The Morrow Audio Cable Assembly Department


All new cables are handmade to order by our in-house technicians. We typically have 60 to 80 orders to build at all times. You can liken our cables to fine, handmade watches. They take time and exact precision to build. Your patience will be rewarded with an unforgettable audio experience, as our testimonials have shown. We take great pride in our products, so much so that your assembly technician bears his name on the product. Your cables are actually hand signed by the technician who built it!

1 to 2 weeks for all cable models (breakin service time not included).

"Can you rush my order?"
Our customers understand that each cable is hand made to order. We typically have 60 to 80 orders in line at all times. On occasion a customer might want his order rushed. This however creates a problem for the technician, who must stop what he is doing to rush the order through. In order to make this fair, we will be glad to rush your order through, but for a non-refundable charge of $40.00.

How much will the rush fee speed up my order?
Paying the rush fee will typically cut the build time in half.

Instructions for rushing your order: To have your order rushed, put in the special notes area of the shopping cart, "Please charge me $40.00 and rush my order". The special notes area is located toward the bottom of the page where you fill in your address information. We will then charge your credit card or send you a PayPal payment request.


RESTRICTIONS: Legacy has regional restrictions. Please Contact Us before buying to see if we can sell to your location. We can only sell to USA locations.

All Legacy Audio products are handmade to order and ship direct to you from the factory. When your order is placed with us, we immediately place the order with Legacy.

Legacy builds the cabinets and applies your selected finish. They then go to the electronics assembly department where the drivers and crossovers are installed. After that, the speakers go to a special sound room where the crossovers are hand tuned so that the speakers match acoustically perfect. Lastly, the speakers go to the shipping department where they are packed, then shipped out to you.

Typical orders take from 2 to 6 weeks before shipping out depending on model and finish chosen. If you would like an exact estimate,
please Contact Us.

Legacy will email you the tracking number when shipped.


We can only sell to USA locations.

All Jolida Audio products ship direct to you from their USA facility. When your order is placed with us, we immediately place the order with Jolida.

Jolida assembles your selected cabinet color and burns the unit in for a few days, making any necessary final electronic calibrations. It is then packed and shipped out. This process typically takes 3 to 5 days before shipping out.

Jolida will email you the tracking number when shipped.