Fred H Submitted: 2018.08.29

Hi Mike, The experience with Morrow Audio cables has been excellent. I now have two sets in my system - a pair of MA6 interconnects and SP6 speaker cables. Both were reviewed against and then replaced high-quality silver cables, producing a more refined sound with better balance, addition of detail and well defined bass. This allows the volume to be increased for improved presence and immersion in the sound. I'm very pleased and have recommended your cables to several friends. The chances are that the cables are still not burned in enough and that the sound, as advertised on your website, will actually improve. Looking forward to that.

Cheers, Fred

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Bill Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio Submitted: 2015.05.11

"Morrow Audio cables are very well crafted. Using Morrow cables in our systems, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country." - Bill, Dudleston, President, Legacy Audio

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Don Baker

Hi Mike,

The MA2 Pods totally changed me from streaming music for any serious listening enjoyment. Using the MA2 Pods to directly connect my computer library of music to my hi-fi system bought the sound of my iTunes digital music to that of experiencing a live performance! The sound is ultra realistic as if several veils of distortion were removed. I now hear nuances, vocal and instrumental timbre, and lyrics never before heard before on my favorite songs . I even cut my golf time because I get more pleasure from listening to my music!

As always thank you for the fabulous products, trade-up programs and easy pay options that allow this audiophile to appreciate music as the studio engineer intended. Morrow cables are the nectar of life!


Don Baker

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Quentin Q Elliott

"MA-1 POD: Wow! what a great cable and once again no comparison to the cheap units out there! I also use it for quick play backs on my Zoom H4n portable recorder. I want to THANK YOU Mike for your outstanding products and great value sale promotions. Your cables are such a joy to my music enjoyment and really make me happy! Thank You Thank You Thank You Mike Morrow!" Quentin Q Elliott

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Solid Core: Using solid core wire removes the stranding distortion found in stranded wire designs. This eliminates the smearing effect, allowing much more information to pass through.

Small Gauge: Using a proprietary small gauge wire removes the skin effect distortions that are unavoidable in larger gauge construction. You will hear things in your music that you never heard before.

Individually Insulated: Insulating each strand of wire individually allows the signal to flow unhindered instead of jumping from strand to strand. Great detail in your music is achieved. The emotion of the music comes through.