VTL mono blocks; the length is only 4 ft. With the amps close to the Acoustats 2 Speakers.

After installing the much smaller Morrow cables, I started listening to lots of different program material ( I only listen to vinyl).

At first the new cables were disappointing, particularly in the bass frequencies. They were muddy and occasionally made strange sounding flatulent sounds. I kept on, knowing that new cables require breaking in and the bass is most typically what suffers most. Approximately 60 hours later, I settled in for a session and I noticed that everything was different. It was as though a switch had been thrown. The bass details were there as well as a sweeter sounding top end treble. Leading edge instrument annunciation was there and with lots of depth and detail.

In conclusion I find the Morrow Audio cables to be my new reference. They are well made and easy to install. The connectors are all high quality and are quite attractive. The sound is relaxed but detailed, sweet but not syrupy. Impactful and dynamic. I’m not sure how I can improve upon them. Edward M

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Len P Submitted: 2018.04.09

Hello Mike,

I think I am finally there, the cables are finally broken in. I was beginning to have my doubts and was missing the sound of my older SP5’s. This past week has been a noticeable almost step change in overall sound. Everything evened out and the "sound stage" opened up dramatically. I am now going back and listening to my favorite CD’s and hearing things I never heard before. The break in did take longer than I thought it would. I am wondering if it is because my Zu speakers are supper efficient and the cables are not carrying much current/power.

Anyway, bottom line is I am VERY pleased with my Elite Grand Reference Speaker Cables. I never would have imagined that cable would make that much of a difference and that my system would sound this great. Thanks again for you fantastic products. Worth every penny!

Len P

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Greg Submitted: 2018.02.19

Amazing! (Elite Grand Reference speaker cables) Astounding detail and slippery-ness. 3D spatiality in spades. Very nice controlled low end. They exceed their reputation in my system. Superb product and thank you! Greg

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Richard P Submitted: 2017.12.11

I recently bought your Elite speaker cables which replaced my Analysis One cables in my Legacy Aeris based system. I just had to write to tell you how much they have changed the sound for the better. Good work!

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Jon F Submitted: 2017.08.07

Your Elite loudspeaker cables have been in my system now for over a month. Their sound - my sound is very relaxed, detailed and open with natural tonality. The soundstage has an unwavering 3D quality and players can be positioned precisely; front to back and left to right. Clearly (pun intended) the best sound I have had to date. The Elites have given me a window into how great my NOLA Metro Golds really are.

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Charlie Hatch Submitted: 2016.05.09

Hi Mike,

I've had the new Elite speaker cables in my system for a week now. Given the 10-day break in before shipment and my use, I estimate there are around 300 hours on the cables. I found that they seemed to break in more quickly than the SP7s, and the Elites are more resistant to handling disturbance. Now, they seem quite stable and have not noticeably changed in many days.

I had wondered if I would be able to hear the difference between the SP7s and the Elites. My 67 year old hearing ain't the best and doesn't do all that well above 4 kHz. I was amazed to find that I could hear a significant improvement!

The biggest difference between the SP7s and the Elites is in the highs; they are more open and sweeter. Brass high notes are more cleanly rendered (all brass for that matter), and high flute and piccolo notes are amazingly pure. Violins are also much sweeter in the highs. The whole sound is more musical, transparent, and listenable. Imaging is absolutely spot on and rock steady, and there is a greater sense of depth. I think, the subtleties in the recording venue wall reflections are reproduced with more clarity. The whole effect is one of ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION all the way up in frequency and all the way down to very low recorded sound levels.

And I thought the SP7s couldn't be beat. They are very good, but the Elites are better.

During the past week I've had a couple of friends over to listen to the new cables, both of whom have better hearing than mine. One was there when I made the switch from SP7s to Elites. Not a blind test, but he immediately heard the same things I described above. Another friend came a few days later and also described the same sound. This is definitely real, and mere half-deaf mortals can tell the difference!

Now of course, the remaining issue is that I'm still running your MA7 balanced interconnects. I wonder what visions lie beyond that horizon.

In case you're wondering, I have a very simple 2.0 audio system:

Oppo 105D player/preamp Morrow MA7 balanced interconnects Channel Islands Audio E*200S 2-channel amp (200W/channel 8 Ohms, 400W into 4) Morrow Elite speaker cables GoldenEar Triton One loudspeakers

I have no EQ or any other signal processing in the chain. I like to think that simple is best. I have paid very careful attention to speaker placement, orientation and listener placement in the room.

A great product, Mike! You can count me a very pleased customer.

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Tracy Harbur Submitted: 2015.09.18

These cables are replacing what is a well known and extremely good and recommended product found in all the audiophile magazines. But as in many things in life one thing has led to another. Starting out with one set of Elite Reference I.C.'s and hearing what they offered led to more and now the speaker cables.

In using the same 4 familiar (to me) recordings I was able to compare the improvements or losses. Scheherazade showed a wider soundstage which was now pushed forward a bit more. Instruments, of which there are many in this recording had all their proper place and timbre while the instruments in the back of the orchestra were more noticeable and distinct. Violin bows could be felt being placed on the strings and starting their movement. The soft tympani in the right rear. The sound was transparent without being edgy, strident or analytical..... just revealing. The music had opened up.

