SP3 Reference (144 runs of Morrow SSI wire)

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"The secret is in Morrow's SSI Technology...pure genius."


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“Using Morrow cables, Legacy has received numerous ‘best of show’ accolades at audio shows around the country.” - Bill Dudleston, President of Legacy Audio

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GENERAL INFORMATION: Price shown is for a 2 meter pair. Other lengths, termination options and standard or bi-wired versions are available through drop down boxes in the shopping cart. Complete information and other details can be found further down on this page.

"So far I am extremely happy with my MA3 interconnects and SP3 speaker cables. I had also ordered the 5 day break in service. Right out of the packaging, I was astonished at the improvement over my Audioquest Topaz interconnect and much heavier gauge speaker cables. I never realised my relatively modest system could sound so good.

That first afternoon of listening I went from CD to CD, grinning from ear to ear and saying 'what the heck!' numerous times, to no one in particular. I was amazed by the extra detail I was hearing on all disks, the incredible snap of percussion, the blackest background I have ever (not!) heard, and the full and incredibly deep and taught bass.

The extra air and rich bloom of the mid range was also fantastic considering I thought these cables still needed much more break in to reach their full potential. Since installing the cables last Friday, I have given them another 30 hours of use, with a combination of moderate listening volumes for music across all genres, and some serious blasting at concert level whenever I can.

The system is now just so addictive! Even my 11 year old daughter notices an amazing improvement and says "wow" a lot, and my non audiophile wife, who is extremely skeptical of all things to do with money spent on my system, agrees there was a noticebly strong improvement with much more detail, snap and sparkle." Anthony Thompson, Sydney, Australia


Standard version shown in the photo. Bi-wired also available in the shopping cart.

The SP3 consists of a total of 144 runs of Morrow SSI solid core, individually insulated wire per channel. The cable has an attractive appearance and possesses excellent RFI and noise rejection. That cable is flexible, durable and easy to manage.

Cables are the same price up to 2 meters. Length, termination and breakin service are selected in the shopping cart. Custom lengths are available. Select the closest length in the shopping cart and then specify the custom length you need in the shopping cart "special notes" area found on the page where you fill in your address information.

Standard, bi-wired and bi-amped versions are available in the shopping cart.

The following is a general guide for the maximum power on specific speaker cable models...

SP1 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 50 Watts Per Channel.
SP2 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 75 Watts Per Channel.
SP3 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 100 Watts Per Channel.
SP4 Speaker Cables: Amplifiers up to 150 Watts Per Channel.
SP5 models and up Speaker Cables: Any Wattage.



PRICE $269.00/ Pair or 3 Easy Pay $89.67

Customization options available at checkout.

Cables Morrow Customers Have Replaced

Our customers have reported replacing these cables with the Morrow Audio line of cables. Are yours on the list? Nordost Red Dawns, Audience Maestros, Tara Labs ($2500.00), Kimber Select, Kimber Silver Streaks, Virtual Dynamic Master ($2873.00), Transparent Reference $9000.00, Anti-Cables, Audio Art IC-3, Reality Cables, DH Labs Silver Sonic, Monster Cables, Cardas Golden, Straightwire, Analysis Plus Oval One, Audioquest Diamondbacks, King Cobra, Transparent Plus, Audioquest Black mamba II, Purist Audio Maximus, Cardas Golden Reference, Stereovox balanced 600...


SSI Design Theory

Our SSI design reduces the most common distortions inherent in most cable designs. Our customers report an increased soundstage, greater emotional involvement and musicality with our cables. Many have actually reported hearing new things in their recordings, instrument lines and subtleties that were once before hidden.

Read our white paper on SSI Technology.


Our Factory & Equipment We Use To Evaluate Our Cables

When it comes to audiophiles, musicians and home theater lovers making a sound decision, Morrow Audio affirms its reputation as one of the best audio cable and components companies in the world. This requires our products to meet rigorous standards that exceed industry trends and expectations. Every Morrow product is distinguished by its unique designs, attractive looks and detailed quality from the inside—out. Morrow is changing the audio cable world and our goal is simple; to turn heads, raise a brow and make listening perfect.

The Morrow Audio Factory
The Morrow Audio factory.

Beauty is beyond the surface. For Morrow, the beauty is in the wire. The difference from all others? We simply mold the design with our advanced SSI technology. Every individual customer order is hand-crafted to each Morrow customer’s desire by one of the finest technicians in the world. In fact, each product is individually autographed by its product development technician. We call them "artisans".

One of our "artisans" hand-crafting a cable.
One of our "artisans" hand-crafting a cable.

