Ronald C Submitted: 2019.01.02

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how musically and emotionally satisfying your cables are. They possess true magic, naturalness, presence, realism and gorgeous color.

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Moreno V Submitted: 2017.10.25

What is in Hi-Fi that certain? There is no answer, I am afraid, one could suggest which could also escape from being discussed, criticized and even rejected as conjecture. From a "philosophical" point of view this sounds as relativism.

I will put the thing out this way, then: with the Morrow Elite cables I feel as I right found what I was looking for. That is, natural timbers and a musical picture which has to be believable, texturally, tonally, and spatially. Now, Elite power cords feed my tubed phono preamplifier and the amplifiers (both tube class A designs, including the headphone amplifier), Elite interconnects ( RCA and XLR) link them together and the phono stage to the turntable as well as an Elite phono cable brings the signal to the phono stage.

How did I feel since the first time the system began to sing? Well, I should say what wasn't conjecture was the enormous soundstage delivered: the wide, deep picture, combined with the refined, rich tonal balance and water-like musical flow, produced a calming yet simultaneously stimulating effect, much as you get when listening to live acoustic music in a good hall.

Every time I hear live symphonic music I'm reminded that, even when strings attack, they don't bite. Yet neither are they soft and smothered, as some gears deliver them. Instead, the initial attack is clean and sharp without etch, followed by a "rolling over" sensation, which together produce a roundness that announces "live." The Morrow Elite" magic was in its ability to produce that clean yet velvety sensation heard in live performance throughout the audible bandwidth—even at the very bottom, where acoustic bass sounded rich and full but never soft, bloated, or soggy. Simply put, just what I was looking for.

Moreno Valisone, Turin, Italy

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John F Submitted: 2017.05.26

The Elite Interconnects are really opening up and I am most pleased with their finesse and detail without any trace of edginess , glare or etching.

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Bee L Submitted: 2017.01.25

I am an Audiophile. I am completely aware of Burn-In, how and why. I do clearly hear the differences between cables (example RCA vs RCA). I have spent a lot of hard earned money on cables and other tweaks.

My Morrow Elite interconnects and Morrow DIG4 digital cable were true to your description concerning breakin. Your information in the supplied brochure was exact per 0-50 hrs, 50-100hrs, 100-150hrs, 400-450hrs, etc... Almost exactly!

I have only one regret. I purchased the Elite XLR and all along I had my eye on the 10 Year Anniversary XLR although I will keep my Elite and use them. I recommend if you can afford it, go up to the highest level within your own means.

Above all, the customer service is personal, attentive and importantly precise.

If you are seriously in the market to get every bit out of your Hi-Fi, you will not find a better cable + customer service then what you get from Mike Morrow. If you're still not sure or you're new to high quality cables, remember that you have nothing to lose as you have a trial period, BUT be sure to Burn-In correctly. Believe me, my cables sounded good from the start and continue to open up. The detail in separation and width and depth is mind blowing. The bass is smooth, deep and tight. It is everything that I want! What I find amazing is how silent the cables are! When I look at my Morrow Audio cables, I get a warm feeling. The cables look amazing and set my system off aesthetically.

Morrow Audio Cables are very well priced and you have many options too.

From one Audiophile to another get the highest level cable you can, you will love it! I do!

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Bee Lee Submitted: 2017.01.18

Hi Mike

Just wanted you to know the Elite XLR, DiGi4 and the latest headphone cable's sound absolutely superb. You said the wait will be worth it and you were right

I would like the 10 year Anniversary XLR and am interested to hear what one Elite XLR sounds like as AESEBU in combination with the 10 Year Anniversary XLR

I'd also like to complete my system with AC 10 Year Anniversary but will have to wait and get one at a time

Thank you Mike for the opportunity to experience greatness and also big thanks to the Morrow Team

Kind Regards

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Charlie H Submitted: 2016.07.12

"I've been living in the Morrow Vortex for a couple of years now. I had upgraded my speaker cables from Radio Shack lamp cord to SP4s to SP7s to Elites and heard significant improvements at each step. During this period, interconnects went from cheapo to MA7s, and again things got better. At this point my system sounded so good I wondered how it could get any better. Would I be able to hear a difference between MA7s and Elites? After all, there's money involved here. I decided I had to find out, and I used Mike's Trade Up program to upgrade the MA7s to Elites.

When I received the Elite interconnects (XLR both ends), I immediately switched out my MA7s (also XLR). At this point in time my 2.0 system is an Oppo 105D to Elite XLR interconnects to a CIAudio E200S amp to GoldenEar Triton Ones. That's it, no signal processing along the way, although I have paid very careful attention to speaker and listener placement in the room.

The initial sound of the Elite interconnects was, well, a little disappointing. Bass was weaker than with the MA7s, and highs were so so. Mike had done the 10-day break in, so they had around 240 hours on them. I also knew that the cables might need to recover after shipping, so I held off on making a judgement.

I started listening, just to hear what might change. After about 3 hours, the sound went very shrill. This same thing had happened with the MA7s (they had gone shrill after 4 hours). So I shut off the amp and ran pink noise at moderate volume for 24 hours. Then another listen. Now the cables were bass heavy(!) and still somewhat weak in the highs. So back on pink noise, now at high volume, for another 24 hours.

Next listen, things were really different. The bass was much better, and the highs, while still seeming a little bright, were getting there. So more pink noise for 8 hours or so.

