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Several times a year we would like to invite you for an afternoon of audio bliss! Haven't joined yet? Here are your benefits...

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The central meeting room where you can have a drink and hors d'oeuvres, meet other audiophiles and share ideas.

This reference room incorporates over $150,000 of the finest audio equipment and music available. This room serves as Mike Morrow's personal listening room as well as the Morrow Audio cable design and testing location.

Equipment: Speakers are Avantgarde Duo-Omega. Subwoofers are by Legacy Audio. Amplifiers are by Coincident as well as the preamp. Phono incorporates Ypsilon phono preamplifier, Ypsilon SUT and Bergmann Sindre turntable with Einstein cartridge. CD player and DAC are by BMC. Tuner is a vintage Scott. EQ is for subwoofers only. Really cool artwork is also acoustic absorption panels and the ceiling panels are specially designed to handle fantastic sound.

Spinning records with the Bergmann Sindre.

Listening room number two at the club. We call this the "real world" room on a budget. This is a standard audiophile listening room that might be shared with the family or one's system in a second bedroom. See how to make it work while providing "wife acceptance". Legacy and Jolida products are featured.

Note the typical decor, which can easily be modified for better sound...

The room is acoustically transformed by moving the speakers forward and applying homemade absorption panels secured by velcro.

Note the panels applied to the TV and the 1st reflection point on the door.

Acoustic panel easily applied to the mirror above the sofa.