Designing and building cables is a delicate business, requiring just the right balance of design, gauge, wire type and dielectric—the very physics behind a phenomenal listening experience. This is why we use solid core, small gauge, individually insulated wiring in our cables. There are absolutely no stranded wiring here, which robs you of the opportunity to hear detail, 3D realism and experience all that is deserving for a profound listening experience.

Cable Evaluation Room
Product evaluation room.

We test our products only on the best equipment in the world in our listening and testing facility, insuring that whatever system our cables marry, they will provide realism, musicality and a great listening experience! Whether a customer needs speaker cables or phono cables, interconnects, digital or iPod cables, high-end guitar cables, studio cables, we have products for various budgets starting at $49 to our $4,000 Elite Grand Reference speaker cables. No matter the selection, we use solid core copper, silver coated, silver-soldered wiring and minimal insulation with the best selection of terminations from which to choose.

Hear for yourself. Select a Morrow product and try it for 60 days. You’ll be pleased knowing you made a sound decision.

Termination Options

Cables are offered in standard, bi-wired and bi-amped versions.

For the standard as well as the bi-wired & bi-amped version, the legs of the cable are typically split 6 inches down from the main body to allow ease of connection to amplifier and speakers. Longer leg length, if desired, is selectable in the shopping cart.

The standard version consist of a single pair of terminations on both the amplifier end and speaker ends of the cable.

The bi-wired version consist of a single pair of terminations on the amplifier end and four color coded terminations on the speaker end for the highs and lows.

The bi-amped version consist of four color coded terminations on the amplifier end and four on the speaker end for the highs and lows.

The color coding is as follows:
Red is positive and Black is negative on both the amplifier and speaker ends of the cable.

On the amplifier end, Red is positive and Black is negative. On the speaker end, Red is high positive, Black is high negative., White is low positive and Blue is low negative.

On the amplifier end, red is high positive, black is high negative, white is low positive and blue is low negative. On the speaker end, red is high positive, black is high negative, white is low positive and blue is low negative.

Termination options are Spade, Banana and Nude. Combination terminations are also available and are selected in the shopping cart. Nude is the recommended choice for the best sound, then banana, then spade.



STANDARD SPADE (inside distance between arms is 5/16")

(Inside distance betwen arms is just over 2/16")


BI-WIRED VERSION (Bi-amped version has 4 legs on each end)

Break-in Time & Service

Breaking in new equipment and speakers, including breaking in cables is a necessary and audible process. During this process, one might experience sonic changes: tonal shifts, lacking bass frequencies, harshness, soundstage limitations and other changes. We do not fully understand what happens, but it is real and has been experienced by many audiophiles. One should not be concerned about this process.

The good news is that once this process has passed, sonic bliss greets the audiophile with every listen. With our cables, one cannot stop listening to recording after recording. Many new and exciting things in the recordings are discovered, which were before masked and smeared over with the previous cables used.

We have provided a paper explaining the break-in process and what you will hear. In it are actual customer testimonials and what they heard at the different stages of break-in.

Break-in service is available, saving you the time and hassle of breaking in your cables. This allows you to avoid the "difficult stage" of the break-in process. This service is selectable as an option in the shopping cart.

Lifetime Warranty

At Morrow Audio you will discover a very unique warranty policy: If your cable ever breaks, for any reason, even abused, we will repair or replace your cable for free. If you trip over your cable, if your pet eats your cable, if your child takes scissors to your cable, if your cable gets tangled in a sweeper, etc, we will repair or replace it for free. You only pay the shipping. See the warranty policy here.

60 Day Return Policy

At Morrow Audio, we want you to have the proper time with our cables in your personal system. Unlike most companies who provide a 30 day return, we provide a 60 day return which allows you to experience the improvements that our design offers, un-rushed and on your timetable.

As you enjoy our cables in your system, you will experience a larger soundstage, greater musicality and realism with your music. For most, it is a jaw droppng experience from the very first hookup.

If you do not experience a profound improvement, return the cables for a full refund less shipping. At Morrow Audio, we stand by and are very proud of our products! We are eager for you to discover that you have made "A Sound Decision".

See the return policy here.

Rishi T

The difference I hear with your cables is far more than I expected as any reasonable skeptic who spent my hard earned money. I am SO happy. Thank you. There is no hype in a word I write, just the straight simple facts. Enormous thanks to you Mike. As a jazz pianist I care about the music and I am thrilled. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Mario Cavolo

Bass is much improved



The seperation and realism is fantastic!