Now I could tell the cables were really settling in, and I started listening seriously. I listen mostly to orchestral classical where there is a lot going on. There was this incredible deeper sense of space combined with openness and better definition in the highs. I could hear the faintest things going on. It was like the noise floor had dropped, revealing things I had never heard before: faint bow scrapings, detailed finger plucking on harp and violins. Bass was good and tighter than with the MA7s. Brass was incredibly smooth. The lower noise floor and better high definition revealed details in reflected sound that added to the sense of space. (I really shouldn't call this an improvement in noise floor, because there never was any sense of "noise" before. It's more like a revealing of what was hidden ultra low level detail, especially at mid and higher frequencies.)

As time went on, it just kept getting better. At one point, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, and it was wow, Wow, WOW! Now, at around 300 hours total, the cables seem to have reached full break in. I think. On well recorded music, I am startled at times by the immediacy of the sound. Percussion is incredible with sharp, detailed attacks that allow me to hear every detail of what is going on. I love just listening to music and being able to trace every musical line in the orchestra. It's like having X-ray audio vision.

So for those wondering if the Elites are really that much better than MA7s, I can say they ARE. Will you hear the difference? Well, my system is good, but it is not by any means top of the line, and it has revealed every change I've made with cables.

I'm now starting to think that cables are the most important part of the system! And Mike has opened up a whole new world.

Fantastic stuff!"

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Don Baker Submitted: 2015.12.07

Hi Mike,

I am listening to my system with my latest purchases from Morrow Audio - 2 Elite Reference and 2 MAP4 Grand Reference Power cables.

To say that my system was taken to the next level is truly an understatement! As with my other Morrow upgrades the soundstage is clearly deeper and wider. I am hearing new sounds from music which I have listened to over several decades. I was contemplating the purchase of a subwoofer but that is clearly not necessary since I added my new power cables.

What I really so appreciate is that I am listening to my preamp at about 1/8th of it's volume setting and the bass is tickling my toes! I am not a huge fan of a lot of volume in order to hear the intricacies, lyrics, dynamics and or image stability of the music - your cables give me that option.

Bottom-line - my speakers have totally disappeared and the musicality of the source music seems to just emanate out of the air.

Clearly, I have been caught in the vortex of buying Morrow Audio cables since around 2009 and am totally satisfied. Your upgrade policy has allowed me to go from my original purchase of MA1 interconnects to the Elite Reference series of interconnects and power cables at a minimal cost!

Mike, you are an audiophile's best friend...thanks for all you and your staff have done to increase my listening pleasure.

I tell my friends and even other sellers of audio equipment that they should try your cables - just cannot beat the sound or sound/value ratio.


Don Baker

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Tracy Harbur Submitted: 2015.08.23

I am inquiring about the I.C. as on a whim I substituted the Moon Audio I.C. @ $500 mtr. with my present Elite. The results were substantial. This was on the CD-preamp link. Higher volume at same setting and the piano detail and particularly decay just went on and on. However the Moon is a very good cable and the Elite is 3 times the price. I feel the obvious...... the cable showed what the player was capable of and it is not a particularly expensive one but it sure sounded closer to the vinyl.

UPDATE: My latest set is now on a CD deck. This is not an outlandishly costly unit. It is an audiophile quality piece but as I listen to mostly vinyl I invested the money in that equipment. Actually the Elites at MSRP are nearly 7 times the CD's cost. Partly this was curiosity and I would now have the Elites if I was ever to upgrade to a higher priced player. The results...... at first the sound sounded thin and lacking body but after careful listening this was not the case at all. It was just that the previous I.C.'s (similar price/construction/a known name) had added bloat and unwanted sonics that the Elite erased. It made the deck much closer to vinyl.

I will skip all the adjectives repeatedly used in magazine reviews such as "airy, focused, soundstage, forward, warm, et al. These are all objective and the reviewer's perception. I will just say everything just sounded right. There was much more detail and in piano pieces; the sustain and decay took on new meaning. Another piece using tubular bells/chimes now showed the overtones generated.

By what these I.C.'s did I see no reason to look at a higher priced CD deck.

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I have been listening to my system with the upgrade from my MA7 to Elite interconnects for about 4 hours - clearly my computer keys make too much noise as I am typing this review.

The Elite interconnects provide a big sound difference from the outstanding MA7s and is easily heard. The added 3-D effect of the music is quite noticeable and the transients/decays give a realism that my system did not have before installing the Elite interconnects. I feel like I am sitting-in on a live jazz session at a table that is right in the middle of the singer and instruments.

The clarity of voices and instruments is uncanny. The most minute change in timbre and speed of response to a rapid change in the notes scale is captured without blurring. Each individual note has a beginning and end.

As well, the extreme quietness of the cables allows me to listen to music at a lower level and be actively involved.

I listen to a wide variety of music and had to laugh as I listened to the new sound of Dobie Gray's the "In" Crowd. However, it was while listening to a hi-res recording like Limehouse Blues by the Domnerus Group that I must say was a tingling revelation - the clarinet, piano and xylophone solos with the sound of the driving base in the background was just mind-blowing! Again the timbre and note changes were superbly captured with all instruments separate but integrated.

I was skeptical that the Elite interconnects could be so much better than the MA7s because I have lived with my MA7s for a considerable time and was very happy with their contribution to my system's sound. Anyway, I will be keeping the Elite interconnects and returning my MA7s. I know the MA7s will be bought by another audiophile and provide great satisfaction - thanks for keeping the music alive!

As always, I do appreciate all that Morrow Audio does to provide the highest quality of audio enjoyment with flexible payment plans.



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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.