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Product Features:

CDT 100 is Ypsilon's top loader cd player/transport. The transport’s primal objective is to retrieve data from the cd-disc with as much accuracy as possible. The laser head is extremely sensitive to vibrations so CDT 100 provides a rigid and resonant free construction.

The mechanism is mechanically modified and assembled within a massive construction sandwich of thick stainless steel and aluminum plates. In this way, the traditional box shaped chassis is avoided and along with that the associated resonance problems are greatly reduced. The result is a solid coherent construction that in combination with the suspension system provides vibration free operation. The CDT 100 is a stand alone player which will outperform many highly regarded separate Transport and Dac combinations. It carries a SPDIF output so it can be linked to any outboard DAC. But for ultimate performance, which will astonish all who encounter the combination, then via the 5 pin output to the Ypsilon DAC 100. Truly, a world class combination.

CDT-100 contains a non oversampling DAC, with multi bit Burr Brown dac chips. Power supply regulation for the dac is only with shunt regulators.

The current output of the DAC chips is level shifted in the current domain and through an in house manufactured C-core transformer becomes a voltage signal directly at the nextgen output connectors. No feedback is used and only one low noise S-E class A jfet is involved in the signal path. Purity and transparency is the result, so when inserted in a SET system then one can fully appreciate the full sonic glory.

CDT 100 provides 3 outputs:

  • One SPDIF 75 Ω next gen connector
  • One pair of RCA, analog connections, for use as a CD player
  • One Neutric 5-pin analog current output for use with DAC 100

We strongly recommend the use of the 5-pin output with DAC 100 for optimum performance. It is our belief that transmitting audio in the digital domain (SPDIF), even discrete such as I2S format, has its imperfections and adds a certain character to the sound. The frequency of bit clock and data bit is too high for transferring the signal in a transparent way.

Product Reviews: Dagogo, August 2009 READ MORE »

Product Specifications: Digital Output: SPDIF (75 Ohm) RCA

Analog Output: RCA

Analog Current Output: Ypsilon 5 pin connector

Output Voltage: 2V rms

Output Impedance: 2.5K Ohm

DAC chip 24 bit: Non oversampling

Power Consumption: 20W

Dimensions: 15.75 x 15.75 x 4.7" (WxDxH)

Weight: 44 lbs.

PRICE $26000.00

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