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10 Year Anniversary Cables

"The secret is in Morrow's SSI Technology...pure genius."


Morrow Audio interconnects top the industry...

“Using Morrow cables, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country.” - Bill Dudleston, President of Legacy Audio

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Replace your stock power cords or upgrade. The improvements are amazing!


The Pro Series of cables are identical to the Audiophile/ Home Theater versions except for a more robust construction to help with the rigorous use that might be found in the studio and on stage. The testimonials below will refer to those audiophile/ home theater like models.


PRICE $89.00/ Each

Customization options available at checkout.

Cables Morrow Customers Have Replaced

Our customers have reported replacing these cables with the Morrow Audio line of cables. Are yours on the list? Nordost Red Dawns, Audience Maestros, Tara Labs ($2500.00), Kimber Select, Kimber Silver Streaks, Virtual Dynamic Master ($2873.00), Transparent Reference $9000.00, Anti-Cables, Audio Art IC-3, Reality Cables, DH Labs Silver Sonic, Monster Cables, Cardas Golden, Straightwire, Analysis Plus Oval One, Audioquest Diamondbacks, King Cobra, Transparent Plus, Audioquest Black mamba II, Purist Audio Maximus, Cardas Golden Reference, Stereovox balanced 600...

SSI Design Theory

The Morrow Audio cables differ in 3 major areas from most other popular and often expensive cable designs. As you read about this, you may realize that your cables have problems in these areas. Do not despair, you now qualify for a dramatic improvement in all areas of sound with the Morrow Audio line of cables. After hearing our properly designed cables, many of our customers replaced the ones they had with our complete cable product line.


The Morrow Audio Design: With the Morrow Audio cables, your music will flow unhindered, resulting in greater realism as well as a longer and more enjoyable listening session. Those who have have heard our cables describe it as a "Listening Experience"

Our Factory & Equipment We Use To Evaluate Our Cables
Break-in Time & Service

Our break-in service is also available, saving you the time and hassle of breaking in your cables. This allows you to avoid the "difficult stage" of the break-in process. Save wear and tear on your valuable equipment (and ears) by allowing us to break-in your cables for you!

Standard break-in service, only $15.00: We supply 2 days on our break-in machine, equal to about 96 hours of actual music. This gets you past the "difficult" stage of the break-in, allowing you to listen right away, realizing better and better sound as further time is put on the cables.

Extended break-in service, only $39.00: We supply 5 days on our breakin machine, equal to about 240 hours of actual music. With this service, you receive the cables pretty much fully broken in. Please allow another 100 hours after hookup to settle into your system.

Lifetime Warranty

If your cable ever breaks, for any reason, even abused, we will repair or replace your cable for free. If you trip over your cable, if your pet eats your cable, if your child takes scissors to your cable, if your cable gets tangled in a sweeper, etc, we will repair or replace it for free. You only pay the shipping. Warranty applies to the original owner and is not transferable. Customer must provide purchase receipt with the returned cable.

60 Day Return Policy
  • 60 day returns on all new cables.
  • Receive 100% of your money back, less shipping.
  • The 60 day return window begins the day you receive the cables.
  • Experience what our cables can do for your music, no obligation!