Ludovico Einaudi's In a Time Lapse was recorded both in a studio and a monastery. The cables enabled me to differentiate between the two. His piano showed a sharper attack and decay and the other instruments separate and distinct. Jazz at the Pawnshop just got better. The opening customer background noise to the sound of the glasses. The recording made in 1976 was just right and showed what the cables could do.

Lastly, Harry Chapin Live displayed even more nuances to this performance. Harry's guitar, the thwack of the drumhead, the acoustic bass, the falsetto on Taxi. This recording became more of a live album.

These cables have only added to the existing Morrow cables. The bass is tighter and defined, midrange not accentuated but natural, the highs not shrill or raspy. In short these cables represent what is in the recording. They showed as such in Keith Jarrett's Koln concert that he had been furnished a piano lacking in low register and it shows.

The Elite Reference cables has shown what my system will do and how each component sounds. They show little or no tonality. Again transparent. I refrain from saying they are a bargain, they are less than some other cables I have heard or auditioned. But that puts them in the "value" class. Beware...... after listening to them I would be hard pressed to come up with something better. Or could afford. Better to stretch and go for the best rather than to wonder what I missed.

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I am so glad we talked about the Elite Reference speaker cable! As you know I was very happy with the sound of my Morrow Audio Grand Reference SP7 speaker cables.

The Elite Reference cables are truly exceptional and a wonderful bargain considering the improvement in the sound of my system (over the SP7's)!

The Elite cables are like going from watching a really high-quality 1080p HD TV to watching an Ultra HD TV. Talking about being immersed into the detail of the music and a rock steady soundstage...the Elites produce a huge 3-D effect for sure. The detail just hangs in the air as if the final layer of vaseline has been removed and the music is moved forward. The bottom-end is noticeably better and the weight of the overall sound is very much improved. My Martin Logan Aerius speakers sound like they are larger in size because of the weight of the overall sound and soundstage. It is interesting that I can turn down the volume and still get a rock-solid soundstage with the instruments clearly placed...very interesting.

From a design standpoint, there are several things that stand out. These cables are heavier than the GR SP7s. The Furutech connectors are first-class. Those babies clearly made a thud as I connected them into the banana posts on both the Arcam and Martin Logans. In theory since the positive and negative speaker cables are totally separate it may be contributing to what I can only say is less distortion.

It is really a joy to deal with you and I want to give kudos to Mike Russell, as well. He has always given me great advice about where he thought I would get a significant bang for the buck. The Elite Reference speaker cables are clearly in that category!

Again, thanks for all you do for those of us who appreciate high-quality sound!

Sincerely, Don


I watched the movie "Tears of the Sun" which I have seen at least 20 times. For the first time I heard the sound of footsteps, the realistic sound of the metal clips when shower curtains are opened and other nuances like individual drops of blood dripping into a container. The Elite speaker cables are the only difference in my A/V system so thank you so much for the realism that these speaker cables provide. Yes, you are totally right about the 3-D effect! Thank you, thank you!

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I have had the Elite Reference speaker cables for many months and they were amazing on my Martin Logan Aerius speakers which were over 20 years old. When I replaced the Aerius with the current Martin Logan Ethos speakers, it made me realize just how much music I had been MISSING!

Clearly the sound from your speaker cables is only limited by the hardware to which they are attached. These cables are clearly a true bargain if one values detail, crescendo, attack, decay, soundstage, and a superb clarity of the highs, mids, and bass...look no further!

As well, the installer really praised the banana connectors on the speaker cables. He thought the furutechs were a better contact than using spades - thanks for giving me the same advice when I ordered my elite speaker cables!

I am waiting with baited breath on the M7s...I know they will take my system to another level. I tell all my audiophile friends that not using Morrow cables on your system is a huge mistake in terms of quality and price.

Whenever I upgrade using your products I always enjoy watching my dog's reaction to the music of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 soundtrack. He really snapped his head when he heard the scream (smiles). Again, thank you so much for keeping the sound of music alive in me! Don

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Tim Oxley"

"Your service, your cooperation, your input, have always been of the highest caliber.

Your products are at once, attractive and well constructed. Morrow Audio cables have steadily consumed the interconnect and speaker connection aspects of my system since my first exposure to your MA-1.

To my ears, in my room, with my gear, I have noted an undeniable improvement in signal transfer, manifested by the superior sound-stage that I now enjoy.

Of particular note, I would like to comment that there has not ever been a speaker cable that has made such a dramatic improvement in any system of mine. To these ears, it has always been a case of the low level signals related to interconnect cables which have made the most audible differences (positive or negative in nature) in my systems. Your speaker cables are the very first to have provided noteworthy audible improvement in my system.

Of particular note was the SP-7 bi-wire. But the honors of ultimate satisfaction of all cabling exercises of my lifetime go to the rewiring of the SP-7 to the bottom, and the implementing of your SP ELITE to the top. This was following suggestion from you, Mr. Morrow. Upon first auditioning of my new set up, I had my first jaw-dropping experience. Since that time, I''ve not ever looked back!

This ultimate experience was possible for me due only to your frequent sale events, which have allowed me to continue to make further investment. That is to say that I was able to reach to the stars! Comparatively speaking I feel that your products present to the listener superior value at the posted prices. It is SIMPLY WONDERFUL that you have constructed programs of trade-ups, discounted used items, and across the board discounts which I feel are further reward for continued business with Morrow Audio Cable. My thanks to you for continuing to enhance my listening experience. Sincerely, Tim Oxley"

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.